H9 Water Review – Scam or Real Business?

Looking for a review of H9 Water?

I’ve been taking a closer look at this company known as H9 Water and now I’m sharing my honest review and opinion. If you want to learn more about this business keep reading as I’m sharing all the details.

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H9 Water Review

This unbiased review of H9 Water will help you to make a right decision regarding joining this business or not. To give you a quick background on No Bs Im Reviews I started this blog to give honest reviews on network marketing, MLM, get rich quick, make money online and a bunch of other products to do with making money, during that time I have exposed over 200 scams like entrepreneur jobs club, home earning system and many others, so you can expect an honest review.

Steven Morse and Keith Hall from Texas, USA has launched the website www.h9water.com in 2013 with the support of Earth Product Inc. This can be the first MLM Company of this duo as nothing else is available about them. So, instead of focusing on the company we should focus on its products

H9 Water Products

The product distributed by H9 Water was known as Structured Water. According to them, this structured water is forth form of water found in human body cells. This water can be found naturally in some springs and melting glaciers. According to various researches this water contains many properties of unique quality. You will be giving something more to your body when you are drinking structured water already present in your cells.

The importance of this structured water for your cells has been proved through various scientific researches. According to them, structured water adds nutrients, produces hydrogenated structured water and filters your chemicals and perform following works by passing through nine patented steps. These works include flushing out waste and toxins, convert and replicate energy, provide prolonged alertness, nourishes with minerals and vitamins, hydrates and beautify your skin and hair.

The cost of a box of 16 bottles of 500 ml is $99.95 and two boxes are sufficient for a person for a month.

Compensation Plan For H9 Water

The Uni-level compensation plan of H9 Water pays out commission on the basis of your rank in this MLM business. There are 13 ranks in this MLM business but commission is paid up to 10 levels of personally enrolled members. Its 13 ranks include Partner, Senior Partner, Director, Regional Director, National Director, Executive Director, Ambassador, 1* Ambassador, 2* Ambassador, 3* Ambassador, 4* Ambassador, 5* Ambassador, Global ambassador and Platinum global ambassador. Each rank holder except Partner has to maintain 100 PV or 300 PQV every month along with recruiting minimum 3 affiliates personally along with other prerequisites as per rank. The Partner has to generate these points and maintain them every month. Everyone has to generate or maintain 100PV or 300 PQV to be eligible to earn commission.

Commission is paid out for each order supply of two boxes according to the rank. You can earn more on each order if you have preferred customers. On the basis of preferred customers the distributors of H9 Water are also provided certain percentage as bonus depending on the BV earned. Every rank holder also earns certain percentage of residual income depending upon his/her rank. They also provide rank achievement bonus after attaining the rank of Ambassador. You can also earn certain other bonuses with H9 Water like fast start bonus up to $300 per affiliate. Depending upon your rank you can also get $100 per month as car bonus.

H9 Water Joining Costs

You can join H9 water by buying any of the three packs including:

H9 Marketing Pack for $99

H9 Partner Pack for $499 or 8 boxes of water

H9 Premium Partner Pack for $999 or 20 boxes of water along with marketing material

H9 Water Verdict & Recommendation

Though the compensation plan of H9 Water is attractive as they are selling some real product but the matter of concern is that they are selling water or rather an expensive water and is this really a good business opportunity when there are huge water brands out there? Why would you purchase H9 Water for example over a simple bottle of Evian water for example. That is how I feel anyway and it’s just 1 of 2 reasons why I wouldn’t recommend H9 Water as a business opportunity.

The main reason I wouldn’t recommend it is because I prefer digital opportunities like my no.1 recommendation. Using the internet as a way to leverage systems is in my opinion a far better way to make money with a business than doing old school MLM/network marketing practices. If you want to see my no.1 recommendation just keep reading as I will introduce you to it below.

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