Countdown To Profits Scam – Avoid It!

Countdown To Profits is a website that has been around for quite some time now. The reason I have not reviewed Countdown To Profits yet is because to be honest I didn’t think that many people would be promoting this system so I never bothered to review it. Lately I’ve noticed this scam system being promoted by a few different people so I’m now sharing my review to warn you from getting involved with it.

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Countdown To Profits – Overview

So what exactly is the Countdown To Profits system all about? After taking a closer look the first thing I noticed was that I’ve seen this system before. Looking into it in more detail I was able to find out that this is essentially a front end sales system for Matt Lloyd’s Mobe opportunity. It makes some pretty bold claims about making money and even offers you a guaranteed $500 however don’t be fooled by this.

I’ve noticed many similar websites that are promoting the Mobe opportunity, very similar to Countdown To Profits. Websites like WiFi Millionaire and also Complete Profit Code have been promoted hard by affiliates in order to get people to sign up to Mobe. There’s also been some extremely scammy looking websites like My Millionaire Mentor.

Essentially what these websites do is urge people to sign up to Mobe by offering them crazy amounts of money. Usually they are extremely hyped up. Just look at the screen shot of the website above that is offering a guaranteed amount of money and saying it’s limited to only 50 people. It’s all hype and no real substance.

So What Is Mobe?

I’m not going to go into all the details. You can go here for a full review of Mobe however I will give you some details to give you a basic understanding of this company. It’s a business opportunity created by Matt Lloyd who is an Australian entrepreneur. It’s a high ticket opportunity which basically means that it’s expensive. It’s what is known as a “pay to play” program that basically means in order to make money you need to own the products. Matt Lloyd has referred to it as “licensing”.

So what are the products? The products on offer are digital marketing products. Products that actually teach digital marketing. The products are actually mostly live events which means that you pay $1,000’s and you get to go to an event where you will learn from people on how to do marketing. The marketing will specifically teach you how to have success as an affiliate of Mobe reselling their events.

The people behind websites like Countdown To Profits are affiliates of Mobe. So they get paid to sign you up. If you sign up and decide to get involved with the business opportunity and purchase the products they will earn a commission and then you’ll be taught how to do the same.

Is Countdown To Profits A Scam?

Personally I am not a fan of Countdown To Profits. I think the websites lies in order to get people to sign up to the Mobe business opportunity. Making huge offers like a guaranteed $500 which isn’t really backed up by anything is a warning sign. Plus this website has been around for quite a long time, the sales materials are super hyped up and it’s not really very clear from the beginning what’s on offer. It just looks like your typical make money online scam and it’s listed on a number of websites where people can sign up and promote it.

All in all, a lot of unethical affiliates who just want to make a quick buck are promoting this in a number of ways such as email spam and other methods.

Is Mobe A Scam?

Despite my feelings towards the Countdown To Profits website I don’t believe Matt Lloyd’s Mobe is a scam. I have been involved with similar programs in the past and understand how they work. It’s really a matter of opinion as to whether you like the business or not, however it is technically not a scam. If you sign up you do have a chance at being successful and you will be able to access the products you purchase.

Countdown To Profits Conclusion

As you can probably tell I will not be recommending it. I don’t believe that you’ll make anywhere near the claimed income and I also think there are far better options out there for making money such as my no.1 recommendation.

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