My Forex Lifestyle – Scam or Legit?

My Forex Lifestyle is a new program I’ve recently come across after seeing a well known marketer start to promote it. Today I’m sharing my honest review and opinion after taking a closer look to see what it’s all about. Keep reading this page to get all the details before you make a decision.

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My Forex Lifestyle Overview

Like I mentioned I’ve seen a couple of well known marketers promoting this new opportunity called My Forex Lifestyle and at first I was a little surprised since it looks like a system for trading forex which is a little strange that marketers in the MLM space would be promoting this however as I looked closer I noticed that this is a little different. It’s not simply some forex system, but it’s actually got a compensation plan built in so that people can promote it and earn money that way. Also it’s nothing to do with coins like other systems I have reviewed like iCoin Pro.

What Is My Forex Lifestyle?

So after taking a closer look I can see that My Forex Lifestyle is basically just the website name but the real opportunity here is known as Copy Profit Share. The Copy Profit Share website is actually a membership website that will teach you how to make money trading. You’ll need to go through the motions to sign up and of course to trade you actually need money to trade with, so you’ll need to deposit into an account that they recommend, chances are they will get paid a commission on this deposit (by the way). There are also other membership options where you will have to pay a monthly fee and in return you’ll get access to better training.

To be honest information is pretty scarce when it comes to My Forex Lifestyle and Copy Profit Share. There are a number of mixed reviews out there so it’s really quite hard to determine whether this is a legitimate opportunity or not. I was able to find a bunch of information on one of the trading forums where someone was complaining that this is a complete scam and warning people to stay away from it.

Surprisingly one of the people involved in My Forex Lifestyle / Copy Profit Share entered the conversation on the forum and basically started telling people that this other person was lying and Copy Profit Share was legitimate. It’s really hard to know who is telling the truth here because on 1 hand I can understand someone who has lost money going onto the forum to complain, however I know from my own experience that the majority of people fail at making money online (regardless of the method) because they are simply too lazy or stupid to implement what is right in front of them, so I can kind of see why the person involved in Copy Profit Share would come on the forum and start getting annoyed by these people. On the flip side there are some interesting arguments made so who do you really believe?

I watched the videos on the My Forex Lifestyle website and to be honest they are pretty convincing and they don’t look like they are staged either. You just have a few guys hanging out sharing stories and showing their income. There is also the testimony of one guy that went from $250 to $153,000 in 5 months and he claims he used Copy Profit Share to do that so that is certainly encouraging.

My Forex Lifestyle – Conclusion

My honest opinion is this…. My Forex Lifestyle / Copy Profit Share is probably a legitimate training for teaching you how to make money trading forex and binaries however the majority of people will never implement it properly and end up losing money and calling it a scam (hence the negative reviews you see on the internet). I’m not going to be putting my own money at risk doing this and reporting back because ultimately it will take me too long, plus I am already committed to other projects that I believe are worth my time more than spending time and money on My Forex Lifestyle. If you’re interested in trading, you might want to take a closer look at it, but if you’re simply interested in making money online then I personally believe there’s a better solution (see below).

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