Global Affiliate Zone – Scam or Legit? [Review]

Today I’m looking at Global Affiliate Zone also known as GAZ and asking the question, is it actually a good program or is it just another scam? You can keep reading below to learn more about it and really understand what’s involved.

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Global Affiliate Zone – Overview

So what is gaz? GAZ aka the Global Affiliate Zone is an online training platform designed to help the average person start making a full time income online. There’s a lot of Global Affiliate Zone reviews out there but to be honest after taking a closer look most of them look fake because they either state that the gaz online business is a scam (because they’re recommending a different program), or they’re super positive because they are affiliates of gaz and want to push you into the program.

So what’s different about my Global Affiliate Zone review? I’m going to share the honest truth (since I’m NOT an affiliate) but I do know the company and opportunity well.

When you become a member of GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone) you will learn the skills you need to actually start making money online. They teach you a number of strategies for traffic and lead generation such as running Facebook ads. The gaz workshop training is detailed and you can really learn how these guys have built multiple 6 and even 7 figure businesses online which by the way they have 100% (that is NOT a lie) because I know the people behind this company and what they have achieved.

How Does Global Affiliate Zone Work?

When I first came across Global Affiliate Zone I actually recognised some of the guys involved with it, so instantly I had a positive reaction. Whilst some people may have a naturally negative reaction to any kind of make money online product I already knew these guys were the real deal as they have a strong track record and I’ve seen them produce incredible results online. After I took a closer look at the GAZ workshop and what they had to offer I was pleased to see that it was definitely something I could potentially get behind. They have put together a solid training course, and they genuinely teach you how to build an online business from home. They give away a lot of value in their gaz workshop which you can attend for free, it’s a 2-hour webinar that teaches you how they make money with their gaz system.

They have actually gone to a lot of effort to put together all the moving parts of running an online business. You see the truth is, making money online can be easy, but only when you have everything in place that is required to make money. It’s kind of like a car for example. 99% of people out there could never build a car, yet most of us know how to drive one right? Global Affiliate Zone is similar to this but for the online business world. Instead of trying to figure out how to put all the moving parts of an online business together the guys at GAZ have done that for you, so that all you need to do is learn how to “run the business” and you’re set!

Here’s a quick look at what you get:

  • Done for you business model
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Training on running successful Facebook ads
  • A sales team who close sales for you
  • Weekly live training
  • Private GAZ facebook group
  • Personal coach to help you succeed

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

After taking a closer look at what they guys at GAZ have to offer I don’t believe that it’s a scam. I review and expose scams everyday like Online Profits Breakthrough and Affiliate Millionaire Club so I know exactly what to look for when it comes to scams. As far as I can see this is a genuine program with many happy members who are getting real results. It’s not a magic button for making money but in my experience nothing like that exists. So if you are willing to put in the work and follow their training I see no reason why you can’t have the kind of success that they talk about on their live training. To be honest I found that GAZ looks pretty similar to AWOL Academy which I am a member of and that is nothing but a good thing, so I’m happy to say it’s definitely not a scam.

Global Affiliate Zone – My Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the GAZ myself, and investigating other gaz reviews I found it to be a solid system that I’d be happy to recommend. I don’t believe that it’s a scam either as some people have called out. I think that anyone out there who is calling this program a scam is likely just trying to sell you something else.

If you want to learn more about GAZ get back in touch with the person that introduced you to it!


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Freedom Checks – Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Looking for Freedom Checks reviews?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get Freedom Checks or whether Freedom Checks are a scam or not?

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m ready to share all the details in my full review.

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Freedom Checks Review

I recently came across a website claiming it could help you cash in “huge Freedom Checks” and many people were reaching out wondering whether this website was really legit. After all it’s hard to believe since the website claims you can cash checks as high as $24,075, $66,570 and even $160,923. Is this freedom checks investment really legit?

freedom checks website

The claims made are very substantial and there’s already apparently been success stories from a number of people like Doug Smith, a 46 year old from Jplin, Missouri who’s set to cash in a a freedom check worth a whopping $24,075. That’s actually one of the smaller checks the website claims.

Mike Reed, a 53 year old from Colorado is going to be cashing in a huge $160,923 payout.

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Reading these stories it makes it hard to believe to be quite honest. Why would these regular people be getting these “Freedom Checks” for doing basically nothing at all?

Apparently “savvy investors” are making even more. With hedge fund manager Robert Mercer getting $7.1 million in Freedom Checks every year.

What Are Freedom Checks?

The question is, what are Freedom Checks? And are Freedom Checks real?

The program claims that 568 agencies across the USA are authorized to send out the “Freedom Checks” money. This amounts to as much as $34.6 billion and anyone can claim regardless of age, or whether male or female.

It’s not actually connected to the government and has nothing to do with 401k’s, IRA’s, social security or even Medicare.

That does beg the question, where on earth do these Freedom Checks come from and who exactly is authorizing them?

freedom checks proof
Here’s a “freedom check”

Upon further investigation I was able to find out that the company behind sharing the information on these huge Freedom Checks is Banyan Hill Publishing. They have published information which shares how you actually get hold of these Freedom Checks. In fact they are the ones that seem to have coined the term “Freedom Checks”.

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There are hardly any real reviews of Freedom Checks so it’s hard to know the legitimacy but what I can share with you is the details behind where they came from.

It all started with Matt Badiali…

Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining, energy and agriculture industries. He’s been considered an expert for more than 2 decades now and has even taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He has traveled the globe and been to places as far as Iraq, to the Mexican desert, Hong Kong and even Singapore.

He’s spent time around many top business people, including CEO’s and has been relied on by 100,000’s of people in his career. This paints the picture of a respectable person who certainly seems like someone you can trust.

The question is, can you really trust him?

Matt recently released a video about these US Freedom Checks and everyone has gone wild wanting to know more about them. Let’s face it, when someone claims that huge Freedom Checks of 5 and even 6-figures are being given out to people for absolutely zero work it does raise a few eyebrows and make you wonder whether it’s legit and something to pay attention to.

I myself have been wondering more about it, and wondering how exactly I could get involved. I am an investor myself and always looking at opportunities for ways to grow my income. Lately I have been a big cryptocurrency investor, but this has absolutely nothing to do with crypto.

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Where Do Freedom Checks Come From?

So how do you actually claim freedom checks?

Matt claims that Freedom Checks come from companies operating in the production, processing and storage of natural resources in the US, like Oil and Gas industries. There has been a huge decrease in the amount of oil being imported from Middle Eastern countries and a huge fracking boom has meant oil and gas production has remained at home in the US.

Matt claims that these companies will be getting huge profits and paying out an estimated $34.6 billion to investors over the next 12 months. Also since many of these companies have stock, many of them will raise significantly in the next few years paying out huge dividends/returns to investors.

Matt claims his historical analysis shows companies could see gains of 5,889%, 8,839% and even 39,832%. Huge gains of course but that means a tiny investment of $1,000 could turn into nearly $400k. That might seem unrealistic and to be honest it does seem that way, but I guess given the information it could be possible.

Is Freedom Checks A Scam?

Since the video was released a number of people are wondering whether US Freedom Checks is actually just a scam and question whether you can even get freedom checks at all.

What’s my personal opinion?

I’ll be honest, I am skeptical because the thing is in order to learn more about these investments you have to sign up to a newsletter which actually costs you $49. Since there’s no other way of learning about these investments, how do you really know if they are legit and whether you can trust them?

There’s really zero way of knowing for sure. Plus there are many companies like this that claim they have amazing investments but you need to join their newsletter and of course these newsletters are always paid newsletters ranging from $49 to even $100’s and $1,000’s to join.

Whilst I am not saying Matt Badiali is a scammer, or Banyan Publishing is, I can tell you that some of these investment newsletters have been exposed in the past and some are even pump and dump schemes. It’s very difficult without actually signing up and investing to know the legitimacy of the whole program.

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Positives For Freedom Checks

There are however some positives about Freedom Checks that do help it’s legitimacy. For example these companies involved in these investments are MLP companies and apparently they must pay out 90% of their income to investors. That’s where you start to think perhaps this is legitimate because it would mean that payments would need to flow back to investors in the form of “Freedom Checks” as claimed.

Matt claims there are 568 companies that will do this, and in the newsletter you will find out more when you sign up.

Freedom Checks Conclusion

After taking a closer look at Freedom Checks I won’t deny that it’s certainly interesting. But is it something I could recommend?

My personal advice is that you should only invest money you can afford to lose. I would never advocate signing up to something like this and plowing life savings in like some people unfortunately will. Be cautious, because ultimately whilst you “could” make money, it is potentially a gamble and there are no guarantees.

Rather than “gambling” check out my no.1 recommendation for making money online below.

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Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Scam Busted? [Review]

Looking for a review of the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret?

Wondering whether this new website is legit or just another scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about the Coffee Shop Lifestyle system and now I’m sharing all the details.

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Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Review

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle secret website claims it can help you start making up to $5,000 per week and it costs just a mere $49 to get started. That price actually varies depending on which version of the website you came across. Upon closer inspection this system resembles that of others I have reviewed such as the ultimate laptop lifestyle which happens to be from the same creator.

coffee shop lifestyle secret website

So is the Coffee Shop Lifestyle secret all about? Can you really start making $5,000 per month from it and have 1000’s already made combined millions in commissions?

The truth is that the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is nothing more than a website. There’s no such thing as a “coffee shop lifestyle system” at all.

Instead this is simply a website that acts as a sales funnel to recruit you into a program called Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

The 6 Figure Business System is a membership website that teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. The training takes you through a number of strategies such as traffic generation, lead generation, funnels and actually offers you the ability to resell the training and earn commission as an affiliate.

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I have already reviewed this “system” before under various names. The creator Jeff Lerner seems to constantly be building new funnels under new website names to bring in new customers. So I see this new website being advertised assuming it is something brand new and then it simply leads back to the 6 Figure Business System again.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle – Is It A Scam?

When you see claims about making $1,000’s a month with seemingly very little work you start to wonder is this just a gimmick or another scam system?

My honest opinion… it’s not a scam.

coffee shop lifestyle secret scamHowever that doesn’t mean you are going to pay $47 and instantly start making $5,000. In fact most people who join this business will never make a penny. That’s not because the training is bad or doesn’t work, that’s because unfortunately websites like this paint an unrealistic picture of income. They make it seem like you can simply pay your fee to access their training or system and immediately you will start making money.

This creates unrealistic expectations and the majority of people never bother implementing what they have actually learned in the training.

That doesn’t make the Coffee Shop Lifestyle secret a scam at all. But naturally people will be disappointed.

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How Does Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Work?

So you may be wondering how does this system actually work and what do you need to do after you get started?

After you have paid your fee to access the system which is actually Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System as I already mentioned you will access training that teaches you a number of things such as:

  • 16 Steps To 6-Figures Training
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Package
  • BONUS: New Money Playbook – Shipped to your door
  • Traffic/Lead Generation
  • Split-testing and Conversion Optimization

There are far more things that you learn but I don’t want to list everything here.

coffee shop lifestyle training

In Jeff’s own words he states:

I tech you, lead you, and do the heavy lifting for you…

It’s very kind of him to do that. In reality it’s not 100% the case although I do see where he is coming from.

Once you progress through Jeff’s training you will have the ability to be an affiliate which is where you will promote the very system you have bought into!

Why would you go and promote the same system/training you are buying?

This is actually pretty common and no it’s NOTHING to do with MLM.

It’s because Jeff is teaching you how to do affiliate marketing and also how to create sales funnels, products and all that stuff that makes people a lot of money online BUT ultimately takes a lot of effort to do and is filled with potential hazards for a newbie. Plus if you are “Brand new” to making money online you can’t exactly go and teach people how to make money online because you don’t have the skills and training to know what to do.

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So why not actually become an affiliate of the very training you bought into and you can earn commissions recruiting others? It makes sense in my opinion (that is NOT me recommending it, but simply sharing my honest review)

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Negatives

Before you go thinking this is an amazing program you need to be involved in right now let me share some negatives with you and make this a nice balanced review.

One thing that isn’t mentioned (at least in the beginning) is that you will need to buy into numerous up-sells to be able to actually promote the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret (Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System) as an affiliate and actually earn commissions.

Jeff states that his team will close sales for you but ultimately this only happens when you are prepared to buy into their system and spend a lot more money. Once you actually progress through the training and up-sells you could find yourself spending $1,000’s on this program.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – CONCLUSION

After taking a closer look at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle system it was clear to me that I was actually reviewing the 6 Figure Business System by Jeff Lerner that I have already reviewed a number of times.

My honest opinion remains the same, this is NOT a scam and you can actually learn how to make money however it’s not a program I will recommend as I feel that there are better alternatives out there such as my “no.1 recommendation” which you can see below.

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Davor Coin Scam – Ponzi Exposed? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of Davor Coin?

Wondering whether Davor Coin is just another ponzi scheme scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look, and now I’m sharing my honest review giving you all the details.

Before I start..

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Davor Coin Review

When I first heard about Davor Coin my first thought was, “when will people learn?”. I see people flooding into this new coin called DavorCoin (website which has a new lending platform where you can earn money but I’m wondering why people haven’t already learned from the mistakes that have already happened.


In case you’re confused I’m talking about the recent collapse of cryptocurrency lending platforms BitConnect and USI Tech.

BitConnect was the biggest lending program in the cryptocurrency space and USI Tech wasn’t far behind.

I use the term “lending program” lightly since the more appropriate term is ponzi scheme.

Both these companies were hit with cease and desists from the state of Texas and after that things just got worse and worse.

USI Tech was first to announce that they were closing US operations.

And then a week later BitConnect shuts down their “lending program” completely.

When this happened the price of the BCC (BitConnect Coin) dropped from over $400 to less than $19 at one point.

They were also in the process of launching BitConnect X in ICO which is their new exchange. They claim that this ICO is still going ahead but I’d be amazed if anyone has any confidence at all in their operation since they have clearly been exposed as a ponzi scheme.

USI Tech did not actually have a tradable cryptocurrency coin but were in the process of launching Tech Coin via ICO. This is still going ahead to non-US/Canada investors but clearly will not do anywhere near as well as it probably could have done.

Whilst all this is going on, I see more and more people flooding towards Davor Coin.

In fact an advert on Google Adwords even states that “Davor Coin is rising faster than BitConnect” which isn’t exactly hard given what’s happened.

davor coin adwords ad

What Is Davor Coin All About?

So in this review I wanted to first express my concern about DavorCoin and the fact that it looks incredible similar to other schemes that have recently collapsed. In my honest opinion I don’t have confidence that DavorCoin will be any different in the long run, but that should be obvious given this review so far.

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Now let’s actually look into what Davorcoin is, what they claim they are offering and learn more about it.

davorcoin website

DavorCoin states on their website that by investing in their coin you can be part of one of the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects.

On the face of things their website looks pretty legitimate. They are tradable on an exchange called CoinExchange and at the time of writing this post the price per DAV is $91.19 according to the popular website – Their own website has a slightly different figure and claims a 24/hour volume of $3.6 million. This is very different to what the Coin Market Cap website states which is a mere $189,000.

I can’t honestly say which figure is correct but it’s worrying that both of these are such different figures.

what is davorcoin

Davor Coin aims to become the best alternative to BitCoin and Ethereum.

In case you are brand new to cryptocurrency the two biggest cryptocurrencies are BitCoin and Ethereum as they have the largest market caps.

It’s interesting that DavorCoin wants to be a competitor to Ethereum because I read through their White Paper on their website and it has no similarities to Ethereum and it has no mention of smart contracts which is basically Ethereums main advantage over Bitcoin and is why many ICO’s are launched off Ethereum.

I won’t get into the details of what this means because if you are new to the cryptocurrency space it will probably confuse you but just know this, DavorCoin is in no way whatsoever a potential competitor to Ethereum.

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Davor Coin White Paper

I just read through the White Paper for Davor Coin and I was very surprised.

It’s literally 1 page long.

I’ll admit that it’s quite a long page however it’s still 1 page.

The White Paper is supposed to explain in detail what the cryptocurrency offers. It’s essentially a prospectus for potential investors and a key selling point too. It’s supposed to give potential investors all the details about the new coin covering every single aspect of how it works and what their core purpose is. Most White Papers are 30-40 pages long at a minimum, and some are even 100+ pages yet the DavorCoin White Paper is just 1 page.

Davor Coin Is Just Like BitConnect

I started off my review mentioning BitConnect which recently closed it’s lending program down and is basically a huge ponzi scheme.

Well after looking at the DavorCoin website I am convinced that this coin is nothing more than a complete clone of BitConnect.

Here is what I am talking about:

how davorcoin works

The image above taken from the DavorCoin website shows how their platform works.

Here is what BitConnect listed on their website:

davorcoin similar to BitConnect

The only difference is that DavorCoin isn’t talking about mining and instead has their affiliate program on. But apart from that it’s basically exactly the same concept.

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Need more proof that DavorCoin is basically a clone of BitConnect?

Look at how their lending platform works and the amount of interest you earn plus the length of time to get your capital back:

davorcoin lending amounts

And now check out the BitConnect lending:

bitconnect vs davorcoin

It’s almost an exact clone!

I think I’ve said enough in this review.

The simple truth is that DavorCoin has seen the success of BitConnect and wanted to replicate it. However BitConnect has inevitably collapsed like all ponzi schemes do!

DavorCoin Conclusion

After taking a closer look at DavorCoin I am amazed at how similar it is to BitConnect which is an exposed ponzi scheme that recently closed it’s lending program down.

Chances are the BitConnect owners have probably run off with $1 billion or more of the Bitcoin that people invested into their lending program. I am confident that the exact same thing will likely happen with DavorCoin if it continues to grow. There is simply no way that a program can sustain itself paying 1% lending interest a day on investments.

DavorCoin is still in its infancy but I see more and more people flooding into this platform.

I would urge anyone joining to be extremely careful and be prepared to lose all the money you invest.

Before you leave

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USI Tech Scam? Read My Honest Review

Looking for more information on USI Tech?

Wondering whether the USI Tech scam rumours are true?

I’m here to give an unbiased review of USI Tech and share my honest opinion. You can find my review down below.

Before I start…

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USI Tech Review


USI Tech has shut down it’s USA and Canada operations. People are no longer allowed to be affiliates or sign up as customers in the USA and Canada. This is going to have a huge negative impact on USI Tech as a company since the majority of it’s customers and top affiliates are based in the USA/Canada.

The warning signs started when a cease and desist order was issued in Texas for USI Tech and also BitConnect. Less than 2 weeks later news spread across social media as users logged into their USI Tech accounts to see a notification saying that they have shut down their USA and Canada operations.

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The following review was done BEFORE this news, so may not be 100% accurate anymore…

USI Tech reviews are everywhere online but the problem is most of them are biased.

You see the people writing extremely positive reviews are most likely involved in the company as affiliates and simply want to refer you to sign up below them. The people writing negative reviews of USI Tech are probably affiliates of competitor companies like BitConnect and BitPetite so naturally they want to tell you it’s a scam and refer you into that.

Also there’s now BitConnect X which is a new ICO from the same people that brought us BitConnect.

Who can you believe when it comes to USI Tech? That’s where I can help you.

usi tech logo

What Is USI Tech All About?

The team behind USI Tech, the ownership of the company and the overall mission of the company are lacking from its official website. Such critical information is very crucial for any serious company that wants to appear credible so this was not exactly a good start to be honest.

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The only real information that can be gathered regarding the company is the date it appeared on the web – which is around mid-2016. Other than that, the critical background information about the company is entirely lacking. Most companies that shy away from giving out their information are usually not trustworthy, unfortunately. It is not fair to disregard this company, however, as we are just commencing this USI Tech review. The key point is that a solid background is extremely crucial for any cryptocurrency / MLM company.

USI Tech Products

Moving on to the products on offer, this company does not have your typical products to talk about. Since the company’s mission seems to be to deliberately leave out details of their products on their website, there are no specifics available. The main product that is assured here is the affiliate membership which affiliates can be able to sell and the fact that guaranteed returns are made after you make an investment.

Regarding the affiliate membership, a signed up user is able to access a forex auto-trading system included in the platform. This platform apparently is based on the MT4 Trading Software which is popular for making the market analysis. USI-Tech asserts that signed up users can be able to earn up to 150% annually as a result of the medium and long-term strategies of the company however upon closer inspection this is actually the OLD USI Tech that dealt with forex trading, whereas now they have rebranded and moved onto cryptocurrency.

USI Tech Compensation

Affiliates get to enjoy both brokerage fees and recruitment commissions which are sent to them directly. A residual commission system also exists. To me this company looks like it’s most profitable to those that can recruit others. This is the same as other ones I have exposed as ponzi schemes like BitPetite.

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Earning With USI Tech

By investing Bitcoin you can actually earn around 1% per day. This may seem like a small figure however in the world of investing it’s actually huge and is a cause for concern. It’s actually extremely unlikely that they can make trades in the cryptocurrency world and deliver 1% returns to all investors. When you consider the fact that the larger your cryptocurrency portfolio the harder it is to trade.

The biggest percentage gains are made trading smaller amounts, because it’s literally impossible to dump millions into a cryptocurrency coin because you will be responsible for the movement of that coin. As soon as you try and sell your position people will see that you are selling it and the price will drop so much you would never be able to get rid at the price you wanted. Perhaps this would work on trading Bitcoin alone because the volume is into the billions but regular cryptocurrencies no chance.

usi tech bitcoin

USI Tech Attracts Naive Newbies

In my experience reviewing over 350 scams in the last year or so I have come across many opportunities and it seems that sometimes newbies get sucked into these opportunities and are so convinced that it’s legit that they often will not believe it’s a scam even when things start to go wrong.

This has happened with many ponzi schemes in the past before cryptocurrency but now it could potentially get even worse with cryptocurrency because it’s unregulated and untraceable. An investment of Bitcoin will be hard to trace, virtually impossible actually and there is really nothing stopping the USI Tech owners from simply running off with your money if they wanted to.

Of course I am not saying this will happen but just understand that it “could” happen.

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Is USI Tech A Scam?

Like I explained if the owners wanted to run off with your money they could quite easily. Bitcoin is untraceable and that makes investing in these kind of programs risky for sure. USI Tech operates similar to other companies, the biggest competitor is BitConnect which is naturally much bigger however EthConnect a brand new opportunity (running off Ethereum) will soon be growing fast too.

I tend to believe that opportunities like this that “guarantee” a set percentage return for investors like 1% a day are risky and most likely ponzi schemes because it’s incredibly hard to generate that kind of return legitimately. It’s far easier to run a ponzi scheme and generate income that way.

I can’t confirm that USI Tech is a scam, it’s impossible to do so, but it “could” be.

The best course of action is to be cautious. You can go ahead and invest and you could earn a lot of money doing so, but you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment also. It’s risky game investing in these kind of businesses so whilst my advice is to avoid it, if you do plan on investing just make sure that you don’t give USI Tech your whole life savings as that would be extremely foolish.

USI Tech Conclusion (Updated)

When I put together this USI-Tech review I was skeptical of the company.

I did not see how it was possible for them to pay the kind of returns and thought the business model of offering a guaranteed percentage return on investments was risky and potentially unsustainable long term.

Unfortunately for affiliates and customers of USI Tech in the USA and Canada my skepticism has been proved right since USI Tech has been ordered to shut down its operations in USA and Canada. Since this is where the majority of it’s customers and top affiliates reside I am not sure how much longer they will be in business for.

Therefore USI Tech is not an opportunity that I will be recommending.

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AWOL Academy Review – Keala Kanae Is NOT A Scam!

Want to know the truth about AWOL Academy and Keala Kanae?

You’ve probably heard about Keala Kanae through some kind of ad and now you’re wondering is AWOL Academy legit? I know the feeling because it wasn’t too long ago since I was looking for AWOL reviews after attending Keala Kanae’s webinar.

Fortunately for you, I’ve been involved in AWOL Academy for around 6 months now. I wrote my original AWOL review on this page after being involved for around 2-3 weeks. But now after being involved for 6 months I feel it’s time to give this review a refresh, share my results with awol and give the real truth about Keala Kanae.

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AWOL Academy Review

Before I start the review, if you’re reading this you’re 1 of 2 people. You’re either here looking for review of AWOL Academy and Keala Kanae, and maybe found my blog in Google or you’re a subscriber of No Bs Im Reviews already and you’ve landed here from one of my emails.

If you’ve got no idea what AWOL Academy is, then let me quickly explain that it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

The reason it’s no.1 is because out of the 100’s of products and systems I have reviewed AWOL Academy is the one that I would recommend head and shoulders above the rest for anyone who wants to make money online. They teach you step-by-step how to do it and give you incredible value for free before they ever ask you to get your wallet out. And in this review you’re going to hear about my own personal experience having made over $130k in 6 months thanks to Keala Kanae’s AWOL Academy!

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Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

The first thing I want to clear up is that there’s a lot of awol reviews which are calling awol and Keala Kanae a scam. The truth is the people who run these blogs will just put together some awol reviews and claim that all awol academy success stories are false to gain your trust so they can recommend a different program. The reason they do this is simple actually, it’s because they are affiliates for the other program they are recommending, so they want to sign you up and get paid.

I have reviewed and exposed over 100 systems on this blog and if AWOL Academy was a scam I would be the first to expose it. In fact it’s quite the opposite since it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online. Plus, I’ve personally made over $130k in 6 months (see the income screenshot proof below) so it’s working great for me:

awol academy august income update

AWOL Academy – Overview

What makes AWOL Academy different to other companies and products online? The main thing I would say is that the focus is on the customer (in other words you). There are so many products and systems online that are built for the affiliates which means they are designed to make money, they are not designed to actually help the customer. I’ve been part of these kind of programs before and whilst I have personally made money, the people I have referred haven’t had the same level of success.

With AWOL Academy the focus is on you, the customer. They teach you exactly how to go from zero (or wherever you are now) to building a 6-figure income online with affiliate marketing. They lay everything out for you for free, and then invite you to become a member of their Academy. They’ll even get on the phone with you and coach you one-to-one. It’s really quite incredible and I’ve not seen anything else like it before.

Get started with AWOL Academy here

Who Is Keala Kanae?

The man himself Keala Kanae

AWOL Academy has been founded by Keala Kanae (aka Keala “K” Kanae). He’s an entrepreneur who I first heard about a few years ago when he was involved in another business opportunity that I too was a part of. I watched him rise the ranks in this company and quickly become one of the top producers. Since then he moved onto other companies, did some speaking, consulting and to be honest I didn’t hear much, but as it turns out he was quietly working away on a project that became AWOL Academy. He along with some close friends of his had a vision to help regular everyday people live “Another Way Of Life” hence the name “AWOL” and so far so good he is certainly doing that and helping many people!

He’s even become a bit of a celebrity online with people even searching for Keala Kanae net worth! And he’s been featured in Forbes alongside other successful entrepreneurs.

AWOL Academy is in it’s infancy at the minute, but already tons of awol academy success stories have been coming in. I’ve personally been able to generate a little over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks and one of my friends who is part of the program has done into the 6-figures in around 2 months. It’s actually quite incredible, and I regularly get updates from him about the new commissions he has been able to generate thanks to AWOL Academy.

Get started with AWOL Academy here

What Do You Get With AWOL Academy?

The beauty about getting started is that you don’t even need to get out your wallet. Sure if you do decide to go all the way you’ll need to spend some money but initially you can access their free PDF guide and Keala Kanae webinar for zero cost. The PDF teaches you all about Keala Kanae’s affiliate marketing strategy that has made him 7-figures. Plus he goes into detail on the free webinar about how you can replicate his success. It’s literally 2-hours of pure content, plus they have a special guarantee too. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but essentially they guarantee that you’ll make 10k in 90 days if you follow their instructions. It’s a bold guarantee, but I 100% believe that they can do it.

Should You Join AWOL Academy?

In my opinion if you are looking for a real solution to making money online you should definitely join. You’ve come to this blog looking for reviews on awol academy and to be honest I think you’ve landed on the best possible review you could, from someone (me) who’s got real experience with Keala Kanae & AWOL Academy.

This is not some “push button” solution or get rich quick scheme for making money. In my opinion and experience nothing like that exists.

However if you are serious about building an income online, and you are prepared to follow instructions then this can 100% work for you.

I am living proof it works after generating over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks with it and over $130k after just 6 months.

Go here and check it out (100% free)

awol academy august income update


Ps – Take a look at my success timeline with AWOL Academy below:

April 2017 Update:

I’d been involved around 7 weeks and earned $28k!

May/June 2017 Update:

By May/June time I was up to $71k!

August 2017 Update:

I’ve now made over $130k since getting started in February 2017!

awol academy august income update

Are you ready to be the next awol academy success story?

Go here to check out AWOL Academy (100% free)

Profits Unlimited – Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of Profits Unlimited?

Wondering whether Profits Unlimited membership and newsletter is really legitimate or another investment scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my honest review of Profits Unlimited.

Before I start…

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Profits Unlimited Review

Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter / membership by Paul Mampilly published by Banyan Hill Publishing. In the past few days I have been taking a closer look at it and also have shared reviews of Paul and also another offering from Banyan Hill known as Freedom Checks. Profits Unlimited is the newsletter Paul publishes which shares key stocks to invest in as well as a strategy for investing with limited risk.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampilly profits unlimitedBefore we talk about the Profits Unlimited newsletter it’s important we mention the man sharing the recommendations which is Paul Mampilly. I’m not going to give a complete review / background on Paul since I already did that in this review of Paul Mampilly however I’ll give you some key point so you can learn more about the man behind Profits Unlimited.

Paul worked on Wall Street for over 20 years and worked with some extremely well known companies. These include the likes of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Swiss investment banks. He has been responsible for handling literally billions worth of investment and has seen extremely positive returns during his time on Wall Street.

A few years ago Paul decided it was time to retire from Wall Street and spend more time with his family.

It was at this stage he decided to take on a roll writing for Banyan Hill Publishing who share investment content & advice. It’s here that he launched the Profits Unlimited newsletter in 2016 which has gained over 80,000 subscribers and many successful stock picks.

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How Does Profits Unlimited Work?

Profits Unlimited is a paid newsletter / membership. That means that you pay for it on a monthly basis and in return you receive information that Paul sends out in regular newsletter emails. These emails share all the information you need and have a number of stock picks. Each month Paul picks the stocks he recommends you buy and has specific strategies and projections for each stock that he recommends.

I was able to find out that Paul recommends stop losses of 8-12% on every trade. If you are new to the term “stop loss” it basically means exactly what it says. A “stop loss” is a pre-defined price that your trade will automatically close and prevent you from losing any more money. With a stop loss of 8-12% you have a tight range for losing and as far as investing goes losing that amount per stock trade is relatively small considering the up-side potential of some of the Profits Unlimited stock picks.

Profits Unlimited Membership

How much does the membership / subscription to Profits Unlimited actually cost?

At the time of writing this it will cost you $47 to access the digital version of Profits Unlimited, there is also an up-sell know as the deluxe subscription which is $129. This will allow you to have print and digital versions of the newsletter.

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It should be noted that the newsletter has a 365 day refund policy which seems pretty comprehensive to me. It states that if for any reason you decide the newsletter isn’t for you then you can contact their customer service team and get a full refund.

I feel it’s worth mentioning that obviously this doesn’t include the investments you make into the stock picks as they could never offer guarantees / refunds for any losses when it comes to making investments in the stocks picked.

Is Profits Unlimited A Scam?

Profits Unlimited is NOT a scam.

When I first heard about the Profits Unlimited newsletter I was a little skeptical however after researching more about Paul Mampilly I am confident it’s not a scam. I actually mentioned in my article on Paul Mampilly that I don’t believe he is a fraudster as some people have claimed and that his newsletter looks like it has performed extremely well.

Profits Unlimited Performance

So you are probably wondering what the kind of results are that Paul has achieved with his Profits Unlimited newsletter?

I was taking a closer look and some of his picks have performed extremely well in fact.

His Profits Unlimited newsletter was launched in 2016 and his top recommendations have seen gains of 56%, 64%, 73% and even as high as 235%. If you had invested money into every single pick of Paul’s you would still have outperformed the market.

Does Profits Unlimited lose money?

It should be noted that obviously not every single stock that is recommended inside of the Profits Unlimited membership makes money. But this is literally impossible and I would much prefer to be involved with a newsletter that is honest about losses than one that claims 100% success rate because that is never realistic.

On average the winners in Profits Unlimited are far bigger than the losers. Five of the recommended stocks in the Profits Unlimited subscription have made lost money and been stopped out for an 11% loss. But if you had invested in every stock recommended since the release of the newsletter you would still have made a considerable profit.

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Profits Unlimited Alternatives?

At the time of writing this there are some alternatives out there but not ones I have personally covered.

One of the hot newsletters right now is the Freedom Checks newsletter offered by Banyan Hill Publishing also.

I will update this section of the review should any other Profits Unlimited newsletter competitors come about.




Profits Unlimited Conclusion

Do I recommend Profits Unlimited?

After taking a closer look I am giving this a neutral rating for the simple fact that I am not a member of the newsletter.

I have reviewed Profits Unlimited and Paul Mampilly and I do not believe it’s a scam. The results that the newsletter has achieved look realistic to me and there are many positive reviews out there from people who have invested and been extremely happy with their returns.

That being said I won’t recommend this to you since I am not a member of the newsletter and I won’t recommend something I am not actively using/part of.

Before you leave…

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The Wealth Network – Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of The Wealth Network?

Wondering whether The Wealth Network is just another get rich quick scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m ready to share all the details in my honest review.

Before I start…

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It’s helped me earn over $300k in the last 12 months alone:

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The Wealth Network Review

The Wealth Network is a new “money making” program that I recently came across. Upon first inspection it reminds me of similar money making websites I have reviewed like the wifi millionaire system and freedom checks. Looks can be deceptive though and perhaps the Wealth Network is a genuine program for making money? Perhaps one I could even recommend?

After taking a closer look I was able to find out that the program concentrates on selling physical products via Amazon. I’ve always been interested in this myself however I’ve never really been that bothered to really understand how selling on Amazon works since I always found affiliate marketing to be far more profitable.

With The Wealth Network you are told that you can start making money in just 48 hours of signing up plus they have your back with a 100% guarantee. Is this really legit or just another scam ready to steal your money?

the wealth network review

I’ve been doing the research to find out more, and I want to share my honest opinion…

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The Wealth Network Overview

The Wealth Network is relatively new and it seems that the price has been changing depending on which version of the website you come across. In the image above which is a screen shot I posted of their website, the program claims to cost just $3 which is a huge discount from the “regular” $497. In all honesty I doubt they have ever sold this program for $497 and I think that’s probably just an arbitrary number made up to make it seem like you are getting a huge discount.

The Wealth Network initially concentrated on teaching you how to do drop shipping through Amazon. In case you are new to this concept drop shipping is where you sell products but you never actually hold any stock. When an order comes in you simply place an order from your supplier and they will send the product direct to the customer. This way you are able to sell products without ever holding stock upfront and it means your risks are much less as you are not putting a lot of money upfront on stock.

A lot of people have been doing this for years on eBay and Amazon however from what I have seen Amazon FBA seems to be more popular now which is where Amazon holds your stock and they actually handle all the shipping for you. This seems like the best way in my opinion.

Just recently…. the Wealth Network creators re-did the whole program and offer training on a number of things like online marketing, so it’s not JUST Amazon that they are covering. Now as the name suggests it’s a “wealth network” which teaches you many different strategies.

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The Wealth Network Websites

One of the things I noticed is that there are a number of different websites (aka funnels) which promote The Wealth Network so you might have gone through a different funnel to what I went through. Some of the promises these websites make are extremely bold and make claims of incredible income such as making money in 48 hours or less, and making more money than most people make in an entire month.

I am not disputing these claims or saying that they are untrue. For all I know they could 100% be true, but it’s a little bit confusing when you do have all these different websites because depending on how you joined you may have different expectations about The Wealth Network. Some of these websites have the traits of get rich quick scams many of which I’ve already exposed like BTC Global and more.

How Does The Wealth Network Work?

Okay so marketing gimmicks and sales funnels aside how does The Wealth Network actually work and is it something I could ever recommend?

Once you pay your $3 fee to get access you are only getting into the basic program. This is an intro to The Wealth Network and training on how to get started with drop shipping. It’s not the whole package but for $3 what do you really expect, that’s less than the cup of a coffee so really you are just getting a sneak peak here to entice you into wanting to learn more and buy into further memberships offered.

The packages are as follows:

  • TWN Gold Membership – $49.99 per month
  • TWN Platinum Membership – $149.99 per month
  • Smart Commerce – $997 (one off fee)

The Wealth Network operates a tiered structure so you can’t simply jump to Smart Commerce you have to buy the other membership levels first. This is similar to how other companies like Aspire Today operate and it’s not really something I’m very fond of. I personally think you should buy a product because you want to buy it and not be forced through other up-sells just to access the premium tier packages. That’s my opinion though!

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Is The Wealth Network A Scam?

After taking a closer look I don’t believe that The Wealth Network is a scam. After all I have reviewed 100’s of programs and it’s easy to spot the scams. They make extremely bold claims backed up by zero guarantees and the sales videos are always full of fake testimonials from actors. That is NOT what I am seeing here with The Wealth Network and that is something promising at least.

You do actually get access to real training that can teach you how to create an income online whether it be through Amazon or from other online marketing methods such as affiliate marketing which is my personal favourite. I can see The Wealth Network developing over time into a comprehensive training program and then perhaps it can challenge the other big competitors in the space as an alternative.

It’s certainly no scam, just because you have to pay to access it. However I don’t believe it’s THE BEST program out there, I personally prefer the alternatives at the moment.

The Wealth Network Conclusion

So what’s my conclusion when it comes to The Wealth Network?

At the moment my review is neutral. This is not a program that I want to recommend right now for a few reasons.

The first reason is that I don’t recommend programs I am not involved in myself, that would be unethical. Next is that this is a relatively new program and I think it will improve over time and finally I personally believe there’s better options out there for making money online like my no.1 recommendation (see below).

Before you leave…

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Internet Income Explained – Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of Internet Income Explained?

You’re in luck because you’re about to read an honest review of Internet Income Explained from a REAL member.

That’s right, I’ve been involved with Internet Income Explained for 12 months now and I can share my full experience.

Before I start…

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Internet Income Explained – Real Review

I wanted to put this review together because I noticed that there were many false reviews out there for this website.

After all I’ve personally been involved with the company behind Internet Income Explained which is AWOL Academy by Keala Kanae for the past 12 months.

During that time I’ve had amazing success and I feel that the negative reviews out there are simply trying to mislead you into joining another business opportunity.

I’ll get to the details about my own personal success with Internet Income Explained but first let’s look a little more at what this is.

What Is Internet Income Explained?

internet income explained videoAs the name suggests the website is teaching you about Internet Income!

At first glance you could wrongly assume that this was another get rich quick scam. After all the video is quite hyped and has a Lamborghini in it plus other cool stuff but I can assure you it’s not a scam based on my experience.

I’ve not only done the digging as I do with my usual reviews, but I’ve actually got over 12 months of real experience working with the Internet Income Explained training and system. I’ve seen the business evolve and have friends as well who’ve experienced great results from it.

Introducing Keala and Kam…

In the video you are introduced to Keala Kanae and Kameron George. They are the founders of AWOL Academy which is the company behind the Internet Income Explained website. I first came across these 2 guys a few years back when they were involved in a network marketing company that was huge at the time. They were able to have great success in that company before moving onto other ventures and later founding their own educational company AWOL Academy.

Some people have wrongly accused Keala of being a scam but that’s 100% false. Keala is one of the most authentic guys out there and has real success and results behind him.

Plus from personal experience I believe Keala is a better leader than the founders of similar companies in the space since he puts the customer first, whereas every other company out there puts the affiliates first often at the expense of the customers (you).

How Does Internet Income Explained Work?

Internet Income Explained is NOT a system.

Where other “get rich quick” websites want to sell you into some system for making money that is going to do all the work for you, with Internet Income Explained you are actually getting REAL information on how to build a successful online business.

The focus is on affiliate marketing, which is something Keala and Kam have generated multiple 7-figures with. Their training actually shows you step-by-step exactly how to do this.

When I first went through their training I was completely blown away by what I saw. I was honestly expecting some re-hashed garbage content but instead I got step-by-step instructions on exactly how to start with a brand new campaign, including the exact tools that were needed for success. These tools are things like auto-responders, hosting, click tracking and more. Don’t worry if that makes zero sense to you, because the training inside of their members area explains it in a newbie friendly way.

When you join Internet Income Explained…

awol academyWhat you are actually buying into is the AWOL Academy membership.

This is where the training starts and you can begin on your path to “making money online” so to speak.

I already put together a review of AWOL Academy a while back to share my results but since they launched the Internet Income Explained website I thought I would share an updated version to put you in the picture as to how well things have been going for me personally.

My Results With Internet Income Explained

As I mentioned Internet Income Explained is simply a website that leads you into the AWOL Academy program.

So I think it’s more important that I share more information on this.

Let’s be honest, you don’t care about the price, the training or anything.


Am I right?

Here is the great thing about this….

It definitely works and I am living proof of it.

I got started with AWOL Academy back in February 2017.

I was invited to join by another marketing friend of mine who got started a couple of months earlier.

I progressed through their training and decided to actually become an affiliate of AWOL Academy.

Once you progress through their training you will have the option to become an affiliate of theirs and apply what you have learned.

This is completely optional because you can also apply their training to any online business, however I thought it would be good to actually be an affiliate since they have built an extremely good system here and one that I could happily get behind and recommend on this blog right here.

My AWOL Academy results – not average earnings

Since doing that I’ve personally been able to generate in excess of $300,000 in the last 12 months.

It’s the most amount of money that I have ever generated from any kind of online opportunity BY FAR!

Now obviously my results aren’t your typical/average results, not everyone who joins is going to become a success and earn $300k like I have, but the fact of the matter is that it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE if you actually follow what Keala and Kam have created with Internet Income Explained (AWOL Academy).

Internet Income Explained = Recommended

To conclude this review it should be pretty obvious that I am 100% recommending Internet Income Explained.

My personal results speak for themselves and I am extremely grateful for what Keala and Kam have created.

That being said, rather than join Internet Income Explained now, I recommend you check out the link below to get 100% free training from Keala Kanae:

Go here to see my no.1 recommendation for making money online

(This is a 100% free training from Keala Kanae)


Paul Mampilly – Is He A Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Wondering whether Paul Mampilly is a scam artist or fraudster?

You’ve come to the right place because I’m sharing my honest opinion and review of Paul Mampilly and giving you all the details.

Before I start…

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Paul Mampilly – Overview

Paul Mampilly is a hot name right now with many people wondering who he is.

It’s no surprise that people want to know whether Paul Mampilly is legitimate, or just another fraudster. After all we live in a world full of scam artists.

It’s often hard to know who the good guys are from the bad.

Many reviews I have done lately expose scams and scam artists while others actually shed light on positive people and projects.

For example Tai Lopez is an “online guru” who gets a lot of negative attention for things like his Bitcoin Crypto Academy but he’s actually legitimate. I actually heard about Paul Mampilly whilst doing some investigational work looking into Banyan Hill Publishing to see whether they were legitimate after hearing about something called Freedom Checks and now here I am sharing more information on Paul Mampilly.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampillyPaul has made quite the name for himself after releasing a video about Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimited shares information on how to capitalize on IOT (Internet of Things) trend which he has dubbed the next “Industrial Revolution”. He has claimed that people investing can stand to make gains upwards of 8,000% by the year 2020.

These kind of gains are certainly incredible and when bold claims are made there are always skeptics.

Many “scam alerts” targeting Paul Mampilly and his Profits Unlimited newsletter have surfaced and to be honest most have conflicting or incorrect information. Many of these exist purely to siphon traffic off into other business opportunities and are often biased.

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Is Paul Mampilly A Scam?

Instead of giving you yet another biased review, I wanted to share some honest information on Paul and his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

After doing some digging I was able to find out that Paul is certainly a real person and not a scam artist it seems (good news!).

He’s even been featured by the likes of and other large investment publications.

Paul worked on Wall Street for over 2 decades. He emigrated from India and started in 1991 at Bankers Trust. After working his way up he went on to manage multi-millionaire dollar accounts at Bankers Trust Private Bank, Deutsche Bank and ING. In total Paul has been responsible for looking after 100’s of millions worth of investments.

In 2006 Paul joined Kinetics Asset Management and soon after joining he was able to increase their assets to $25 billion. He has also managed money for other large players in the industry such as private Swiss Banks and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland).

That is certainly a pretty impressive CV…

But why is Paul now appearing in videos and why does he have a paid investment newsletter?

It’s quite simple actually. Paul decided he wanted a change.

After spending 2 decades on Wall Street it was time to mix things up and get away from the long hours.

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Paul decided he needed to spend more time with family and retired at the age of 42 and now writes for Banyan Hill Publishing who I mentioned earlier in this article.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a subsidiary of Agora Inc who are the largest underground research network in the world. They generate 100’s of millions a year and Banyan Hill alone generates sales in excess of $80 million. Some extremely impressive figures to say the least.

It was Agora Inc and Banyan Hill Publishing that attracted Paul Mampilly as he knew he would be working with a company that was clearly very successful. And since joining in 2016 he has attracted over 90,000 readers to his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Paul’s newsletter is certainly very popular and each month he sends regular emails giving tips for his subscribers. Each month he shares new investment opportunities including stocks that he recommends readers buy. There is also a podcast that he emails too.

Is Paul Mampilly A Scam?

After doing some digging into Paul and learning more about him, his connections to Banyan Hill Publishing and Agora I have no reason to believe that he is a scammer. It’s easy to point the finger at people online and call them a fraud but ultimately people are skeptical and also people have ulterior motives when it comes to “exposing” people like Paul such as:

  • Pushing you into another business opportunity
  • Competitors bad mouthing him from another business

I am always skeptical when I come across negative reviews of seemingly genuine people. But upon closer inspection that person is normally part of a competitor organisation or in some instances is simply a naive person or perhaps someone who has lost money in an investment and is now skeptical of all investments or people offering investment advice.

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Paul Mampilly Newsletter Results

I thought it would be important to mention some of the results that Paul has been able to achieve for his readers.

After launching his Profits Unlimited newsletter 15 months ago where he shares investment advice including stocks to buy the success of some of these stocks has been profound. For example his recommendations have seen gains of 56%, 64% and even 73%. His biggest gainer has seen a whopping 235%. You simply can’t ignore these kind of returns and it’s nice to see that for once an investment newsletter is actually delivering solid profits.

But what about the failing stocks?

Yes Paul does have stocks that don’t perform as planned.

To be honest I see this as a good thing because anyone who claims they have 100% winning ratio is most definitely lying.

At the time of writing this the most accurate details I was able to find stated that Five of Paul’s recommendations were stopped out for a loss of 11%. However looking at the bigger picture if you had invested in all of Paul’s recommendations, your portfolio would be worth considerably more than what you started with. The only time you would have lost money is if you only invested in just 1 of his picks that lost money, whereas it is always better to diversify your portfolio into multiple stocks and not put your eggs in just 1 basket.

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Does Paul have specific strategies for investing?

Paul has certain strategies he recommends his readers use, some of these are:

  • Long term investments
  • 8-12% stop loss on each trade

What this basically means is that Paul is placing tight stop losses on these trades so that if they do not move as he predicts the losses will be small. Paul makes no claims that investing is risk free though and if you are going to take part you should understand the risk and know that your money could be lost if you do not have good money management such as the 8-12% stop losses which are super important.

Paul Mampilly Conclusion

What’s my verdict on Paul Mampilly?

After taking a closer look at Paul Mampilly I certainly do not think he is a scam artist.

It’s no surprise people have their negative views because anyone who shares any kind of advice whether free or paid for on the subject of investing and making money always seems to be branded a fraud.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited will of course cost money but the price is relatively small for the information you will gain.

That being said, I’m giving this a neutral rating since I am not an active member of the newsletter and will never recommend something to you that I am not a part of.

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