700 Profit Club Scam – Don’t Trust Fake System!

The 700 Profit Club is a new scam system I am exposing today. I’ve put together this review to share the real truth about the 700 Profit Club and stop you from losing money to this nasty scam system. Keep reading below to get all the details in my honest review.

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700 Profit Club – The Real Truth

After taking a closer look at the 700 Profit Club there is no doubt that this system is a scam. I have reviewed over 100 scam systems and exposed them right here on this blog. Recently I have exposed the likes of Nuvo Finance and The Money Academy but today I’m exposing a different kind of scam. This is what’s known as a hosting scam. In other words all they want to do here is sign you up to some extremely expensive hosting so that you can access their “free website” that they will give you. The real truth is that this hosting is ridiculously expensive and unnecessary and the website you get access to won’t make you a penny.

As you can see in the image above once you actually watch their sales video and check out what they have to offer you are forwarded to this website where you need to sign up for your “free website” apart from it isn’t free at all. They claim that a website like this costs between $2000 and $5000 to produce however that is a complete load of BS. This website costs barely anything to produce and they are selling it to 100’s (maybe 1,000’s) of people!

In order to actually get your free website you need to sign up to Cool Handle hosting. Now I honestly don’t know what the quality of their hosting is like, they could have the best hosting in the world, but my guess is that they are pretty normal, average at best. However they are charging a ridiculous amount of money for their website. They say that you can have it for just $4.95 a month which seems extremely cheap, however if you are too quick to sign up you might miss that they charge it on a 3 year billing cycle. That means if you go ahead and sign up you won’t be paying $4.95 a month, you’ll be paying $249 in 1 payment. They add on some other BS extras that you don’t need so they can charge you more.

As you can see the billing cycle is a “36 month plan” which is extremely misleading since it makes it appear as if you are paying monthly however the amount due is $249.84 which is absurd for some basic web hosting. Even if you only select the 12 month plan you will still be billed for it annually and at a higher rate. Take a look at just how much the 12 month which is the cheapest option will cost you.

That’s $167.04 that you would have to pay in 1 go to access your “free website”.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you actually made the money they claim that this amount of money would be nothing. You would be able to make a fortune easily for sure, however you will not make that at all because this “free website” won’t make you a penny. It’s all a scam, a complete lie designed to get you to sign up to their website and pay for this over priced hosting. If you sign up you will receive some BS website that won’t make you a penny.

700 Profit Club – Scam

700 Profit Club is a complete scam. If you sign up you won’t make a penny. The truth is the creators don’t make money like they claim they do in their video. They make their money by scamming people like you into signing up to bogus hosting systems that pay them big money. Hosting should cost a small amount of money like $10 a month or less and should be billed monthly. Sure a yearly option is always available but it shouldn’t be forced upon you. The simple fact is 700 Profit Club is a scam and needs avoiding.

700 Profit Club Conclusion

I won’t be recommending the 700 Profit Club as it’s a complete scam. If you sign up you will only lose money and won’t make a penny.

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CB Passive Income – Scam or Legit?

CB Passive Income is a product that teaches you how to make money as an affiliate but can it really work? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m going to share the details so you can learn more about it and decide whether to join.

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CB Passive Income – Overview

So what exactly is CB Passive Income all about? After taking a closer look myself it’s clear that this product is about affiliate marketing. They aim to teach you how to make money being an affiliate which is essentially selling other peoples products and/or services for a commission. It’s something I personally do very well to earn a 5-figure per month income and my no.1 recommendation that I mentioned above teaches you in depth how you can do this too. CB Passive Income gives you a number of methods for promoting products online as an affiliate and the creator actually offers you the ability to promote his own products and earn commissions on them.

The creator of CB Passive Income is Patric Chan who is an internet marketer and best-selling author of WakeUP Millionaire. The good news here is that he’s a real person and not some paid actor. Unfortunately there are many scam systems out there that simply use paid actors in their sales video. But with CB Passive Income Patric Chan is a real person and this is a real system too. Plus being listed on Clickbank you know it’s not a scam, as they have strict policies on what products get approved on their network.

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

There are a number of training modules included in the product. Like I already mentioned the overall strategy here is affiliate marketing and once you actually sign up you are offered the chance to promote another product of Patric Chan’s called Operation Quick Money. This allows you to actually promote another product of Patric’s and earn commissions on it. It’s done in a clever way that allows you to build an email list and also earn from other products too.

What you might not know is that email marketing is one of the best methods for making money with affiliate marketing. Essentially you build an email list of targeted people and you can then sell products and services to them and that is what you are being taught here by promoting Operation Quick Money using the CB Passive Income training.

You are also shown a number of different ways that you can actually promote in order to earn commissions. The modules take you through a number of strategies such as YouTube SEO, Solo Ads and even Facebook marketing. These are solid training modules that do contain good content and they do teach methods that can actually work for you. The negatives here are that Patric is teaching you how to promote his own products. This is good that you can earn money although clearly he is doing this so he too can earn more money since he will make 25-50% of any sales that you generate.

Negatives For CB Passive Income

Despite this product teaching you genuine strategies there are some negatives for sure. First off the main negative that hit me was the fact that the training promotes the use of solo ads. In my opinion solo ads are outdated and don’t work anymore. A solo ad is where you pay the owner of an email list to send out a promotion for you. In theory this should work and it did used to work extremely well until it got over used and saturated. Essentially people started teaching others how to make money from solo ads. People built email lists of prospects purely so they could sell promotions to that list (solo ads) and this ruined it because ultimately the solo ads you want to buy are from people with email lists that actively make money promoting products to their list as affiliates or product owners. In other words the subscribers on those lists actually buy products. However what happened in the solo ads niche is that so many email addresses were passed back and forth between dead email lists (e.g unresponsive lists) that the whole industry went to crap.

I spend $10,000’s on solo ads a couple of years ago and it was a complete waste of money and I would never do it again. So this part of CB Passive Income is clearly outdated and a huge negative point in my opinion.

That being said the other training looks okay as long as it’s regularly updated. Unfortunately I don’t know whether it is or not.

Is CB Passive Income A Scam?

In my opinion CB Passive Income is not a scam, however it does have some fundamental flaws like I already mentioned teaching things like solo ads. That being said it’s still a lot better than most of the scams I review such as Online Profits Breakthrough. I’d probably put it on the same level as something like The Four Percent Group which is another system I reviewed that’s pretty good, but certainly not the best out there.

Do I Recommend CB Passive Income?

I’ll be honest it’s not the worst product I’ve seen however I won’t be recommending it.

CB Passive Income teaches you affiliate marketing which is good but there’s better products and systems out there for teaching you the subject of affiliate marketing.

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Online Profits Blueprint – Scam or Legit?

Online Profits Blueprint is a new money making system from Misha Wilson but does it really work, or is it just another scam system? I’ve been taking a closer look to find out more and now I’m sharing my full review of the Online Profits Blueprint.

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Online Profits Blueprint – Overview

Online Profits Blueprint is actually just the name of the website. The real “system” behind this is called the Super Affiliate Network and it was started by Misha Wilson a year or 2 back. The good thing is, Misha is a real person. He’s not some scammer like so many others I see and he’s not an actor. Believe it or not I see all kinds of scam systems like 700 Profit Club and 21 Step Millionaire Coach using paid actors to give fake testimonials while the real owners of the systems hide behind closed doors.

Misha is not new to the internet marketing industry and he’s actually been a top earner before in a previous company that I too was involved with. That company went massively downhill a couple of years ago and Misha decided to create his very own system which is what you have been seeing with the Online Profits Blueprint.

Who Is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is a real person. That’s a huge plus point as I already mentioned since there are so many scammers out there in this industry hiding behind paid actors. Fortunately in the case of Online Profits Breakthrough Misha is real and I know this because I actually know who he is. I don’t know him personally, we have never actually crossed paths, however I do recognise his name from a previous internet marketing opportunity we were involved with. He’s now a 25 year old guy, who for the past few years has crushed it online, and in the last 1-2 year has built his very own program helping people to make money.

Misha has made his money in affiliate marketing which is something I personally do and recommend. In fact my no.1 recommendation specifically teaches you how to do affiliate marketing to earn a 5-figure per month income like I do. You can see my no.1 recommendation at this link and register for the free training event.

In my opinion affiliate marketing is the best way to make money because you are selling other peoples products and services and simply earning a commission. You never have to spend anytime putting together that product or service in the first place, or even delivering it. You just get paid to drive the sale, and if you do it the right way you can get paid recurring residual commissions. In other words you do the work once (make the sale once) and get paid each month over and over. That’s the best kind of affiliate marketing in my opinion.

What Does Online Profits Blueprint Teach?

Online Profits Blueprint teaches you about affiliate marketing and they teach you how to do list building. List building is essentially building an email list of highly targeted prospects who you can email over and over. Of course there is a specific way to engage with your list in order to grow a relationship with them. For example when people subscribe to the No Bs Im Reviews email list I don’t just pound my subscribers with promotions each day. I actually send useful emails, often sharing new reviews, scam warnings and such. Occasionally I drop in a promotion or dedicate part of my email to promoting a specific product or service, and in my opinion that’s how it’s done best.

With Online Profits Blueprint Misha Wilson teaches you how to grow an email list and also offers you the opportunity to earn commissions promoting his Online Profits Blueprint system (aka The Super Affiliate Network). He has a number of products which you can resell and earn commission on them. It’s kind of like an MLM opportunity but some would argue that it’s more of a “license rights” opportunity. In other words you buy the products and that gives you the ability to resell them for commissions.

Is Online Profits Blueprint A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam. Misha Wilson has genuine knowledge to share and he has helped many people to get started making money. I review all kinds of systems here at No Bs Im Reviews and it’s easy to spot scams. I already linked to a couple at the top of this review. After taking a closer look at what Misha Wilson has created here I am happy to say it’s not a scam.

Do I Recommend It?

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending the Online Profits Blueprint and it’s not because it’s a scam or anything like that.

The main reason I won’t be recommending it, is because I personally feel that my own “no.1 recommendation” is a better solution for making money.

If you want to check out my no.1 recommendation (it’s made me $10k in the last 2 weeks) then go ahead and check it out below:

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Hyperspeed Commissions – Scam or Legit?

Hyperspeed Commissions is a new product which just launched on the WarriorPlus network but can this product really help you make money as it claims, or is it just another rehashed scam you should avoid? Keep reading below and I’ll share all the details with you.

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Hyperspeed Commissions – Overview

After taking a closer look at Hyperspeed Commissions it’s clear to me that this product is teaching you how to run cheap Facebook ads. Facebook ads have become huge in the past couple of years and many marketers have jumped on them with great success however many still struggle. I’ve personally struggled to crack the code to Facebook ads despite trying many times. I’ve only been successful running Facebook ads through 1 specific niche which has nothing to do with internet marketing.

So can Hyperspeed Commissions be the answer to you finally making money from Facebook ads? After checking it out I think that this looks like a pretty decent product and one that can help you get started. I do think some of the claims they make are a little unrealistic like saying you can start profiting $150+ a day starting with just $5. Sure I mean you can technically start with just $5 a day ad spend, but you’ll need to spend more and test various ads before you really make money.

It’s not as simple as just turning on the system and seeing the profits roll in. If they are actually suggesting that it’s possible to do that then they are lying. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you will always need to test various ads to find the winning formula. If it were as simple as turning on the machine then we’d all be experts running Facebook ads for high end clients making a fortune, but obviously that isn’t the case.

Is Hyperspeed Commissions A Scam?

It doesn’t look like it to me. I’ve reviewed many products and systems right here on this blog and the scams are easy to spot. Take for example the Online Profits Breakthrough or Steal My System. These are obvious make money scams that have zero value, but Hyperspeed Commissions is nothing like those. They actually offer real training, plus it’s super cheap and they even have a 14 day money back guarantee. So rest assured that it’s definitely not a scam what you are buying here, so there’s pretty much no risk.

How Does Hyperspeed Commissions Work?

The product works by teaching you how to run Facebook ads with a small budget and utilise the Facebook pixel. A while back Facebook came up with this ingenious solution to tracking ads by creating a pixel. The pixel is one that you place throughout your funnel and you can track a number of actions such as leads, webinar registrations, purchases etc, the list really goes on. This allows you to track the whole funnel, I mean you can even track how many people add to cart, how many buy, the conversion from the add to cart page. All this provides Facebook with an amazing amount of data that allows them to optimise their entire platform.

It’s quite scary when you think about it how much Facebook actually knows. For example: you go onto one of your favourite websites and buy something. You might not have even been on Facebook but because you’re logged into Facebook and the website you bought from is using the Facebook pixel, they now know that you are a buyer. You’ve been added to Facebook’s huge list of buyers!

Now as a consumer this is quite scary what data Facebook actually knows but as a marketer it’s amazing. Plus you could argue that it’s better because it means you’ll received more targeted advertisements and not just random ones that are completely unrelated to you. It’s clever stuff though and it’s because of this pixel that people have been able to have so much success with Facebook ads, because you can now optimise for conversions. So when running ads you can basically tell Facebook you want sales, or you want leads, and how much you want to pay for them. Obviously you need to be realistic with it, but Hyperspeed Commissions will show you how to do this on a small budget, it’s pretty cool.

Should You Buy Hyperspeed Commissions?

To be honest that depends. In my honest opinion if you are looking to learn more about Facebook ads and you want a cheap product to help you do that, then go ahead and buy it because you will learn about how to run these ads on a small budget and potentially make money.

On the flip side if you don’t really care about Facebook and you simply want to make money one way or another then I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally think that if you are a newbie and you don’t already know much about Facebook you’ll probably struggle to have success here, and you’d be better off checking out my recommendation below.

My No.1 Recommendation For You…

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Steal My System – Scam or Legit?

Steal My System is not a “new” scam, it’s actually been going for a couple of years now, but today I’m sharing my review and exposing Steal My System. If you’re thinking of investing your money into this product stop, take a step back and read my full Steal My System review and get the truth.

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Steal My System – Complete Scam

If you’re thinking about investing in Steal My System I recommend you hold off and read this whole page. The truth is Steal My System is just another scam no different to Copy My Websites and Millionaire Bizpro. If you want to make real money then non of these systems are going to help you make money. These systems are scams and the only reason they exist is to make the owners and the affiliates who promote them money. You won’t make a penny from the crap that they are selling you, it’s just hype!

steal my system scam

So they claim that you’ve found a “secret page” and all you need to do is follow the instructions and you can earn $3,000 a day. The truth is this is complete BS and isn’t going to make you a penny. The whole backstory on this system is not legitimate. It’s a lie, literally a “story” made up to sell you on getting started. So what actually happens when you jump into Steal My System and pay the $9 bucks? Well the first thing you should know is that the $9 you pay is just the start.

That will actually re-bill you after I believe 5 days, and you’ll be a charged a monthly fee of $30. This is something that the Steal My System owners hope that you forget about. To be honest they put this in such a small print that I doubt many people even realise they will be charged this fee. 1,000’s of people have signed up to this system, chances are even if a few 100 are still getting billed without realising it, then the owners of Steal My System are making plenty of cash. They probably should have called it Steal Your Money!

By the way there’s a great new product out called The Traveling CEO by Tai Lopez, hit that link and check it out if your fed up of scam systems like this one.

Steal My System – Fake Testimonials

Another thing I noticed about the Steal My System scam is all the fake testimonials. If people were really making money with this system then why would they fill up their sales video with fake testimonials from actors. Some of the guys that appear in the video are just $5 actors from Fiverr. Literally these guys will have been paid $5 to say that they made a fortune with this system. What a joke, the people giving these testimonials are not crushing it with this system, chances are they are probably flat broke.

Steal My System – Up Sells

Once you actually buy their product and spend the $9 then you’ll be up-sold on a bunch of other products that you don’t need. Of course they will try and sell you these products as best as they can, and their website makes it hard to actually skip past these. In my opinion you need to forget all about Steal My System because it’s a complete scam and it won’t help you make any money. All this system will do is try and suck as much money out of your wallet as possible.

Conclusion – Avoid It!

Don’t waste your time on this scam system. The truth is it won’t help you make a penny and is a complete waste of your time and money.

Before you leave today, if you’re sick and tired of scams and want a real solution for making money then go ahead and check out my recommendation…

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AWOL Academy Review – My First 2 Weeks! (#1 Recommendation)

I’ve been a part of AWOL Academy for around 2-3 weeks now so I thought I’d put this review together to share my opinion and experience in case you are interested to learn more about it.

Before I start the review, if you’re reading this you’re 1 of 2 people. You’re either here looking for review of AWOL Academy, and maybe found my blog in Google or you’re a subscriber of No Bs Im Reviews already and you’ve landed here from one of my emails.

If you’ve got no idea what AWOL Academy is, then let me quickly explain that it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

The reason it’s no.1 is because out of the 100’s of products and systems I have reviewed AWOL Academy is the one that I would recommend head and shoulders above the rest for anyone who wants to make money online. They teach you step-by-step how to do it and give you incredible value for free before they ever ask you to get your wallet out.

Go here to check it out and see for yourself

Alternatively keep reading to get my review.

AWOL Academy – Overview

What makes AWOL Academy different to other companies and products online? The main thing I would say is that the focus is on the customer (in other words you). There are so many products and systems online that are built for the affiliates which means they are designed to make money, they are not designed to actually help the customer. I’ve been part of these kind of programs before and whilst I have personally made money, the people I have referred haven’t had the same level of success.

With AWOL Academy the focus is on you, the customer. They teach you exactly how to go from zero (or wherever you are now) to building a 6-figure income online with affiliate marketing. They lay everything out for you for free, and then invite you to become a member of their Academy. They’ll even get on the phone with you and coach you one-to-one. It’s really quite incredible and I’ve not seen anything else like it before.

Who Is Behind AWOL Academy?

The man himself Keala Kanae

AWOL Academy has been founded by Keala Kanae. He’s an entrepreneur who I first heard about a few years ago when he was involved in another business opportunity that I too was a part of. I watched him rise the ranks in this company and quickly become one of the top producers. Since then he moved onto other companies, did some speaking, consulting and to be honest I didn’t hear much, but as it turns out he was quietly working away on a project that became AWOL Academy. He along with some close friends of his had a vision to help regular everyday people live “Another Way Of Life” hence the name “AWOL” and so far so good he is certainly doing that and helping many people!

AWOL Academy is in it’s infancy at the minute, but already tons of success stories have been coming in. I’ve personally been able to generate a little over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks and one of my friends who is part of the program has done into the 6-figures in around 2 months. It’s actually quite incredible, and I regularly get updates from him about the new commissions he has been able to generate thanks to AWOL Academy.

What Do You Get With AWOL Academy?

The beauty about getting started is that you don’t even need to get out your wallet. Sure if you do decide to go all the way you’ll need to spend some money but initially you can access their free PDF guide and webinar for zero cost. The PDF teaches you all about affiliate marketing and the strategy that has made Keala 7-figures. Plus he goes into detail on the free webinar about how you can replicate his success. It’s literally 2-hours of pure content, plus they have a special guarantee too. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but essentially they guarantee that you’ll make 10k in 90 days if you follow their instructions. It’s a bold guarantee, but I 100% believe that they can do it.

Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

If you’re wondering whether Keala’s AWOL Academy is just another scam, let me stop you right there. 100% it is NOT a scam.

I have reviewed and exposed over 100 systems on this blog and if AWOL Academy was a scam I would be the first to expose it. In fact it’s quite the opposite since it’s my no.1 recommendation for making money online.

Should You Join AWOL Academy?

In my opinion if you are looking for a real solution to making money online you should definitely join.

This is not some “push button” solution or get rich quick scheme for making money. In my opinion and experience nothing like that exists.

However if you are serious about building an income online, and you are prepared to follow instructions then this can 100% work for you.

I am living proof it works after generating over $6,000 in my first couple of weeks with it.

Go here and check it out (100% free)

Fan Page Domination Review – Scam or Legit?

Fan Page Domination is a new product from Anthony Morrison but can it really help you make money, or is it another scam product? I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my full review and opinion. Keep reading below to get all the details.

Before I jump into the review, if you are sick of scam products and want a real solution for making money then check out my recommendation below…

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Fan Page Domination – Overview

What exactly is Fan Page Domination all about? After taking a closer look at Anthony Morrisons new creation it’s clear to me that this is a product teaching you how to dominate with Facebook ads and fan pages and it’s a good one at that.

Anthony lays out exactly how you can dominate and teaches you step-by-step as well as showing you his own campaigns.

How Does Fan Page Domination Work?

Anthony breaks down exactly how to build Facebook fan pages and grow them into 100,000’s of fans. He’s done this himself with many pages and knows exactly what he’s doing so he’s a good person to learn from. I’ve personally been implementing his techniques on a car fan page that I run (cars are my passion) and I’m already at over 20,000 fans on this one page which is really great. Using Anthony’s methods have helped me to grow massively.

What Anthony teaches you specifically is viral marketing techniques that work on Facebook. This allows you to grow your fan page super quick. This is the real secret to the top marketers who are able to grow huge followings on social media. It’s having content that has the potential to go viral. When your content goes viral on Facebook it can be seen by potentially millions of people for free (called organic reach) and this helps your fan page grow.

One of the techniques that Anthony teaches you to grow your Facebook fan page is by using a contest. What you will do is setup a contest and promote it to your followers. The followers will share it, and like it, and also opt in to your email list. You set this up a specific way so that it works really well. Also you are able to make money after they opt in from Google Ads that are placed on your thank you page.

It’s a super cool technique and one that works well because your fans naturally want to get the prize. So they have to like, and share it, which means that their friends will also see it and do the same causing it to go viral. I have seen this technique used successfully by a number of businesses including local restaurants, and it really does work as long as the prize people win is actually worth it. Anthony shows you in his Fan Page Domination course exactly how to do it best.

Is Fan Page Domination A Scam?

After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that this product is not a scam. It’s a high quality product that contains training which can really help you grow an online business and income. Sure it’s an expensive product but the best products are expensive. Cheap products often contain little value.

I have reviewed 100’s of products, people and systems on this blog, and Fan Page Domination is definitely not a scam. It’s even being promoted by some super high level entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez.

Should You Buy Fan Page Domination?

As I already mentioned at the start of this review I am recommending it.

The reason I’m recommending Fan Page Domination is simple. The product works and it can help you grow a successful online business utilising Facebook and fan pages. I’ve tested the methods myself and they flat out work and have helped me grow one of my pages to over 20,000 followers.

If you want to join go here and lock in your spot.

The program won’t be open much longer, and when all the spots are filled it will close.

Fan Page Domination – Conclusion

It’s a high quality product and I’m recommending it. Anthony gives away tons of free value in the webinar which is how you most likely heard about it and decided to come here to get more information. If you want to go to the next level using Facebook then you should buy this course, as it will help you do exactly that.

Go here and lock in your spot before the program closes

(This link will give you access to all the bonuses too)


Ps… Before you leave… if you’re not planning on buying Fan Page Domination and you want a different solution for making money online then why not take a look at my no.1 recommendation below? It’s a 100% free training for making money online and has personally helped me make $10,000’s. Check it out:

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Push Button Profits – Misleading Scam?

Push Button Profits is a new system I’ve recently come across so I’ve decided to put together a review and share all the details. The question is can Push Button Profits really help you to make money or is it another misleading scam system? Let’s find out in my full review below.

Before we jump into the review if you’re sick of scams and want a real solution for making money check out my recommendation…

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Push Button Profits – What Is It?

When I first landed on the Push Button Profits website I thought it was another scam system out to steal your money. Well maybe it is, but I’ll get to that further down the review. After I spent a few minutes taking a look I realised that I knew exactly what this system was about because I’d seen it all before, in fact I’d actually experienced it. Push Button Profits is just the name of the sales funnel but the real product and opportunity here is called Traffic Authority.

Traffic Authority launched back in 2014 and it’s a business opportunity based around selling traffic. When you sign up you are put through a series of training videos and shown how to buy traffic packages to promote your new business and then how you can earn 50% commission reselling these traffic packages. Essentially when you buy the traffic you can choose to send it anywhere you want however the real goal is to send it back to your unique link for Traffic Authority because then when people sign up (just like you did for example) they will go through the exact same steps you did, buy traffic and then you’ll earn 50% on the traffic purchases they buy.

Is Push Button Profits A Scam?

The title of my review is “Push Button Profits – Misleading Scam?” so you are probably wondering why I would say that, and what exactly makes this a scam. On the face of things Push Button Profits and the business behind it (Traffic Authority) is not a scam. However I think it’s misleading and one could argue that it is actually a scam. Here’s why…. when you sign up to Traffic Authority (the business opportunity behind Push Button Profits) you are put through a series of training videos and steps which teach you about the business and how it’s important that you buy traffic so that you can build your business and also so you can resell the traffic packages to other people you refer.

This sounds great, and it makes perfect sense. The problem is when you actually start doing this you’ll soon realise that the traffic you are buying sucks and is ridiculously expensive. Yes you will earn 50% commission on the traffic that other people buy however there is a huge problem with this and I personally found this to be true when I was a member of Traffic Authority back when they launched a couple of years ago. The problem is the traffic is massively overpriced and the successful affiliates inside of Traffic Authority are NOT using this same traffic to actually drive signups and grow their business. So what actually happens is newbies perhaps like yourself who don’t know any better come in, buy the traffic packages assuming that they are going to get high quality traffic that converts, but they actually get sub-par traffic that’s overpriced and doesn’t even work as advertised.

Literally every top earner who has been a part of Traffic Authority has had success by driving their own traffic either via their own methods such as Facebook Ads, solo ads or most likely their own email lists. They have not had success from buying the Traffic Authority traffic packages. Unfortunately like I mentioned newbies don’t know this and they get sucked into it. And that’s why I’m calling it out as a misleading scam because whilst the premise is good it never actually works out because of the traffic quality. In my opinion this makes Push Button Profits (Traffic Authority) no better than the likes of 21 Step Millionaire Coach or Online Profits Breakthrough which also mislead people into joining a business opportunity.

Should You Join Push Button Profits?

If you are an experienced marketer who knows how to drive your own traffic then you could very well have success with this. After all I’ve seen first hand many people do this however will you really be comfortable selling something (e.g traffic) to other people that doesn’t actually convert and is massively overpriced? That’s really your call, and in this industry I see lots of people who are successful marketers make a ton of money promoting unethical products, but that doesn’t mean its right.

I’ve made my fair share of money online as an affiliate however in late 2016 I decided to take a stand, and create this blog No Bs Im Reviews to serve as an honest place to find reviews, and I vowed that I would only ever promote legitimate and honest products like my “no.1 recommendation”. So in my opinion you shouldn’t join Push Button Profits because even if you are able to drive signups and make money you’ll be doing it in an unethical way that doesn’t help the people you are referring to buy the traffic. Plus you’ll need to spend $1,000’s on the traffic packages in the first place to qualify to buy them.

Push Button Profits Conclusion

I’m not recommending Push Button Profits as I don’t believe it will help you make money.

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Domainer Elite Pro – Scam or Legit?

Domainer Elite Pro is a new product from internet marketer Jamie Lewis but is it any good and can you really use it to make money? Or is Domainer Elite Pro just another scam system looking to steal your cash? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my full review and opinion on this page.

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Domainer Elite Pro – Overview

So what is the Domainer Elite Pro system all about? After taking a closer look it’s clear that this product teaches you how to make money flipping domains. This is the 2017 edition of the product as Jamie Lewis has launched this before with great success. He’s been in the internet marketing space for many years and during that time has launched a number of successful products. I remember back in 2010 time seeing Jamie Lewis all over the place online as he launched product after product and hit the leaderboards on other peoples launches. Back then I was a complete newbie and I probably even bought into some of his products.

Looking back at things, not all of Jamie’s products have been that great. Some have been borderline scams in my opinion however he seems to have turned things around with Domainer Elite Pro and created a product that can actually help people make money. I know that Jamie does kill it flipping domains because I actually came across one of his listings a couple of years ago which sold for a high 6-figure sum, so he’s not just selling some method here, but actually using the method himself which is nice to see. So many gurus out there just create products and systems in order to sell them and make money but never actually use them themselves.

Is Domainer Elite Pro A Scam?

After checking it out, seeing some real reviews and actually understanding what the product is about I’m happy to say it’s not a scam. Running a blog like this I get to review a lot of products and systems and I am regularly exposing scams like Online Profits Breakthrough and Home Earning System so it’s not hard for me to know the good products from the bad. Domainer Elite Pro is not your typical make money scam, plus it’s always a bonus being listed on a network like JVZOO because generally the products there are pretty good, not the usual scams you see on other popular networks.

Is Jamie Lewis A Real Person?

These days it’s hard to know who is real and who’s fake. Believe it or not a lot of systems I review use actors on their sales pages. The whole backstory behind that person is fake and the real owners (scammers) hide away. Fortunately Jamie Lewis is not one of these people. He is actually a real person and he’s been in the internet marketing game for many years. While other people have come and gone, he has stayed around and by all accounts seems to have made a very healthy living for a long time now. That’s always a good thing to see, as you know he’s the real deal and not some scam artist who makes a few bucks then disappears.

Domainer Elite Pro – Negatives?

So you’re wondering if there are any negatives when it comes to the Domainer Elite Pro product? Yes, of course there are negatives. There’s always negatives with products and nothing is perfect believe me. After reviewing 100’s of products and systems even the best ones out there have there bad points, so what’s the negatives when it comes to this product?

After taking a closer look there are a few negatives. The main negative I see is that in order to make consistent income with Domainer Elite Pro you need to keep flipping domains for profit. One of the ways I personally make money is through residual income. That’s money you make once that rolls in each month. The best way to earn this kind of money is through being an affiliate for popular tools like hosting, auto-responders and website builders. The kind of things that people happily pay a monthly fee for and I get paid each month a commission on that monthly fee. With Domainer Elite Pro you won’t get this kind of income as you need to keep selling websites in order to make money.

Domainer Elite Pro – Positives?

So what are the positives about this product?

Well one of the negatives I listed above is the lack of residual income however this also has a positive side to it too. With Domainer Elite Pro from time to time you might have a big payday. I’ve seen it happen first hand myself selling some domains a few years back. I was able to make around $8k in a single day selling a domain. Despite a lack of residual income when you earn that amount in 1 transaction in kinda makes up for the lack of residual. But obviously selling domains at that price isn’t going to happen everyday so you have to bare that in mind.

Other positives are that the product isn’t a scam. It’s relatively low cost to get started and it can actually make you money if you follow through with it.

Domainer Elite Pro Conclusion

After taking a closer look at this product I’m happy to say it’s not a scam, and if you want to buy it go ahead and do so here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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100k Factory Revolution – Scam or Legit?

100k Factory Revolution is back and today I’m sharing my review to give you my honest opinion on this product. It first launched in 2015 as 100k Factory and then again a year later as 100k Factory “Ultra Edition” and now we’re back with the 100k Factory “Revolution”.

First things first… unfortunately 100k Factory is CLOSED.

But we found something just as good (if not better):

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100k Factory Revolution – Overview

The goal with the 100k Factory is to help people make 100k/year online, hence the name the 100k Factory. It’s a proven model that is working very well and the only reason they are relaunching this is because they have had so many success stories already. The new Revolution version is a new and updated way of making money. They have essentially taken everything you get with their 100k Factory ultra edition and revamped it for 2017.

100k factory revolution logoWhat Is 100k Factory All About?

If you’re wondering how you make money it’s all about e-commerce. E-commerce is huge by the way and each day I’m coming across more and more success stories. I’m not personally doing it myself however after seeing the results that people have been getting with this product I am definitely considering getting involved. I never really realised just how profitable it could be until I started looking into it more, and to be honest 100k Factory has sold it to me.

I’m personally going to be using the 100k Factory Revolution to build my first e-commerce business and I see no reason why I can’t scale it to the magic “100k a year mark” which would make my income very nice considering other projects I have going on that make me a full time income already.

The creators Aidan and Steve have been able to achieve incredible results with what they are teaching you. In fact they have made over 7-figures and have replicated their methods across a number of different websites and niches. I have personally looked at many people in this industry and one of the reasons I never got started with e-commerce earlier was due to the fact that I never really trusted anyone to deliver a solid method.

Thanks to the 100k Factory Revolution I’ve now got that method and I’m going to be going big with this. The question is, are you going to join me and go big with it too and make 100k in the next year?

Is 100k Factory Revolution A Scam?

It’s the big question right but I’m here to tell you it’s not a scam. I spend a lot of time reviewing various systems and products claiming they can help people make money so I know what to look for. It’s actually pretty obvious to spot a scam when you have my experience because I’ve reviewed 100’s of scams like Tesler and Auto Home Profits. The 100k Factory is a genuine product and it can help you make money. If you follow the steps there is no reason you can’t find success with it.

Of course 100k Factory is more expensive than most products on the market however for that price you get a lot of value. I know of some products in this industry that cost far more yet deliver very little in value. With the 100k Factory you get a lot of value and as long as you have the right attitude to your training there is no reason you can’t achieve the kind of results they are talking about. This is a proven system and one that I’m happy to stand behind and recommend. Plus it’s working for tons of other people too.

Conclusion – It’s CLOSED!

100k Factory is obviously a very good product and I’m happy to recommend it but unfortunately it’s now closed down.

Don’t worry though. I was able to find another system that’s just as good (if not better) and has already made me over $10,000 in my first 3 weeks:

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