Dubli Network – Scam or Legit?

Looking for an honest review of Dubli Network? I’ve been investigating this company and now I’m sharing my honest review and opinion. Keep reading below to get all the details and see why I’m not recommending it. Everything is revealed in my full review on this page.

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Dubli Network Review

Dubli is basically a global marketing network company which provides a cashback program worldwide which is related to travel, entertainment and online shopping. I would not find it wrong to say that they highly claim that cashback is given to people who sign up for an account and purchase things online. I’ve actually tested this myself and it does work plus they have a lot of companies and websites that they integrate with. The things vary from airline tickets to movie tickets and almost covers everything inclusive of automobiles, furniture, health and beauty, finance and insurance, online services, clothing, etc. The founder of Dubli, Michael Hansen is qualified as a mechanical engineer and in my opinion has made a lot of achievements in the field of network marketing. Initially, the company focused on reverse auctions when it was started right back in the year 2003. It was a company wherein you can purchase the Dubli credits and can use them for bidding on various items. With time, they turned their focus on network marketing completely which seems to have worked well for them.

The Cashback Toolbar

I believe that the Dubli cashback toolbar is one of the most exciting things about Dubli. It can be easily downloaded and then added to the user’s browser. By doing this, one can have all the information about the cashback rewarded and how much is returned on each product. A customer can use to have a check on its returns. The money is added to the customer’s online account immediately after purchasing. Whenever a customer visits any website affiliation with Dubli, they are made aware of it and are notified about the fact that they are qualified for certain cashback rewards, which I think is very convenient for the users.

Dubli Shopping Mall

There is also a feature called the Dubli shopping mall. One can purchase things through it just like they purchase from any other online store as all the things are available readily. By signing up for an account and being a member of this company, I would say that you can have an access to lots of special discounts, promotions and many other savings. I would also like to mention here that often there is a free shipping offer provided as well. One can find a lot of deals on this site.

The Dubli Compensation Plan

You can deal with the Dubli network in three forms. You can either be a VIP member, a partner or a business associate. VIP members can earn good amount by the way of referring members. The pay is usually $20 for each and every referral provided they sign up as well with the VIP plan which sounds a little difficult to me. If you decide on becoming a partner of the firm, then you will be able to earn profits through your retail sales and operate your own e-commerce portal. Also, there is an opportunity as a business associate wherein you can build up a team and earn some residual income. A business associate earns a residual income and earn a lot of commissions when their customers use the online portal for purchasing. According to me, instead of going for VIP membership, one should simply apply for free membership as a member and can avail the various entertainment options for free. Also, there is an option to go in for premium membership by paying $4.95 a month after which you are entitled for a 4% overall cashback every year.

Is Dubli A Legitimate Company?

Dubli may appear to be one of the most beneficial company to work with and for me the cashback rewards seems to be really very exciting. But, one needs to use Payoneer for all the money handling work which charges some hidden fees on every debit card and bank transfers. Hence I think that, customers might not like to deal and purchase things from your online shopping portal if you are an associate. Also, the next thing is that a person requires to pay a minimum of $99 as the startup charge which is for all the MLM members.

Whilst Dubli is a legitimate company it is not one I would personally recommend for anyone who wants to start an online business. I prefer to recommend digital opportunities which have a higher earning potential. In my experience when you utilise systems online to make money your earning potential is much higher and this is what has allowed me to build a 6-figure income online working from home (or anywhere I choose). See my no.1 recommendation below.

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