Hi welcome to my blog:-)

If you’re reading this page you’re probably interested to know who I am and why you should listen to me so let me share my story..

My name is Mark. I’m a 25 year old recently married man from the United Kingdom and I’ve been making a full time income online since 2010.

Here is the office where I had my first and only job. I hated going to this place everyday!
Here is the office where I had my first and only job. I hated going to this place everyday!

I first got started trying to make money online back in 2007. I was 16 years old and I’d just left school and started my first job as an apprentice at an engineering company. The job was boring and it wasn’t too long before I found myself searching online for ways to make money. Naturally like so many others I came across a bunch of scams and lost money. I remember one month spending nearly 100% of my monthly wage on an opportunity that turned out to be a big scam!

Over the next few years I tried a lot of different things from internet marketing to selling on ebay, network marketing, blogging and even forex trading. By 2010 I was completely fed up with work. I’d been at that place nearly 3 years and was pretty miserable so I was determined to find a way out and that’s when I discovered freelancing. I noticed that it was relatively easy to pick up small jobs on sites like freelancer.com so I started bidding on jobs and before I knew it I was making money! I started doing easy tasks like article writing and then I noticed a big demand for SEO jobs. SEO stands for search engine optimization which is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in Google and it’s big business! During my time attempting to make money online I had learnt quite a lot about SEO and felt confident enough that I could provide the services that were being asked so I started bidding on jobs and before I knew it I’d won the contracts! With sites like Freelancer you bid on a job with the price you are willing to do it for. The person who listed the job will then decide which person to pick depending on their price, skills and history.

I quit my job…

Within a couple of months I decided to pursue this full time and quit my job. It felt great to be out of the job that I’d hated for so long but in reality the hard part was just beginning. Over the next couple of years I focused my efforts on SEO services. I was able to rank my website for a number of SEO related keywords such as SEO Company and SEO Consultant and attracted a couple of good clients. I was earning around £2000 to £2500 per month which at the time seemed like a huge amount of money, however I kept an eye on the internet marketing niche and knew that what I was making was small change compared to some who were pulling 5 and even 6-figures online as internet marketers.

The nasty penguin that ruined my income in 2012!

It didn’t take me long until I was pretty fed up of clients. When you have clients it’s not really much different to having a boss. Yes you might run your own business but you still have to answer to clients and keep them happy in order to get paid. So by the start of 2012 I had pretty much got rid of all my clients and I was focussing my efforts on blogging and SEO. I figured why bother ranking clients websites when I can rank my own websites and make money that way. I started reviewing products and between January 2012 and April 2012 I was making good money. Around $5,000 per month. It felt like a huge amount of money but come April Google released an update known as Penguin and overnight my income vanished! The Penguin update that Google released directly impacted 2 blogs I was running at the time and overnight all my rankings disappeared. It was a horrible feeling but I could do nothing about it.

Over the next few months I really struggled and my income was reduced to practically nothing. My living expenses were actually higher than my income and I even had to sell my car which I had purchased the previous year as I could no longer afford it. I even debated going back into a job and started looking for SEO jobs but eventually decided against it. In November 2012 I joined a network marketing company and vowed that I would make a success of it. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but over the next few months I started to re-build my income and by March 2013 I was back on my feet!

Within a couple of months I’d saved up enough cash to buy myself a little car for the summer. It only cost me £1,800 but I thoroughly enjoyed driving it and for the money it was probably the best value car I’ve ever owned. 2013 for me was a year of building foundations and during 2014 my business exploded.

2014 things really started to happen…

In February 2014 I had my first 5-figure month and earned multiple 6-figures over the next year all from my online business. I even became the no.1 producer in the network marketing company I was involved with and held the position for around 6 months. This allowed me to save up enough money to buy one of my dream cars a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

My car at our wedding venue. I had to get a picture outside such a beautiful building!
My car at our wedding venue. I had to get a picture outside such a beautiful building!

2015 through to 2016 was much the same. My income continued to increase, I purchased my then fiancee (now Wife) a Mini as her first car and I was able to put together enough money to buy my first home and also pay for our dream wedding!

It’s really quite amazing that I’m able to earn the money I do and live the lifestyle that most can only dream of. The best part is probably the freedom to do what I want, when I want and I owe it all to my online business.

Over the next few months I plan to build a new opportunity into a multiple 5-figure (and maybe even 6-figure) per month business and hopefully add another vehicle or 2 to my collection.

One of the reasons I’ve put together this blog is to share my story and help others follow in my footsteps.

So what do I recommend?

To make money online you need a few things. First you need to find someone who is already having success so that you can model them, the next thing you need is a reliable system/strategy and the final thing is a mentor. Someone who can show you the exact steps you need to take in order to have success. At the link below you’ll be able to see a system which gives you all 3 of those things. It’s a new opportunity that is making me 5-figures per month and is my no.1 recommendation for making money online!

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