Leaked Profits Scam System – Don’t Trust It!

I’m back with another scam review and today it’s called Leaked Profits. Their website just went live a couple of days ago and I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m exposing this scam. Do not sign up for Leaked Profits unless you want to lose money. I’m going to share all the details below in my full review and expose this scam system!

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Leaked Profits Scam – Another Fake System

January 2017 has been full of binary scams as we’ve already had the likes of Tesler and Vena System and Leaked Profits is just the latest of many! The Leaked Profits system promises you $1,250+ per day and they even guarantee that. Unfortunately that is a complete lie because they don’t actually guarantee that. That’s just some words they threw up on their scam website to try and convince you to sign up. To be honest I have reviewed a lot of systems like this and Leaked Profits isn’t even a good effort at a scam. Some of these guys spend a fortune on their websites by hiring private jets, flash cars, mansions, helicopters and much more, yet Leaked Profits just has a boring video with an actor they hired from Fiver.

Frank Bishop is the man behind the amazing $1,250 per day “guaranteed” system. But of course he is not really called Frank Bishop, that’s just some fake name they made up for the main character in this scam. That’s right, I said character because literally this website is a made up scam. The whole backstory about how Frank has made millions in the financial markets is just a lie. The truth is the real scammer behind this system wrote a script about binary options, literally a made up story about “Leaked Profits” and then hired an actor to read it. Chances are “Frank Bishop” the guy claiming he’s made millions probably got paid about $100 to do this video. Hardly the amazing business success he claims right? Far from it in fact!

Leaked Profits Uses Actors

One of the first things I noticed about the Leaked Profits scam was the actors they use in their testimonials. I have seen these people in testimonial videos before for other scam systems. The truth is the scammers behind Leaked Profits and other systems are so lazy that they don’t even make much of an effort to hire actors that people might not have seen before. Instead they hire Fiverr actors who have appeared in many other scam systems.

Don’t believe me? I can prove that these people are not real and are simply actors hired by the real owner of Leaked Profits.

The first douchebag “Edward Murphy” actually goes by the name “Dtp1987” on Fiverr and sells fake testimonials:

I’m not going to waste my time finding the adverts for the other actors giving fake testimonials because really what is the point? It’s obvious this system is a complete scam and won’t make you a penny. So let’s have a look into how the Leaked Profits scam system actually works, that way you will know how to avoid these scams in the future, as really it’s so obvious!

How Does Leaked Profits Work?

I guess the real question should be “how DOESN’T Leaked Profits work?” but anyway let’s proceed. The scam starts with you hearing about their amazing system and how you can make a fortune with it. Specifically they claim $1,250 per day which is obviously a made up figure they thought sounded good. Once you watch their video if you’re convinced it’s real like many unfortunately are you follow the steps to sign up. You are then forwarded to another video that instructs you to sign up via the form with their recommended broker for binary options trading. This is how you are going to make money with their system but don’t worry because you don’t have to do anything. Then all you need to do, is follow the steps to make a deposit to fund your account and you are done. Now you can sit back and watch as the money rolls in.

Unfortunately that’s obviously not going to happen, despite them “guaranteeing” it. What will actually happen is you will make a deposit and you’ll never see it again. The scammers behind this website make money by referring you to binary brokers. They put together a scam website to convince you that what they have is real so you deposit money at the broker they recommend. When you make that deposit, they get paid and they are done with you. All the claims of making money are made up and you just got scammed.

It’s sad but this is the reality of binary options which is why you need to avoid them.

Conclusion – Avoid Leaked Profits Scam

Don’t waste another minute of your time on this nasty scam.

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Madsense Reborn – Scam or Legit?

Madsense Reborn is a new product that teaches you a simple method for making money with Google AdSense. They basically teach arbitrage which is spending money on ads one place to make money from another. Their method is promoting content on Facebook and making the money back with Google Adsense. It’s a method that can work, but does Madsense Reborn really work or is this just hype? I’m sharing my review below..

First things first…

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Madsense Reborn – Initial Thoughts…

When I saw the Madsense Reborn product I was pretty impressed to be honest. It’s nice to see a product that teaches a genuine method of making money online and not some loophole or glitch. What they are showing you how to do is create blogs with popular content on that has the potential to go viral. Then you promote this content on Facebook via Facebook Ads which is extremely cheap for pushing viral style articles, and then once the articles start to go viral you make your money back (and profit) with Google AdSense. Basically the theory is that the Facebook Ads will be cheaper than the money you’ll make back. It’s a good solid method and definitely can work.

Does Madsense Reborn “Actually” Work?

Like I said the method is good but does it actually work in the real world and can you really spend $5 on traffic to make back $6,745? The reality is no. That is just a bold headline they’ve throw up to sell more copies of their product. In reality it’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me. I’ve tried this many times and I’ve even grown a popular car page to nearly 20,000 likes using the method of Google AdSense for monetisation. It’s really not as easy as it sounds, and it’s actually a bit of a lottery in my experience.

Obviously I can only talk about my experience here. The guys behind Madsense Reborn might have better experience than I do, and perhaps they always hit winning campaigns. I’ve personally tried the method with a few different sites and the biggest hurdle was finding content that had the chance to actually go viral. Many posts that you stick up and advertise simply don’t get the traction and often the Google AdSense won’t be enough to cover. Plus you’ll need to spend more than $5. In order to get a good return you’ll have to spend potentially $100’s pushing articles on Facebook in order to get them to go viral.

Madsense Reborn – Is It A Scam?

Madsense Reborn is definitely not a scam. I review a lot of scams on this blog the majority of which are binary scams like Tesler and Rubix Project so I definitely have experience here and can say that Madsense Reborn is not a scam. The good thing about the Madsense Reborn product is that they are teaching a method that can work and if you are persistent there is no reason you can’t grow multiple blogs and really grow this a lot.

Negatives For Madsense Reborn

The negatives I see right now are that this is relying on cheap Facebook Ads. I have no doubt that in the future ad costs are going to go up. It’s already started happening. Facebook Ads will continue to rise and you might find that in a couple of years this method doesn’t work anywhere near as good as it used to. So what is the solution? If you are going to go down this route of using Madsense Reborn you need to be building long term brands and good followings. Use this method by all means but also focus on building up likes on your page so that in the future you can reach your audience organically too. This is the method I am using on a popular car page that I run.

Conclusion For Madsense Reborn

It’s a decent product for sure and can work. It will take more effort and money than they tell you though so bare that in mind.

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Instant Affiliate Machines – Scam or Legit?

Instant Affiliate Machines is a new product that has recently launched on the WarriorPlus network and today I’m giving my full review. I’ve been taking a closer look at Instant Affiliate Machines so I can share my opinion on this page and let you know what I think. You can read all about it below and see if I’m recommending it.

First things first..

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Instant Affiliate Machines – Honest Opinion

Okay so you want my honest opinion on Instant Affiliate Machines? It’s a waste of your time. That’s my honest opinion. Why am I saying this? The reason is simple, I believe that there’s better ways of making money and I think that this is just another rehashed product that you see on WarriorPlus no different to any other “make money” products they list on their network. Each week a bunch of new ones launch and whilst they’re not scams they’re hardly great products.

I’m used to reviewing flat out binary scams like Vena System and Rubix Project and Instant Affiliate Machines certainly isn’t on their level as it is an actual product with some refund guarantees that I’m pretty sure they’ll honour, however that doesn’t make it a good product.

What Is Instant Affiliate Machines?

Let’s look at what you’ll actually learn from Instant Affiliate Machines. So as their website states “Hot new software allows you to create sites in any niche, with built-in monetization, built-in SEO & built-in Traffic!…” which sounds amazing to a newbie but what the heck does that even mean. It states “built-in traffic!” what the heck is that? In my many years online making a full time income I have never heard of “built-in traffic” and do you know why that is? It’s because it doesn’t exist!

There are so many marketers out there claiming they have some push button solution to traffic and it’s all BS. Do you know what these guys are doing? They are preying on newbies who don’t know any better. When I started off online back in 2007 I genuinely thought that you could use some machine to get traffic, like pushing a button would deliver some fresh traffic at the things I was promoting. Then it occurred to me that “traffic” is actually people, real eyeballs looking at what you have to offer. You can’t just click a button and get that from some software tool it’s not going to happen. Where does traffic come from? It comes from Google, Facebook, YouTube and other big social sites. It also comes from peoples email lists and people looking at other popular blogs and websites. It doesn’t come from some BS software!

Things I HATE About Instant Affiliate Machines…

The more I am reading about this new product the more I am starting to hate it. Let’s look at what they say on their website and I’ll tell you everything that’s wrong with it.

Okay so what I’ve done is highlight in red all the things wrong. I guess I probably should have just highlighted the whole thing but anyway the first point is that their software posts content from other “high authority” sites. I don’t really get how this is good for SEO because it’s duplicate content. Yes it might be good content but it’s not going to help you rank. But oh wait, the second highlighted point is that they have “remarkable SEO and built-in traffic”. There goes that phrase again “built-in traffic”, I’m still not sure what it means but it’s BS. And you also get an “instant affiliate marketing machine”. Let me tell you, I’ve been making a very nice income online for the past few years with affiliate marketing and I’ve never used an “instant affiliate marketing machine”, I guess I must be doing something wrong.

The biggest thing I want to point out that I absolutely hate about this product is the statement, “The secret with the SEO lies within the fact that it doesn’t actually “post” someone else’s unique content, but rather iFrames it and then “posts” the unique verson of the content to the site in the background for the search engine spiders to jump all over. Bottom line is the visitors will see the original content, unchanged and the search engines see the unique content.” – Do not ever do this on any website you have, it’s BLACKHAT.

What the are describing above is one of the most blackhat SEO methods you can do, and it will get you banned very quickly if you are caught. There’s a number of greyhat methods that a lot of marketers do, these are kind of the grey area between white and black, but the technique they describe that their software does is 100% BLACKHAT. Don’t ever do it!

Conclusion – Don’t Buy Instant Affiliate Machines

I’m obviously not recommending this. I started my review out quite hopeful that it could be a good product but it’s just not. The information is not going to help you make money, you’ll just waste your time building some rubbish websites that don’t make you a penny.

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Dropshipping Cheat Code – Scam or Legit?

Another day and another review and today it’s the Dropshipping Cheat Code. It’s a simple product that teaches you how to make money with e-commerce by dropshipping. It’s certainly not a new method, it’s been around a long time, but does the Dropshipping Cheat Code offer something new? I’ve been taking a look and now I’m sharing my review below.

First things first…

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Dropshipping Cheat Code – Scam?

Chances are if you’re on this page you’re wondering if the Dropshipping Cheat Code is a scam. I’m here to tell you it’s not a scam. Good news right? Well kind of, I mean you are not going to get scammed here on some bogus system like the usual binary scams I review (such as Tesler and Rubix Project) but at the same time I don’t think this product is going to make you the kind of money it claims. I’ve purchased various Dropshipping products in the past couple of years from some of the biggest names in the industry and whilst the methods they teach do work, they also require a lot of work and certainly some “luck” too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am by no means saying making money in dropshipping requires luck, however picking the right product can be hard. The Dropshipping Cheat Code’s primary selling point is their “goldmine” for finding dropshipping products. But to be quite honest the best place you can go to find products is AliExpress. AliExpress has 1,000’s of products to pick from that all offer dropshipping. Plus there’s a number of plugins available on the market that will automate the ordering process to make things easy.

Above I have listed what you actually get when you buy this product. The “secret source” is revealed. The products they are using, how to create thousands of your own products in 3 minutes that sell like crazy. 100% hands free, you never touch the products. This is all good stuff, but non of it is groundbreaking and the majority of available for free online. I’m not against paying for products and services, but I’m just giving my honest opinion. When you pay for something it has to be truly different, not something that genuinely you can find for free online pretty easily. There’s even webinars top guys in the industry are doing sharing everything with you for free.

Dropshipping Cheat Code – Honest Opinion

Honestly I think this product looks okay, but like a lot of products listed on WarriorPlus I can’t help but think that these guys just want to make some money selling their method. If it was working so well for them then why share it with others? After all this is not MLM or network marketing where they are benefitting by signing you up to anything. When it comes to e-commerce competition is bad, and they are certainly not going to share their best selling products with you as it will create unnecessary competition. I find that the people who are really crushing e-commerce are not teaching other people, they’re too busy crushing it. That’s my opinion anyway which is why I’m not recommending it.

Mark, What Do You Recommend?

If you’ve got your heart set on e-commerce then by all means buy this product or look for a similar one.

If you just want to make money then I think there is a better way.

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Trading With John Scam – Don’t Trust Him!

Trading With John is a binary scam and I’m not recommending it. “John Miller” is the creator of Trading With John and on this page I’m sharing my full review and exposing it as a scam. Keep reading and you can learn the real truth about this scam system and stop yourself from losing money.

First things first…

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Trading With John – Pure Scam

In 2017 I have already reviewed many binary scams like Tesler and Vena System. The latest scam I am reviewing today is Trading With John and it’s probably the worst one yet. To be honest though other scam websites have gone to far more effort to make their website look more convincing.

trading with john scam

So the first thing I noticed about this scam system is the fake actor. Look at this guy, he talks about his system and how you can make money but in reality it’s all a lie. There are so many scams like this out there and non of them work. They are preying on people who want to make money and it’s not fair. But the only way you can avoid scams like this is by visiting my blog and learning the real truth about how they work. Other fake review blogs won’t tell you the truth, they will just try and promote Trading With John to you.

How Does Trading With John Work?

So after you watch “John Miller” talk about his amazing money making system you’ll be told to follow some instructions and then you can sign up and start using his system. The instructions are basically to sign up and create an account and this automatically registers you an account with the broker that Trading With John recommends.

You are then forwarded to the Trading With John software page. This is the page where the scam kind of starts to show its true colours because you are told you need to make a deposit. This is where you need to deposit $250 or more to get started with the software. Most people will think it’s free because “John Miller” says his Trading With John system is free. Of course it’s not really because you need to make a deposit. Once you make this deposit you can then start using the software.

In reality you never “start using the software” because it works automatically. It will start placing random trades and it’s supposed to help you make money. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, because non of these scam softwares actually work. The Trading With John system will make a series of random trades until your account balance is nothing. Yes that is right the software will LOSE you money. It will trade all your money away to nothing.

Where Did Your Money Go?

The brokers are part of the scam. Many people don’t realise that the binary brokers are in on the Trading With John scam. They actually create the scam software you get access to. The whole “Trading With John” BS is just the branding they put on the software to match the scam website you were referred to.

The truth is the real scammers behind Trading With John get paid to refer you to binary brokers. Once you sign up and make a deposit they earn a commission. Now that the broker has paid out a commission to the scammers that referred you they need to make sure that you lose. So they program their trading software to lose so that it’s literally impossible for you to win. If you win trades they will lose money since they operate like casinos!

The scam won’t even stop here because the brokers will spam you and call you up and try and get you to deposit money. They have been known to steal a lot of money from people and even take life savings! The only way you can avoid this scam is by never signing up in the first place. It’s good that you found my blog because now you can avoid the Trading With John Miller scam.

Fake Trading With John Testimonials

Another reason you need to avoid this scam is because of the fake testimonials. It’s so obvious these are fake. Just take a look at them and you will see that these are not real people. I already knew that this was a scam system before I noticed these reviews but these were just the icing on the cake really.

trading with john miller fake testimonials

Conclusion – Avoid Trading With John

Trading With John is a complete waste of your time. If you sign up you will only end up losing money.

Instead of wasting your time on this binary scam, why not take a look at my recommendation below? It’s a system that is currently making me $800+ per day and has nothing to do with binary options.

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Five Figure Freedom – Scam or Legit?

I’ve just been taking a closer look at Five Figure Freedom which is a new system claiming it can help you build a 5-figure per month business with just 1 hour per day. This certainly sounds pretty cool but can it really help you, or is it another scam? I’m taking a look and sharing my full review below. Keep reading and get all the details you need.

First things first…

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Is Five Figure Freedom A Scam?

If you’re here reading this review then the main thing you’re probably wondering is whether Five Figure Freedom is a scam or a legit system. In my opinion it’s not a scam however does that mean I actually recommend it? Not exactly and I’ll explain. I’ve been making money online for a number of years now earning a good income and during that time I have reviewed literally 100’s of systems with the majority being flat out scams. Five Figure Freedom is definitely not a scam like others I’ve reviewed recently such as Rubix Project and Tesler, however does that mean it’s a good system? The problem I’ve got with it, is many products like this launch every week on the WarriorPlus network and 9 out of 10 products are just rehashed material that has already been released. It’s nothing new, and it’s nothing cutting edge.

five figure freedom website

Just the other day I reviewed the Instant Commission Machine which is another product on WarriorPlus right now and again it’s rehashed information. The information you receive isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. And in my opinion Five Figure Freedom is no different. These guys put you through what’s known as a funnel, it’s a series of products where the goal is to extract more money from you by up-selling you other products in their funnel. Also they will build what is known in the business as a “buyers list”. This is essentially an email list full of people who have already bought a product before. Having a list that is made up 100% of people who have bought is of course a far better way to make money because people who are proven buyers are more likely to buy again.

This is why I believe so many products launch on the WarriorPlus network which are low cost products like Five Figure Freedom. The people behind the products just want to build up their buyers email list so they can make money promoting other products and services to you. Even if every customer refunds and they make nothing, they will still have this proven list of buyers who they can market other things to as affiliates.

Can Five Figure Freedom Help You?

The product isn’t bad to be honest. They are teaching a method that can work to make you money, but can it really deliver the results they claim? In my opinion it can’t. There are just too many low cost products like this on the market that doesn’t really offer that much value. Chances are the creators of this product will be back in a few weeks with some other shiny object to dangle in front of  you that you might want to buy. It will be teaching another “new” method for making money. In reality the method won’t be new, it will just be another rehashed product for the WarriorPlus network that a bunch of people will promote for some easy commissions.

Five Figure Freedom – Conclusion

In my opinion it’s another rehashed WarriorPlus product. The information contained in the product is okay but it’s not going to change your life.

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Auto Home Profits Scam – Don’t Buy It!

Auto Home Profits is a nasty scam and I’m warning you to stay away from it. I’ve been taking a closer look at the Auto Home Profits system and it’s without a doubt a scam. The income claims and references it makes are a joke and I’m exposing it on this page. Keep reading and you can see my full review.

First things first…

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Auto Home Profits – Real Truth

Auto Home Profits isn’t your typical binary scam that I normally tend to review like Rubix Project and Neuro Trader. That being said it doesn’t make this scam any less important. It’s still a nasty scam that will steal your money if you let it. There website is full of complete BS and they claim they can give you access to work from home jobs.

Don’t buy into any of their BS because it’s all lies. There’s really no such thing as “work from home jobs” where you can earn $379 a day. If this was really possible then everyone would be doing it, and nobody would actually have real jobs. Now don’t get me wrong, you can earn money online with legitimate systems however this is by building an online business. You won’t simply make money from clicking on a few buttons, or by companies paying you to do jobs like surveys.

The Auto Home Profits system is a joke. Their website is packed full of lies. Like how they have been featured on a bunch of news sites like CNN and others. These “endorsements” are fake and are another reason you shouldn’t trust them.

There testimonials are all fake too. I was taking a closer look at them and they are a joke. Just take a look at some of them below. These are NOT real reviews or testimonials so you should not trust them.

auto home profits

Wesley R made over $1,000 following the instructions. Yeah right, where is the proof here? I picture and some text is not real proof of income. This is pure BS and chances are they have simply made up the amount and they have taken a photo from Google images. This poor guy probably doesn’t even realise his image is on a scam website.

How Does Auto Home Profits Work?

In case you are wondering how the Auto Home Profits scam actually works and why I believe it’s a scam, I will explain the reason below. I am 100% confident that this system is a scam and you should avoid it. And here’s why…

auto home profits scam system

The 3 step process for making money with Auto Home Profit is to log into an account, copy the linking system they automatically give you, copy customer details into accounts at Netflix and Amazon and submit your details to create a site. I’ve personally been making a full time income online since 2012 and non of these instructions make any sense.

These instructions are complete BS and there is no way you will make any money. I think they are claiming that you can work for these big companies and get paid money for data entry but I am here to tell you that you can’t. Their 3 steps that are supposed to make you money will not make you a penny and you will only end up losing money.

Conclusion – Auto Home Profits = Scam!

Don’t go anywhere near this system. Their 3 step process will not help you make money and will only end up costing you money. If you want to see a real system for making money online that I personally use to make $800+ a day then go ahead and watch my recommendation below.

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Instant Commission Machine Scam – Don’t Buy It!

Instant Commission Machine is a new product that just launched on the WarriorPlus marketplace and I’ve been taking a closer look to see what it’s all about. To be honest I’m not going to be recommending it, and I’ll share my reasoning why on this page and give you all the details.

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Instant Commission Machine – The Truth

After taking a closer look at Instant Commission Machine it’s clear to me that this is not a product you want to waste much of your time on. It’s been launched on the WarriorPlus network which to be honest has a real mixture of products. Some of them have been okay and some have been completely scams. The Instant Commission Machine is getting pretty close to a scam to be quite honest. When you buy into it, despite it not costing much you won’t really get any value from it.

I don’t think it falls into the same category of scams as binary options systems I review like Rubix Project and Leaked Profits since you do actually get access to a members area however the method being used and the way they are advertising it just screams scam to me. They are claiming that a simple method you can access for $5-6 is going to make you $122.04 in 23 minutes or less into your PayPal account. I mean seriously what kind of message is that sending to people?

It’s a “100% Newbie Friendly” and with a few minutes the money will roll in. You can even make $122.04 in 23 minutes or less. Come on, give me a break here. I know this is a cheap system for $5 and there are a couple of up-sells that don’t really cost you much. You can even get a refund so you could argue “how is this a scam when you can get a refund?” however in my experience they are betting that the majority of people will never ask for a refund.

Also once you become a member by buying this product a couple of things will happen. First you’ll be put through a series of up-sells in order to get more money from you. This means that despite some people refunding they will still make more money from everyone joining. Also you’ll be put onto what we call in the industry as a “buyers list” this basically means you’ll be put onto an email list which contains 100% buyers. Marketers love these email lists because they know that everyone on the list is a proven buyer, so they will start promoting other products and services to you, knowing that you’ve bought before, meaning you are far more likely to buy again.

Even if every single person who bought Instant Commission Machine refunded the owners would still build up a buyers list and be able to sell more products to you later down the line.

Instant Commission Machine Income Proof

I’ve got to question the income proof that I see on their website. Now I’ll be honest many people do this and it even happens on legitimate products however that doesn’t mean that it’s right. The income proof on the Instant Commission Machine website comes from WarriorPlus commissions. The screenshot below proves that. These are commissions generated by promoting WarriorPlus products.

Instant Commission Machine Conclusion

In all honesty the product is ok, but you’re not going to make the kind of money claimed which is why I’m not recommending it. There are so many products that get rehashed on the WarriorPlus network, and each week new products launch that are just rehashed information from another product. Sometimes you get good products, but this isn’t one of them.

Rather than waste your time buying into this only to be disappointed why not learn how to build a real online business with my recommendation below? It’s helped me to make $800+ a day and we’ll show you how to do the same.

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Serplify Review – Legit Software or Scam?

Today I’m taking a look at a new software called Serplify that claims it can help you rank first page of Google for 1,000’s of keywords. To be honest, this sounds unrealistic if you ask me, but I’m going to take a closer look at Serplify and give you my full review based on what I find, before I judge it. This is not your typical review done by an affiliate who just wants to make a few $ promoting it to you, I’m just sharing my honest opinion.

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Serplify Review – What’s The Real Truth?

First off let me say that it’s nice to be taking a break from my usual scam reviews of binary options softwares like Rubix Project and Tesler and reviewing something that could be genuine. That being said I’m always skeptical of softwares like this because I’ve been doing SEO for a long time now and I know how to rank sites. I am very skeptical that you can just click a few buttons on a software and rank for terms. My personal opinion is that a lot of people are going to buy this software thinking they can rank sites for anything. After taking a closer look at it, I think it can work however it’s only really going to work for super low competition local terms that require no backlinks.

serplify bonus review

The process can even be done manually, it would just take a little more time, but essentially they have just automated a manual process. The software doesn’t do anything that is that special and parts of the sales presentation are just not accurate. Such as saying local businesses owners know how profitable it can be to rank in these positions. Actually the majority of them have no idea how profitable it can be, which is why they’re not doing it. Don’t get me wrong, it is profitable but most local businesses rely on word of mouth advertising and recommendations and don’t necessarily appreciate how valuable it can be ranking.

I do think despite my hesitations with Serplify if you use it properly to do local rankings it will work. I think you’ll need to spend some time manually editing the sites to make sure that the content is okay, but generally the concept can work for sure.

Serplify Review – Things I Don’t Like

Before I get to the things I do like, I want to list a number of things I don’t like about their software.

Here is a list of things I don’t like:

  • “New software instantly builds a perfect 60 second site that ranked page 1 in Google out of 138,000 results” – This statement sounds good because it uses “138,000 results” but in reality who the heck cares bout that. There are plenty of keywords that have a lot of results which are not that hard to rank for. I’m personally ranking for a keyword right now that has 1.6 million results, but it wasn’t that hard to rank for with a well optimised site. So this statement is irrelevant.
  • “Perfect 60 second site” – This is not accurate either. It’s impossible to build a perfect site using automation, it’s just not going to happen.
  • All the successful rankings on their site are for super low competition keywords
  • Why don’t they just use this software to dominate local rankings themselves, instead of selling it to make money?
  • It games Google which is not necessarily a good thing, especially if a newbie is using it. It’s okay to game Google if you are experienced enough to know what you are doing. If you are tricking Google into ranking you but don’t have the experience behind you, you’ll be confused as hell if you get a penalty

Serplify Review – Things I Do Like

Okay so now that I’ve got the things I don’t like out of the way, let me list the things I do like about it, because trust me this is not a negative review it’s just an honest one. I’m going to share the things I do like about Serplify below.

  • Automated software – Makes things a lot easier and if used correctly can result in a huge time saving
  • Theory behind the software works, it’s true that Google does love niche authority sites and ranks them well
  • Big time saver in my opinion IF used in conjunction with manual methods

Is Serplify A Scam Software?

Serplify is definitely not a scam software. If anyone is calling it that then they are simply wrong. I do feel that some of the claims made are not necessarily that accurate, however if you use the software properly then it’s definitely not a scam and can be a useful tool.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend Serplify?

Yes and no. If you are planning on usual this to dominate local SEO rankings and you are willing to put in some effort to edit your sites manually then yes you can make money. If you are thinking this is a simple 1 click software for ranking sites and making money easily then I’m afraid you are wrong, and you’re better off looking for something else. That’s my opinion anyway and I hope you found my review useful.

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Vena System Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Vena System just launched and it’s a complete scam software. I’ve just been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my Vena System review below exposing this system as a complete scam. The truth is you won’t make a penny with it, and the website is a scam. Read the full review below!

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Vena System Scam – The Real Truth

After taking a closer look at the Vena System it’s clear to me that it’s another binary options scam. I’d like to say it’s one of the first scams to launch in 2017 but already we’ve had the likes of Hexa Trader and Tesler Software. The truth is Vena System is no different to these bogus programs. It’s marketed as a free software for trading binary options and the website makes some incredibly bold claims about how much income you can make, but the truth is you won’t make a penny, because the website, the software and the testimonials are all fake.

vena system software scam website

Marc Vena is the person behind Vena System however this is not the “real” person behind this scam. We don’t really know who the real person is because the scammers like to stay behind the scenes and often hide their identities. All we really know is that the real creator of Vena Systems has also been behind many other scams just like this, and people have lost a lot of money. You really can’t trust a word that the person on this sales video says. He is just an actor reading from a script and non of the claims he makes are real.

How Does Vena System Scam Work?

So by now you will have watched the video on the Vena System website and you’re looking for a review because you want to know the truth. Most people never actually look for a real review like what I am giving you, or they fall for some fake scam review that simply states this software is amazing. You probably landed on their website because you saw an advert or maybe receive an email about this software. If you watch the full video and follow the instructions you are forwarded to another page where you have to give you personal details so you can create an account at the binary options broker they have partnered with. The reason you need to do this is because in order to trade binary options you have to go through a “binary options broker”.

The broker is your gateway into the market and what allows you to place trades. They’ll say that you can sign up and use their software for free, no catch at all. Apart from there is a big catch because you need to fund your account so you have a balance to trade with and the minimum is $250. They will also encourage you to deposit more, and they will say their Vena System works best with a bigger deposit which is 100% BS because the software doesn’t work regardless of how big or small your deposit is.

These crooks will also try to convince you that the money you are depositing is “only a deposit” and you can withdraw it anytime but this is all lies. You don’t have control over that money as soon as you deposit it, and once you do you will never see the money again I can guarantee you.

After you make the deposit as promised you will access the Vena System software. This will start making trades automatically for you just as the video described however you won’t make a penny. Instead of making winning trades the software will make losing trades and it does it on purpose. The Vena System software is programmed to lose, because when you lose, the binary broker wins.

The real truth is the scam binary brokers pay big commissions to the owners of scam websites like Vena System for referring new customers to them. When you sign up they pay a referral commission to the owners of the Vena System website. Their job is now done, they have convinced you to sign up and part with your hard earned money, and now they don’t care about your success. They fill their website full of fake income claims and testimonials in order to convince you that what they have is real, but it’s not real, it’s 100% lies and a scam.

Vena System – Fake Software & Testimonials

Any testimonials you see or positive reviews for Vena System are fake. The software does not work. The positive reviews you see are simply from people who are affiliates for this system and they will earn a commission if they refer you, so they put together positive reviews which are simply made up. The testimonials you see are fake too and are done by actors. The majority of the scammers use a website called Fiverr where they can get testimonials for as little as $5 a piece. They’ll order 10-20 fake testimonials and these people who are only earning maybe $5 per testimonial will lie and say they’ve made a fortune with Vena System.

Conclusion = Vena System Is A Scam

I’m not recommending the Vena System as it’s a complete scam and it won’t help you make any money. You’ll only end up losing money.

I recommend you forget all about binary options as nobody is making money with these fake softwares.

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