Nspire Network – Ridiculous Scam or Legit?

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Nspire Network Review

The increasing buzz about Nspire Network has compelled me to write this review after investigating its business strategies. You might be reading this review because someone might have approached you through social media or personally to join this business opportunity. The information provided in my review will help you in making a right decision in this regard. I’ve reviewed 100’s of systems exposing many along the way and in the past few days I’ve put together reviews of Motive Cosmetics, Clever Container and Dubli Network so I have a lot of experience in this field.

Spencer Iverson has inaugurated Nspire Network as its founder and President to inspire millions of people throughout the world to allow them make their dreams true. The customer base of this company grew by over 300% and gross revenue over $5,000,000 within few weeks if its inauguration due to the marketing concept and leadership of Iverson.

In the industry of network marketing Iverson has made millions of dollars by building conventional businesses. Earlier he worked as an executive and affiliate with Paycation, a travel MLM company. He left this company in 2008 after co-founding a company the Millionaire Lifestyle Institute which was in 2011 renamed as Worthy of Millions Institute.

Products of Nspire Network

The products offered by Nspire Network are exceptionally interesting.

They include:

Cherish Sanitary Napkins with negative ion technology to balance hormone and pH levels and protect form bacteria and germs.

Empower Testosterone Booster Plus to boost testosterone and libido levels of men

Max Life Prostate Care Plus to reduce urination urges and BHP of men in natural manner

Total Recall Memory Booster to restore brain power and brighten brain functioning

Taboo for Him, a male sexual enhancer containing natural chemicals found in Viagra.

Sweetest For Her to improve sexual health of women

Still Nspire Network is in prelaunch stage. They may add more products while launching this company officially.

Compensation Plan of Nspire Network

Being in prelaunch stage the company has not declared their compensation plan still I am providing you some information on the basis of my investigations.

As per different marketing materials of Nspire Network there will be 4 affiliate Ranks

Star with 500 Group Volume or GV per month

Diamond: qualification criteria is not available yet

Ambassador with 50,000 GV per month

Legend with 3,000,000 GV per month

GV is the group volume generated by the members of downline of the affiliate based on their sale volume.

Qualification For Commission

One has to generate 25-100 PV or personal volume per month by buying himself or through his retail orders to be eligible to earn commission in Nspire Network.

Commission Payouts

Retail sale: the products sold in retail including the orders generated by preferred customers can provide 40% commission to the members.

Recruitment commission: the commission on recruiting a new member depends upon the package bought by him.

Residual Commission Binary plan: It will be paid as per the structure of Binary Plan.

Residual Commissions Unilevel: It will be paid after your first order as per the unilevel plan.

Personally sponsored members can get up to 40% of residual commission as matching bonus.

The members qualifying for Star or higher ranks can earn bonus for Global Pool.

Joining Cost For Nspire Network

In order to join Nspire Network you will have to spend according to the package you buy ranging from $99 to $499. The amount of products to buy makes these packages different from each other.

Nspire Network Verdict

On the whole, Nspire Network seems to be a good and legit business opportunity, as per my review. Though they ensure safety from FDA but they have to tighten their products more efficiently. At present you should not take risk as the actual reviews of the products offered by this company are still in disguise. It can be difficult for you to sell their products unless you believe in them. Presently, it seems that company is encouraging people to recruit their downline members.


Though Nspire Network seems to be a legit business opportunity it’s not one that I would personally recommend. I prefer digital opportunities where you can use systems to make more money. Check out my no.1 recommendation below to see what I recommend above every other system I’ve reviewed.

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