Neuro Trader Software Scam – Don’t Trust BS!

Today I am exposing the truth about the Neuro Trader scam software. The Neuro Trader launched by Intellix Systems is a complete scam. Don’t waste your time with it because you won’t make a penny. I’m writing this review to expose the Neuro Trader and help people like you avoid losing money to this scam software. Keep reading and you can see my full review, but first…

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Neuro Trader – Nasty Scam Exposed

It feels good to be exposing Neuro Trader as a scam. I like to stop people falling victims to binary scams. In 2017 alone I’ve already reviewed a number of scam systems like Tesler Software and Rubix Project and Neuro Trader by Intellix Systems is just the latest. I’ll probably end up reviewing another one tomorrow and exposing that as a scam. There is one trend that just won’t seem to go away and it’s binary options. Every week new scams launch and more people lose money. Unfortunately the binary scams haven’t slowed down at all, if anything they have become more and more common lately. The positive is that for people who visit my blog, I can actually help you avoid these scams and direct you towards real systems that work, so there is a silver lining I guess. So let’s look more at Neuro Trader software and I’ll explain exactly why it’s a scam.

intellix systems logo

What Is Neuro Trader Software?

The Neuro Trader software is supposed to help you make $10,000 a day which is such a ridiculous figure. Believe it or not I actually know people who earn this money online however they do it with legitimate online businesses. Nobody and I literally mean nobody will ever make $10,000 a day from an automated software with zero experience. This is such a complete load of BS and it’s just so typical of a binary scam. They always throw huge income numbers around because they are preying on people who want easy money. We all want easy money, don’t get me wrong, but earning that kind of income is just never going to happen.

I’ve always thought if they used smaller income claims like $200 a day for example surely more people would believe their scam, but who knows, after all I am not the person behind scams like Neuro Trader so I guess what do I know, but anyway… The Neuro Trader software will work by trading binary options for you. Binary options is basically betting on the stock market and currency markets. You have to bet on direction so basically whether a stock is going up or down. It’s hard to guess correctly so that is where Neuro Trader comes in. The Neuro Trader software will make it easy for you by doing all the hard work. It will literally decide what to trade and automate the entire process for you.

The way I’ve explained it I bet you’re thinking it sounds pretty good? It does doesn’t it. A trading software that will make you automated cash without you lifting a finger sounds amazing but unfortunately it doesn’t exist and will never happen. Once you sign up you are prompted to make a deposit of $250. This is the minimum and they recommend you deposit more because the more you deposit “the more you can make” which is yet another lie. Once you’ve funded your account the software will activate and you “should” start making money. Of course this never happens, you actually will start to lose money.

Their Neuro Trader software will start making trades for you and before you know it you’ll have no money left. It’s the sad truth behind the Neuro Trader software and many other binary scams like I’ve reviewed lately. The softwares don’t work and the shocking thing is they are designed this way. The truth is the brokers don’t want you to make money, so they rig the softwares so that they make losing trades on purpose. The owners of the Neuro Trader website get paid to refer you to the brokers. They don’t care about your success using their system. Anyway it’s not even “their” system, the software you get access to is owned by the binary broker, it just has the “Neuro Trader” branding on it.

The whole binary options niche is a scam and the majority of them operate like this. Once they get you in the door they will put their high pressure sales people on you and try and get you to deposit more. It’s important that you don’t speak to them, they can be very convincing and they have been known to scam people out of their life savings. It’s really quite sad, but luckily for you I’m revealing the truth and helping you avoid binary scams!

Neuro Trader Is Just Another Scam

The Neuro Trader system is just another scam system created by the binary scammers who have been behind dozens of scams in the last few months.

If you want to be safe, you need to avoid all binary options. In the last few years I have reviewed 100’s of them and not a single one has helped me or anyone else to make money. The only people who are making money in the binary options niche are the scammers who are referring people to brokers, and the brokers themselves who rip people off.

My Recommendation – Avoid Neuro Trader

Don’t waste another minute on this nasty scam.

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EZ Money Team Scam – My REAL Review!

EZ Money Team is a relatively new system for making money that I’ve been taking a look at. The system claims you can make easy money but is it really true? In my opinion it’s a complete scam and if you keep reading I’ll explain why.

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EZ Money Team – A Real Big Scam

So why am I saying the EZ Money Team is a big scam? For me it’s pretty simple. I took a closer look at their website and it’s got all the signs of a scam. Plus they are using ClickBetter payment processing. I’ve got nothing against ClickBetter as a company as they do always honour their refund requests but on the flip side there are a lot of scams that are run through their processing so this was an immediate warning sign for me. After taking a closer look at the system itself and the sales presentation it’s just clear that it’s not a trustworthy website. They have a bunch of testimonials which are hard to verify and are probably from hired actors and they have endorsements from huge companies that would never endorse a money making system. Plus the website has changed a lot in the past few years. Originally registered and created 4 years ago it’s gone through multiple changes which indicates to me that it’s just a money making scam designed to put money in the pockets of the owner and not people signing up like you. Plus the endorsements really annoy me, I don’t care how good or legitimate a system is, anything to do with making money online won’t get endorsements from big news websites, it’s just not going to happen.

There are a few positives about the EZ Money Team the first of which is it has nothing to do with binary options. That’s a good sign because there are plenty of binary scams out there like Click Money System and Onassis Alliance. Binary options are the biggest scam out there so it’s good that this is NOT about that.

EZ Money Team – My Opinion

I appreciate that my “review” here isn’t your traditional review. I’m not really going into detail about the product but it’s more of a rant. The thing is these kind of systems just flat out piss me off because they are full of fake BS that doesn’t even make sense. I mean even if behind the EZ Money Team was the best system in the world they sell it like a complete scam. You couldn’t exactly show your friends and family this website and say, hey this is what I do for a living, they’d instantly think you were a scammer and that’s often the problem with this industry there are too many people who want to lower the tone.

Fortunately for you there are a few good systems out there. I’ve been able to make over $500,000 in the past few years online and in the last 30 days alone I’ve pocked $14,000 in pure commissions with a system I only started testing a few months ago. I can’t sit here and recommend the EZ Money Team when I know there’s something better out there.

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Rubix Project Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Rubix Project is here and I’m writing this review to warn you about this scam system. Don’t be fooled by their fancy website, it’s all lies and I’m about to expose this system as a scam and share the real truth. Keep reading below and you will see exactly what I think of the Rubix Project and why you need to avoid it.

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Rubix Project Scam Software Exposed

The Rubix Project is not a legitimate system. I’ll agree it looks pretty convincing when you see the mansion and the cars but it’s all fake. The Rubix Project is no different to other scams that have launched in the last couple of weeks like Tesler and HFT Finance. These scam systems all have fancy websites that make incredible income claims but it’s all a bunch of lies. The real truth is the person you see in the video on the Rubix Project website is an actor. That house is not his, and those cars are not his either. The whole backstory for this system is made up, it’s literally a script that some scammer put together and hired an actor to read.

rubix project scam website by brian morgan

Let’s face it, the scammers behind this system probably paid a decent chunk of money to rent the mansion and the cars for the day. Maybe they spent $10k on making the video and the website but that is nothing compared to the amount of money they will make now that they have launched their scam to the world and many people are falling for it. Each time a new person signs up they earn money. The owners of Rubix Project website paid from the binary options brokers a commission each time they refer a new person who opens a trading account. The referral fees they make can be $100’s per person, and they will sign up 1000’s of people to their scam earning them a lot of money. They can afford to spend a lot of money on the Rubix Project scam website and hire actors, mansions, nice cars and even private jets. The Rubix Project’s only purpose is to convince you that what they have is legitimate, but the reality is far different.

How Does Rubix Project Scam Work?

You’ll first land on their website and watch the video. The video claims you can make a fortune and all you need to do is follow the simple instructions. Chances are you first heard about the Rubix Project via an email. Email is usually the easiest and quickest way for them to spread the word about their scam making it go viral. The people behind Rubix Project are part of a group of scammers who will all help each other spread the word be promoting each others scams. Once you watch the video and follow the instructions to create your account you’ll be prompted to make a deposit in order to fund your account. You’ll be told a bunch of BS like how there are limited spots and you need to act fast to secure yours. This is not accurate, they are running a scam here, not a legitimate system so they will definitely not be limiting spots. They will scam as many people as they possibly can.

The minimum deposit is $250 however they will try and convince you to make a larger deposit. They will also have their “experts” call you up to “help you”. Don’t be fooled because their “experts” don’t want to help you, and they’re not even experts. They are professional sales people who will try and scam you out of as much money as possible. It’s probably not even fair to call these people salespeople because they are far from that. They are complete crooks, who will make false promises in order to get you to part with your money.

After you have funded your account you will be able to access the Rubix Project but surprise surprise it won’t work as claimed. You’re not going to make the huge amounts of money that they claim. You won’t even make a small amount. Their software is programmed to LOSE trades, not win them. Within a few hours or days you won’t have any money left in your account because the Rubix Project software will have traded it away to nothing. Now it’s official, you have been scammed, and you’ve become 1 of many victims of the Rubix Project scam software.

brian morgan rubix project scam

Fake Testimonials For Rubix Project

Another thing I noticed which is a huge giveaway that this system is a scam are the Rubix Project fake testimonials. They have put together a couple of fake skype calls making them seem like legitimate reviews. It’s so unbelievably obvious that these are fake and that the people are reading from scripts. No wonder these people are hired as actors for scam systems because they couldn’t get a legitimate acting job if their lives depended on it.

fake rubix project testimonials

Conclusion = Rubix Project Is A Scam

Rubix Project is an obvious scam and I’m not going to recommend it. If you sign up you are guaranteed to lose money.

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Genius Profit Initiative Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Genius Profit Initiative is the latest binary scam I’m taking a look at. It’s without a doubt a huge scam and I’m advising you to stay away from it. The Genius Profit Initiative system claims you can earn $5,000 per day but that is just a made up number which means nothing. There is no way you will ever make that much money using this scam system. Read my review below and get all the details on this hot new scam.

First things first…

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Genius Profit Initiative – 100% Scam

After taking a closer look it’s so obvious that Genius Profit is a scam. By the way “Genius Profit Initiative” is a little long winded so I’m going to be referring to this scam system as just Genius Profit from now on. In 2017 I have reviewed a lot of scams already and the biggest ones are Tesler and Cogni Trade. These 2 scams are very similar to Genius Profit because they offer incredible amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately you’ll never make the money that the system claims, it’s all just lies in order to get you to sign up and make a deposit at the binary broker. Believe it or not the scammers are actually starting to make less now as people are catching onto binary options scams, but that seems to have made their websites even more hyped up with false claims in order to get people to sign up.

genius profit initiative scam software

So they’re claiming that you can earn $5,000 per day and they have a bunch of testimonials backing this up. This is all complete BS and you shouldn’t believe a word they say on their website. The truth is “Professor Benjamin Grant” does not exist, he is a made up character for this scam website. Also there’s not “28 membership spots left” as the website shows. This is just fake scarcity in order to trick you into signing up “before the spots run out”. All the testimonials on their website are fake. They have literally taken stock photos and used these photos to build testimonials around. These are not real people earning money from this scam software.

How Does Genius Profit Work?

After you watch their video which talks about how much money you can earn you are put through a series of simple steps. The first is to sign up with your email and details so that you can access the next page, pretty standard stuff. Then you have to watch another video where you are prompted to enter more details to register your account. When you register they will automatically create an account for you at their recommended binary options broker. The broker is your doorway to the market, this is what allows you to actually place trades and make money. After you do this you are forwarded to the software page where you can finally start trading. This is where it all happens and you finally make the money you deserve right? Wrong!

What actually happens is you’ll be made to deposit $250. That is the minimum amount to get started even though they told you it was free. After you make this deposit you’re in. The software will activate and start placing trades for you. At this stage you should be able to sit back and watch as your bank balance builds and you get rich, but of course that will never happen. Genius Profit software will trade your cash away to nothing and leave you wondering what the heck happened. You’ll be left with literally nothing, all your money vanished!

Where did your money go? The binary broker took it. You see, the broker is in partnership with the scammers. The broker pays out a big referral commission to the owner of the Genius Profit website for referring you. Now they need to make sure you LOSE money so that they make money. If you were to actually make a lot of money with this system it would cost them money. They operate like casinos and need you to lose, because if you start winning they are out of pocket. That’s why I never believe any of these binary scams because if you actually made the money they claim all the binary brokers would be out of business!

The software you access is actually created by the binary brokers. They create a software and cover it in the scammers (Genius Profit website owners) logos. They will brand the software to make it look like the software they are talking about on their website, but in reality it’s owned by the brokers and it doesn’t work. It’s a complete scam, and if you sign up you will become it’s latest victim!

genius profit fake testimonials

Just look at these testimonials above, they are so obviously stock photos. By the way stock photos are usually professional images you can purchase to use on websites. It’s so obvious that these are stock photos and not real testimonials. Don’t trust any of these as they are not genuine!

Genius Profit Conclusion

I am obviously not recommending the Genius Profit Initiative. This system is a complete scam and won’t make you a penny.

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Leaked Profits Scam System – Don’t Trust It!

I’m back with another scam review and today it’s called Leaked Profits. Their website just went live a couple of days ago and I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m exposing this scam. Do not sign up for Leaked Profits unless you want to lose money. I’m going to share all the details below in my full review and expose this scam system!

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Leaked Profits Scam – Another Fake System

January 2017 has been full of binary scams as we’ve already had the likes of Tesler and Vena System and Leaked Profits is just the latest of many! The Leaked Profits system promises you $1,250+ per day and they even guarantee that. Unfortunately that is a complete lie because they don’t actually guarantee that. That’s just some words they threw up on their scam website to try and convince you to sign up. To be honest I have reviewed a lot of systems like this and Leaked Profits isn’t even a good effort at a scam. Some of these guys spend a fortune on their websites by hiring private jets, flash cars, mansions, helicopters and much more, yet Leaked Profits just has a boring video with an actor they hired from Fiver.

Frank Bishop is the man behind the amazing $1,250 per day “guaranteed” system. But of course he is not really called Frank Bishop, that’s just some fake name they made up for the main character in this scam. That’s right, I said character because literally this website is a made up scam. The whole backstory about how Frank has made millions in the financial markets is just a lie. The truth is the real scammer behind this system wrote a script about binary options, literally a made up story about “Leaked Profits” and then hired an actor to read it. Chances are “Frank Bishop” the guy claiming he’s made millions probably got paid about $100 to do this video. Hardly the amazing business success he claims right? Far from it in fact!

Leaked Profits Uses Actors

One of the first things I noticed about the Leaked Profits scam was the actors they use in their testimonials. I have seen these people in testimonial videos before for other scam systems. The truth is the scammers behind Leaked Profits and other systems are so lazy that they don’t even make much of an effort to hire actors that people might not have seen before. Instead they hire Fiverr actors who have appeared in many other scam systems.

Don’t believe me? I can prove that these people are not real and are simply actors hired by the real owner of Leaked Profits.

The first douchebag “Edward Murphy” actually goes by the name “Dtp1987” on Fiverr and sells fake testimonials:

I’m not going to waste my time finding the adverts for the other actors giving fake testimonials because really what is the point? It’s obvious this system is a complete scam and won’t make you a penny. So let’s have a look into how the Leaked Profits scam system actually works, that way you will know how to avoid these scams in the future, as really it’s so obvious!

How Does Leaked Profits Work?

I guess the real question should be “how DOESN’T Leaked Profits work?” but anyway let’s proceed. The scam starts with you hearing about their amazing system and how you can make a fortune with it. Specifically they claim $1,250 per day which is obviously a made up figure they thought sounded good. Once you watch their video if you’re convinced it’s real like many unfortunately are you follow the steps to sign up. You are then forwarded to another video that instructs you to sign up via the form with their recommended broker for binary options trading. This is how you are going to make money with their system but don’t worry because you don’t have to do anything. Then all you need to do, is follow the steps to make a deposit to fund your account and you are done. Now you can sit back and watch as the money rolls in.

Unfortunately that’s obviously not going to happen, despite them “guaranteeing” it. What will actually happen is you will make a deposit and you’ll never see it again. The scammers behind this website make money by referring you to binary brokers. They put together a scam website to convince you that what they have is real so you deposit money at the broker they recommend. When you make that deposit, they get paid and they are done with you. All the claims of making money are made up and you just got scammed.

It’s sad but this is the reality of binary options which is why you need to avoid them.

Conclusion – Avoid Leaked Profits Scam

Don’t waste another minute of your time on this nasty scam.

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Trading With John Scam – Don’t Trust Him!

Trading With John is a binary scam and I’m not recommending it. “John Miller” is the creator of Trading With John and on this page I’m sharing my full review and exposing it as a scam. Keep reading and you can learn the real truth about this scam system and stop yourself from losing money.

First things first…

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Trading With John – Pure Scam

In 2017 I have already reviewed many binary scams like Tesler and Vena System. The latest scam I am reviewing today is Trading With John and it’s probably the worst one yet. To be honest though other scam websites have gone to far more effort to make their website look more convincing.

trading with john scam

So the first thing I noticed about this scam system is the fake actor. Look at this guy, he talks about his system and how you can make money but in reality it’s all a lie. There are so many scams like this out there and non of them work. They are preying on people who want to make money and it’s not fair. But the only way you can avoid scams like this is by visiting my blog and learning the real truth about how they work. Other fake review blogs won’t tell you the truth, they will just try and promote Trading With John to you.

How Does Trading With John Work?

So after you watch “John Miller” talk about his amazing money making system you’ll be told to follow some instructions and then you can sign up and start using his system. The instructions are basically to sign up and create an account and this automatically registers you an account with the broker that Trading With John recommends.

You are then forwarded to the Trading With John software page. This is the page where the scam kind of starts to show its true colours because you are told you need to make a deposit. This is where you need to deposit $250 or more to get started with the software. Most people will think it’s free because “John Miller” says his Trading With John system is free. Of course it’s not really because you need to make a deposit. Once you make this deposit you can then start using the software.

In reality you never “start using the software” because it works automatically. It will start placing random trades and it’s supposed to help you make money. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, because non of these scam softwares actually work. The Trading With John system will make a series of random trades until your account balance is nothing. Yes that is right the software will LOSE you money. It will trade all your money away to nothing.

Where Did Your Money Go?

The brokers are part of the scam. Many people don’t realise that the binary brokers are in on the Trading With John scam. They actually create the scam software you get access to. The whole “Trading With John” BS is just the branding they put on the software to match the scam website you were referred to.

The truth is the real scammers behind Trading With John get paid to refer you to binary brokers. Once you sign up and make a deposit they earn a commission. Now that the broker has paid out a commission to the scammers that referred you they need to make sure that you lose. So they program their trading software to lose so that it’s literally impossible for you to win. If you win trades they will lose money since they operate like casinos!

The scam won’t even stop here because the brokers will spam you and call you up and try and get you to deposit money. They have been known to steal a lot of money from people and even take life savings! The only way you can avoid this scam is by never signing up in the first place. It’s good that you found my blog because now you can avoid the Trading With John Miller scam.

Fake Trading With John Testimonials

Another reason you need to avoid this scam is because of the fake testimonials. It’s so obvious these are fake. Just take a look at them and you will see that these are not real people. I already knew that this was a scam system before I noticed these reviews but these were just the icing on the cake really.

trading with john miller fake testimonials

Conclusion – Avoid Trading With John

Trading With John is a complete waste of your time. If you sign up you will only end up losing money.

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Vena System Software Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Vena System just launched and it’s a complete scam software. I’ve just been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my Vena System review below exposing this system as a complete scam. The truth is you won’t make a penny with it, and the website is a scam. Read the full review below!

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Vena System Scam – The Real Truth

After taking a closer look at the Vena System it’s clear to me that it’s another binary options scam. I’d like to say it’s one of the first scams to launch in 2017 but already we’ve had the likes of Hexa Trader and Tesler Software. The truth is Vena System is no different to these bogus programs. It’s marketed as a free software for trading binary options and the website makes some incredibly bold claims about how much income you can make, but the truth is you won’t make a penny, because the website, the software and the testimonials are all fake.

vena system software scam website

Marc Vena is the person behind Vena System however this is not the “real” person behind this scam. We don’t really know who the real person is because the scammers like to stay behind the scenes and often hide their identities. All we really know is that the real creator of Vena Systems has also been behind many other scams just like this, and people have lost a lot of money. You really can’t trust a word that the person on this sales video says. He is just an actor reading from a script and non of the claims he makes are real.

How Does Vena System Scam Work?

So by now you will have watched the video on the Vena System website and you’re looking for a review because you want to know the truth. Most people never actually look for a real review like what I am giving you, or they fall for some fake scam review that simply states this software is amazing. You probably landed on their website because you saw an advert or maybe receive an email about this software. If you watch the full video and follow the instructions you are forwarded to another page where you have to give you personal details so you can create an account at the binary options broker they have partnered with. The reason you need to do this is because in order to trade binary options you have to go through a “binary options broker”.

The broker is your gateway into the market and what allows you to place trades. They’ll say that you can sign up and use their software for free, no catch at all. Apart from there is a big catch because you need to fund your account so you have a balance to trade with and the minimum is $250. They will also encourage you to deposit more, and they will say their Vena System works best with a bigger deposit which is 100% BS because the software doesn’t work regardless of how big or small your deposit is.

These crooks will also try to convince you that the money you are depositing is “only a deposit” and you can withdraw it anytime but this is all lies. You don’t have control over that money as soon as you deposit it, and once you do you will never see the money again I can guarantee you.

After you make the deposit as promised you will access the Vena System software. This will start making trades automatically for you just as the video described however you won’t make a penny. Instead of making winning trades the software will make losing trades and it does it on purpose. The Vena System software is programmed to lose, because when you lose, the binary broker wins.

The real truth is the scam binary brokers pay big commissions to the owners of scam websites like Vena System for referring new customers to them. When you sign up they pay a referral commission to the owners of the Vena System website. Their job is now done, they have convinced you to sign up and part with your hard earned money, and now they don’t care about your success. They fill their website full of fake income claims and testimonials in order to convince you that what they have is real, but it’s not real, it’s 100% lies and a scam.

Vena System – Fake Software & Testimonials

Any testimonials you see or positive reviews for Vena System are fake. The software does not work. The positive reviews you see are simply from people who are affiliates for this system and they will earn a commission if they refer you, so they put together positive reviews which are simply made up. The testimonials you see are fake too and are done by actors. The majority of the scammers use a website called Fiverr where they can get testimonials for as little as $5 a piece. They’ll order 10-20 fake testimonials and these people who are only earning maybe $5 per testimonial will lie and say they’ve made a fortune with Vena System.

Conclusion = Vena System Is A Scam

I’m not recommending the Vena System as it’s a complete scam and it won’t help you make any money. You’ll only end up losing money.

I recommend you forget all about binary options as nobody is making money with these fake softwares.

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Cogni Trade Software Scam – Truth Exposed!

Cogni Trade software is a brand new binary options scam and I’m here to warn you from becoming it’s next victim. Cogni Trade has just launched and people are already losing money to it, but I’ve put together a full review and I’m exposing it as a scam. The guys behind this system are trying to fool you with their fancy website and referencing big companies like IBM but luckily for you I’m exposing this scam and keeping you safe.

First things first..

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Cogni Trade – Fake Software!

Cogni Trade is yet another binary options scam to launch in 2017. I’m amazed how many we’ve had already, clearly the scammers are looking to have a profitable year. In the past few days alone I’ve exposed other scams like Rubix Project and Vena System. Plus I exposed a bunch more before that. In total I think I’ve done well over 10 reviews of scam systems warning you to stay away from them. Want to know the common theme? They’re all binary options and they are literally all the same. Whilst the website changes, the actors and the general story and name of the system, the one thing that remains the same is how the scam actually works. Each time you are promised huge amounts of money to use the software like Cogni Trade however the software never works as promised and you don’t make the income that they claim. That’s because the whole thing is fake, and the people in the videos are actors.

Cogni Trade fake software

Look at this guy above, he’s quite obviously an actor and not even a good one at that. After I looked at their video it was clear to me that they had actually taken some legitimate videos and mixed it into their scam video. The people who appear at the start of the video seem to be talking genuinely however I noticed they never once mentioned “Cogni Trade” which to me suggests they have nothing to do with this scam system. They probably just mixed these people in to make their website seem more legitimate. As soon as the guy I screen shotted above popped up it was clear that we were dealing with another scam binary software.

They promise you can make $1,500 every single day and all you need to do is use Cogni Trade. What a terrible name by the way, I swear these guys are running out of ideas when it comes to making these binary options scam websites.

Anyway, let’s talk a little more about how the scam works, this will help you avoid similar scams in the future.

Cogni Trade – How Does The Scam Work?

So as I mentioned there have already been a number of similar scams to Cogni Trade this year and that’s because whilst the websites change and look different, the way the scam works never changes. It starts with you visiting their website and watching their video which claims you can make $1,500 a day for doing nothing, all you need to do is use their system and it’s free too. If you follow their instructions and sign up you’ll be forwarded to a binary options broker. In order to actually trade binary options you need to sign up with a broker. It’s no different to how you need to walk into a casino in order to play blackjack for example. The owner of the Cogni Trade scam website is an affiliate for the binary brokers, so they get paid to refer you to the broker. When you sign up you will be asked to make a deposit to fund your account so that their “Cogni Trade software” actually has money to trade. This is the real scam, because as soon as you make that deposit, the owners of Cogni Trade get paid. Their job is complete and you just got scammed, although you won’t know it just yet.

Scam Brokers For Cogni Trade

At this stage the Cogni Trade owners are done with you. They don’t care whether you make a penny because their job is done, they already got paid to refer you to the broker. Now you can actually start using their software which will trade automatically for you, however you won’t start making $1,500 a day like they told you, you’ll make nothing. The software will make a series of bad trades and leave you with nothing left in your account. Where did your money go exactly? To the broker.

The brokers are actually in on the scam. They are the ones that provide the trading software and they make sure it loses so that you lose and they win meaning they make money. They have a software programmed to lose, and they just brand the software with the Cogni Trade logos so it looks like the Cogni Trade software. This is the part of the scam that never changes, because when a new scam comes out like the ones I mentioned before like Rubix Project, they re-brand it with their logo.

Unfortunately this is happening everyday to 1,000’s of people. The authorities are trying to clamp down but it’s hard for them, the only way you can stay clear of these scams is by learning how the scam works which I just explained and visiting my website where I expose all the scams I can!

Cogni Trade Conclusion – Avoid!

Don’t waste anymore of your time looking at this scam system.

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Intellix Systems Scam Software – Don’t Trust It!

Intellix Systems is a fake website claiming you can make up to 10k per day for doing nothing. All you need to do is use their Intellix Systems software and you will make money. I’m here to tell you it’s a complete scam. Their software is fake and won’t help you make a penny. Stay away from it because you will lose money, and read my full review below for all the details.

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Intellix Systems Software – 100% Scam

After taking a closer look at Intellix Systems and their “Neuro Trader” software it was so obvious to me that this was a complete scam. I’ve reviewed many scams in 2017 already and I’ve exposed the likes of Tesler and Rubix Project. Both of these scams are very similar to Intellix Systems and they promise huge returns from doing nothing but using a software to trade binary options. Intellix Systems actually states you can make $10,000 per day. I mean come on, do you really believe that? I certainly don’t and I will prove to you what a scam it is.

intellix systems logo

The Intellix Systems website was only registered 2 months ago. They claim that they have a lot of experience and they have been making a fortune, but why is there website so new? I’ll tell you why, it’s because their website is a scam and the whole backstory is fake. The truth is the guys behind binary options scams like Intellix Systems create many new scam websites each year. They refer lots of people into their scam system and then shut it down and start again with a new one.

Once you sign up for Intellix Systems you will be forwarded to a binary options broker that they recommend. The broker they have on their website is “BinaryBook” however this will vary depending on your location. You might actually go to another one, however even if you do go to BinaryBook I would be wary because this broker is known for scamming many people. The real creators behind Intellix Systems are not the people you see on their website (see below) but in fact they are scammers who make money off binary options referrals. What happens is you watch their video and follow their instructions to sign up at the broker they recommend and then you have to make a deposit. Once you make a deposit, the owners of the Intellix Systems scam website get paid. This is the only reason their website exists, it’s so that they make money by referring you to binary brokers.

The problem is that non of the claims they make on their website are actually true. They are all lies simply to convince you to sign up and make a deposit. They do not care about your success and the whole backstory about their system is fake. You will actually get access to the software that they talk about but it won’t work like they describe allowing you to make easy money. It will make losing trades on purpose and you’ll be left out of pocket. The brokers are in on the scam with the owners of Intellix Systems, so they create these fake softwares so that you lose your money and they make money. With binary trading it’s like betting, the broker needs you to lose for them to make money. They will even call you up and pretend they are expert traders in order to get you to deposit money. Many people have lost 10’s of $1,000’s and some people even more.

Intellix Systems – Stock Photos / Actors

Here are the people that claim to be behind the Intellix Systems company (that doesn’t even exist):

Intellix Systems fake actors

If you were to actually look up these people you would never find them. And even if their names exist they would not have anything to do with this scam system. Intellix Systems is not a real company, and if you sign up you will lose money and wish you had never found them.

The Truth About Intellix Systems

The truth about binary options scams like Intellix Systems is that they don’t work, period. The binary options brokers need customers, so they partner with the scammers behind websites like Intellix Systems (who are actually unethical internet marketers) who can send them new customers. The scammers then go and set up new websites like Intellix Systems, hire some actors, sometimes they even hire expensive mansions, houses and private jets to make it seem like the “owner” of the system is a true millionaire who can help them make money. Once people watch these fancy videos they get sucked into the dream of making millions from home.

The problem is they will never earn this money because the website is fake. Once they sign up to the broker and make a deposit the owners of the scam website like Intellix Systems gets paid, and now the broker takes over. First off you’ll lose any money you deposit into the system because of the scam software however the broker will take things one step further and try and extract even more money from you. They will call you up and literally promise that you can make a fortune, however this is all lies. They will convince you to deposit more money and some people have deposited their whole life savings. One man from the USA deposited over $500,000 and lost it all in a binary scam because he was promised huge profits. These people do not care about your success, they just want to take your money.

Intellix Systems Conclusion – Scam

Don’t trust this BS system. If you sign up you won’t make a penny and will only end up losing money.

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Penny Millionaire Lottery Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Penny Millionaire is a misleading binary options scam. I’m sharing my full review and exposing this system as a scam. Don’t waste your time with this system or believe the fake reviews which tell you how amazing it is. I’m here to share the real truth about the Penny Millionaire lottery and I’m not holding back. Firstly if you want to see a real system for making money..

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Penny Millionaire Is A Joke

After looking closer at the Penny Millionaire lottery I couldn’t help but laugh. Does anyone actually believe this crap? Unfortunately I guess people do but not you, you’re smart enough to look for a review and you’ve landed here. You’re lucky too because the majority of reviews are saying how amazing this system is. The truth is these reviews are fake and the people behind these reviews shouldn’t be trusted. It’s a real minefield out there and it’s hard to know who to trust. But I’m here to give you real reviews and expose the Penny Millionaire as the scam and complete joke that it is.

I’ll start off by giving more details on their fake software.

Penny Millionaire Lottery – It’s Fake

The Penny Millionaire Lottery is a complete scam and you won’t make a penny using their fake software. Yes that’s correct the software you get access to which is supposed to make you a fortune on autopilot is a real pack of lies, and completely fake. The software will actually lose money, not make you money and it’s designed to work this way.

The Penny Millionaire lottery scam is similar to other fraudulent binary scams that have launched recently like 10k Every Day App and the Tesler Software. Each scam sounds different but the truth is when you pull back the curtain and look past the fancy sales video and website design the scam remains the same each time.

The scam starts off with a website that convinces you about a software for making money online and all you need to do is sign up and start using it. You are then forwarded onto a binary broker that you need to join and make a deposit. Once you have made a deposit to fund your account you can start using the software. In fact the software will just automatically start making trades. Each software is slightly different in its design but fundamentally they are all the same. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Penny Millionaire software or a different one, it will lose all of you money on purpose!

penny millionaire software

Penny Millionaire Lottery Uses Actors

You see the guy in the sales video that I took a screenshot of above? He is an actor! This is not the real person behind this system. And the whole backstory that he gives you is scripted. In other words its not real, it’s just a sales pitch that is completely made up purely to try and sell this scam to you.

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed 100’s of systems like this so I’ve got a good understanding of how to spot scams. When I landed on the website I immediately knew this guy was an actor and after conducting further research it was confirmed. Another thing about this system (and others too) is that it uses fake testimonials too. There are many testimonials that appear to be real however don’t be fooled by them. The testimonials and reviews for Penny Millionaire that are positive are not real reviews. These reviews and testimonials are fake and not to be trusted.

Don’t Trust Penny Millionaire Brokers

The Penny Millionaire integrates with binary options brokers however these are not to be trusted either. You’ll be forwarded to their “recommended” broker where you will need to make a deposit like I already explained. You might be fooled into thinking that the scammers are just the owners of the Penny Millionaire website however that’s not true. The brokers are just as bad as the guys behind the Penny Millionaire software website. The brokers have been known to scam people out of a lot of money in fact I know of some people who have lost their life savings to scams like this. One man from the USA lost over $500,000 when he was scammed by a broker that claimed he could help him increase his investment. This money was his life savings and it was gone in an instant due to a broker scamming him out of the money.

The thing is these brokers employ salespeople who will call you up and try and get you to deposit as much money as possible into their scam. They can be very convincing too and they use high pressure sales tactics to get you to part with your money. Don’t trust these crooks, they will not help you to make money and only want to scam you.

Conclusion = Penny Millionaire Lottery Is A Scam

I’m obviously not recommending this scam system and I highly recommend you avoid it. If you do sign up you will only end up wasting your money and you won’t make a penny.

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