My Online ATM Scam Exposed? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of My Online ATM?

Is My Online ATM just another scam that I’m about to expose?

If you want to know the truth about this system keep reading because I’m sharing my honest and full review.

Before I start…

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My Online ATM Review

My Online ATM caught my attention but I quickly made up my mind about this system once I landed on the website and saw the fake actors claiming that they had made a fortune using My Online ATM. What a complete joke and this instantly confirmed my suspicions of scam regarding this system.

my online atm scam website

See the guy in the screen shot above. He claims to have made a fortune using My Online ATM but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This person has appeared on literally dozens of scam sales videos claiming to have made money. You can head over to and find him selling fake testimonial services. He’s appeared on more scam websites giving fake testimonials than I can remember but he’s been doing it for years.

More BS From My Online ATM

If the fake testimonials from people claiming to have made $10,000+ per day weren’t bad enough I also noticed false scarcity being used on the website. What this basically means is they claim theres a limited number of spots when in reality there’s an “unlimited” number of positions.

Here is what I am talking about:

my online atm fake scam

“Just 77 out of 100″ positions available.” – Yeah right, what a complete farce.

There’s literally 100’s of affiliates promoting this website making 100’s of sales.

There is absolutely no way that they are only giving away “100 positions” in the system. The truth is they will accept as many positions as they possibly can. As long as people are prepared to part with their cash in exchange for “My Online ATM” then they will be happy to take your money and give you access to their system.

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How Does My Online ATM Work?

So enough of my “opinion” on this system.

It’s pretty clear that I won’t be recommending it. But let’s talk a little about how My Online ATM actually works and what is on offer here.

What exactly do you get access to?

After doing some further research I soon realised that the real company on offer here was MOBE (aka the WIFI Millionaire System).

MOBE is a high ticket business opportunity started my Matt Lloyd and Australian business person. MOBE is similar to other high ticket businesses like The Super Affiliate Network and Aspire Today.

Over the past few years MOBE has grown into something of a powerhouse in the work at home / online business niche.

mobe logo

In essence you sign up to MOBE because you want to make money online. They put you through a series of training steps and sell you products that are classed as “high ticket” products.

They train you on how to make money with affiliate marketing, sell you products that teach you this and offer you the chance to become an affiliate of MOBE where you can resell their products and actually earn commissions.

By re-sell their products it basically means recruit others into the opportunity and get paid commissions when the people you recruit buy the products. Basically the exact same thing that you did in the first place.

The products are “high ticket” so they cost a lot of money and you can’t actually resell them for the maximum commission levels unless you buy them yourself. This is known as “pay to play” because if you aren’t willing to invest in the products to own them yourself you can’t earn commissions on them.

What does My Online ATM have to do with MOBE?

The My Online ATM website has most likely been created by an advanced affiliate of MOBE.

Since there is a big earning potential to make money by recruiting people into the MOBE opportunity (due to the fact that the products on offer are very expensive and pay lucrative commissions) naturally they attract some advanced affiliates.

Unfortunately they also attract some unethical affiliates who will happily lie in order to recruit you into MOBE.

That in my opinion is what has happened with the My Online ATM website.

One of MOBE’s advanced (yet seemingly unethical) affiliates has created this website in order to drive people to sign up to MOBE.

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Is My Online ATM / MOBE A Scam?

I’ll tell you what I think and explain it to you in a way that I think will make sense.

Let’s think of MOBE as a car (just for this example so it makes sense).

MOBE a nice car (nothing amazing) but it does the job of getting you and your family from A to B safely and efficiently.

My Online ATM is a sales person who is selling you the “MOBE” car in the showroom.

Now, if the sales person (My Online ATM) was honest about the car and gave you the real facts then there would be nothing unethical going on.

However in my opinion My Online ATM (the sales person) is telling you that the car (MOBE) is one of the fastest in the world, the easiest to drive and will get amazing gas mileage.

You listen to the sales person and buy the car because you’ve been told it’s amazing.

When you finally get it home you realise it’s just another car. It’s okay and it does the job but it’s NOT what you bought into.

Does that example make sense?

In my opinion this is EXACTLY what is happening with websites like My Online ATM because they are mis-selling MOBE.

They are leading you to believe that you can simply click a few buttons and make millions online with MOBE but the reality is far different. You will need to work hard, follow the training and most importantly you will need to be prepared to invest a lot of time and money to actually see any results at all!

I am surprised Matt Lloyd hasn’t shut down these unethical affiliates making his company look bad.

My Online ATM Conclusion

I am not going to be recommending My Online ATM because I think the website is unethical and mis-sells MOBE.

Plus I don’t actually recommend MOBE as a company anyway as I believe there are better alternatives for making money online like my no.1 recommendation which you can see below.

Before you leave

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