The Four Percent Group Review – 4% Real or Scam?

The Four Percent Group is a marketing and training platform created by Vick Strizheus. Today I’m sharing my full review after becoming a member and testing the system out. If you’re looking for a full review of the Four Percent Group keep reading below because I’m going to share all the details in my honest review.

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The Four Percent Group – Overview

So I review a lot of different programs and to be honest the majority of them are complete scams. I’d like to jump straight in and give you my verdict. The Four Percent Group (4% or 4 Percent) however you want to spell it (it doesn’t really matter) is NOT a scam. This is a genuine program that is actually free to join and offers great training. They do have a paid membership which gives you access to better training and the ability to earn money as an affiliate too.

Go here to create your free account at The Four Percent Group

Here is what the back office looks like when you are logged in:

When you first become a member you will go through a series of setup steps. These are the 7-steps and you can see the menu tab listed top left. These are a series of videos from Vick Strizheus that give you an overview of the entire system and explain how the business works and how you can actually make money. What I personally like about this system is that Vick has really gone to a great length to put together something that can work for people regardless of experience.

This is a good system for more experienced marketers like myself however a complete newbie can also come in and earn money too.

The Four Percent Group – Good Points

So what are the good points? There are many good points actually. I’ll list them below and then go into detail about them more.

  • Vick Strizheus – Proven expert marketer and 7-figure a year earner
  • Proven system
  • Good training
  • No unnecessary up-sells (only helpful tools)
  • Weekly training webinars (100% free)
  • Events
  • Webinar replays
  • Vick’s Daily Snaps (motivation/inspirational)
  • Nice looking interface (still a work in progress)

So one of the main things I noticed about The Four Percent Group is they don’t cram in 5-6 up-sells simply for the sake of making money. I really like this because with other programs and especially MLM style programs there are often a number of expensive programs you have to purchase in order to be able to re-sell and make money. With The Four Percent Group you don’t have this. It’s free to join and then you have a premium $49 per month membership. The “up-sell” is $497 for a 1 time payment option meaning you will never pay the $49 again. This is a great option because it means you pay that once and you have lifetime membership however it’s NOT a pointless up-sell like some other programs offer.

Also when you start to progress through the steps you won’t be hit with more and more up-sells like other programs. The only “up-sells” inside of The Four Percent Group are actually tools which will help you. You are recommended to get a number of tools like ClickFunnels, ClickMagick, LeadPages and a few others. However these are “optional” but simply recommended tools. They will actually help you to make more money and you can earn commissions on these tools too. They are not pointless products you are just buying to “qualify” like in other programs.

The last thing I really like about The Four Percent Group is the weekly training webinars. Not only do you get access to these for free but they are also recorded and added to the back office. This is great because it shows Vick is dedicated to training all new members and this will really help newbies to succeed.

The Four Percent Group – Bad Points

Honestly there are not many bad points. There have been a few technical issues with the website however these are what I would call growing pains. It’s what happens with all new businesses and systems and they will certainly overcome and minor issues they have had. I guess the main “bad point” would be that they integrate with Tecademics which is a 3rd party company. Don’t get me wrong here, there is nothing wrong with Tecademics as they are a good company however they are a 3rd party company which means everything isn’t contained inside of The Four Percent Group. To be honest I am clutching at straws here simply trying to find something “negative” purely for the sake of giving an unbiased review but in all honesty there are no bad points in my opinion for The Four Percent Group which are concerning in the slightest.

Conclusion = I’m Recommending It!

It’s not very often I’m able to write a positive review because literally most the systems I review are flat out scams but The Four Percent Group is not one of them. This is a genuine program and I am happy to recommend it. In fact I highly recommend you join through the link below as you can create a free account and get instant access to the members area:

Go here to create your free account at The Four Percent Group

If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

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World Ventures Scam? My Honest Opinion!

World Ventures is company that’s been surrounded with a lot of buzz lately. In fact I was surprised when doing my research into various network marketing and MLM companies just how many people are searching for reviews of World Ventures wondering whether it’s a legitimate company or another scam. Chances are if you’re reading this you too could be someone looking for information on this company so without further ado let’s get started with my WorldVentures review and answer the question, is World Ventures a scam?

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World Ventures – About The Company

Over the past few months I’ve done many reviews of very similar companies in my opinion to WorldVentures. For example I recently reviewed Kyani. Whilst the 2 companies are in completely different markets they both attract similar types of people who are looking to make money. When a company is classed as a network marketing company it’s always important to learn more about the company, who the owners are and whether you can really trust them. After all if you build up a good income with a particular company you want to know that your income is safe and is not going to vanish overnight. I’ve personally fallen victim to this as I built up a downline in a company a couple of years back of over 1,000 people only for the company to go and change their compensation plan effectively making my income a 10% of what it was overnight. So can you trust WorldVentures?

In my opinion the research suggests that WorldVentures is a legitimate company and not a scam. They were founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcure who are 2 people with a lot of experience and success in the industry. As of 2015 the company has reps in 24 different countries totalling over 120,000 independent reps. WorldVentures as their name suggests specialises in the travel niche and is one of the biggest of it’s kind. There are companies similar that have come and gone in recent years but for WorldVentures to still be going strong after 11 years clearly shows me they are a legitimate company.

What Are The World Ventures Products?

As I already mentioned this company is about travel so naturally their products are travel related.

They have different membership levels such as:

  • DreamTrips  ($199.95 One-Time then $26.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $54.99 per month)
  • International DreamTrips Life ($199.95 One-Time then $49.98 per month).
  • Luxury DreamTrips ($999.99 One-Time then $99.99 per month)
  • DreamTrips U ($99.99 One-Time then $20.99 per month)

You can get more information about each membership and what you get at their website.

World Ventures – The Business Opportunity

This is the main part of my review because it’s the real reason I decided to put this review together. After all my blog reviews make money online products, systems and companies which includes anything from network marketing/mlm to forex and stock trading. I’m not so much interested in the WorldVentures products as long as they are legitimate but more interested in the kind of money that can be made should you sign up to become a distributor/rep for them.

Like all travel companies and network marketing companies you earn commissions here by referring other people.

Here is a video about their compensation plan you can watch. It explains the different levels and how the business really works.

I’m not endorsing this video- This is simply an example of how their compensation plan works that I found on YouTube:

World Ventures – My Verdict & Recommendation!

After taking a closer look at all the facts surrounding WorldVentures it’s clear to me that this is a legitimate company. They have stood the test of time which is great. If you’ve got your heart set on joining this company then don’t let me stop you, however if you’re joining this company purely because of the money making potential then I personally believe there’s a better way of making money online which you can see below.

Over the past few months I’ve been testing a brand new system and I’ve now crossed 5-figures per month with it.

In fact last month alone I made over $15,000 from this simple system.

This system is now my no.1 recommendation for anyone who wants to make money online. Check it out at the link below.

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Ps.. Be sure to avoid the Click Money System scam.

Easy Click Profits – Scam or Legit?

Easy Click Profits is a new system that I’ve recently stumbled across so is it actually any good and can it really help you? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing all the information. Is this just another scam? Keep reading and I’ll share everything.

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Easy Click Profits – Overview

So after taking a closer look at Easy Click Profits it was obvious that this system is another website that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. There are a lot of these kind of websites around, such as Online Profits Breakthrough and of course WiFi Millionaire which is an official Mobe sales presentation. Of course you are probably wondering what in the world is this Mobe business I am talking about? Don’t worry because I will explain all of that below.

As you can see in the screenshot above there are a bunch of people with big checks. These are people who have made money from the Mobe business. The good news is that these are all real people and they have actually made money. A lot of people who you see in these kind of sales videos are actors, but in the case of Easy Click Profits all of these people are real and I actually recognise a few of them.

I won’t say any names but one is a big blogger who’s email list I am subscribed to, and this particular person has made 7-figures using Mobe. So let’s get into it, what exactly is Mobe?

Easy Click Profits – What Is Mobe?

Mobe is a company started by Matt Lloyd. He’s an Aussie entrepreneur who’s made 10’s of millions from his company over the past few years. He started Mobe a few years back and attracted many affiliates. The company itself is a “digital marketing” company. But in simple terms it’s a business opportunity. You sign up because you want to know how to make money and they will teach you how to become an affiliate of theirs and make money promoting their products.

The products on offer are expensive though and if you want to actually earn commissions on them you’ll need to own them yourself. It will set you back potentially 5-figures if you buy all the products which you’ll want to if you want to actually have the ability to make a lot of money. What exactly are these products? They are events held around the world teaching you internet marketing. At each event they bring in experts to teach you how to drive traffic, convert sales, get leads and ultimately make money. I haven’t personally attended an event since I’m not involved in the company but this is essentially what happens at the events from what I’ve seen and heard.

Is Easy Click Profits A Scam?

That’s a tricky question to answer. I don’t really think that all the marketing tactics used by the Easy Click Profits website are ethical however I also wouldn’t say that Mobe is a scam. After all I have reviewed and exposed many scams in the past few months (and years) and I know what to look for. In my opinion a scam is something that promises you a lot of money and doesn’t deliver. For example a product saying you can make 5-figures per month that actually sells you an outdated method that won’t make you a penny.

With this system you can make money. There are many affiliates out there for Mobe who are making a lot of money. That being said, the majority of people who are making a lot of money with this company are experienced marketers who would be making a lot of money with anything that they promoted. So it’s not exactly an “honest” representation of success, because in reality you should look at the newbies who join and see the success rate there. Also there are some super unethical marketers who promote systems like My Millionaire Mentor which flat out lie in order to sell you into Mobe.

It’s still a hard one to judge though since some people join and never take any action at all. So they probably could have been successful if they actually put in the work. My opinion is that the company is not a scam however I don’t personally recommend it because I think there’s better options out there for making money (see below).

Easy Click Profits Conclusion

I won’t be recommending Easy Click Profits/Mobe as I don’t believe you will make the money they claim, I’m not an affiliate of theirs and finally I believe there’s a better option for you to make money. In fact if you go ahead and check out my recommendation below you can see my “no.1 recommendation” which has helped me make as much as $38,000 in a single month.

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iCoin Pro Review – Scam or Legit?

Today I’m taking a look at new opportunity called iCoin Pro. The website you may have come across is or even iCoinSuccess. It’s all the same opportunity though and today I’m asking the question is iCoin Pro legit or just another scam? Let’s take a look and find out.

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iCoin Pro – Overview

So what is this new opportunity all about? In the past week I noticed that a couple of well known marketers have started to promote iCoin Pro which made me pay attention. I’ve been thinking what is it all about and is it something I should consider getting involved with? After taking a closer look I was able to find out that this is an opportunity built around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. In case you are wondering what Bitcoin is, it’s essentially a digital currency. Whilst I won’t go 100% into all the details you can always check out the Bitcoin Wiki.

Bitcoin is really getting big now. In the last week alone I’ve had family members talking to me about it. These are people who have no experience or real interest in online business yet because of the huge growth in the popularity and value of bitcoin even regular people are talking about it. So is now the time you can profit with iCoinPro? After looking into this in more detail it seems that iCoinPro is in fact an MLM company/opportunity that is built around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. You can make money with iCoinPro by referring other people into the system and also from the pure growth of these currency types. Some people believe that Bitcoin could be worth as much as $500,000 per coin by 2030!

Is ICoin Pro A Scam?

After taking a closer look I don’t believe that iCoin Pro is a scam. There are some big name marketers who are promoting this as an income opportunity and these are the kind of people that would not attach their name to something without knowing that it is something legitimate. That being said you should be careful before you join and make sure this is something that you actually want to get involved with. After all there are many other opportunities out there including ones in the bitcoin industry. Also since bitcoin is a huge trend right now there are many MLM companies who are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to make money from it. With the news covering Bitcoin everyone seems to be talking about it, and you need to actually do the right research before you get involved.

Also are you joining iCoinPro for the income opportunity or do you just want to invest in bitcoin because ultimately you don’t need to do it via iCoin Pro if you only want to invest your money. ICoinPro is better for making money from the income opportunity attached as well as investing.

ICoin Pro – Conclusion

So do I actually recommend it? Unfortunately I won’t be recommending iCoin Pro. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first reason is that I am not actively involved in iCoinPro so I don’t feel like I can honestly recommend it to you when I am not involved myself. How can I recommend something that I am not personally using myself. The second reason I am not recommending it is because I believe there are better options out there for making money online. Whilst bitcoin is huge and growing, as an income opportunity it could be risky. There are certainly no guarantees that the price will continue to rise.

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Profit With Us Scam – Avoid This Scam!

Profit With Us is a brand new website I have just heard about and I’m here to tell you it’s a huge scam. Don’t waste your time or money on this scam, instead you can read this post where I am sharing all the details on why you need to stay away from Profit With Us.

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Profit With Us – ‘Scam’ Overview

So what exactly is Profit With Us all about and why am I calling it out as a scam? The reason is actually pretty simple. The Profit With Us website is your typical scam that offers zero value to you but will happily take as much money as you let it. This scam starts off with you visiting their website and watching the video talking about how much money you can make. They make some very bold claims. After taking a closer look I soon realised that I had seen the video before. This is in fact not a new scam, it’s essentially just been rehashed.

If you take a look at the screenshot I have posted above you’ll see a video which looks like a news video. It talks about how people are making money working from home and how you can get started. This video has been used on a number of websites in the past, and is not new. The Profit With Us website is the only “new” thing about the whole scam. It’s really quite similar to others I have exposed recently like Complete Profit Code.

How Does Profit With Us Work?

So perhaps you are wondering how the Complete Profit Code works, or a better question, how DOESN’T it work? Chances are you heard about this scam from an email. Email marketing is a great thing however many of the scammers use it to spread their scams. Really what they are doing is not email marketing but actually email spam. They will spam your inbox with emails promoting their systems and also they will get their affiliate partners to do the same. This is usually how these kind of scams spread and is most likely the most popular method of spreading the Profit With Us scam website. Once you click on the link in the email you’ll end up on their website where you can start watching the video.

To learn more about need to enter your details which include name, email and phone number (although the phone number part is optional). The reason they do this is so that they can follow up with you via email and also sell you more products and services. Once again there is nothing wrong with doing this, many legitimate businesses (myself included) collect peoples name and email addresses in order to share more information. For example when you get on my email list I share my no.1 recommendation with my subscribers and also email new reviews and scam updates to warn my subscribers about new scams.

After you enter your details on the Profit With Us website you’ll be forwarded to another page where you can watch a longer video. The video will look like this:

The guy in this video has appeared in other videos. Chances are he is a paid actor who has been hired for this video. He’s appeared in another similar video for a website called Cash With Matt. I can’t give you proof he is a paid actor, maybe he is the real owner behind the website but in my experience I doubt it.

According to their checkout when you purchase Profit With Us it will cost you $97 and then you will get a “Done For You Income System” and you will get personalised help and support. You even get access to a one on one mentor and a 30 day money back guarantee or “satisfaction guarantee” as they call it.

Profit With Us = Mobe

After looking into this website it has become clear to me that this is another system promoting Mobe. Mobe is a business opportunity created by Matt Lloyd. I put together a full review of Mobe here in case you are interested to learn more. I am not going to go into the details about Mobe, however I do not recommend them as a company and here are the reasons why:

  • I feel there are better alternatives out there (see my no.1 system below)
  • Expensive and requires 5-figure investment
  • MLM (I am not a big fan of MLM companies)

Those are my honest views and my opinion. If you want to learn more about Mobe just hit that link above and you can read the full review where I share more about the company, what they offer, who the creator Matt Lloyd is and why I don’t recommend them. By the way I don’t believe Mobe is a scam (even though I am calling Profit With Us a scam). It’s all about how a company is marketed. Websites like Profit With Us essentially tell complete lies in order to sell you Mobe which is why I expose these websites.

Profit With Us – Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to recommend this system.

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Time Freedom System Review – Scam or Legit?

Time Freedom (TimeFreedom.Me) is a new website claiming it can help you make 5-figures per month but is it the real deal and what’s it actually all about? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing the details with you. Keep reading as I share everything you need to know about the Time Freedom website & system.

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Time Freedom System – Overview

So I got an email in my inbox about this new website and wondered what it was all about. After taking a closer look it become clear to me that this is a website that promotes a business opportunity known as Digital Altitude. Time Freedom is the new website and the person appearing in the video is known as Alex Z one of the top affiliates in the company. Similar websites that promote this opportunity are the Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire Today which I have reviewed a few weeks back.

So here is a screenshot I just took of the Time Freedom System website. That’s the main man on the website right there Mr Alex Z. I don’t personally know Alex but I’ve watched him have success in a few different companies online, mainly Empower Network and Digital Altitude (the current company he’s involved with). He’s made over $500k in the last 12 months with the company and is clearly doing very well for himself as one of the top earners.

The question really is what is this company all about? Can you really get Time Freedom and are the results realistic? Let’s look into the real details and I’ll share my honest opinion with you regarding this company.

Time Freedom System – My Experience

So first off I feel I should mention that I have first hand experience with the company I am reviewing here. I was an affiliate for Digital Altitude from around April 2016 to December 2016. And during that time I made around $55,000 in commissions with the company. They are not an old company either, I actually jumped on board at the same time many people did just after they launched. Michael Force is actually the owner of the company and he invited a friend of mine to join who then invited me. I was one of the top earners in Empower Network a couple of years ago so I was invited early into Digital Altitude (aka Time Freedom System).

Like I mentioned I made $55,000 over the course of a few months. It was an okay amount of money but based on the number of sales I brought in I probably should have made more. Also as an experienced marketer who already has a website and an email list I was able to promote this business opportunity and make money relatively quickly whereas other people who are just getting started are not going to have the results that I had.

Also this is similar for Alex Z who appears in the Time Freedom System website. Whilst he has been successful and started from nothing, it is important to realise that he was already successful before he joined Digital Altitude. So he could basically come into Digital Altitude (Time Freedom) and make a lot of money quickly. This kind of success won’t happen for someone who is a newbie and brand new to the opportunity. Although it is technically possible for sure with the right guidance.

Digital Altitude – The Company / Products

So as I mentioned the real company behind this website is Digital Altitude. This is the business opportunity you would be joining. It will cost you just $1 to get started on a trial however this literally just lets you look inside the system and access a few training videos. You will also be assigned a coach who is basically a sales person who will try and up-sell you to the higher priced products. This is how the money is made, if you were to join via my affiliate link for example and buy the higher priced products such as the $10,000 Ascend package I would earn a commission on that. I’m not going to beat around the bush here like some reviews do, this is a high ticket opportunity and if you are going to join you better be prepared to spend money because $1 is not going to make you a success here or in any business for that matter.

You can actually spend around $50k if you want to be ALL IN which essentially means you can resell the products and earn the full commissions rates on the products. So what exactly are the products on offer here? They are live events teaching digital marketing. The packages range from a few $1,000 to over $10,000 and they are an event. So basically you will pay for the package, and that will include all the training and your hotel etc for the event. At the event you’ll learn from a number of experts and top earners in the company how to do marketing, and basically how to be a success with this company.

Is Time Freedom / Digital Altitude A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam, however some people might argue differently based on it being an expensive opportunity (e.g high ticket). Personally I believe that it takes money to make money and you should be prepared to invest into your training and future if you want to make real money online. That being said, this is probably the most high ticket opportunity I have seen, and I know for sure that some people will lose a lot of money because they won’t put into action what they learn.

Time Freedom Conclusion

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending this opportunity to you. I decided at the end of 2016 to stop promoting Digital Altitude because I felt that there were better programs out there that I could offer to my subscribers that would be more beneficial and helpful for making money online. If you are interested to learn more go ahead and check out my no.1 recommendation below and access a 100% free training for making 5-figures per month.

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My Internet Success Coach – Scam or Legit?

My Internet Success Coach is a new website I’ve just been taking a closer look at to find out more about it and see whether it’s a legit system or just another scam. You can keep reading below to get all the details on this new system and find out my honest opinion.

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My Internet Success Coach – Overview

So after landing on the website and taking a closer look it became very clear what I was dealing with. The My Internet Success Coach website promotes a business opportunity known as Mobe. The website itself is very similar to others I have reviewed on this blog like the WIFI Millionaire and Online Profits Breakthrough. It’s a website that exists solely to promote the Mobe business opportunity. It’s not actually a system in itself, it’s just the name of the website that has been put together to push people into joining Mobe.

So what on earth is Mobe you’re probably wondering? It’s a business opportunity created by Matt Lloyd. Matt’s an Aussie entrepreneur who started the company a few years back. I’m not going to go into too much detail since I already put together a full review of Mobe here but I’ll give you a brief overview.

It’s a company that teaches digital marketing and has a business opportunity attached. You can basically become an affiliate for Mobe, resell their business training and earn commissions. The commissions rates vary but generally are around 50% and this is also known as a high ticket opportunity. In other words it’s expensive so if you want to see success here be prepared to spend money, it’s not cheap that’s for sure.

How Does My Internet Success Coach Work?

When you get started with My Internet Success Coach they will put you through a series of steps. The steps are actually known as the “21 steps” and they essentially guide you through what it takes to succeed with Mobe. It’s aimed to educate you on the exciting world of internet marketing whilst also selling to you. You will also get access to your very own coach who will help you move through these steps. However the “coach” is also a sales person working on commission to sell you on these higher packages. I’m not saying there’s anything “wrong” with this but you should be aware that the coach isn’t necessarily just a coach, they want to push you to upgrade. That will ultimately help you make money IF you follow through, however you’ll also end up spending more money. Whilst My Internet Success Coach (Mobe) has many success stories there are also many people who have lost money due to not taking action after they jumped in.

My Internet Success Coach – The Products

One thing you need to be aware of is that this is an MLM business opportunity. Matt Lloyd and MOBE probably won’t advertise themselves as an MLM and will say that they are a licensing model or just affiliate marketing but ultimately you need to recruit other people to join you. The people you recruit buy the products (which are actually live training events) and you get paid a commission. I don’t personally see how that is not MLM to be honest, so in my eyes this is an MLM company, similar to competitors like Digital Altitude (aka Digital Millionaire Secret & Aspire Millionaires).

Is My Internet Success Coach A Scam?

Honestly that’s up to you to decide. Personally I don’t believe it’s a scam because I have exposed many of these in the past few months as you can see if you read the reviews on this blog. Scams are obvious and they literally have no success stories. That being said My Internet Success Coach (aka MOBE) the real company on offer here is not a scam. They have a number of strong testimonials with people making money. I know of several 7-figure earners in the company and many more people who have made 6-figures.

One thing you need to be aware of is that this is a high ticket opportunity as I already explained and if you are not prepared to invest money then you won’t have success here. If you are thinking of just spending the $50 to get started and assuming you are going to get rich then you need to think again because it won’t happen. I highly recommend you check out my recommendation, as I feel it will serve you better.

My Internet Success Coach Conclusion

In my opinion it’s not a scam however that doesn’t mean that I will be recommending it. I personally feel that there are better opportunities and training programs that will teach you how to make money as you can see if you check out my no.1 recommendation below.

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Daily Income Method – Scam or Legit?

Daily Income Method is a new system from Mack Mills but does it really work, or is it another scam? I’ve been taking a closer look and I’m sharing the full details for you on this page. By the way this won’t be a long review, but I will get straight to the point. Get all the details below 🙂

First things first…

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Is Daily Income Method Legit?

Short answer is YES. I’ve been taking a closer look at the Daily Income Method and it’s basically a system for promoting Motor Club of America (MCA) which is a network marketing company. I’ve not actually reviewed MCA before so I can’t really comment on their company or opportunity. The Daily Income Method has been created by Mack Mills who is involved with the MCA opportunity and his system is pretty cool because essentially it allows you to earn money from MCA and also earn commissions from reselling his VSL (video sales letter).

daily income method

How Does Daily Income Method Work?

So you’re probably wondering how the Daily Income Method actually works? The first step is to watch the video from Mack. It’s a cool video showing his cars, his income, lifestyle and what you can hope to make if you join him. One thing Mack does well is his sales videos and he’s put together a few for various opportunities in the past few years. I’ve even promoted some of them myself and they always do far better than the “corporate” sales videos.

Step 1 is to join MCA (Motor Club of America) and step 2 is to get Mack’s system so you can actually promote the very same system you are looking at now and refer people into MCA. When you refer people into MCA you will be able to build a team and earn commissions. Rather than doing it the hard way, you get to utilise Mack’s Daily Income Method website so that you can drive signups much easier than if you were to try doing it on your own. Mack’s made it easy by putting this together and charging a small fee for you to access it.

Is Daily Income Method A Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam. I review a lot of scams for this blog, in fact in the last week alone I’ve done a review of Tesler and Vena System since they’re both huge binary scams. MCA is a legitimate company and “Daily Income Method” is technically just a sales page that you’re able to access. It’s cheap too considering the money it would have taken Mack to put this together so that’s another bonus. The amount you’ll pay to start using this is tiny compared to what it would cost to have something like this made up, plus you can earn commissions on it so that’s a huge bonus too.

Negatives For Daily Income Method

There aren’t really any “negatives” as such when it comes to the system however you should know that if you are looking for training then this won’t really help you. This is a system for promoting MCA and you need to drive traffic to your system in order to make sales and earn money. If you can do this then you will earn money, but if you are a complete newbie then you might struggle, that’s my honest opinion.

Daily Income Method – Conclusion

A high quality system that is attached to an opportunity that can make you money. It looks good to me. I won’t be signing up to promote it, as I am already committed to other things, plus I’m not sure it’s even available in my location as when I tried to access the MCA website it didn’t work. That being said, you can make your own decision and if you like the look of it then by all means go ahead and sign up!

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Aspire Millionaires – Scam or Real System?

Aspire Millionaires is a new system claiming it can help you make $1,000 a day but is it the real deal or another scam system? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing all the details. Keep reading if you want to learn the truth about Aspire Millionaires in my full review.

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Aspire Millionaires – Overview

Once I landed on the Aspire Millionaires website I knew exactly what this system was about. The name kind of gave it away anyway as this website promotes a company called Digital Altitude but is also know as the “Aspire System”. It’s currently being promoted through a number of different websites a couple of which I have reviewed recently like Digital Millionaire Secret and Aspire Today. Aspire Millionaires is no different to these other websites and it’s most likely been created by an affiliate of Digital Altitude in order to drive more signups.

aspire millionaires website

What a lot of the top affiliate marketers who are part of companies like Digital Altitude do is they create their own front end sales videos to promote a company. Then they go and list these on a bunch of affiliate networks so that other affiliate marketers who belong to these various networks can sign up and promote. This particular offer is paying $60 commission on a sale of just $37 which is pretty generous, and that’s because the owner (the affiliate for Digital Altitude) knows they will make their money back through the various up-sells that Digital Altitude offers to customers once they join at the $37 level.

Hopefully that doesn’t confuse you too much, but basically all you need to know is that Aspire Millionaires is NOT a system or product. It’s just the name of a website that promotes the Digital Altitude business opportunity. So let’s look at what the company is all about and I’ll share my own personal experience too.

Aspire Millionaires – The Company

The company being offered here is Digital Altitude. How can I best explain that company? It’s basically a business opportunity built around digital marketing. Their products teach you how to do digital marketing and you can become an affiliate of the company and earn commissions on the products that they offer. This is what is known in the industry as a “pay to play” business because you need to actually buy the products in order to be able to resell them. Some people call it licensing too, essentially you buy the products and this allows you to earn a commission when you resell them. The commissions are approximately 25-30% however you can earn commissions from your team members who make sales too. So let’s say I refer you and you start making sales. Whenever you make a sale I will earn a commission on your sale too. This means that it pays to have a big team who are also getting results that way you can earn commissions from your teams efforts without doing anything.

Aspire Millionaires – The Products

So what exactly are these products that you are going to be offering to people? Well don’t think that you are getting any physical products here delivered to your house because you’re most definitely not. These are digital products and also events. The products offered by Digital Altitude are educational and teach you about digital marketing however their main products which start from around $2000 and go up to $16,000+ are events. These events are held in various locations, usually 5 star resorts where you’ll stay for 3-4 days and they will fly in a bunch of experts who will teach you about various aspects and strategies of digital marketing to help you have success with your business. Usually the top affiliates in the company will also attend the event so it’s good for networking and you can also learn how these top affiliates are making so many sales.

So is this a good company, or one you should avoid? Let’s look at the positives and negatives before I give you my opinion.

The Positives

  • Ability to earn high commissions
  • No need to stock products
  • Coaches that sell for you
  • Events held at luxury locations

The Negatives

  • Expensive program – Requires around $50k investment to be “ALL IN”
  • Pay to play program – You must own the products to earn commissions on them

As you can see there are a number of positives and negatives but the main negatives in my opinion outweigh the positives. Digital Altitude is a “pay to play” program which means that you can’t actually make any money unless you commit to buying all the products. This is something that has become “the norm” in the online business opportunity niche however it’s really quite stupid when you think about it because surely a customer should want to buy a product because they want the product, not because they want to earn money on it?

It’s really quite basic when you think about it but in this world of business opportunities this has become normal and typical. Most companies out there are using this method, and it creates a potential problem because the customers are only customers for the business opportunity, not for the actual value the products offer. Don’t get me wrong, some people who buy the products in Digital Altitude do it because they want the value the events hold, but I know from my own experience that the majority buy them because they want to earn commissions on them. I did it myself when I was part of another company, I spent around $5,000 buying products simply so I could resell them and never actually used those products!

Is Aspire Millionaires A Scam?

Some people are definitely going to argue that it’s a scam. I personally don’t believe that because I have reviewed my fair share of scams and in my experience and opinion a scam is something that basically lies to you, giving you false hope and delivering nothing in return. Digital Altitude does deliver you what you pay for and it has a refund guarantee too. That being said you do need to be aware that it’s a high ticket opportunity meaning you’ll need to spend high 5-figures to be “all in” and earn commissions on all their products.

If you’re going into this and can only afford a few $100 or less then your chances of being successful are extremely limited.

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Digital Altitude Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Digital Altitude review! I’ve been a member of Digital Altitude for around 3 months and I’ve decided to do this review to share my experience so far! My review will be honest and share the good and the bad, so if you’re looking for a genuine review keep reading below and get all the info.

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What is Digital Altitude?

It’s a digital marketing training system that first teaches you about operating an online business and how you actually make money, and then allows you to also make money by being an affiliate and promoting the products. Digital Altitude provides all members with their own dedicated coach who will work with them 1 to 1 and help you go from wherever you are (even if that’s a complete newbie) to having the knowledge of an expert, armed with everything you need to make money!


What are the Digital Altitude products?

Rather than go into all the specific products on offer I’ll give you a summary of what the products are. The lower cost products are a series of training videos that walk you through the dynamics of operating an online business and making money. They are essentially the stepping stones to running an online business. The more expensive products in the line up are actually live events! So when you purchase products known as Ascend, Peak and Apex you will get live, hands on training at one of the Digital Altitude events. You’ll also get a number of benefits such as increased commissions for being an affiliate.

The goal of Digital Altitude…

Unlike other businesses they don’t want to throw you in at the deep end and expect you to make money. You are assigned a coach when you join, and it’s your job to check in with the coach (they will also check in with you) to make sure you are following the steps. It’s really a simple business, just follow the steps, connect with your coach and do as they say. All the coaches in Digital Altitude are proven 6 & 7 figure online marketers so they know exactly what you need to do to actually be successful.

Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

Many people have been wondering whether it’s a scam and I’m here to tell you it’s not. People are always going to make arguments that a system is a scam, to be honest it doesn’t matter what credentials someone has, when it comes to teaching about making money people automatically think scam. If Bill Gates brought out a program teaching you how he has made his billions I guarantee that people would call it a scam, even though he’s a proven success.

No Digital Altitude (DA) is not a scam. In my opinion a scam is something like Millionaire Bizpro or Steal My System (2 scams I recently reviewed) which literally offer zero value in exchange for money.

The bad things about Digital Altitude…

So far I haven’t experienced any bad things personally. I have heard a few people having issues contacting their coaches, but other than that it’s all good! And in my opinion the good things far outweigh the bad things! I guess if I had to find something “bad” it would be that the products can get expensive, however the coaches have solutions for financing higher priced products and you don’t actually need to start at the top, work your way up!

The good things about Digital Altitude…

Where do I start? There are so many good things! Firstly you can get started for just $1 which is a tiny amount. The only reason they have this $1 fee is to make sure only serious people can get involved, because let’s face it, nobody is getting rich from $1 and they have this fee to keep the tyre kickers out! Another great thing is that you get your own 6/7-figure coach assigned to you when you join. I have been involved in businesses in the past where coaches were assigned, but to be honest the coaches in that business were not experts, they were just sales people. However the coaches with Digital Altitude are real experts who can help you! You are literally getting access to an EXPERT for just $1! Obviously there are other products on offer for more than $1 but you can get full access to see inside the members area, connect with your coach and start your training for $1.

So Mark, does it really work? Did you make money?

Yes! Of course I did! I wouldn’t be giving such a positive review if I didn’t make money.

In fact in the past 30 days I’ve pulled over $10,000 with Digital Altitude 🙂


And my total team sales just past $120,000! This means that other people I have introduced to Digital Altitude are also making money!

Check out the proof in this image:


Pretty impressive right? I think you’ll agree that having team members (some of which are complete newbies) come in and generate $120,000 is impressive. And I’ve never actually experienced anything like this in any other business that I’ve been involved with.

Also for me to make over $10,000 in the last 30 days with Digital Altitude is clear proof that it’s working for me. Plus I’ve only been working this business part time as I’ve been committed to other projects but now I’m ready to scale this to multiple 5-figures and beyond! Some other members I know have been able to make over $100,000 in a single month with this business.

My conclusion… Digital Altitude works.

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Alternatives to Digital Altitude?

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