Tai Lopez The Master Plan [Real Review]

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez The Master Plan? You’re in the right place.

I just watched a video on Tai Lopez’s YouTube where he talks about his new program called “The Master Plan” and how it’s already helped a bunch of people to make money. So I thought I would put together this quick post to share more information about Tai Lopez and his new “Master Plan” program he’s just released.

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Tai Lopez The Master Plan Overview

The Master Plan is one of Tai’s new programs and as the name suggests it gives you a “master plan” to build a successful business. Tai Lopez has been behind other successful programs over the past few years including his real estate flipping program and social media agency program, both of which I have reviewed and recommended. The new program looks good because it is giving people exactly what they need to start making the money they desire in the quickest way possible.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll get:

tai lopez master plan overview

Is Tai Lopez A Scam?

This is such a stupid question since it’s so obvious he is not a scammer however unfortunately I have to address this since some people believe he is, and unfortunately in this world we live in people naturally doubt success and think that people are fake. I put together a full article on Tai Lopez which proves he is not a scammer and that his programs are legit. I’m a big advocate for Tai Lopez because whilst most YouTube channels are full of stupid videos, and mainstream TV literally offers zero value most of the time, guys like Tai are out there educating people, getting more young people to read books and ultimately making the world a better place.


Tai has been featured in huge publications like Forbes and INC. These are not the kind of websites that are going to publish positive articles about scammers. Plus Tai has networked with some of the biggest business gurus on the planet like Elon Musk founder of Tesla. He’s even hung out with Arnold Schwarzenegger! Put it this way, Tai hangs around with some super smart people and if he was a scammer they wouldn’t go near him.

Over the past decade he has built businesses from 0 to 6 and then from 6 to 8 figures. He’s networked with top guys like Steve Ballmer, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. In fact in this cool video here you can see Mark Cuban head over to Tai’s house and play basketball with him. This guy is a billionaire, so if Tai wasn’t legit he wouldn’t be hanging out with him, period.

Should You Buy The Master Plan?

I honestly don’t see why you wouldn’t. If you are serious about building an online business and you don’t know how to get started or what you should be doing then Tai Lopez is the guy you want to learn from. I have been able to learn a lot just from watching his free videos and he gives away far more value inside of his programs. If you are hungry for success and want to get on the fast track to making money then The Master Plan is for you. Think of it like a bootcamp, an advanced training for helping you go from wherever you are right now to making a solid income by building a profitable online business. You’ll also be able to network with top guys in the industry and create good connections, plus you’ll meet Tai Lopez personally.

In conclusion…. The Master Plan is a legit program and if you’re thinking of buying it, but you’re on the fence, then you really have nothing to lose, go for it!

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700 Profit Club Scam – Don’t Trust Fake System!

The 700 Profit Club is a new scam system I am exposing today. I’ve put together this review to share the real truth about the 700 Profit Club and stop you from losing money to this nasty scam system. Keep reading below to get all the details in my honest review.

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700 Profit Club – The Real Truth

After taking a closer look at the 700 Profit Club there is no doubt that this system is a scam. I have reviewed over 100 scam systems and exposed them right here on this blog. Recently I have exposed the likes of Nuvo Finance and The Money Academy but today I’m exposing a different kind of scam. This is what’s known as a hosting scam. In other words all they want to do here is sign you up to some extremely expensive hosting so that you can access their “free website” that they will give you. The real truth is that this hosting is ridiculously expensive and unnecessary and the website you get access to won’t make you a penny.

As you can see in the image above once you actually watch their sales video and check out what they have to offer you are forwarded to this website where you need to sign up for your “free website” apart from it isn’t free at all. They claim that a website like this costs between $2000 and $5000 to produce however that is a complete load of BS. This website costs barely anything to produce and they are selling it to 100’s (maybe 1,000’s) of people!

In order to actually get your free website you need to sign up to Cool Handle hosting. Now I honestly don’t know what the quality of their hosting is like, they could have the best hosting in the world, but my guess is that they are pretty normal, average at best. However they are charging a ridiculous amount of money for their website. They say that you can have it for just $4.95 a month which seems extremely cheap, however if you are too quick to sign up you might miss that they charge it on a 3 year billing cycle. That means if you go ahead and sign up you won’t be paying $4.95 a month, you’ll be paying $249 in 1 payment. They add on some other BS extras that you don’t need so they can charge you more.

As you can see the billing cycle is a “36 month plan” which is extremely misleading since it makes it appear as if you are paying monthly however the amount due is $249.84 which is absurd for some basic web hosting. Even if you only select the 12 month plan you will still be billed for it annually and at a higher rate. Take a look at just how much the 12 month which is the cheapest option will cost you.

That’s $167.04 that you would have to pay in 1 go to access your “free website”.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you actually made the money they claim that this amount of money would be nothing. You would be able to make a fortune easily for sure, however you will not make that at all because this “free website” won’t make you a penny. It’s all a scam, a complete lie designed to get you to sign up to their website and pay for this over priced hosting. If you sign up you will receive some BS website that won’t make you a penny.

700 Profit Club – Scam

700 Profit Club is a complete scam. If you sign up you won’t make a penny. The truth is the creators don’t make money like they claim they do in their video. They make their money by scamming people like you into signing up to bogus hosting systems that pay them big money. Hosting should cost a small amount of money like $10 a month or less and should be billed monthly. Sure a yearly option is always available but it shouldn’t be forced upon you. The simple fact is 700 Profit Club is a scam and needs avoiding.

700 Profit Club Conclusion

I won’t be recommending the 700 Profit Club as it’s a complete scam. If you sign up you will only lose money and won’t make a penny.

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Home Job Position Scam – Avoid It!

Home Job Position is a new website that I’ve been taking a closer look at and now I’m sharing my honest review. Looking for a real review of Home Job Position? Keep reading because I’m sharing everything and unlike other reviews (which are mostly fake) I’m exposing this system for what it really is.

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The Real Truth About Home Job Position

It didn’t take long for me to come to a conclusion about Home Job Position. In fact to tell you the truth I’d made my mind up about it before I even landed on the website.

How could I do such a thing? Easy actually because Home Job Position is a re-hashed scam which I have already exposed on numerous occasions in the reviews of Extreme Home Paycheck and also Home Jobs Now. If you were to visit these websites you would notice a common theme. These 2 websites are literally identical to Home Job Position. The only difference is the name, literally everything else is the same.


So this is what the website looks like as you will know. And now I’d like to show you what the websites of the other programs in question that I have already exposed are. Here is the website for Extreme Home Paycheck:

They look pretty similar right?

That’s because they are essentially the same website/scam. Both of these websites are covered in ridiculous claims of how you can make money and also are covered in fake endorsements from big name websites like CNN. This is very misleading because it states that “work from home” opportunities have been featured in these publications however someone glancing at this website is going to think that this particular system has been featured when it definitely has not.

Home Job Position = Unethical Scam

After taking a closer look at the Home Job Position website and quickly realising what I was looking at I can tell you that in my opinion it’s simply an unethical scam. It gets re-branded into a new website with a new name every few weeks. I believe this happens because people like me write reviews like this which expose the scam for what it really is, and then since they get negative attention from that they go and rename it so they can scam some more innocent people.

The Home Job Position is what is known as an “offer” which means it’s listed on a number of affiliate networks where affiliate marketers can sign up and promote it. When they drive traffic to the website and make sales they will earn affiliate commissions. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate method to make money online and I personally do it to the tune of 5-figures per month however the kind of affiliates that systems like Home Job Position attract are unethical ones. The type that will spam their email lists with extremely hyped up promotions to try and sell you this.

Chances are you probably heard about this system via an email that you received from some marketer. Or perhaps you clicked on some kind of make money advert that promised you riches untold. The real truth is non of this is going to happen from using this system, it’s all just hype to get you to part with your hard earned money.

My honest recommendation for you is to avoid Home Job Position. It’s a system that exists to make the owners and the affiliates who promote it money. It’s not designed for you to really have success with. It’s just another typical “get rich quick” scheme that offers huge returns but no real substance, similar to other programs I’ve reviewed recently like Lifestyle Now and Paid To Send Emails that have little substance to them. If you sign up to Home Job Position you are most likely just going to become another person that loses money to a scam. In a few weeks they’ll rename the website to something else to keep their scam going and you’ll certainly not be the last one to lose money.

The problem is, after your bad experience here you might never try and make money again which would be a huge shame since there are actually legitimate programs out there like my no.1 recommendation AWOL Academy that teach real and genuine methods to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Home Job Position – Conclusion

After spending about 10 seconds or less on the Home Job Position website I knew exactly what I was dealing with and that was simply another scam that I won’t be recommending to my blog readers or subscribers. After reviewing 100’s of programs it becomes pretty obvious when I’m dealing with another scam and this is certainly one.

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Paid To Send Email – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of Paid To Send Email? You’re in the right place because I’m going to share my honest opinion on the paidtosendemail.com website.

If you’re considering getting started with Paid To Send Email you’ll want to read this full review because I’m sharing the honest truth on why you should really avoid it.

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The Truth About Paid To Send Email

So you’re probably wondering if Paid To Send Email is legit?

I’m here to tell you it’s a waste of your time. And not much different to other programs I’ve exposed lately like Extreme Home Paycheck and Lifestyle Now.

I was just taking a closer look at the program and there are many red flags. The first one for me is the name “paid to send email” which suggests that this is some kind of email sending job where you can get paid to send email without investment however that’s simply not the case! The biggest red flag though is the number of fake video testimonials that are in their sales video. For example when watching the video on the website I noticed many “paid actors” giving testimonials. These are clearly fake testimonials and were most likely ordered from the website Fiverr.com

What kind of legitimate program needs fake testimonials? My point exactly!

This women in the screen shot is quite clearly an actor. It might not be obvious to you since you probably don’t review 100’s of scams a year like I do. However when you’ve seen the amount of scam programs I have you start to notice the same people popping up in the videos for scam systems time and time again.

Here is another familiar face below. This person has appeared in many videos of scam websites claiming that he’s made a fortune, not just the Paid To Send Email program. The real truth is this person is probably broke.

Why else would you sell fake testimonials? The only reason I can see anyone offering these services is because they are desperate to make a quick buck, so they sell fake testimonial services for as little as $5 for a video. It’s these kind of people that I should tell to go and look at AWOL Academy (my favourite program) since it could probably really help them to make a real income online.

So What Is Paid To Send Email?

As the name suggests you can get paid to send email. The truth is the theory behind the program is actually pretty good. After all many marketers including myself earn money from sending emails. It’s called email marketing and it’s very effective. At the time of typing this I have an email list of over 20,000 subscribers who have joined my list from this blog. These are people just like you who are reading my reviews and subscribing to learn more about the programs I review and the programs I recommend.

Whenever I send out an email 1,000’s of people open it and click on the links in the email. This means that I can direct people to many websites. Often I will send people back to this very blog or I might send them over to my “no.1 recommendation” since many of my emails are sharing my amazing results.

So Paid To Send Email Is Legit? Not Exactly…

The Paid To Send Email program teaches this method however they don’t really do it justice in my opinion. Instead of actually teaching legitimate methods, their website services are your typical “get rich quick” program. When you sign up you are immediately sent on to further videos that aim to up-sell you into higher priced programs and products. I’m not against this practice when the products actually genuinely help people, but in this case I feel they’re a waste of time.

Did I mention they are using ClickBetter? Another red flag really (although this could be a positive thing).

ClickBetter is the payment processor for Paid To Send Email and on 1 hand this raises a red flag since many scam programs are processed through here. On the other hand it’s a huge positive because it’s extremely easy to get a refund from ClickBetter. When it comes to make money programs refunds and chargebacks are huge, so to protect themselves ClickBetter offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they actually give refunds really quick, so again a huge bonus really if you did end up buying this program.

Final Thoughts For Paid To Send Email

Is this the worst program I have ever seen? Nope, however it’s certainly not the best and I certainly won’t be recommending it. To me the name suggests that this is some kind of online email sending job when in actual fact you need to spend money to actually buy into the program where you are taught a method. I can assure you nobody is getting “paid to send email” unless you are doing social media marketing for a company.

So what’s the solution for you? Here it is:

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AWOL Academy Review – Why It’s NOT A Scam!

I’ve been a part of AWOL Academy for around 2-3 weeks now so I thought I’d put this review together to share my opinion and experience in case you are interested to learn more about it.

Update – I put together my initial review back in March after I had been involved with AWOL Academy for around 2-3 weeks. I’ve now been in for around 5 months and you can see the progress with my income below, I’ve literally flown all the way to nearly $100k in that time. Read my review below and get a full understanding on what AWOL Academy is all about and why I think it’s the best thing online for learning how to make money.

**Update – I’ve now been in for 5 weeks and made over $15k 🙂

**New Update – I’ve now been in for 7 weeks and made over $28k!

**Latest update – I’m now up to $70k+

**Latest AWOL Academy update – Passed $90k**

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Before I start the review, if you’re reading this you’re 1 of 2 people. You’re either here looking for review of AWOL Academy, and maybe found my blog in Google or you’re a subscriber of No Bs Im Reviews already and you’ve landed here from one of my emails.

If you’ve got no idea what AWOL Academy is, then let me quickly explain that it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

The reason it’s no.1 is because out of the 100’s of products and systems I have reviewed AWOL Academy is the one that I would recommend head and shoulders above the rest for anyone who wants to make money online. They teach you step-by-step how to do it and give you incredible value for free before they ever ask you to get your wallet out.

Go here to check it out and see for yourself

Alternatively keep reading to get my review.

AWOL Academy – Overview

What makes AWOL Academy different to other companies and products online? The main thing I would say is that the focus is on the customer (in other words you). There are so many products and systems online that are built for the affiliates which means they are designed to make money, they are not designed to actually help the customer. I’ve been part of these kind of programs before and whilst I have personally made money, the people I have referred haven’t had the same level of success.

With AWOL Academy the focus is on you, the customer. They teach you exactly how to go from zero (or wherever you are now) to building a 6-figure income online with affiliate marketing. They lay everything out for you for free, and then invite you to become a member of their Academy. They’ll even get on the phone with you and coach you one-to-one. It’s really quite incredible and I’ve not seen anything else like it before.

Who Is Behind AWOL Academy?

The man himself Keala Kanae

AWOL Academy has been founded by Keala Kanae. He’s an entrepreneur who I first heard about a few years ago when he was involved in another business opportunity that I too was a part of. I watched him rise the ranks in this company and quickly become one of the top producers. Since then he moved onto other companies, did some speaking, consulting and to be honest I didn’t hear much, but as it turns out he was quietly working away on a project that became AWOL Academy. He along with some close friends of his had a vision to help regular everyday people live “Another Way Of Life” hence the name “AWOL” and so far so good he is certainly doing that and helping many people!

AWOL Academy is in it’s infancy at the minute, but already tons of success stories have been coming in. I’ve personally been able to generate a little over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks and one of my friends who is part of the program has done into the 6-figures in around 2 months. It’s actually quite incredible, and I regularly get updates from him about the new commissions he has been able to generate thanks to AWOL Academy.

What Do You Get With AWOL Academy?

The beauty about getting started is that you don’t even need to get out your wallet. Sure if you do decide to go all the way you’ll need to spend some money but initially you can access their free PDF guide and webinar for zero cost. The PDF teaches you all about affiliate marketing and the strategy that has made Keala 7-figures. Plus he goes into detail on the free webinar about how you can replicate his success. It’s literally 2-hours of pure content, plus they have a special guarantee too. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but essentially they guarantee that you’ll make 10k in 90 days if you follow their instructions. It’s a bold guarantee, but I 100% believe that they can do it.

Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

If you’re wondering whether Keala’s AWOL Academy is just another scam, let me stop you right there. 100% it is NOT a scam.

I have reviewed and exposed over 100 systems on this blog and if AWOL Academy was a scam I would be the first to expose it. In fact it’s quite the opposite since it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

Should You Join AWOL Academy?

In my opinion if you are looking for a real solution to making money online you should definitely join.

This is not some “push button” solution or get rich quick scheme for making money. In my opinion and experience nothing like that exists.

However if you are serious about building an income online, and you are prepared to follow instructions then this can 100% work for you.

I am living proof it works after generating over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks with it and over $28k after just 7 weeks.

Go here and check it out (100% free)

(I’ll probably stop posting my income now because I think after making over $90k with AWOL Academy I no longer need to give “proof” that it works, as clearly this is a solid solution to making money that is working extremely well for me and many others too)

Go here and check it out (100% free)

EZ Money Team Scam – My REAL Review!

EZ Money Team is a relatively new system for making money that I’ve been taking a look at. The system claims you can make easy money but is it really true? In my opinion it’s a complete scam and if you keep reading I’ll explain why.

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EZ Money Team – A Real Big Scam

So why am I saying the EZ Money Team is a big scam? For me it’s pretty simple. I took a closer look at their website and it’s got all the signs of a scam. Plus they are using ClickBetter payment processing. I’ve got nothing against ClickBetter as a company as they do always honour their refund requests but on the flip side there are a lot of scams that are run through their processing so this was an immediate warning sign for me. After taking a closer look at the system itself and the sales presentation it’s just clear that it’s not a trustworthy website. They have a bunch of testimonials which are hard to verify and are probably from hired actors and they have endorsements from huge companies that would never endorse a money making system. Plus the website has changed a lot in the past few years. Originally registered and created 4 years ago it’s gone through multiple changes which indicates to me that it’s just a money making scam designed to put money in the pockets of the owner and not people signing up like you. Plus the endorsements really annoy me, I don’t care how good or legitimate a system is, anything to do with making money online won’t get endorsements from big news websites, it’s just not going to happen.

There are a few positives about the EZ Money Team the first of which is it has nothing to do with binary options. That’s a good sign because there are plenty of binary scams out there like Click Money System and Onassis Alliance. which are fortunately starting to die off. However there are plenty of new scams out there that I am regularly exposing on this blog and will continue to expose time and time again, like just last week I had to expose extreme home paycheck plus plenty others that I’ve found too that are similar to this.

EZ Money Team – My Opinion

I appreciate that my “review” here isn’t your traditional review. I’m not really going into detail about the product but it’s more of a rant. The thing is these kind of systems just flat out piss me off because they are full of fake BS that doesn’t even make sense. I mean even if behind the EZ Money Team was the best system in the world they sell it like a complete scam. You couldn’t exactly show your friends and family this website and say, hey this is what I do for a living, they’d instantly think you were a scammer and that’s often the problem with this industry there are too many people who want to lower the tone.

Fortunately for you there are a few good systems out there. I’ve been able to make over $500,000 in the past few years online and in the last 5 months alone I’ve been able to bring in over $100,000 from using 1 specific system that you can access below (check out my no.1 recommendation). I can’t sit here and recommend the EZ Money Team when I know there’s something better out there and that if you buy into this you’ll simply be wasting your time.

So before you leave today, if you’re sick of scams and just want a real solution for making money  check out my no.1 recommendation which has made me over $100k in the last 5 months:

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Lifestyle Now Review – Scam or Legit?

Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) is a new business opportunity program that I’ve been taking a closer look at, and after literally 2 seconds on their website I was convinced it was a scam due to the crazy income claims they made however after taking a closer look I’ve realised it’s not a scam, and in this review I’ll share more details.

Before I start, if you’re sick of scams and want a real solution for making money check out my recommendation below…

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Lifestyle Now – Overview

What exactly is this Lifestyle Now system? After checking out their website I noticed they are making ridiculous claims of income and essentially offering you an amazing “Lifestyle Now” talking about giving you $100k. This was a huge turn off for me because I thought it was some scam system, it was only after watching more and understanding who was behind this system that I realised it was not actually a scam.

Here is the screenshot above that I saw and it gave me a bad impression however I’m past that now. After seeing the people endorsing this system I understand that actually it is a legitimate opportunity for making money, quite similar to others I have reviewed like AWOL Academy and Freelance Digital Secrets. The man behind it is Joel and he’s a successful online entrepreneur who has built a 8 (maybe 9 figure) business over the past decade. I was involved in one of his programs a few years ago that sold web hosting and I was able to build a nice income from that before eventually moving on.

What Is Lifestyle Now?

Currently Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) is in pre-launch however you can still join and make money now. You’ll be able to make money from 4 income streams hence why their website says that they want to send you 3-4 checks. A few years ago I remember promoting a similar system which essentially promoting a number of different products from inside of one system that way I received multiple checks and it seems that Joel is at it again here which is an appealing thing for me personally as I love to receive multiple checks instead of one.

Lifestyle Now Products

After taking a closer look the products are:

  1. Health & Wellness Product
  2. Body Boss Home Workout
  3. Professional Auto Responder
  4. Massive Traffic Co Op

Essentially what you are getting access to here is a bunch of products that can help you achieve a better lifestyle (hence the lifestyle name) plus a business opportunity attached that means you can make money. Product number 4 is the traffic co-op that will help you get traffic to your new business so that you can re-sell the products and earn commissions on them. You will get paid for referring new people into the Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) program.

I think this is actually pretty clever because the products are genuine products that can help you achieve a better life by being healthier. They are not your typical MLM/get rich quick products teaching you how to make money. This is a good thing because often these kind of programs get looked at negatively because they appear as a pyramid scheme to people who don’t really understand them.

Is Lifestyle Now A Scam?

Initially I did believe that it was a scam however upon further inspection I don’t think it is. I’ve reviewed many different programs and systems and this is not a scam. Just lately I have exposed obvious scams like Extreme Home Paycheck and Automated Daily Income. These programs in my opinion are obvious scams that will not really help you to achieve a better life or income, however Lifestyle Now is not like these programs therefore I don’t believe it’s a scam.

Lifestyle Now Conclusion

After taking a closer look I am happy to say that this looks like a legitimate program.

Does that mean I am recommending it? Unfortunately not because I am not an affiliate, plus I believe that my “no.1 recommendation” can help you achieve the kind of income you want to achieve better than Lifestyle Now can. To give you an example I got started with my “no.1 recommendation” just a few short months ago and have generated well over $90,000 since then. You can check it out at the link below…

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Fast Lane Lifestyle – Scam or Legit?

Fast Lane Lifestyle is a new website I have just come across that claims it can help you earn $1,500 a day and you can get started with the small investment of just $47. Is this really the real deal or is this simply another scam? I’m sharing my honest review and opinion on this page.

Before I start, if you’re sick of scams and want a real solution for making money check out my no.1 recommendation below…

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Fast Lane Lifestyle – Overview

So I just took a closer look at Fast Lane Lifestyle to see what it’s all about and to me this looks like your typical “make money scam” not much different to others I have exposed lately like Extreme Home Paycheck and Home Jobs Now. The website claims you can make $1,500 a day just by following their simple instructions and it will only cost you a mere $47 to get started, although if you try and exit the page you get offered access for just $37.

As you can see you can start making $1,500 a day and start living life in the fast lane. There’s only 50 spots remaining though in your area so you better move fast. Obviously this is just a lie because they are not limiting the amount of people who are going to get into this, in fact they would happily accept an unlimited amount of people.

What Is Fast Lane Lifestyle About?

So rather than sit here and type 500 or so words about how I think this is a scam, although I guess I will kind of do that the question to really ask is “what is the Fast Lane Lifestyle all about?” and can this really help you make money. In my honest opinion I don’t believe you’ll make a penny with this, let alone the kind of easy money that they claim. I have seen these kind of systems before and to be honest they are smoke and mirrors. There is no real substance behind the fancy website you see, you’ll just be suckered into buying a bunch of products you don’t need that teach you some average methods on how to make money and run an online business.

The members area will actually try and sell you a bunch more tools and systems that you don’t even need. It’s basically just another sales pitch when you get inside of there. Also after you buy into this which will cost you $47 to start with (or $37 if you try to leave their website) you’ll also be offered a bunch of up-sells where they will try and extract as much money as possible from you before you actually reach the members area. I’m not against up-sells when they offer genuine products and services that can compliment your initial purchase but in the case of Fast Lane Lifestyle there is unfortunately no value to be had here, just a bunch of unnecessary products.

Fast Lane Lifestyle – Good News

There is some good news when it comes to the Fast Lane Lifestyle though and it’s probably not what you are thinking. No you are not going to make the mega profits that they claim, I’m sorry I can’t tell you otherwise however the strange “good news” here is that the payment processor for Fast Lane Lifestyle is ClickBetter and they are extremely easy to get refunds from so if you already went ahead and bought this product and then realised it was a waste of time all you need to do is find your email receipt and submit a refund request on the ClickBetter website.

The thing is products like Fast Lane Lifestyle struggle to process payments via your typical online processors like PayPal so they instead use the likes of ClickBetter that allow them to actually sell their “get rich quick” products however the downside (for them) and upside (for us) is that ClickBetter handle all the refunds and they don’t want to get chargebacks because it looks bad on them, so they are super fast to process refunds.

Fast Lane Lifestyle Conclusion

Honestly after glancing at their website I knew that this was not a real solution for making money online and instead it’s just a pipe dream that won’t actually deliver the claimed results. Rather than waste your time on this system I’d rather recommend something that I know works from experience.

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Force Factor Review – Scam or Legit?

Force Factor (ForceFactor.me) is a new website that promotes a business opportunity called Digital Altitude. Today I’m sharing more details about this to give you the bigger picture and help you understand whether this is really the business for you or not.

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Force Factor – Overview

So what exactly is the Force Factor, seems like a strange name right? Well actually the reason it’s called that is because the creator of Digital Altitude the company being recommended behind this website is actually called Michael Force hence the name the “Force Factor”. So the Force Factor itself is not actually a system, it’s simply a website that is promoting the Digital Altitude business opportunity which I’ll talk about more below.

I’m not going to give a full review of Digital Altitude on this page because I already did a Digital Altitude review here so you can get all the details by clicking on that link or you can keep reading to get “most” of the details here. Essentially what’s happened is Michael Force has created a new sales presentation for his affiliates to use to promote the business opportunity that is Digital Altitude. There have been a number of these websites launched under different names which basically act as different “sales funnels” for the affiliates to use to promote and sign more people up. Other variations of this sales presentation are the likes of Aspire Today and Digital Millionaire Secret.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a business opportunity created by Michael Force. In case you’re wondering what the companies products are let me explain that they are digital products teaching you digital marketing methods. To be honest their product line is very similar to a company in the same space called Mobe because they offer a number of digital products teaching marketing methods but also hold live events too. The products are what we call in the industry “high ticket” which basically means they are expensive (you can potentially spend 5-figures here to buy into all of the products). People who join will be put through a series of steps that teach them all about business and then offered different products such as Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex.

Ascend, Peak and Apex are live events so when you purchase these you are able to attend these live events (that the company will pay for) and you’ll get educated on a number of things to do with digital marketing. The company will bring in experts including top affiliates of the company to teach you. You will also be offered the opportunity to become an affiliate of Digital Altitude which means you can re-sell the same products you have bought into and earn commissions on them. Digital Altitude is a “pay to play” business so you need to actually buy into the products in order to be able to earn the maximum commission levels on these products.

Negatives For Force Factor / Digital Altitude

Whilst Force Factor (Digital Altitude) is not a scam there are certainly a few negatives that will put people off. For one despite this having a very low barrier to entry of just $1 to get started on a trial it’s actually a “high ticket” opportunity because you can potentially spend 10’s of $1,000’s. In fact if you buy all of the products I believe you will be spending over $50k. This isn’t a problem if you implement what you are taught and gain real value, but unfortunately many people don’t do this for whatever reason and they will inevitably end up in debt. The other negative is that the way this business opportunity is structured you could argue that people are only buying into these products so that they can resell them to earn commissions. Do people really want the products as “stand alone” products, or do they simply want to own them to resell?

I personally can understand this feeling because I had it in the past with previous business opportunities that I was involved with. Back in 2012-2015 I was involved in a big MLM company that many others in the space were involved with at the time and this again was a “pay to play” business where you had to own the “digital” products in order to be able to resell them and earn commissions as affiliates. Whilst I made 6-figures in that company it always bugged me that I had to buy products that I really didn’t actually need or want just so that I could re-sell them.

Is Force Factor A Scam?

I’ve been a part of Digital Altitude and I made over $50k there before moving on to other ventures which I personally believe can benefit my audience better. Whilst I am no longer involved with the company as an affiliate I don’t believe that what they have is a scam. There are simply too many success stories from other affiliates, plus knowing how the business operates I know that it’s not a scam. That being said, some people will believe that it’s a scam due to the low barrier to entry of just $1 and then being hit with a bunch of up-sells that could set them back $50k. But to be honest these are the kind of people that probably shouldn’t get involved in this type of business in the first place because ultimately this is a business opportunity where you need to spend money to make money.

One thing I did notice on the website that looks a bit strange. A popup comes up saying you can get access for just $1 and that it’s normally $497. I’m not sure whether they changed their pricing but I have never seen Digital Altitude being sold for $497 so I’m not sure why they are doing this, but anyway….

Force Factor Conclusion

As I mentioned I used to be an affiliate for Digital Altitude and I did make some money however I moved away from it because I felt that there were better alternatives for my blog readers and subscribers that could really help one to build an online income. So I won’t personally be recommending Force Factor (Digital Altitude) as I’d rather recommend my “no.1 recommended system” which has personally helped me generate over $100k in the last 5 months:

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Millionaire Profit Club – Scam or Legit?

Millionaire Profit Club is a brand new “free” system that I’ve just been taking a closer look at. I joined myself since it’s free and have been taking a closer look at the members area and now I can share all the details with you.

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Millionaire Profit Club – Overview

So what exactly is the Millionaire Profit Club all about? I decided to take a closer look and noticed that the man on the video for the website is Bob Beckett. I don’t know Bob personally but I do know that he’s been in the internet marketing game for quite a while and ran a traffic selling business with his business partner James Starr called Human Eye Balls. I’m not really sure whether that is still going or whether Bob is concentrating on Millionaire Profit Club now.

The image above is one you might recognise as it’s the Millionaire Profit Club website. You are prompted to enter your name and email address so that you can register for the free membership. After doing that you are forwarded to another page where you need to watch the video giving you instructions on how to check your email to verify your email address. Once you do this you land on another page that looks like this one:

This was simply a “thank you” page however I noticed that it redirects to a random affiliate offer. I have no real clue why Bob thinks this is a good idea since it actually distracts people from his main opportunity but I guess he sees it as another way to bring in some extra revenue. Personally I think he’d be better off just creating another video and telling people to re-check their email to get the membership login details.

What Do You Get With Millionaire Profit Club?

After logging into the Millionaire Profit Club website I started going through the training. I’m pleased to say that it’s actually some pretty legitimate training. You don’t learn a great deal however the main strategy that is being taught does work in theory although there are some negatives. I will take you through how it works and give you my honest opinion based on my experience using this exact method (not Millionaire Profit Club but my own version of this method).

Step 1 – Free Mentorship

This step is the first step (obviously) and in this video Bob Beckett encourages you to join his Facebook group. It’s a private group you can join and this will allow you to stay up to date with updates that Bob brings out and generally just allow him to communicate better with you.

Step 2 – Overview (Super Important)

This is another video that essentially just talks to you about how important it is you go through each step and implement each step.

Step 3 – Free Website Setup

In this step Bob encourages you to get your “free website” which basically means you need to sign up to ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a website / funnel builder (I use it myself) and when you sign up via Bob’s link you’ll be able to get some pre-made funnels. This is something that ClickFunnels introduced a while back to make it easier for people to recruit others into the ClickFunnels membership, so essentially Bob is going to give you some free website templates when you sign up for an account. Accounts start from around $97 a month so you should bare this in mind. It is a great tool though!

Step 4 – Setup Your Email System

In this step I noticed that Bob is recommending an email system called Now Lifestyle. Now Lifestyle is actually a brand new business created by a guy called Joel who has been behind other similar email marketing and training systems in the past, most notably GOGVO. I don’t have any experience using Now Lifestyle since it’s brand new but i do know that they have an income opportunity attached (like an MLM) so this is probably why Bob is recommending them.

Step 5 – Icing On The Cake…

This step is all about making money and in this video Bob tells you to join a program called Email Coalition. It’s a paid training course that teaches you how to make money with email marketing.

Step 6 – How To Get Traffic

In this final video Bob talks about traffic generation and recommends a resource called Traffic For Me. They are a paid traffic source for buying solo ads. I have spent over $50k with Traffic For Me in the past buying traffic and they are one of the better sellers of solo ads out there. That being said, I’ve actually moved away from this kind of traffic as I noticed it’s responsiveness drop massively. I am a little surprised that Bob is recommending Traffic For Me though considering he did run a traffic agency himself called Human Eye Balls. I can only assume that he has moved away from selling traffic.

Millionaire Profit Club – Conclusion

So is this a good program? Well here’s the thing, this is a free membership so that’s a good thing since you don’t actually have to pay for it. However that being said, there’s a reason it’s free and that reason is because Bob wants to get as many people into his membership as possible so that he can sell people into the products and services that he recommends. Sure he is offering some value, but ultimately his “Millionaire Profit Club” website is a funnel designed to get you to sign up to a bunch of services that he will earn money on such as ClickFunnels, Now Lifestyle, Email Coalition and Traffic For Me.

My opinion is that Millionaire Profit Club is an okay starting place to learn about affiliate marketing but ultimately if you’re a newbie you’re not going to see success and you will definitely need further training and mentorship to actually have success. It’s for those reasons that I won’t be recommending Millionaire Profit Club because I personally think you will have much more success by checking out my no.1 recommendation (See below).

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