Karatbars International Review – Scam or Legit?

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Karatbars International Review

Karatbars International is a global MLM business operation within the mining-and metals industry and is the brain child of Herr Harald Seiz. Launched in 2011, the eCommerce company specializes in selling small amounts of gold bars. It distributes these gold bars and gift-items in gold bullion through affiliate marketing efforts (see our no.1 recommendation for affiliate marketing AWOL Academy here). The headquarters of Karatbars International are in Stuttgart where they carry out customer service, marketing, and delivery of their Gold items. The company has seen a rapid expansion over the last 3 years, venturing into more than 70 countries and with an aim of getting to 194 countries.

Karatbars International Products

Karatbars International sells small quantities of 24 ct or 999.9 pure gold Atakulche bars. They are produced by a LBMA GDL Refiner known as Atasay. While at the business event, I got to know how there are people who cannot afford one ounce of Gold. Typically, Gold is traded in ONE Troy Ounce bullion, which equals 31.1 grams, but with Karatbars, you can start buying as small an amount as 1 gram. The 1 gram 999.9 gold bars are full- insured and shipped to you with reliable, fast delivery.

The unique thing about Karatbars gold bars is the packaging. Each piece of precious metal contains an assayer’s signature and is stamped with a valid-trademark. Besides, the gold bar unit is embedded and heat-sealed in what appears like a credit card(a UV-protected film). For visual appeal, there are Hologram adcorns on the bar’s reverse side. The hologram adcorns are also for security and contain a graphic bar code with details of the item and authenticity certificate.

Karatbars International Business Opportunity

The program is certainly not a model of earning commissions from sales and you don’t make much earnings on the profits on Gold. To be honest, that is true for any Network Marketing business so I’m not going to hold this against them but often the commission level is small which is why I rarely recommend MLM programs and prefer digital earning opportunities like Freelance Marketing Secrets. What it does is help you get discounts on the product as you build your team by getting other members to sign up to this program, as well. And the larger your team, the more your Gold discount is. To get started, you’ll of course pay more initially, but you’re buying into an Affiliate Program. Later on the price of your Gold will get cheaper and cheaper as the team you gain have other members under them. Now, I myself congratulate them for creating such a unique and rather amazing program.

Karatbars International A Scam?

Many review writers online term Karatbars International a pyramid scheme or scam even before examining the system and make sense of it. To be honest this is unfair because it means that the company gets a bad reputation when in reality it’s potentially a good company, the thing is in this industry there are many people promoting competitor companies and simply want to write negative reviews so that they can push you into another program (beware of these kind of people).

The truth is that you’ll have to constantly get more new members to join in order to boost your sales volume, and raise the sum of money you make but that is not anything new, MLM and network marketing opportunities have always been this way requiring you to recruit more members and make more sales. Besides, to be an affiliate and become successful at sponsoring, you’ve to put in the work and get educated on how to make money this way. Now, there may be one major flaw in terms of the pricing of their unit Gold bars. The truth is they sell their 1 gram Gold Bars roughly 33% above the market value. This does make you wonder why you would buy from them?

Do I Recommend Karatbars International?

On the surface this company looks okay to me but I wouldn’t personally recommend it. There’s 2 reasons I say this so let me explain, firstly I don’t like the markup on the gold and think this raises a question as to why you would buy into the program apart from for the business opportunity. The last reason and the main reason is that I prefer digital earning opportunities in other words I prefer to make money online. I think the earning potential is much higher because I’ve personally built a 6-figure income online that continues to grow and I’ve made over $130k in 6 months this year with a brand new system (see my no.1 recommendation below).

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