Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Program? You’re in the right place.

I’ve been following Tai Lopez for a while so I’ve heard him pitch his Social Media Marketing Agency program on a number of occasions so I thought I’d put together this post to share more details and find out whether it’s a good program.

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To be quite honest if you’re like most people you probably already know what his program is about, but you’re wondering whether he is actually a legit guy that you can trust, and is he really an expert? So let’s get into that and give you the details you need.

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Keep reading below for more info on Tai Lopez and a full overview of the program.

Is Tai Lopez Legit?

tai lopez rolls royce dawn
Tai’s new Rolls Royce Dawn

In my opinion Tai is definitely legit. How do I know? It’s pretty simple actually, you simply can’t get the kind of exposure that Tai Lopez has managed to achieve if you are not legit. The guy has been featured in major publications like Entrepreneur as the top social media person to follow. This is alongside major names like Grant Cardone, and big celebrities like the rock. He’s also had many famous celebrities round his house for interviews. High profile business people like the billionaire Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuk. These are not stupid people and I can guarantee you that they would not be speaking with Tai if he was not legit.

Check out the references for yourself:

When people call Tai a scam I can’t help but think that these people clearly haven’t done their research because the people he’s been able to get around would have to be complete idiots if Tai was actually a scammer in order for him to fool them. These are seriously high profile people who are happy to speak with Tai and the list above is only a short list, there’s plenty more people he’s connected with like Arnold Schwarzenegger so in my opinion you should not doubt that he is legitimate.

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So Why Should You Listen To Tai?

He listed some stats on his website which are pretty impressive to say the least:

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Some other reasons I believe you should listen to Tai Lopez are that he’s literally an expert when it comes to social media. Whether you like the guy or not you can’t get away from the fact that he has got some serious exposure on social media and has clearly made a lot of money from it too. His lifestyle is incredible but what’s so interesting is the sheer amount of people he has managed to reach. His most popular video on YouTube has been viewed over 67 million times.

tai lopez here in my garage viewed 67 million times

Tai keeps his background a little vague when it comes to the details and some people look at that and say he is being dishonest. But really who the heck cares? Look at what is right in front of you which is clearly an extremely successful man when it comes to growing a social media following which he has done across all the major platforms being Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. I genuinely don’t believe there is anyone in the industry right now that could teach you more about social media marketing than Tai which is why I am recommending his program.

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Social Media Marketing Agency – Program Overview

The program is a 4 month program that is going to teach you how to make money by helping other businesses with their social media. Tai will show you exactly what you need to do for these companies and how you can charge them as much as $10k a month. Here’s some of the things Tai is going to teach you taken directly from his website:

  • How to get your first $1,000 a month client within 4 months (some may reach this milestone sooner)
  • The right and best way to use free videos to help any small business
  • How to automate your social media marketing agency so you can scale and make more money
  • How to setup the new business even if you have never started a business before
  • How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium services
  • How to choose a company name, purchase a domain and setup a website for attracting clients
  • The best equipment to use for social media marketing
  • Why naming your new social media business using your own name is a mistake (and what to choose instead)
  • How to make any business interesting, even if they’re a mortuary
  • How to setup email marketing funnels for small businesses
  • How to speak to business owners and use the language they respond to
  • What type of businesses will pay you the most
  • How to find clients and convince them to pay you
  • The best way to track your social media marketing
  • Plus much much more

Get access to the full program here

Bonuses For The Program

Tai has made available a bunch of bonuses you’ll also get access to for jumping on his Social Media Marketing Agency program.

tai lopez bonuses for social media marketing agency program

These 5 bonuses are awesome and alone are worth more than the cost of the program. One of the great things about Tai’s programs is that he teaches what he knows himself, however if there is a topic or subject that someone else knows more about he will happily bring them in and learn from them and have them teach you what they know.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program Conclusion

I’m recommending it! The bottom line is there are so many courses like Tai’s online teaching similar things, however non of the people behind these courses have anywhere near the credibility or results that Tai has. If you want to learn how to make money with social media marketing why not learn from arguably the worlds top social media marketer? It makes sense in my opinion!

Tai is only keeping the program open for a limited time. So if you want to lock in your spot in the program sign up today.

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Testimonials For Tai Lopez’s Program

Pretty amazing testimonials for Tai Lopez social media marketing agency and these are only a small handful. There’s plenty more too.

The question is, will you be the next testimonial?

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John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Program Review

Let me guess, you watched the John Crestani advert on YouTube and now you’re wondering who the heck this guy is and whether his Internet Jetset program is any good? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m going to share the details with you in my review.

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What Is Internet Jetset?

First off let’s start with John Crestani. I’ve personally been seeing him all over on YouTube ads and I’m sure you have too. That’s actually one of the reasons I’ve decided to put together this article about him because he seems to be everywhere lately so I thought you know what, I bet there’s some people looking for more info on him, so I might as well be the person to provide that info. John is a well known affiliate marketer and lately he’s been in a number of publications such as Forbes and Business Insider. He’s an internet success story who went from rags to riches thanks to affiliate marketing and now he teaches others how he makes over $500k a month. Pretty impressive figures I must admit!

Internet Jetset is a company and a course that John Crestani has created to teach others.


John Crestani – The Product

John Crestani’s course is $47 and provides information on how to market through Facebook and Amazon. It teaches you how to be an affiliate to make a considerable amount of income. In my opinion affiliate marketing is the best way to get started online because it requires minimal investment and no physical stock.

There are up-sells for people who want extra information. This is standard with these kind of products and actually across many different niches. So don’t be put off by the extra products, they are definitely optional but you should take a look.

John Crestani Opportunity

After you enrol in Internet Jetset and go through the training you can actually become an affiliate if you want to. This means that you can apply the training you learn to reselling the Internet Jetset course and earn 60% commission as an affiliate. Since it’s a high quality product this is definitely a good option for you to take and you can apply what you learn in the training to make more sales.


Is John Crestani A Scam?

I don’t believe that John Crestani or the products he offers can be considered a scam. I don’t really like to even mention the word scam when it comes to legitimate people like John however I know that there are many people wondering this so I feel like I should address it to make it clear.

John Crestani is a legitimate marketer. Unfortunately when someone comes up in this world there are always others ready to bring them down. Especially since John has done a lot of marketing on Facebook and YouTube and reached a wide audience. It’s similar to Tai Lopez who spent a lot of money on YouTube ads to promote himself and people hate the guy calling him a scam even though he’s not since he actually offers very good programs like his Real Estate Flipping Program and his Traveling CEO course.

The same has unfortunately happened for John, the mass exposure has also caused some people to label him a scam. However I am sure he’s not bothered since he’s making so much money, over $500k a month according to some sources I have seen.


John Crestani / Internet Jetset Conclusion

After looking at all the information there is no reason you shouldn’t trust John. He’s a quality marketer who has build a strong brand and a very profitable online business. He’s someone who I will certainly be following and learning from in the future alongside other “digital” mentors I have.

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Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Program Review

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping? I just heard about this and have been taking a closer look to find out what it’s all about, how it works and whether it’s something that is worth your time. Now I’m sharing all the details on the program and Tai Lopez below.

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Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping

Okay now I’ve got my little “pitch” for my no.1 recommendation above out of the way let’s talk about Tai Lopez and his brand new Real Estate Flipping program he’s created with Cole Hatter. Cole has appeared in other videos Tai has done in the past talking about real estate and also Tai Lopez Real Estate Investing program. With this particular program you are going to learn how to profit from real estate flipping with very little money needed. Often less than $1,000 to make a huge return. The video below is 2-hours long and details exactly what you get with the program and how you can start making money with it.

How Tai’s Real Estate Flipping Program Works

Tai states himself that there are only 3 things you need to know to flip real estate and these are:

  1. How to find the deals
  2. How to structure and fund the deals
  3. How to close and cash out

Once you know how to do it you can basically repeat the process, re-invest the money you have made and move onto bigger deals.


If you actually decide to join the program you’ll get the following training:

tai lopez real estate flipping

One of the things I personally like about this program is that Tai Lopez has brought in Cole Hatter who is an expert at doing this. Tai is someone who understands that he doesn’t know everything. Despite being a very intelligent guy Tai actually learns by bringing in the best of the best. You see it if you watch his YouTube videos and his Instagram. What Tai is interested in he brings in specialists to train him and clearly he’s done this by partnering with Cole.

In my opinion the Real Estate Flipping program looks great and with a 30 day money back guarantee you’ve really got nothing to lose by joining his test group.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn more about Tai Lopez

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez has become a celebrity thanks to his clever use of social media marketing. It’s no surprise that Tai has brought out courses on the subject of social media like his Social Media Agency program and his Traveling CEO program, both of which you can see reviews of at the links. Tai is the no.1 guy to learn social media from in my opinion but he also had a lot of knowledge when it comes to other subjects as he often learns from the best of the best. With his Real Estate programs Tai consults people like Cole Hatter who have proven track record and already many success stories in real estate investing.

Tai is famous for his “here in my garage” ad which reached millions of people. I can’t remember the exact figure that Tai quoted in a recent video I watched but I think it was around 100 million people who have seen his videos. It’s funny really because when Tai launched onto the scene via YouTube a couple of years ago everyone hated the guy. Chances are if you are reading this now you either love him or hate him. Tai has reached a serious amount of people, even my brother brought him up in a conversation once and he didn’t even know that I followed Tai, and my cousin too (who has zero interest in business).

People seem to think that Tai Lopez is a scam but that’s 100% not true. Tai has proven this time and time again. I think since he started to use Snapchat people have realised how stupid it is to call him a scam or say that his house or cars are rented since he literally posts everyday on snapchat and clearly lives at the house he shares in his videos and clearly he does own all those nice cars like his Ferrari and Lamborghini’s.

He’s also been featured by Forbes countless times and Entrepeneur:

Tai Lopez Haters

When it comes to haters Tai Lopez has plenty but what you might not know is that these “haters” can 90% of the time be categorised into 2 main categories in my opinion.

  • Jealous people
  • People piggybacking off his success

Let me explain. Tai gets a lot of hate across all social media channels but when you really think about it, why do they hate the guy? It’s because they are jealous of his success, his nice cars and everything he has. People in this world are extremely jealous and will do everything they can do drag someone down. You see it on every level from super successful business people, celebrities and even small scale successes.

The next type of person is someone piggybacking off Tai Lopez’s success. You see it on YouTube all the time, people creating videos calling Tai Lopez a scam. All they are doing is piggybacking off the amount of attention Tai is getting and trying to divert it to whatever they are doing. Most of these people probably don’t even dislike Tai, they secretly love him because if it wasn’t for the attention Tai Lopez gets they wouldn’t be having success either.

One prime example of this is a YouTube channel called h3h3Productions. I don’t actually follow their channel but I do know that they created a video hating on Tai Lopez. Don’t get me wrong their channel was already big before Tai came along but they still jumped on the “hate” bandwagon. Now the thing is Tai could have ignored these guys like he probably did for a while, he could have even tried to sue them or something to get the video taken down but instead he didn’t.

He actually invited them over to his house in Beverly Hills so that they could meet him, and see that for themselves that he is the real deal and his cars are not rented. You should watch the video below it’s actually pretty entertaining and I think both Tai and H3H3 had a mutual respect after hanging out together.

Tai Lopez Real Estate Flipping Conclusion

In my opinion you’ll get a lot of value if you decide to join Tai’s test group for his Real Estate Flipping Program.

Tai delivers actionable value and you’ve also got a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose.

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The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez Review – Scam?

Looking for a review of The 67 Steps program by Tai Lopez? You’re in the right place.

The 67 Steps is a program created by Tai Lopez which has been mass advertised across YouTube and Facebook with many people wondering who the heck this guy is? I’ve been following him for a while now and I even put together a full post about Tai Lopez if you’re interested to learn more about him. Below I’m going to share my full review and opinion on his 67 steps program.

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The 67 Steps – Overview

The 67 Steps is a course where Tai Lopez talks about the 67 steps to health, wealth, love & happiness and how he went from broke to buying a Lamborghini. The reason Tai went with 67 steps is because it’s believed that on average it takes 66 days to learn a new behaviour so Tai went with 66 and threw in 1 extra day/step for good measure since there’s negative connotations with the number 66. His goal for the course is to help you reach what he calls “The Good Life”.snip20161124_1

When it comes to education Tai is a master of self education as he reads a book a day and has a collection of over 5,000 books. In an earlier version of his sales video he talks about how he is much more proud of his books than he is of his Lamborghini. Tai also owns a number of other luxury and supercars such as Rolls Royce, a Ferrari 458 and a Maserati and lives in a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. I’ve been following him long enough now to know that he’s the real deal and he doesn’t just rent these for the videos like some skeptics have suggested.

The 67 Steps – Is It A Scam?

The 67 Steps course by Tai Lopez is definitely not a scam. I’ve reviewed 100’s of products and systems over the past few years and I’m very clear on what a scam is. Also I can tell you that the people who are out there calling this a scam have either never actually accessed the course to see truthfully what it’s all about, or they are promoting something else and basically trying to piggyback off the traffic that Tai gets in order to sell something else. An example of some genuine scams are The Cash Loophole and Aurum Tech.

A Sneak Preview Into “The 67 Steps”

Okay so we’ve established that Tai is not a scammer and his program is actually good. So what can you really learn inside the program. Let’s take a sneak peak at the actual steps.

  1. Be Worth A Damn & Deserve It
  2. Adapt
  3. Have Humility
  4. Get A Mentor
  5. Look For Patterns In People
  6. Focus On Sculpture & Beware of the Media
  7. Learned Helplessness
  8. Integrating Your Life – 4 Pillars
  9. Learn Faster (How To Read A Book A Day)
  10. Toughen Yourself – Stoics vs Epicurean

Those are just 10 of the 67 steps and with each step Tai goes into a lot of detail. Considering the course is $67 that means you are paying $1 per step and from what I have seen and the content that I know is in this program that is incredible value for money that you will struggle to get anywhere else. Tai has essentially done the research and hard work and compiled everything you need to know in order to live the good life and actually be successful. If you were to get all of this information yourself it would certainly cost you a lot more than $67.

My Thoughts On Tai Lopez

In my opinion I think the guy is create and offers a lot of value and wisdom for free. I follow him across Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook and he gives away far more value for free than what he actually charges for. I wrote a review on Tai Lopez here if you want more information on him. There’s a lot of people who call him a scam but ultimately these people are stupid and don’t really understand what his purpose is. As somebody who has reviewed 100’s of products and systems about making money online the majority of which are flat out scams I can tell you the 67 Steps program is definitely not one of these. When it comes to value for money it’s probably one of the best programs out there.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez’s Traveling CEO Program? You’re in the right place.

I’m going to be sharing my full review of Tai’s Traveling CEO Program and let you know what I think.

Tai Lopez is basically a celebrity now, it seems like he’s everywhere online. Whether you’re watching a YouTube video, or browsing Facebook, Tai is always popping up in videos and sharing his knowledge and wisdom but is he the real deal and can his new Traveling CEO program help you? Let’s find out…

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Is Tai Lopez The Real Deal?

Tai Lopez traveling ceo
Tai with his Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royces

Before I talk about his new program and what I think about it (which you can skip to down below if you prefer) I want to talk a little about Tai Lopez. You might be reading this right now because you like the look of his new Traveling CEO program but you’re not really sure whether you trust the guy, or whether he is the real deal. So I want to jump right in and tell you that he is definitely the real deal, in fact he is more real than anyone else out there selling this kind of information on my opinion.

Tai has been featured in many top publications including Entrepreneur magazine alongside top business guys like Grant Cardone, has done interviews with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and has even had the billionaire Mark Cuban over to his house to hang out, talk about business and to play basketball. The bottom line is out of all the “gurus” online Tai is one of few who are actually legitimate and can not only talk the talk but can walk the walk too.

Tai sometimes gets a bad rap from people however the people who call him out as a scam or say he is a fraud simply don’t understand his business and clearly haven’t been watching him or done enough research to really know the truth. The fact is Tai has connected with major business figures from around the world, he’s spent 10’s of millions on social media marketing and genuinely lives the dream life. If Tai was a scam then the people who he’s been able to connect with like Gary V, Mark Cuban, former president of the USA Bill Clinton and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are all idiots, and whether you like those people or not, they’re not idiots thats for sure.

So hopefully now you know that Tai is the real deal, and not some scammer, so let’s look at why you should learn from him…

Traveling CEO – Why Learn From Tai?

tai with arnoldSo why should Tai Lopez be the one you should listen to when it comes to living what he calls the “Traveling CEO” lifestyle? In my opinion you should listen to Tai because he’s living proof that it’s possible to live this lifestyle and make that kind of money. If you follow him on social media profiles like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat you’ll see the real proof of his lifestyle. Personally I like following his snapchat because its unedited and authentic. Tai has been traveling all over the place lately and has been to London, Norway and many other places in the last month. Following his Snapchat recently I noticed he was traveling for easily 1-2 months straight so it’s clear proof he is living this life and not just selling the dream.

Tai is also an expert at this stuff, just check out some of the stats on his website:

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program – Overview

So what are you actually going to get if you decide to invest in the Traveling CEO program? Taken from his website itself here is what you’re getting:

traveling ceo program overview

As you can see the program is broken down into 4 months. Each month you are going to learn something new and progress through the program. Month 1 is all about the battle plan and essentially it teaches you how to actually make money with traveling. It’s about adopting the Traveling CEO mindset and learning how you actually make money. Month 2 is about travel secrets which teaches you how to actually make money traveling instead of wasting time like most people do. Month 3, it’s how to actually become the Traveling CEO. So once you’ve adopted the mindset and learnt the secrets you’ll discover how to really live the lifestyle and make money. Month 4, this is how you actually get the work done, without actually doing the work yourself. Tai will teach you how to outsource effectively to freelancers and subcontractors. This allows you to get paid, while someone else does the “hard work”.

Tai is also going to teach you 100 principles he has perfected. Each principle is shared in a 10-20 minute video, and is easy to grasp. Tai has considered charging $100,000 to teach this 1 on 1 to people, but instead decided to make it affordable to more people so he can help more.

Bonuses For The Traveling CEO Program

The good thing is if you act fast you can lock in a bunch of bonuses from Tai Lopez himself. He’s throwing in 4 free bonuses for you when you buy the Traveling CEO program.

So what are the 4 bonuses? Tai is throwing in a 4 month guarantee. That means if for any reason you don’t like the program Tai will give you your money back. The 2nd bonus is access to a private community. This is a group for high level entrepreneurs where you will get insider-only content with other people in the program. You’ll also get 1-year access unrestricted to the members area to the Traveling CEO program. Despite it being only a 4-month program the content will be available in a private members area, and Tai will give you 1 year access to learn it all and condense the information. You’ll be able to get free access to all the updates that Tai does on the program and new content that is released.

The final bonus is a “personal concierge group” – Tai is giving you 1-on-1 access to the people in his office who run his business. They contact Tai everyday and you can be just one phone call away from getting any questions you need answered. This is a really cool bonus because it means you can get the support you need for the program to be a success.

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Conclusion

I am 100% recommending Tai’s Traveling CEO program. There’s a lot of people selling courses like this online but the fact is non of those people have the success or experience that Tai has. Who do you want to learn from, someone who makes a few bucks online and pretends to have a great life? Or Tai who is someone who’s made 10’s of millions online as a “Traveling CEO”, regularly travels the world, and even when he’s not traveling has an amazing life in Beverly Hills with all the dream cars and houses? I know who I would rather learn from and it’s not the wannabe person, it’s the real deal person.

Tai’s new program is only open for a limited time. So if you want access lock in your spot today:

Go here and lock in your spot in Tai’s Traveling CEO Program

(This special link above will give you access to all the bonuses too – Lock in your spot today)

Testimonials For Tai Lopez

In case you are still skeptical check out some people who have made a lot of money after following Tai’s programs, like his Social Media Agency program.

As you can see these testimonials are pretty amazing right?

Maybe you’ll be the next success story?

Go here and lock in your spot in Tai’s Traveling CEO Program

(This special link above will give you access to all the bonuses too – Lock in your spot today)

The Advert Platform Scam – Don’t Believe This Scam!

The Advert Platform is a brand new rev-share program and I’m here to share my honest review and give you all the details, hype free. If you’re thinking of joining please spend 5 minutes or less to read my full review below and let me share the real facts with you before you join The Advert Platform.

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The Advert Platform – The Real Truth

So you want to know the real truth about The Advert Platform? I’m about to share everything with you and hopefully save you from losing money. You may or may not know but The Advert Platform is NOT a new system. The original system behind it was called My Advertising Pays which launched in 2013.

The company was a revenue share company which meant that people signed up, bought advertising packs for $50 each and when these packs expired they paid out a total of $55. The concept was pretty simple, you could sign up and deposit money and then re-invest your profits. In order to get paid the daily profits you had to view other peoples ads. It was 10 ads per day, and then you could get paid. The goal for most members of My Advertising Pays was to reach 1200 ad packs because at this level a person could earn $600 per day in passive income from the program.

The problem is that My Advertising Pays was basically a ponzi-scheme. It wasn’t your typical ponzi which promised a percentage return from an “investment” as such, however when you peel back the curtain and forget about the whole “ad pack” bull sh*t that they try and use to legitimise the system you soon start to see that it’s not a legitimate advertising platform. The people viewing the ads are other members, this is not targeted advertising. Nobody is going to actually advertise on the platform unless they are involved in the money making side of the platform. So really the whole “ad pack” only exists to try and make the ponzi scheme appear legitimate.

The biggest affiliates did such a good job of selling it that even I bought into the BS for a while. I signed up in 2015, bought ad packs and I even promoted the program to my subscribers and brought in a couple 100 people. Not everyone bought packs but some did and they kept re-investing profits. I was even able to withdraw some profits, albeit not much. Deep down I knew it was BS but I was sold on the hype!

The Collapse Of My Advertising Pays..

Things were going smoothly until about the end of 2015 when they closed down the program to US customers and only operated in Europe. I’m pretty sure they did this because of cash flow problems and also the fact that if they kept operating in the USA the authorities would probably close them down anyway. There have been businesses that appeared far more legitimate than My Advertising Pays which have been closed down by US authorities. That’s just my opinion though so you can make your own mind up.

When this change happened I’m not sure what happened to my ad packs or my team but my income pretty much disappeared overnight. I never committed 100% to the program or invested much money so this wasn’t really a big deal for me, however I know of people who have invested their life savings into My Advertising Pays so this would have affected those people a lot. At this stage I pretty much forgot about the program and moved onto other things.

It was never my main business or income, so it didn’t really bother me to move on and forget about it. However I learned in 2016 that they had problems with their payment processor VX Gateway and it seems that they are in a legal battle with VX Gateway. They used a middleman to process payments and also deal with withdrawals. I personally had a few $100 sat in my VX Gateway account that never got paid out to me. A friend of mine had a few $1,000 in his VX Gateway account which he hasn’t received either. It’s hard to know who is really at fault as VX Gateway seem to be blaming MAP (My Advertising Pays) whereas they are blaming VX Gateway. I’m not going to talk too much about VX Gateway because I don’t know the real details behind the legal battle, but ultimately I didn’t get paid, and neither did anyone else.

It’s really confusing to know what’s going on however people are not getting paid from My Advertising Pays and now they are rebranding the whole company as The Advert Platform and I think anyone who signs up to this is inevitably going to lose money. Maybe you will make some money initially, maybe even for a couple of years but sooner or later the fate of this company will be the same as all revenue shares. It will fail, people will lose money and lives will be ruined. And the people that always come off the worse are the smaller people that don’t really understand the business yet commit a lot of money to it.

The people who make money in these programs are not really the people that buy ad packs but really the people who participate in the affiliate side of the program. The ones that refer other people in and then earn off the ad packs these people buy. This is how top guys in the company have made a fortune. The top earner in My Advertising Pays made over $1.5 million before the program stopped paying. But the people who earn this kind of money can do it in any program, and chances are they will all start promoting The Advert Platform to you now claiming its a new program when it’s not.

The Advert Platform – It’s Doomed (In My Opinion)

The only reason a company like My Advertising Pays would rebrand as The Advert Platform is because of cash flow problems. They will rebrand their business and relaunch it under this new name in order to build hype and bring in new customers who will then start buying ad packs. They might even transfer some old accounts from My Advertising Pays over to the new system and start paying them again. I don’t really know the technicalities behind how it will work, but I know that it’s doomed in the long term.

Rebranding and relaunching will make them money. But it won’t last. The fate of companies like this is always that they are doomed because they rely on “new money” coming into the program in order to pay. And the whole business model of people buying ad packs is fake. The top guys will always make money because they can recruit however people who can’t recruit who rely on the “Ad pack” income will be the ones who are hurt the most.

Conclusion – Don’t Join The Advert Platform

I’m not recommending The Advert Platform because I don’t think it will help you make money in the long term. And you could potentially lose a lot of money.

The truth is you “could” make money, but at what cost? The program is most likely going to fail sooner or later and do you want to take that risk?

In my opinion it’s much better to build a real online income with a sustainable system.

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Inertia Trader Review – In My Opinion It’s A Scam!

Inertia Trader is a new forex trading system that just launched so I’ve been taking a closer look to see what it’s all about and whether it’s legit. What I really want to know is whether it’s another binary scam just like The Cash Loophole and Wall Street Focus Group which are 2 other big scams that launched this week. Keep reading below and I’ll share all the details on this new system.

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Inertia Trader – Complete Scam

In my opinion Inertia Trader is a complete scam. I received an email about becoming an affiliate for these guys which means I could get paid to actually promote it. This raised flags with me not because being an affiliate is wrong in anyway, but because the guys behind this system have been behind many binary options scams and now they have moved over to forex as they believe that binary options is dying. Binary options is a huge scam and I’ve written many reviews about it. This new system is about forex which on the whole is not a scam like binary options because with forex you are actually putting your money into currencies and there are many people making money from it.

Where I find that Inertia Trader is a scam is that they are saying that you can make money automatically by using their software. Let’s be real here for a minute, forex trading can make you a lot of money but the guys out there crushing it with forex are not using automated softwares. I used to trade a bit of forex myself and whilst I was no professional I did make some okay returns and I didn’t use any automated software other than the trading brokerages trading software which was basically standard across the industry. I follow some professional traders and have access to a real course for trading forex and they actually advise against the use of any automated softwares and technical indicators because the fact is they don’t work.

Another reason you shouldn’t trust Inertia Trader is that these guys are selling their product on ClickBetter. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against the guys over at ClickBetter however what you have to understand is that there are a lot of products on the ClickBetter network that are about making money online including binary options. The main reason this new Inertia Trader product is listed here is to gain affiliates who will promote it. If their software is really so good why do they need to give it away to other people? Surely they would be happy just using it and making a lot of money from it?

Inertia Trader – More Reasons Not To Trust Them

Check out this image taken directly from their website which states they do not trade binary options and don’t recommend it.

What they are saying is actually true however I know from my research that the guy behind this system DOES sell binary options systems.


This raised flags with me because whilst what he is saying is technically true that non of those companies trade binary options I have seen first hand that the person behind Inertia Trader has been behind other systems in the binary options niche.

Inertia Trader – Conclusion

In my opinion there are too many red flags surrounding Inertia Trader and the fundamentals behind how it works are missing.

Therefore I don’t recommend you spend your money on this system.

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The Truth About HYIP Scams – What You Need To Know!

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve landed here looking for a review of a new hyip (high yield investment program).

Rather than give you a specific review of every single hyip that launches I’ve decided to put together this blog post explaining exactly why you should avoid all hyip programs. You shouldn’t be sucked into the hype and in this article I’ll reveal exactly why!

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High Yield Investment Programs = Ponzi Schemes

The image above really explains it best. The name “Ponzi Scheme” (1) comes from Charles Ponzi (2) who defrauded investors in the 1920’s by getting them to invest money claiming he would pay them great returns. Little did they know that the returns were actually coming from newer investors. Older investors are paid profits from newer investors coming into the scheme.

This is exactly how high yield investment programs (3) operate and the exact reason you should avoid them. It really doesn’t matter which program you are looking at. If it involves you investing money for a high percentage return over a short period of time with zero work then you are looking at a ponzi scheme and you should avoid it. There are a lot of websites out there that track the success of a hyip however you should not be fooled by these websites as they are also scams.

The owners of the high yield investment programs pay tracker websites to list positive reviews about them. The tracker websites claim to have invested money into the program but in reality the owner of the program makes an investment on behalf of the tracker website and then pays them to keep them in a good status on the website. It’s all a complete scam and many people each year lose a lot of money because they believe that these programs are legitimate. I know of 1 person who lost $12,000 in a program, and I’m sure that there are people who have lost much more.

Every year 100’s of these programs launch and in general their lifespan is around 1 to 3 months, with some lasting 6-12 months depending on how popular they are. The programs that are extremely popular can sometimes last 1-3 years because they have enough new investors coming into their scam to pay the old ones. The less popular programs might collapse after 1-3 months because they simply don’t have enough new investors to pay their older investors and the whole scam collapses.

But They Claim To Invest In Property/Forex/Other Assets?

Don’t be fooled by a high yield programs website that claims they invest in forex or property, or stock trading. This is a complete lie and it only serves to try and make them appear more legitimate. No legitimate investment company would take payments via the methods on offer on most high yield investment program websites. For example: they often use virtual currencies such as perfect money and bitcoin. Some virtual currency websites have even been shut down because of money laundering and illegal activities such as “Liberty Reserve shut down in $6 billion money laundering case” (4).

Hyip’s Are Run By Scammers

So you think the friendly admin of a new program is a good guy? He or she is not! They are professional scammers and do not care about you or your money. These people will take your life savings and won’t care at all. The websites of the high yield investment programs are setup so that they are incredibly hard to trace. And if you are one of the unfortunate people who loses money in one of these schemes the chances of you getting it back are extremely slim.

Here are some of the ways the scammers will setup their hyip to be untraceable:

  • Offshore domain registration
  • Offshore hosting regisration (or register with fake details)
  • Offshore bank accounts in fake names (opened with fake documents)
  • Use virtual credit/debit cards for payments
  • Use VPN’s to access their website (virtual private networks)
  • Use digital currencies that don’t verify identity

Conclusion – Don’t Invest In HYIP’s!

It’s not worth the risk! You can never tell when a high yield program will close it’s doors. The admin might decide that they have enough money in their accounts to shut it down and run off. So it’s really not worth the risk. Instead of trying to make money on these kind of programs you should look at a real online business that can provide genuine income.

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Zorpia – Scam or Legit Website?

If you’re interested in learning more about Zorpia you’re in the right place.

On this page I’m going to share all the details about Zorpia, the pros and the cons so you know exactly whether you want to sign up to this social network.

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Zorpia – What’s it all about…

Zorpia is a social network and is really quite similar to Facebook, it operates in both English and Chinese languages. The founder of Zorpia is called Jeffrey Ng who started the site in 2003. It’s user base is around 30 million with 1-2 million new users added each month. The website has good popularity in China and India with around 40% of it’s subscribers being from India.

As you may or may not know Facebook is not allowed to operate in China. This has allowed Zorpia to thrive in China as it’s one of few social media providers to have permission to actually operate there.

What’s the point of Zorpia?

What’s the point of Facebook you might ask? Sometimes I actually wonder myself! Basically Zorpia is a platform where you can connect with other people, existing friends and meet new people. It’s very similar to Facebook. You can talk to them via instant messages, share your photographs, videos and other info with them.

Some people like to use Zorpia as an alternative to Facebook.

Reasons to use Zorpia:

  • Connect to anyone instantly
  • Send messages to friends on the network
  • Share photographs with friends on the network
  • Use the platform to advertise your products and services to the Chinese market
  • Connect with fellow likeminded individuals and clients
  • Use your mobile to connect to Zorpia
  • Allowed to be used in China

Reasons not to use Zorpia:

  • Facebook – It’s far bigger, more features and is the leader in social networking
  • Smaller customer base – you can advertise but will not reach as many people or demographics as Facebook could
  • There are lots of scammers/spammers who will try and connect with you (this is the same for other networks too)

Signing up for Zorpia

If you decide to sign up to Zorpia you will want to make sure you don’t use the “sign up with Facebook feature”. A lot of people have complained that this will connect to your Facebook and then message all your friends inviting them to Zorpia. This is never a good idea so be aware that you won’t want to do this. Just sign up normally with an email address and you’ll avoid this happening.

What can you do on Zorpia?

  • You can make new friends and catch up with old ones
  • You can use it in China
  • You can use Zorpia as a dating website to meet new people
  • You can share your views, opinions, photos, and more..

Beware of the message spam..

As I mentioned above you should be aware of letting Zorpia connect with your facebook account. This could potentially have very bad consequences as they will send out spammy messages to all your friends on facebook. Also you should be aware of any spam you receive on Zorpia. Their filtering system is not as complex as facebook’s so sometimes you may be spammed by people looking to connect with you, or sell to you, or try and get you on a date.

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Zorpia conclusion…

Zorpia is obviously very similar to Facebook. The pros and cons are simple, pros are that Zorpia can be used if you are in China and the cons are the message spam, and the fact that there are less features than what you get with facebook. All in all you should be able to make a decision now whether to join and I hope you’ve found this blog post useful 🙂

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