$500 Cash Club Scam – Don’t Trust It!

I’ve just been taking a closer look at the $500 Cash Club and this is a new scam that you need to avoid. I’m going to share the details below, so keep reading and get my review exposing the real truth about this scam system.

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$500 Cash Club – Overview

After taking a closer look at the $500 Cash Club website I’m convinced that it’s nothing more than your typical “get rich quick” scam. There’s really no value here at all, just a bunch of sales videos designed to convince you to sign up to a company called Mobe. It’s no different to other scams I have exposed such as Online Profits Breakthrough and Massive Internet Profits. I seem to be reviewing new systems each week to do with a company called Mobe, but here we are again, I’m sure there will be another next week too!

So what exactly is it all about? It’s certainly nothing new and I have seen this exact same website being promoted under a number of names in the past couple of years. The people behind it are affiliates for a company called Mobe started by Matt Lloyd. As I’ve stated in many other reviews exposing scam systems I am not against Matt Lloyd or his company Mobe but there are many affiliates who seem to have a lack of ethics and like to create websites to promote Mobe as an affiliate by essentially lying. Claiming you can make easy money and giving ridiculous guarantees like making $500 cash in 1 day without any work. It’s a pipe dream my friend and it’s never going to happen by following the advice of the $500 Cash Club.

I would love to see the statistics on who actually succeeds with this system. I know from experience that the majority of people don’t take any action at all when it comes to making money online. It’s similar to weight loss I guess, you give someone the exact process they need to take to lose weight and get the body they desire but they still don’t do it. The same is true with making money online, you can give someone the exact steps to take to make money and most will never do it so the success rate is naturally low, but I’m going to take a wild guess that when you literally lie about how easy it is to make money the success rate drops even more. That’s what is happening here with the $500 Cash Club!

What Is Mobe All About?

I’m not going to give a review of Mobe the company that $500 Cash Club promotes because ultimately this is not a Mobe review and I’ve already done that on this blog however Mobe is a business opportunity. The company sells a number of products teaching digital marketing and affiliates can make money by owning the products and reselling them. You earn around 50% commissions on the products you own. The amount of money you can make is substantial if you are actually successful in selling the products. The top affiliates in the company have made millions from being affiliates however it should be noted that the “top affiliates” in the company are pro’s who have already been top earners in various other companies.

Is Mobe A Scam?

Mobe is not a scam in my opinion however many of the websites owned by affiliates of Mobe that promote it such as $500 Cash Club are a scam in my opinion because they are so hyped up and they flat out lie in order to sell the Mobe opportunity to people. $500 Cash Club is far from the worst I’ve seen, as the worst one I have ever seen is called My Millionaire Mentor however that doesn’t mean I’m going to write a positive review because just because it’s not “the worst” it certainly doesn’t mean it’s any good.

I think Matt Lloyd has done a great job in building his company Mobe into a real powerhouse. He’s made a fortune from it as have many of his affiliates. However I think he needs to take a look at how some of his unethical affiliates are promoting his company. Other similar companies to Mobe have taken a stance on this kind of promotion because ultimately it can lead to a downfall of the company.

$500 Cash Club – Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to recommend it. Because I don’t think you’ll make anywhere near the kind of money that is claimed.

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