My Profit Formula Scam – Real Review!

My Profit Formula is a brand new money making scam I’ve been taking a closer look at. It’s gained popularity over the past few days as many scammers have been promoting this and spamming peoples inbox with promotions. You can read my full review below and get all the details about it and why I’m not recommending it.

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My Profit Formula – Complete Fraud

In my honest opinion My Profit Formula is a complete fraud. I’ve looked into this new system and all the signs point towards scam. I am really not recommending it to anyone and actively telling people to stay away from it. The truth is you won’t make a penny from it, and the website has been created by a known scammer. When you do 100’s of reviews on money making systems like I do you soon see who are the bad guys like the ones behind The Cash Loophole and who are the good guys like Tai Lopez.

It doesn’t take long once you start looking at the real facts to understand why My Profit Formula is a scam. For example the website was only registered recently despite them claiming to have helped a bunch of people make money with many testimonials. The whole backstory is basically a lie and the person on the sales video is an actress. Also the testimonials are fake and the positive reviews are clearly fake too. All signs point towards another huge scam!

After looking further into it my suspicions were true. I found that the people behind the My Profit Formula website have also been behind dozens of other scam websites and there are countless negative reviews from real users saying how they have lost money to the scams that these people have been behind. It’s a real shame but that’s the harsh reality of the world of making money online, whilst there are good systems out there like my no.1 recommendation (go here to see it) there are probably 9 bad systems for every 1 good one!


My Profit Formula – Dangerous Scam

One thing you should know about My Profit Formula apart from the fact that the website is created by a group of known scammers is that you should be aware of the scam brokers they integrate with. Many people have lost money to dodgy binary options brokers and the authorities have even clamped down on some of them by banning them from doing business inside of the USA. Whilst there may be some legitimate systems out there unfortunately they are few and far between. Brokers have been known to con people out of a lot of money. Whilst reviewing another system it came to my attention that one person had lost over half a million dollars to a scam like My Profit Formula which proves just how careful you really have to be.


One thing I did notice on their website which is a huge red flag is the fact that they state you can “become a millionaire”. Sure you can make money online but being able to instantly become a millionaire through a system like this is unrealistic. Even the best systems out there require time and money to actually start seeing results. So when you see overly unrealistic income claims you should always proceed with caution.

You’ve done the right thing anyway by looking for a review of this system. Hopefully I’ve been able to stop you from signing up by letting you know the real truth about this system. It just shows that you should always do your research on new systems and look for real reviews. Unfortunately there are other people giving reviews of My Profit Bot who will be saying how amazing it is but the truth is these people have probably been paid to say that.

My Profit Formula – Conclusion

In my opinion this system is a scam and my research proves it. The people behind this system have been behind many others in the past and have defrauded 1,000’s of people. You should definitely avoid this system unless you want to lose money. If you want to find something that actually works and is proven then take a look at my recommendation below.

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