The Four Percent Group Review – 4% Real or Scam?

The Four Percent Group is a marketing and training platform created by Vick Strizheus. Today I’m sharing my full review after becoming a member and testing the system out. If you’re looking for a full review of the Four Percent Group keep reading below because I’m going to share all the details in my honest review.

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The Four Percent Group – Overview

So I review a lot of different programs and to be honest the majority of them are complete scams. I’d like to jump straight in and give you my verdict. The Four Percent Group (4% or 4 Percent) however you want to spell it (it doesn’t really matter) is NOT a scam. This is a genuine program that is actually free to join and offers great training. They do have a paid membership which gives you access to better training and the ability to earn money as an affiliate too.

Go here to create your free account at The Four Percent Group

Here is what the back office looks like when you are logged in:

When you first become a member you will go through a series of setup steps. These are the 7-steps and you can see the menu tab listed top left. These are a series of videos from Vick Strizheus that give you an overview of the entire system and explain how the business works and how you can actually make money. What I personally like about this system is that Vick has really gone to a great length to put together something that can work for people regardless of experience.

This is a good system for more experienced marketers like myself however a complete newbie can also come in and earn money too.

The Four Percent Group – Good Points

So what are the good points? There are many good points actually. I’ll list them below and then go into detail about them more.

  • Vick Strizheus – Proven expert marketer and 7-figure a year earner
  • Proven system
  • Good training
  • No unnecessary up-sells (only helpful tools)
  • Weekly training webinars (100% free)
  • Events
  • Webinar replays
  • Vick’s Daily Snaps (motivation/inspirational)
  • Nice looking interface (still a work in progress)

So one of the main things I noticed about The Four Percent Group is they don’t cram in 5-6 up-sells simply for the sake of making money. I really like this because with other programs and especially MLM style programs there are often a number of expensive programs you have to purchase in order to be able to re-sell and make money. With The Four Percent Group you don’t have this. It’s free to join and then you have a premium $49 per month membership. The “up-sell” is $497 for a 1 time payment option meaning you will never pay the $49 again. This is a great option because it means you pay that once and you have lifetime membership however it’s NOT a pointless up-sell like some other programs offer.

Also when you start to progress through the steps you won’t be hit with more and more up-sells like other programs. The only “up-sells” inside of The Four Percent Group are actually tools which will help you. You are recommended to get a number of tools like ClickFunnels, ClickMagick, LeadPages and a few others. However these are “optional” but simply recommended tools. They will actually help you to make more money and you can earn commissions on these tools too. They are not pointless products you are just buying to “qualify” like in other programs.

The last thing I really like about The Four Percent Group is the weekly training webinars. Not only do you get access to these for free but they are also recorded and added to the back office. This is great because it shows Vick is dedicated to training all new members and this will really help newbies to succeed.

The Four Percent Group – Bad Points

Honestly there are not many bad points. There have been a few technical issues with the website however these are what I would call growing pains. It’s what happens with all new businesses and systems and they will certainly overcome and minor issues they have had. I guess the main “bad point” would be that they integrate with Tecademics which is a 3rd party company. Don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with Tecademics as they are a good company however they are a 3rd party company which means everything isn’t contained inside of The Four Percent Group. To be honest I am clutching at straws here simply trying to find something “negative” purely for the sake of giving an unbiased review but in all honesty there are no bad points in my opinion for The Four Percent Group which are concerning in the slightest.

Conclusion = I’m Recommending It!

It’s not very often I’m able to write a positive review because literally most the systems I review are flat out scams but The Four Percent Group is not one of them. This is a genuine program and I am happy to recommend it. In fact I highly recommend you join through the link below as you can create a free account and get instant access to the members area:

Go here to create your free account at The Four Percent Group

If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

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Millionaire Methods Scam – New Biz Exposed!

Millionaire Methods biz is a new website that claims you can earn $1,000’s per day but to be honest it just looks like another scam. So today I’m taking a closer look at Millionaire Methods to share my honest opinion and give you all the details.

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Millionaire Methods Biz – Overview

So what is this new system all about? After landing on their website I must say that I was not very impressed. The website looks like a pure scam, similar to others I have exposed like Extreme Home Paycheck. Lots of big claims are thrown out there about how you can make $1,000’s a day but how can you really trust this website and is the person even real or is this just another actor pretending to be a guru?

This person in the video looks like an actor. I don’t know for sure whether this person actually is an actor or not but you have to admit he doesn’t seem honest or legitimate. He doesn’t come across like a genuine person who wants to help you like say Tai Lopez or AWOL Academy which clearly have genuine and real people behind them.

Millionaire Methods biz to me looks like a “business in a box” style system where they give you a bunch of training and tools to help you make money however from what I have seen these trainings and systems are not very good. I’ll go into what I mean in the section below.

What Is Millionaire Methods Biz?

So I’ve been taking a closer look and it seems to me that this is a business in a box style system. These systems essentially try to give you everything you need to make money and the membership websites of these systems often act as hubs linking out to other resources that can help you to make money and grow your online business. I have come across a number of these in the past few years of my online career and often they are a waste of your time. The training is sub-par and is often rehashed and the resources are simply ways for the owner of the membership website to make more money. They link out to a bunch of resources that you don’t really need including other business opportunities. And this often just leads to information overload and confusion.

Is Millionaire Methods A Scam?

That’s really a matter of opinion. On 1 hand you are actually getting access to a membership here that offers you training on how to make money. You are not simply left in the dark and not given access to anything. However I believe you could call this program a scam because ultimately their website claims you can make $1,000’s a day and all you need to do is follow a few simple instructions. Claims like that are not very ethical or realistic, they make people think they can just jump into this and start making a fortune from day one but that is never going to happen because it takes time and hard work to grow a successful online business even when you are equipped with the right training and systems, it won’t happen overnight.

So I believe the Millionaire Methods website making these kind of claims is not ethical and comes across like a scam. Also the training you get access to isn’t the best either, to me this looks like a money grab and the membership website exists purely to up-sell you into other programs and resources to extract more money out of you. In the end you’ll probably end up spending a bunch of money only to end up confused with no success.

Millionaire Methods Biz – Conclusion

After taking a closer look and learning more about this program I will not be recommending it. I have reviewed literally 100’s of programs and whilst this is certainly not the worst I will not sit here and recommend it simply to earn an easy affiliate commission like I’m sure some people and bloggers would do. I’d prefer to recommend something to you that I know 100% can work for you since it’s already worked for me and many others.

In fact when you check out my no.1 recommendation at the link below you’ll learn about a system and training that I’ve personally used to generate around $100,000 in the last 5 months since I got started using it. Check it out below:

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Extreme Home Paycheck – Xtreme Scam!

Extreme Home Paycheck (aka Xtreme Home Paycheck) is a new scam that I’ve been taking a look at in more detail. I noticed that a few people have been promoting this so I was wondering what exactly it was all about. After doing some research it’s pretty obvious and here on this page I want to share all the details.

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Extreme Home Paycheck – Overview

So what is this new system all about? The first thing you should understand is that this “new” system is not actually new at all. It’s just a rebrand of a number of other scam websites like Home Jobs Now and Complete Profit Code. I’m not sure why but literally every couple of weeks this scam rebrands itself. Maybe they are trying to get away from the negative reviews that pop up on Google about them, who knows. One thing for sure is that this system hasn’t changed, all that happens is it gets renamed every few weeks.

I bet the screen shot above looks pretty familiar right apart from it says Home Jobs Now instead of Extreme Home Paycheck (Xtreme Home Paycheck), right? It’s exactly the same website, the only different is they registered a new domain, cloned their website and changed the logo! All the endorsements are fake, and they are misleading in my opinion because they make it seem like this particular website has been featured on the likes of MSNBC and CNN but in actual fact it hasn’t. It states that “work from home opportunities” have been featured on this news publications, not this actual website.

Extreme Home Paycheck = Scam

In my opinion Extreme Home Paycheck System is nothing but a nasty scam that is out to steal your money. It’s listed on a bunch of affiliate networks where other affiliate marketers can sign up and promote it. In other words they will no doubt spam their emails lists in order to earn a commission for referring you to this system. There’s nothing really wrong about that however many of these affiliates use email spam to promote it. Chances are you are on my blog right now because you received an email about Extreme Home Paycheck and now you’re wondering what the heck this system is all about.

My honest opinion and recommendation is to avoid it. Ultimately you are wasting your time by going any further because you are being led into a scam. The people behind this website don’t care about your success and in a week, 2 weeks, maybe 3 they will close this website down, and re-launch it under another name ready to scam more people. Perhaps they’ll call it Extreme Home Income or something else similar. All I really know is that this scam keeps rebranding itself over and over and in my opinion it’s not worth your time. You’ll get sucked into a bunch of pointless up-sells that serve only to empty your wallet, they will not help you actually make the kind of money that is claimed.

Websites like this make such bold statements about income. I’ve found in my experience that rarely are they true and even with the most successful systems out there only a handful of people ever make that kind of money. That is why I moved on from promoting these kind of systems because ultimately very few people ever find success. I would rather recommend a genuine training that I think can help you build a real income (see my no.1 recommendation below).

What Do I Recommend?

First off I recommend you forget all about Extreme Home Paycheck because it won’t help you at all. Forgot about it yet? Okay let’s move on…

Over the past few years I’ve tested and reviewed 100’s of systems and training programs and my “no.1 recommendation” which you can access below is the best by far. In my first 4 months of using it, I’ve been able to generate over $80,000 in commissions. You can learn more about it all the link below and access a 100% free training:

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Too Damn Easy – Cash Gifting Scam?

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program that has been around for many years now, so is it a legit program or just another scam? After stumbling across an advert inside of a home business magazine for Too Damn Easy I was amazed to see that this program is still going strong since I first saw it 10 years ago, so today I’m sharing my review.

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Too Damn Easy – Overview

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting program created by a man called “Q” and I first came across it around 10 years ago when I first got started online looking for ways to make money. At the time I was 16 years old and could never have afforded what “Q” was offering however I was blown away by the income he was clearly making.

After doing further research today I discovered that his program actually started back in 1998. This kind of makes sense because that is when cash gifting started to get big, whereas now it’s pretty old school to be honest, and is it even legal? To be honest I’m not sure so I won’t say whether it is or it isn’t, chances are that depends on your loctaion.

Anyhow, with the Too Damn Easy program what you are essentially getting is “Q”‘s marketing system, all his system for selling his program, including marketing materials like the post cards. I think he also offers his post card marketing services so that you can get referrals and start receive huge amounts of cash delivered to your mailbox. Sounds pretty sweet I must say, and wouldn’t we all love to get that, but is it really legit, or just another scam?

The fact is simple, the majority (probably all) of the review blogs out there in Google sharing Too Damn Easy reviews are most likely pitching you something else. They’ll completely slam this program because they want to sell you into some other program, now don’t get me wrong I do like to promote my “no.1 recommendation” since I believe it’s the best way by far to generate an income online, but I will give a fair review and opinion of the Too Damn Easy program because after all can you really call it a scam when it’s been going strong for nearly 20 years?

How Does Too Damn Easy Work?

So if you decide that you like the look of the program then the first thing you need to do is join. There are different membership options starting from about $2k. Q operates the program a bit like an MLM with different packages, or I guess you could say it’s similar to what companies like Mobe and Digital Altitude offer where you have to buy in at a certain level to qualify to earn commissions on that level, otherwise they passup to the next person, basically whoever referred you or if you joined direct with Q then you will pass commissions to him.

For example: let’s say you buy in at the $2k package, that means you’ll only earn commissions on that amount of cash that is gifted. You won’t earn anymore, so when you refer someone else who joins in the $10k level for example, you won’t earn on them, you’ll only earn the $2k level but the rest will pass up to your sponsor or Q. This means that you can potentially miss out on a lot of money and that’s the same for similar businesses that I listed above. Ultimately they are “pay to play” so if you don’t invest and buy into it, then it sucks to be you because you won’t earn on the people you refer.

Once you’re actually in this is where the fun part begins. You can start marketing and sending out post cards and advertisements. This will attract people to join and gift cash to you much in the same way that you joined and gifted cash in the first place (if you were to join that is). So you see how it works? It’s kind of like an MLM but instead of buying into a load of BS products that you know are BS but you kid yourself into thinking are legit, you just gift some cash and everything is out in the open, I guess it’s kind of like a pyramid scheme! (My opinion, FYI I love pyramids…. )

Too Damn Easy Conclusion

In my opinion the program seems a bit outdated and to be honest I have no idea what the legality of cash gifting is. Plus personally I wouldn’t feel that comfortable sending a load of cash in the mail and hoping it got to the recipient. Based on this I personally won’t be recommending it, but hey kudos to “Q” for keeping his program running all these years, he is obviously doing something right.

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Lifestyle Now – Is Now Lifestyle A Scam?

Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) is a new business opportunity program that I’ve been taking a closer look at, and after literally 2 seconds on their website I was convinced it was a scam due to the crazy income claims they made however after taking a closer look I’ve realised it’s not a scam, and in this review I’ll share more details.

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Lifestyle Now – Overview

What exactly is this Lifestyle Now system? After checking out their website I noticed they are making ridiculous claims of income and essentially offering you an amazing “Lifestyle Now” talking about giving you $100k. This was a huge turn off for me because I thought it was some scam system, it was only after watching more and understanding who was behind this system that I realised it was not actually a scam.

Here is the screenshot above that I saw and it gave me a bad impression however I’m past that now. After seeing the people endorsing this system I understand that actually it is a legitimate opportunity for making money, quite similar to others I have reviewed like AWOL Academy and Freelance Digital Secrets. The man behind it is Joel and he’s a successful online entrepreneur who has built a 8 (maybe 9 figure) business over the past decade. I was involved in one of his programs a few years ago that sold web hosting and I was able to build a nice income from that before eventually moving on.

What Is Lifestyle Now?

Currently Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) is in pre-launch however you can still join and make money now. You’ll be able to make money from 4 income streams hence why their website says that they want to send you 3-4 checks. A few years ago I remember promoting a similar system which essentially promoting a number of different products from inside of one system that way I received multiple checks and it seems that Joel is at it again here which is an appealing thing for me personally as I love to receive multiple checks instead of one.

Lifestyle Now Products

After taking a closer look the products are:

  1. Health & Wellness Product
  2. Body Boss Home Workout
  3. Professional Auto Responder
  4. Massive Traffic Co Op

Essentially what you are getting access to here is a bunch of products that can help you achieve a better lifestyle (hence the lifestyle name) plus a business opportunity attached that means you can make money. Product number 4 is the traffic co-op that will help you get traffic to your new business so that you can re-sell the products and earn commissions on them. You will get paid for referring new people into the Lifestyle Now (Now Lifestyle) program.

I think this is actually pretty clever because the products are genuine products that can help you achieve a better life by being healthier. They are not your typical MLM/get rich quick products teaching you how to make money. This is a good thing because often these kind of programs get looked at negatively because they appear as a pyramid scheme to people who don’t really understand them.

Is Lifestyle Now A Scam?

Initially I did believe that it was a scam however upon further inspection I don’t think it is. I’ve reviewed many different programs and systems and this is not a scam. Just lately I have exposed obvious scams like Extreme Home Paycheck and Automated Daily Income. These programs in my opinion are obvious scams that will not really help you to achieve a better life or income, however Lifestyle Now is not like these programs therefore I don’t believe it’s a scam.

Lifestyle Now Conclusion

After taking a closer look I am happy to say that this looks like a legitimate program.

Does that mean I am recommending it? Unfortunately not because I am not an affiliate, plus I believe that my “no.1 recommendation” can help you achieve the kind of income you want to achieve better than Lifestyle Now can. To give you an example I got started with my “no.1 recommendation” just a few short months ago and have generated well over $90,000 since then. You can check it out at the link below…

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Automated Daily Income – Scam or Legit?

Automated Daily Income is a new “work from home” program that I’m taking a closer look at. I’ve heard a lot of hype surrounding this system lately so I’m sharing my honest opinion to let you know what I really think and why I won’t be recommending it. Keep reading to get all the details.

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Automated Daily Income – Overview

So what actually is the Automated Daily Income system? I heard about it a few months ago and to tell you the truth I honestly thought I had already reviewed it. As it turns out I haven’t reviewed it until now which surprised me. I guess I must have put it on my “to do” list and then forgot about it. Anywhere, we are here and the first thing I want to say is that I’ve noticed this program being promoted through some very spammy looking advertorials. Wondering what an advertorial is? It’s because a fake news story. It isn’t necessarily “fake” however most of the ones I have seen in the “make money” niche are fake. They are often covered in fake stories or endorsements from big brands and celebrities/business figures like Musk & Trump however they are not genuine endorsements.

Here is what the actual “Automated Daily Income” website looks like. It’s been endorsed by “fox news” and “USA Today” but in actual fact it hasn’t. They want you to believe that their website has been featured however when you look closely you can see that it states “work from home” opportunities have been featured. I’ve also noticed that this website looks a lot like others I have reviewed lately like the Extreme Home Paycheck system. I’m pretty sure these are owned by the same people.

What Is Automated Daily Income?

So what actually is this system all about? After taking a closer look I was able to find out that it is a websites that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. You can read my review of Mobe here and find out more about it. Basically it’s a business opportunity that was started a few years ago by Matt Lloyd the Aussie entrepreneur. People can join the business, become affiliates and make money by signing up new people. The Automated Daily Income website is owned by one of the Mobe affiliates. My guess is that this website is actually owned by one of the highest (if not THE highest) earning affiliates in the company, and that they also own other similar looking websites that I already listed above. They essentially create these hyped up websites that tell people they can make a lot of money and then forward these people onto Mobe. When they join the affiliate earns a commission on all the products that the person buys.

What Are The Products?

I am not going to go deep into detail here but essentially the products teach digital marketing. They are digital training products including live events. This business opportunity is a “pay to play” program which means that you can only make money as an affiliate if you actually buy all the products. Or at least you can only earn the best commission rates if you own the products.

The products do deliver value, because when you go to one of the live events that you buy into you will be taught a number of digital marketing methods that you can apply to your Mobe business or to any business. They will fly in company leaders and experts in things like lead generation, sales, affiliate marketing etc and they will train you on how to actually be successful online and what you actually need to do.

Is Automated Daily Income A Scam?

That is a tricky question to answer. Really we need to split the Automated Daily Income website and the Mobe opportunity. I personally don’t believe that Matt Lloyd’s company is a scam. They are a kind of MLM program and it’s really a matter of opinion whether you like these kind of programs or not. I am not actually a big fan of them anymore as I have moved away from these however I recognise that they are not actually scams by law.

Automated Daily Income on the other hand is a website that I don’t really trust because their website makes huge claims about the kind of income you can make and makes it seem like it’s so easy when in reality it’s not. So in my opinion Automated Daily Income can be classed as a scam because of it’s unethical tactics to sell you into Mobe. It’s like buying a car and the salesman telling you it does 0-60 in 3 seconds and then you finding out that it does it in 6 seconds. The car might be beautiful to look at and have a lovely interior but ultimately the salesman mis-sold you the car and I think that’s happening with Mobe from a lot of affiliates who are promoting it via unethical websites.

Automated Daily Income Conclusion

I am not recommending this program.

If you want to see what I do recommend go ahead and check it out at the link below. You’ll be able to access a 100% free training that I’ve personally used to generate over $80,000 in the last 3-4 months alone.

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BitClub Network Review – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my review of the BitClub Network. There’s a lot of hype surrounding this opportunity right now so I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about it, and figure out whether it’s something I could recommend or not. Keep reading this page to get my honest opinion.

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BitClub Network – Overview

So what is this new opportunity Bitclub all about? Well Bitclub Network is a community of entrepreneurs who have come together to make money with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Bitcoin Network offers it’s members an opportunity to make money by investing in a companies mining operation.

The Bitclub Network has created a software that allows them to mine for Bitcoins and other digital currencies and convert them into Bitcoin and other currencies. Cryptocurrencies are constantly being mined, and companies like this serve to mine them and share the profits with members.

BitClub Network – What Digital Currencies?

With a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin and other digital/cryptocurrencies I can see that many people will be searching for this information right now. Many people don’t understand how it really works, however these currencies are potentially the future and that is why so many opportunities are being built around them and why so many people are making a fortune from this. The good news is that this is only the beginning and whilst many millionaires have already been created, there is still time for other people to make money including you.

In the future digital currencies like Bitcoin could be mainstream and some entrepreneurs believe that Bitcoin could be worth as much as $500k per coin or even $1 million. I personally hope so because right now I am investing money into Bitcoin and taking the gamble that this might be the case. Who knows maybe in 10-15 years I might be sat on many millions worth of Bitcoin, it’s a gamble I am willing to take because I believe this is the future of money.

BitClub Network – Opportunity

So what is the opportunity here? Basically BitClub is a company that offers a profitable opportunity for members to participate in multiple mining pools. That basically means that when you join and refer people, and these people invest, you can get more money back via Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Think of your typical MLM where you refer people who can buy the products and then they can also sell the products to customers and make money. Now replace your typical cosmetic products or digital products with the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency and make money, and get paid in these new currencies that are constantly rising. This is the opportunity here and it’s getting big.


BitClub Network Conclusion

I don’t believe that BitClub is a scam, however on the flip side I don’t really know enough about it to recommend it or join it. There are so many opportunities like this right now that it’s hard to know whether they are a legitimate long term business opportunity or whether they are just jumping on the hype surrounding Bitcoin.

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My Home Job Search – Scam or Legit?

My Home Job Search is a new website that claims it can help you “discover real work at home jobs in your area” but is it really true or is this just another home jobs scam website? I’ve been checking it out and now I’m sharing my honest opinion.

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My Home Job Search – Overview

So what is My Home Job Search? I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about it and to be honest it looks like a pretty legitimate website. However looks can certainly be deceiving that is for sure. I’ve come across many websites that may look legitimate but ultimately they turned out to be scams. Just recently I’ve exposed the likes of Extreme Home Paycheck system. On the flip side there are many websites and entrepreneurs who people “think” are a scam like Tai Lopez but are actually 100% legitimate. Anyway here is what the website looks like for My Home Job Search:

Pretty professional looking and over 498,000 people like them on Facebook apparently although I am pretty skeptical about that figure to be honest because when I tried to click to “like” them this part of their website just turned out to be an image, so it’s probably just photoshopped and not actually real since I couldn’t find this on Facebook.

What Does ‘My Home Job Search’ Offer?

So what exactly does My Home Job Search offer. Well obviously they offer you “home jobs” where you can actually make money. They make some pretty bold claims on their website by saying that they have approved jobs, guaranteed pay and job placement. They also state that companies like Netflix, Amazon and even Apple need your help and are willing to pay you. To be honest I find this hard to believe but let’s move on.

After I typed in a fake zip code and went through the “steps” I landed on a video that talked about how much money I could earn. There are multiple options to choose from and you have to pick what category of job you actually want. To be honest I am not sure whether this actually means anything or whether it’s just part of the process they use to convince you that what they have is legitimate. I actually think what they are selling you doesn’t change regardless of what options you type in.

After moving through the steps I landed on a video that looked like this:

So they claim that companies can pay me as much as $56 per hour. That would mean that working say 8-hours a day would earn me nearly $450 a day. To be honest that sounds pretty ridiculous because if it was really possible to earn $450 a day with no skills just “working” at home, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this? I know that’s a funny thing to say because I personally make a full time income of more than $500 a day, and I worked maybe 2-3 hours a day on average, however what I do with my online business takes a level of skill, and a real understanding of how money is made. What these guys are offering you is a job that is paying $50+ an hour and no real skills are required. Questionable to say the least!

My Home Job Search – The REAL Truth…

So let’s get to the point here. What actually happens after you go through all the BS to access their system. Well I’ve just done it and I can reveal exactly what this system is all about, how it works, whether it’s a scam and the REAL truth. After getting inside it is very clear to me what this system is all about. You do actually get to access a members area for “my home job search” and this members area contains links to a number of different websites. It’s pretty interesting because they do actually link to legitimate websites like survey websites that will pay you some money and give you bonus points, things like gift cards and that kind of stuff. This is all legitimate and fine, however they also link to other systems and websites from inside their members area and these particular websites are complete scams in my experience.

One of the websites they link to is automated daily income and that’s a scam I exposed months ago. They also link to others and they say you can phone up their “specialist” for a free consultation. This is basically a free sales pitch where they will sell you into some other program.

After taking a closer look inside it’s super obvious what they are doing here. They are gaining your trust by introducing you to free ways of making money but then they are up-selling you once they have gained your trust by pushing you into other programs that they are affiliates for. Once they get you into their members area they will try their best to push you into these other paid programs that are NOT home jobs, and this is where they make their money.

My Home Job Search Conclusion

So is this just another scam? To be honest that’s a matter of opinion. Personally I think it’s a scam because they claim you can earn $56+ an hour and to be honest that will never happen. On the flip side they aren’t really selling anything to you, they are just getting you into a members area and acting as a resource hub linking our to other products, services and systems. So is it a scam? You decide based on the information I’ve shared, one thing for certain is I am not recommending My Home Job Search.

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Auto Home Profits Scam – Don’t Buy It!

Auto Home Profits is a nasty scam and I’m warning you to stay away from it. I’ve been taking a closer look at the Auto Home Profits system and it’s without a doubt a scam. The income claims and references it makes are a joke and I’m exposing it on this page. Keep reading and you can see my full review.

First things first…

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Auto Home Profits – Real Truth

Auto Home Profits isn’t your typical binary scam that I normally tend to review like Rubix Project and Neuro Trader. That being said it doesn’t make this scam any less important. It’s still a nasty scam that will steal your money if you let it. There website is full of complete BS and they claim they can give you access to work from home jobs.

Don’t buy into any of their BS because it’s all lies. There’s really no such thing as “work from home jobs” where you can earn $379 a day. If this was really possible then everyone would be doing it, and nobody would actually have real jobs. Now don’t get me wrong, you can earn money online with legitimate systems however this is by building an online business. You won’t simply make money from clicking on a few buttons, or by companies paying you to do jobs like surveys.

The Auto Home Profits system is a joke. Their website is packed full of lies. Like how they have been featured on a bunch of news sites like CNN and others. These “endorsements” are fake and are another reason you shouldn’t trust them.

There testimonials are all fake too. I was taking a closer look at them and they are a joke. Just take a look at some of them below. These are NOT real reviews or testimonials so you should not trust them.

auto home profits

Wesley R made over $1,000 following the instructions. Yeah right, where is the proof here? I picture and some text is not real proof of income. This is pure BS and chances are they have simply made up the amount and they have taken a photo from Google images. This poor guy probably doesn’t even realise his image is on a scam website.

How Does Auto Home Profits Work?

In case you are wondering how the Auto Home Profits scam actually works and why I believe it’s a scam, I will explain the reason below. I am 100% confident that this system is a scam and you should avoid it. And here’s why…

auto home profits scam system

The 3 step process for making money with Auto Home Profit is to log into an account, copy the linking system they automatically give you, copy customer details into accounts at Netflix and Amazon and submit your details to create a site. I’ve personally been making a full time income online since 2012 and non of these instructions make any sense.

These instructions are complete BS and there is no way you will make any money. I think they are claiming that you can work for these big companies and get paid money for data entry but I am here to tell you that you can’t. Their 3 steps that are supposed to make you money will not make you a penny and you will only end up losing money.

Conclusion – Auto Home Profits = Scam!

Don’t go anywhere near this system. Their 3 step process will not help you make money and will only end up costing you money. If you want to see a real system for making money online that I personally use to make $800+ a day then go ahead and watch my recommendation below.

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Online Profits Shortcut Scam – Profit Scam!

Online Profits Shortcut is a new system which recently launched but in my opinion it’s more of an Online Profit Scam instead of a shortcut! Today I’m taking a closer look and sharing my honest review and opinion and ultimately letting you know why I don’t recommend it.

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Online Profits Shortcut – Overview

So what exactly is Online Profits Shortcut all about? After hearing about this new system I decided to take a look and instantly could tell that this system is nothing new. In fact it looks extremely like another system that launched a while back called Online Profits Breakthrough. To be honest this doesn’t surprise me, quite often the scammers behind these kind of websites will rebrand it and barely even change anything. They simply change the website name and maybe the logo and carry on as usual. That certainly seems to be what has happened here when it comes to this scam and I predict that nothing else has changed about it.

Like I mentioned Online Profits Shortcut looks just like a scam I exposed a few months back called Online Profits Breakthrough. This particular scam was extremely popular and promoted by a lot of people. You see what happens is websites like this get listed on a bunch of affiliate networks where people can sign up, send visitors to the website and make money. Often you get a lot of unethical affiliate marketers who basically just want to make a quick buck and don’t care whether that means you lose money. They’ll refer you into anything as long as it means they get paid at the end of the day. With this particular website the owner has listed it on many affiliate networks and people sign up. If you actually go through the website and decide to sign up you’ll be pushed into an opportunity known as the Mobe business opportunity.

I’ve covered Mobe in many different reviews since the majority of systems I review tend to lead back to Mobe. For my full Mobe review go here or alternatively just keep reading and I’ll share the information that you NEED to know, instead of the full review.

What Is Mobe?

Mobe is a company that teaches digital marketing and it was started a few years ago. I know many people who have been a part of Mobe because it’s a business opportunity. Basically you sign up, buy the products and then you can become an affiliate and resell the products. The products are expensive, we’re talking 5-figures expensive and the affiliate commissions are pretty strong, so when someone refers you into it and you buy all the products they get paid a very healthy commission. It’s pretty similar to other companies like Digital Altitude. In fact it’s so similar that they’ve actually had some legal problems but I’m not going to get into that here.

You’re probably thinking that it sounds like a pyramid scheme and you’re probably not the only one. I personally know that it’s not a pyramid scheme because there are actually legitimate products attached. The products are digital and some are live events. The expensive products are live events and they actually teach you over a number of days a number of digital marketing techniques. They will fly you into the event and the experts and get them to teach you everything they know. Many of these “Experts” are actually top earners in Mobe so they will share what they are doing to have success. Ultimately you can apply what you learn to any digital business although most people will apply it to the Mobe business opportunity.

What Is Online Profits Shortcut?

Now you’re probably thinking okay I understand what Mobe is so what exactly is this Online Profits Shortcut website all about? Well that’s simple to answer. Online Profits Shortcut is a website that is owned by an affiliate of Mobe. That means that basically this affiliate has gone out and created a unique website that he/she uses to promote the Mobe business opportunity and then they have listed it on a number of affiliate networks so that other people can promote it. To join Mobe it costs $49 which is an application fee and the owner knows that on average they can pay at least $100 approximately per $49 sale generated. So they list this on affiliate networks and get a bunch of other affiliates to drive traffic at their website.

Why Is Online Profits Shortcut A Scam?

It could be argued that it’s not a scam to be honest. After all the company behind it is legitimate (Mobe) although many people don’t believe it is. That’s really a matter of opinion. Me being someone who understands exactly how these businesses operate know that it’s not really a scam however in my opinion it’s not the best model out there either which is why I have moved away from these “pay to play” style business opportunities into more straight up affiliate marketing. Anyway, the reason I argue that Online Profits Shortcut is a scam is because the website is full of hype and the sales video is just pure BS. It talks about how you can earn a fortune and essentially mis-sells Mobe.

You can’t just create a bunch of lies and income claims in order to sell something even if what you are selling is legitimate. It’s like selling a car that is an average car and claiming that it goes as fast as a Porsche or Ferrari it’s just unethical and not right so that is why I am calling out Online Profits Shortcut as a scam and not recommending it.

Online Profits Shortcut Conclusion & Recommendation

As you know from reading this review I am not recommending this system. However if you want to see what I do recommend go ahead and check it out at the link below. You’ll see a system that I started using a few months ago that has allowed me to generate over $80,000 in commissions:

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