HFT Finance App Scam – Fake Software!

HFT Finance is a brand new system that launched and I’ve been looking into it to find out the truth. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that the HTF Finance App is a fake software that will not help you make any money. In fact it will result in you losing money so make sure you avoid it. You can read my full review down below.

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HFT Finance App Review

So a new software for trading binary options called HFT Finance just came across my desk. Whilst other people have reviewed this system I noticed how they were saying it was amazing. I also noticed that the people writing these reviews have also recommended a number of systems which I have exposed as scams already! After taking a closer look at HFT Finance I have no doubt that it’s a complete scam. Their software sucks and will not help you make any money and their website is full of lies.

They actually claim that they can help you make $15,000 per month with their app. I am serious when I say that nobody is making $15k per month trading binary options with some automated software. The only people earning this kind of money online with binary options are the scammers behind these systems and they don’t make their money trading they make it from ripping people off like you who are looking to make money.

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HFT Finance – Fake Testimonials & Actors

So obviously I am not going to recommend this. But let’s look into some of the real facts as to why this system is such a complete waste of your time. So first off we have their income claims which are clearly made up. They claim you can make a “guaranteed $15,000 per month”. Well let me tell you nobody can “guarantee” that kind of income and even the most legitimate systems out there would never make such claims. Income guarantees like that are a huge red flag and clearly show that this system is trying to deceive people. Look a bit further and you’ll see that their website was only recently registered and all the people on their website and in their sales videos are actors. The person who is on the sales video talking about HFT Finance and claiming to be the CEO is not even a real person, and their company is NOT a real company.

The real people behind this system have been behind a number of other scams which I have already reviewed. These people are professional scam artists. They earn a living from ripping people off with their systems. They operate a real scam business and pump out these scam websites each month. They will create a new scam website, promote it to make some money for say a couple of weeks, and then they will shut the website down and create a new one.

Unfortunately many people fall for these scams multiple times. People sign up to one scam and then a new one hits their inbox and they think that maybe they can recover the losses from the first system by using this new shiny system! Unfortunately the scammers know this which is why they are constantly bringing out new systems. You shouldn’t trust HFT Finance or any other scam software like this!

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How Does HFT Finance Scam Work?

In case you are wondering the specifics here it starts off with you hearing about their system maybe through an email or an online banner ad. You’ll visit their website and watch their sales video which will try and convince you that their system is the real deal. Then you’ll proceed through the steps and be asked to sign up and make a deposit at the binary options broker they recommend and you’ll need to fund your account. The minimum starting deposit is $250 and they will try and get you to deposit far more. Once you have done your deposit you’ll be able to use the HFT Finance app (the software) and this is when you will lose your money because it will trade away your money to nothing. Within a few hours or days of using their system you’ll log in and find that your balance is zero or close enough to that! The truth is their software is designed to lose money and they will steal your money. It’s really that simple which is why you should avoid HFT Finance app.

Conclusion – HFT Finance = Scam

I am not recommending this scam software known as HFT Finance app. You won’t make a penny from it and it will only leave you wishing that you never got started.

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Market Filter Software Scam – Another Fake App!

There’s a new scam in town and it’s called the Market Filter Software. It’s basically a fake software app for trading binary options and it’s a complete scam. I’m pretty disgusted in how many of these scams are launching lately but I’m not surprised. Market Filter is just the latest in a long line and I’m exposing it here and sharing my full review.

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Market Filter Software – Scam Exposed

Another day and it’s yet another binary scam this time called the Market Filter software app. To be honest it’s no different to any of the other binary scams that have launched this week like Hexa Trader and Tesler software. Each scam appears to be different on the surface because they have different names, use different backstories and have different people in the videos however you should know that the way these scams work never changes.

The Market Filter software similar to these other scams is a fraud. The software does not work, and if you sign up you will only end up losing money. There website is full of lies, fake testimonials, fake income proof and of course ridiculous unrealistic income claims.

market filter app

On their website it actually states that you can “Profit $237 per hour… just by using this software within 3 minutes!” which is a complete and utter joke. It’s income claims like this that raise a huge red flag for me and I’m sure for many others too. Whilst they may attract desperate people who are hoping that these income claims are true the more experienced people out there like myself look straight through these claims and can see dishonesty. If you are going to claim that your Market Filter software can product those kind of stupid profits within 3 minutes then clearly you are not very trustworthy.

Also the person in their sales video is NOT the real person behind this software. The people behind these scams stay in the dark. They are not interested in putting their faces on their systems because they have nothing to be proud of. When it comes to a legitimate product you will usually have the product owner proudly put their face on it in order to sell it. When it comes to these scam systems the real owners hide behind the scenes and they employ actors to appear in their videos.

Chances are the person you see in the video for Market Filter software app is some failed actor who needs money so he’s accepted this job. The scammers probably only paid this guy a few $100 to read the script, so I can assure you he’s not rich and he certainly can’t help you make any money.

fake testimonials for market filter

Another thing I noticed was the fake Facebook testimonials for Market Filter. “Meghan” claims she made $82k her first month and “Karl” claims he made $15k in his first 3 days. These people are not real people and these are NOT real testimonials on Facebook. They have put this together to appear legitimate but it’s just some design trickery to look like those reviews are real when in fact they are fake.

How Does Market Filter Scam You?

You might be wondering how the Market Filter app actually scams you, after all isn’t it free? Of course they would have you believe it’s free. You just need to sign up and they’ll give you free access to their trading software. But remember this is trading we are talking about here, so you’ll need money to trade with and you’ll also need a broker who you can trade through. So the scammers behind this website will refer you to their “recommended” broker. Once you follow the steps and fill in your details you’ll be forwarded to the broker they recommend and you’ll be asked to make a deposit to fund your account. You need to fund the account so that their software actually has money to work with. They will tell you that the more money you deposit, the more money their Market Filter software can make for you. Sounds legit right? Well it’s not, because once you deposit money the scammers behind this website get paid their referral commission and they are done with you!

The worst part is, their software won’t work at all and you’ll soon realise that the income claims they gave you were completely false too. The software is actually programmed to lose money. All of the softwares behind these binary options scams are the same. They appear to be different because they are branded with some new logo such as the Market Filter app logo but they are all the same. The software is programmed to lose on purpose so that you don’t make a penny, and the broker gets your money!

Market Filter Scam Doesn’t Stop Yet…

Once you lose that initial deposit of $250 you might think the scam is over but think again. They will constantly call you up and try to get you to deposit more money. They will make up all kinds of bogus stories to try and convince you to deposit more money. Sometimes they will say that there was a glitch and if you make another deposit they will match your deposit giving you a bonus to trade with. They can actually be very convincing which is why it’s important to not listen to them, they are crooks and they will steal all the money you deposit. They would happily take every last penny you have if you let them.

Market Filter Software Conclusion – Avoid It!

In my opinion this is obviously a scam and you won’t make a penny with it. Rather than waste your time with this scam software why not go ahead and check out my recommendation below. It’s a real system that has nothing to do with binary options and I’m personally using it to make 5-figures per month. In fact at the time of writing this I’ve made over $800 today alone from this system and it’s working amazing for other people too.

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Hexa Trader Scam – Fake Software Exposed!

Hexa Trader is a brand new binary options system and I’m here to tell you it’s a big fat scam. Don’t spend any of your money on this scam system. I’m revealing the truth about Hexa Trader in my full review. Keep reading and you can get all the details below. Firstly, if you’re looking for a real way to make money…

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Hexa Trader – I’m Exposing It!

So I’m writing this post quickly to warn you about the Hexa Trader scam. I was literally about to leave the house when I saw an email about this system and I knew I needed to get this information out to you, so I’ve put my plans on hold and I’m writing this post to share all the details about the Hexa Trader scam system and why you need to avoid it. The truth is this system will not make you a penny, and it will only end up costing you money. I’ll explain exactly how it works and why you should avoid it below.

Hexa Trader – The Real Truth

The real truth when it comes to Hexa Trader is that this is a fake system. In fact their whole website is fake and the person you see in the video that I took a screenshot of above is an actress. This is not the real person behind this system and you won’t make $1644 per day. Perhaps “math” can make you that kind of money but trust me it’s not going to happen if you decide to use the Hexa Trader system. This system is a complete joke and a scam, and the people behind it have been behind numerous other scams recently like the Tesler Software and HFT Finance. These people do not care about your success, they just want to make money by scamming you and referring you to untrustworthy brokers. I’ve exposed 100’s of systems like this in the past few years, and over 100 on this blog alone. These guys cannot be trusted and if you sign up you will lose money, that is a guarantee.

How Does Hexa Trader Scam Work?

The scam starts off with you hearing about their “software” and how it can help you make money. This might be through an email or some kind of online ad. The quickest and easier way that the scammers spread the word about their scam is via email. They have a number of “partners” who will happily share their scam in order to share in the profits that they make. They will send you an email that talks about how you can make incredible amounts of money with a new software called Hexa Trader and it’s free too. The truth is this system is not free, you’ll need to sign up to the binary options broker that they recommend and make a deposit. The minimum deposit is $250 and you’ll be pushed to deposit far more than this. Also once you get inside they will have their “experts” call you. Don’t be fooled though, these people are not experts at all, they are professional sales people who will do they absolute best to scam you out of as much money as possible. The brokers are crooks and they’ve been known to take peoples life savings.

After you actually make that initial deposit, whether you speak to the “experts” or not you will get access to the Hexa Trader. Yes believe it or not the software does exist! It’s branded with all the Hexa Trader logos and looks pretty professional. Unfortunately when it comes to this kind of thing “looks” mean nothing. The software will not work as advertised in fact it will work exactly the opposite of how its advertised. You won’t be able to make the $1,000’s that are promised, you’ll actually lose money. The Hexa Trader software is designed to LOSE money and within a few hours or days of signing up you’ll have nothing left. All the money you deposited into this system will have been traded away by this terrible software.

The truth is the brokers pay out huge commissions to the scammers behind this system for referring new customers to them. The owners of the Hexa Trader scam website don’t care about your success. They make their website as hyped up as possible and full of income claims in order to convince you to sign up, because when you sign up to the broker they recommend they get paid a commission and they’re done with you. It’s then the brokers turn to try and scam you out of more money, and they’ll rig the software you access so that you lose on purpose, that way they don’t have to pay out your winnings and they keep all your money.

Hexa Trader – Fake Reviews & Testimonials

Something that’s super important when it comes to this system is not believing all the fake testimonials and reviews you see out there. You’re lucky that you landed on my blog because I’m one of few people sharing the real truth about this scam. So many other blogs are saying it’s great, but the truth is the people who run these blogs just want to refer you to this system so that they can earn a commission. I’m not interested in earning commissions by scamming people into these terrible binary options systems. I would much rather share something that actually works and helps me make real money, as you’ll see below.

Conclusion = Hexa Trader Is A Scam

I’m obviously not recommending this joke of a system. It won’t help you make a penny and will only leave you disappointed.

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Quantum Code Scam – Don’t This Fake App!

It’s easily one of the biggest scams of 2016 and it’s name is the Quantum Code! Created by “Michael Crawford” it’s nothing more than a big pile of BS and it will steal your money. You’ve come to the right place though because on this page I’m sharing my full review and revealing the truth.

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Quantum Code Scam – The Truth!

The Quantum Code claims you can make a fortune by using their free app. The first thing you should know is that this app is not free at all. You’ll need to deposit at least $250 to start using it. Sure they’ll tell you that it’s only a deposit and you can get your money back but do not be fooled. This is not just a deposit, because anyone who has deposited into these scams before knows just how hard it is to get your money back. This type of scam is not new and it’s been done many times before with programs like Push Money App and Code Fibo which are 2 well known scams. It’s even had ‘spin off” style programs created from it in order to scam more people like the Quantum Income Machine.

Once you deposit that $250 (or more) their software will start auto-trading for you. This is where you can say bye bye to your money. The software will literally trade away your money to nothing. That is what it’s designed to do. You see the scammers work with the brokers and develop an app that is designed to lose. The brokers actually need you to lose because when you sign up they pay out a big referral commission to the creators of the Quantum Code website. The odds are massively stacked against you and you shouldn’t believe a word that these guys say. They are complete scammers and all they want you to do is deposit $250 or more so that they can get paid. That’s the reason why the sales video is so hyped up! They hired the actor and the private jet to try their best to convince you that their app is the real deal but just like so many others it’s a complete scam.

Quantum Code – Who Is Michael Crawford?

We have absolutely no idea! One thing for sure is he is not the guy he claims. He’s most likely an actor who was hired for the sales video. He’s certainly not a millionaire and isn’t in Forbes as the video suggests. They make those kind of claims because they know that it adds credibility to the scam and that most people won’t even bother to Google him to find out whether he really was in Forbes or not. But after doing the research it’s clear that he is just a nobody. Most likely some failed actor who couldn’t get a real acting job so he had to work for scammers instead! It often makes me wonder what goes through the heads of people like this guy. I can only assume he is completely desperate for money because he must be reading the lines of the script and thinking that it’s a complete load of BS but he simply needs the money. Either that or he has literally no ethics so doesn’t care as long as he gets paid! He probably didn’t realise how big the scam would get and that his face would be plastered all over the internet.

Quantum Code – Avoid This Nasty Scam!

Unfortunately you’re not going to make a penny from this system. It’s nothing but a scam. Binary options have gotten pretty big over the past few years and they continue to be a scammers tool of choice when it comes to making money. I believe it’s because the binary brokers are quite happy to scam their customers and will literally work with the scammers to help them create websites like Quantum Code. Also let’s face it, there’s nothing to actually sell, all they need to do is convince you to “deposit money” and they get paid. All in all this system has already scammed 1,000’s of people but hopefully my review can save a few people from falling victim to it. This scam is definitely the biggest of 2016 and it’s still going strong moving into 2017, when will it actually stop, we don’t really know. All you can do is make sure you avoid the Quantum Code and you’ll be safe!

So Mark, What Do You Recommend?

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da income update


Quantum Income Machine Scam Exposed

Quantum Income Machine has started to gain traction again so I wanted to do an updated review and warn you from getting started with it. This system has launched under a number of similar names using the word “Quantum” however not much else has changed. I’ll be sharing an up to date review on this page and giving you all the details.

First things first…

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Quantum Income Machine Is A Scam

I’ve exposed many systems recently in the binary niche such as the Tesler Software and 10k Every Day App but one scam that won’t seem to go away is the Quantum Income Machine. It’s been launched under a number of similar names yet it keeps popping up. It seems that some scammers must be making a lot of money behind this system and they don’t want to move onto a new scam so they keep pushing it and re-investing it. After all they must have spent a lot of money hiring the mansion, and the Ferrari plus all the actors too.

One thing I immediately noticed that is a complete scam is that there are only 7 spots available. This is fake scarcity and something that gives an immediate red flag to this system. There are definitely not 7 spots available because 100’s of people are falling victim to this scam each week. They use this to trick you into thinking that you are going to miss out if you don’t take action and sign up, but don’t fall for that crap. I’d say 95% of the time websites that use these kind of tactics are fake, its quite rare to see a website use this tactic that is actually genuine, I’ve only seen it with a few products in my time but obviously nothing to do with binary options.

Actors Are Used For Quantum Income Machine

Yes you read that right, actors are being used in the sales video and website. It’s not uncommon but basically the scammers behind the system hire actors. The actors will read from a script and give a glowing testimonial such as saying how they made a lot of money with this system. In reality they probably got paid about $20 to give this review if that. There is a popular website called Fiverr.com where many of the scammers go to buy fake testimonials. The website as a whole is legitimate (Fiverr.com) however it has a dark side when it comes to testimonials. To be quite honest I am surprised the owners haven’t shut this section of the website down and I’m very surprised that the authorities haven’t been onto these people. It’s so easy to find the fake testimonials, all you need to do is do a search and you’ll soon see a bunch of people offering this service. You might even recognise some of them.

Each time I review a new binary options system I always come across people I have seen in another system. That’s because the scammers behind these systems will hire the same people that have appeared in other scam systems. To be honest I don’t know how these people sleep at night knowing how many people they are hurting by giving these fake reviews and testimonials and I can only assume they are extremely desperate for the money.

How Does Quantum Income Machine Work?

After watching their video you’ll be prompted to follow a series of steps to get setup with their system. The first step is to enter your email and you’ll be forwarded to another page. You’ll watch another video and be told you need to secure your place by signing up to their recommended broker. This is a simple form that auto-registers your account and creates you an account to use the Quantum Income Machine software. You’ll then be asked to fund your account. This is where most people are confused because didn’t they say it was free? Of course they told you this, but in reality you need to make a deposit of at least $250. To be honest this makes sense, because its trading so how could you earn money without actually investing some? But it’s still a scam because once you deposit they get paid. They earn a referral commission, which is the whole point of their website.

All the claims they made, all the claims the actors made, and the fake testimonials all serve to get you to part with your money and make a deposit. Once you make that deposit the owner of the Quantum Income Machine website gets paid and their job is done. The worst part is non of the income claims are real and non of them will happen. Once you start trading you’ll notice the software doesn’t even work properly and it will lose your money within a few hours. You just got scammed and it’s happening to 100’s of people a week.

Conclusion – Don’t Sign Up!

The Quantum Income Machine is a huge scam and hopefully my review has saved you from losing money like so many other people have.

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The Advert Platform Scam – Don’t Believe This Scam!

The Advert Platform is a brand new rev-share program and I’m here to share my honest review and give you all the details, hype free. If you’re thinking of joining please spend 5 minutes or less to read my full review below and let me share the real facts with you before you join The Advert Platform.

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The Advert Platform – The Real Truth

So you want to know the real truth about The Advert Platform? I’m about to share everything with you and hopefully save you from losing money. You may or may not know but The Advert Platform is NOT a new system. The original system behind it was called My Advertising Pays which launched in 2013.

The company was a revenue share company which meant that people signed up, bought advertising packs for $50 each and when these packs expired they paid out a total of $55. The concept was pretty simple, you could sign up and deposit money and then re-invest your profits. In order to get paid the daily profits you had to view other peoples ads. It was 10 ads per day, and then you could get paid. The goal for most members of My Advertising Pays was to reach 1200 ad packs because at this level a person could earn $600 per day in passive income from the program.

The problem is that My Advertising Pays was basically a ponzi-scheme. It wasn’t your typical ponzi which promised a percentage return from an “investment” as such, however when you peel back the curtain and forget about the whole “ad pack” bull sh*t that they try and use to legitimise the system you soon start to see that it’s not a legitimate advertising platform. The people viewing the ads are other members, this is not targeted advertising. Nobody is going to actually advertise on the platform unless they are involved in the money making side of the platform. So really the whole “ad pack” only exists to try and make the ponzi scheme appear legitimate.

The biggest affiliates did such a good job of selling it that even I bought into the BS for a while. I signed up in 2015, bought ad packs and I even promoted the program to my subscribers and brought in a couple 100 people. Not everyone bought packs but some did and they kept re-investing profits. I was even able to withdraw some profits, albeit not much. Deep down I knew it was BS but I was sold on the hype!

The Collapse Of My Advertising Pays..

Things were going smoothly until about the end of 2015 when they closed down the program to US customers and only operated in Europe. I’m pretty sure they did this because of cash flow problems and also the fact that if they kept operating in the USA the authorities would probably close them down anyway. There have been businesses that appeared far more legitimate than My Advertising Pays which have been closed down by US authorities. That’s just my opinion though so you can make your own mind up.

When this change happened I’m not sure what happened to my ad packs or my team but my income pretty much disappeared overnight. I never committed 100% to the program or invested much money so this wasn’t really a big deal for me, however I know of people who have invested their life savings into My Advertising Pays so this would have affected those people a lot. At this stage I pretty much forgot about the program and moved onto other things.

It was never my main business or income, so it didn’t really bother me to move on and forget about it. However I learned in 2016 that they had problems with their payment processor VX Gateway and it seems that they are in a legal battle with VX Gateway. They used a middleman to process payments and also deal with withdrawals. I personally had a few $100 sat in my VX Gateway account that never got paid out to me. A friend of mine had a few $1,000 in his VX Gateway account which he hasn’t received either. It’s hard to know who is really at fault as VX Gateway seem to be blaming MAP (My Advertising Pays) whereas they are blaming VX Gateway. I’m not going to talk too much about VX Gateway because I don’t know the real details behind the legal battle, but ultimately I didn’t get paid, and neither did anyone else.

It’s really confusing to know what’s going on however people are not getting paid from My Advertising Pays and now they are rebranding the whole company as The Advert Platform and I think anyone who signs up to this is inevitably going to lose money. Maybe you will make some money initially, maybe even for a couple of years but sooner or later the fate of this company will be the same as all revenue shares. It will fail, people will lose money and lives will be ruined. And the people that always come off the worse are the smaller people that don’t really understand the business yet commit a lot of money to it.

The people who make money in these programs are not really the people that buy ad packs but really the people who participate in the affiliate side of the program. The ones that refer other people in and then earn off the ad packs these people buy. This is how top guys in the company have made a fortune. The top earner in My Advertising Pays made over $1.5 million before the program stopped paying. But the people who earn this kind of money can do it in any program, and chances are they will all start promoting The Advert Platform to you now claiming its a new program when it’s not.

The Advert Platform – It’s Doomed (In My Opinion)

The only reason a company like My Advertising Pays would rebrand as The Advert Platform is because of cash flow problems. They will rebrand their business and relaunch it under this new name in order to build hype and bring in new customers who will then start buying ad packs. They might even transfer some old accounts from My Advertising Pays over to the new system and start paying them again. I don’t really know the technicalities behind how it will work, but I know that it’s doomed in the long term.

Rebranding and relaunching will make them money. But it won’t last. The fate of companies like this is always that they are doomed because they rely on “new money” coming into the program in order to pay. And the whole business model of people buying ad packs is fake. The top guys will always make money because they can recruit however people who can’t recruit who rely on the “Ad pack” income will be the ones who are hurt the most.

Conclusion – Don’t Join The Advert Platform

I’m not recommending The Advert Platform because I don’t think it will help you make money in the long term. And you could potentially lose a lot of money.

The truth is you “could” make money, but at what cost? The program is most likely going to fail sooner or later and do you want to take that risk?

In my opinion it’s much better to build a real online income with a sustainable system.

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$10k Every Day App Scam – Avoid This Scam!

10k Every Day App wins the prize 2017’s first binary options scam. It’s not exactly a great prize to have but it’s 100% true. 10k Every Day App has just launched on the 1st of January 2017 and I’m writing this post to warn you about it.

I am not recommending this scam software and I highly recommend you avoid it. Read my full review below but first…

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10k Every Day App – A Nasty Scam

I have to be honest here this system made me laugh a little. Let’s face it, it’s called the 10k Every Day App which is an absolutely ridiculous name. Do they really think people will believe they can make 10k a day for doing nothing? I hope not, if you do think you can make that kind of money without lifting a finger then maybe you deserve to get scammed (I’m kidding!).

When I came across it today I couldn’t help but laugh but the harsh reality is that it won’t be funny for people who actually lose money. I am hoping you’ve found my review before you invest any money into this because trust me if you do invest you will lose every penny you put into this nasty scam.

The people behind the 10k Every day App have been behind a number of other scams over the past few months. Another similar scam that launched just last week is the Tesler Software. This system is no different really to other binary scams that have launched. And the guy you see on the sales video is definitely NOT the real person behind this system.

The person in the sales video as you can see above is actually an actor. This is not the real person behind this system which is another huge red flag that it’s a scam. Obviously the biggest red flag is the name, the 10k Every Day App. I’m sorry but I just can’t get over the fact that it’s called that. To me that’s just a huge red flag that it’s a scam because personally I can’t see anyone believing that it’s a real system with a stupid name like that.

10k Every Day App – How Does It Work?

How does the 10k Every Day App actually work? Or I guess the question should be how DOESN’T it work? Basically it starts off with you watching their scam sales video. The whole goal of the sales video is to convince you that they have a genuine system that can help you make money. After watching the video if you follow the steps they lay out you’ll have to sign up to the binary options broker they recommend in order to access their software app.

Once you have signed up you’ll need to make a deposit. They will say how it’s only a deposit and you don’t need to worry because you can withdraw this money anytime you want however that’s another scam and a lie. Most people who deposit money into binary options systems like this never see it again, and I can guarantee if you invest in this particular system you will definitely never see your money again. This is when they get paid, they will tell you it’s just a deposit because that makes it seem like you can get the money back but trust me you can’t. When you deposit money they (the scammers) get paid. That’s why their sales video is full of hype, fake testimonials, actors and income claims. It’s all designed to convince you that their system is legit so that you deposit money.

After you’ve deposited you’ll be able to use their software however don’t be fooled, you certainly won’t make 10k Every Day. In fact you won’t make a penny. You’ll lose money until you have nothing left in your account. The software is designed to lose money and the only people who are making money are the scammers behind this system who get paid for referring you to the binary brokers and the brokers themselves. What a bunch of crooks they are!

Fake Testimonials For 10k Every Day App

Another thing I wanted to bring to your attention is the use of fake testimonials on their website.

Danny Joshua and Eric Spooner claim to be making $10k per day with the system. What a complete lie. These people are not real testers of this system. Chances are their photos have just been taken from social media and these guys might not even know that their faces are being used for this scam. Don’t trust these testimonials as they are 100% fake.

10k Every Day App – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the 10k Every Day App I’m happy to crown it the 1st scam of 2017. They should be really proud with that conclusion I’m sure. On a serious note you don’t want to go anywhere near this scam as it won’t help you make a penny. They claim you can make 10k a day but the truth is you’ll make nothing.

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Cash Improve Scam – Don’t Trust Fake Actors!

Cash Improve is this weeks latest scam to launch and it’s already gaining a lot of speed. I’m here to give you my full review of Cash Improve and warn you from investing in this scam. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that this is a scam website and won’t help you make a penny. The claims of income are all fake, and their website is full of actors pretending that they made money with Cash Improve. Don’t trust the BS they are telling you, read the full review below.

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Cash Improve Scam – Truth Exposed

The Cash Improve scam is so obvious to someone who has experience with scams. They haven’t even gone to great lengths to try and make their website look legitimate to the trained eye. They are clearly preying on newbies coming online who want to make money who perhaps haven’t been unfortunate enough “yet” to get scammed. The very first thing I noticed when checking out the Cash Improve website was the actor who appears in the video. The man telling you how he made so much money he was able to buy a penthouse apartment which by the way is quite clearly fake as it’s so obvious this was filmed on a green screen.

This is the guy I’m talking about:

This guy is NOT a real person who used the Cash Improve system and I’ll prove it to you. Take a look at the image below that I took a screenshot of. It’s this very person who appears in the video for Cash Improve saying he made a fortune yet he is selling “realistic testimonials”. This guy has appeared on so many other scam websites too, so he clearly is not making any money and is simply working with the scammers.

cash improve fake tesitmonials

In my opinion that should be enough to prove to you that Cash Improve is a complete scam that you need to avoid. The truth is it’s no different to other scams that have launched recently in the binary options niche like Tesler Software and Penny Millionaire. Non of these websites provide any value and won’t help anyone to make money. They all operate using the same kind of scam the only difference is they have a different website, and backstory but it’s all fake.

How Does The Cash Improve Scam Work?

Maybe the question should really be “how DOESN’T the Cash Improve scam work?” but let me explain. You’ll normally hear about the scam via an email. The people behind the Cash Improve scam work with other scammers. It’s kind of like an “inner circle” I guess you could call it where one person launches a new scam website one week, and the next week its someone else. Each of them help one another to spread the word about the scam and they usually do it via email. So you’ll receive a spammy looking email in your inbox telling you about this new amazing system and how much money you can make. Quite often these kind of emails land in your junk because a lot of the time these people don’t even have permission to contact you .

After you read the email and decide to click the link you’ll end up on the Cash Improve website where you can watch the video. Let’s say you are convinced that their system is legit so you decide to follow their instructions and you sign up. You’ll have to watch another couple of videos and then you’ll be able to fill in a form which automatically registers your account and creates you an account at the binary options broker they recommend. The broker they recommend is the broker they have partnered with to bring you the scam. You’ll then be redirected to the Cash Improve software and be prompted to make a deposit in order to fund your account. At this stage they’ll tell you some BS about how this is “only a deposit” and you can “withdraw it anytime you want” but don’t be fooled as this is another lie. Once you make your deposit of $250 or more you can start using their software.

It’s at this stage according to their website you should be able to sit back and watch the money roll in right? Wrong, this is where you can say bye bye to the money you deposited because their software will not, in fact it’s designed NOT to work. It will make random trades until you’re money is reduced to nothing. Where did the money go you might wonder? The money has gone straight into the pockets of the scammers (both the Cash Improve website owners and the scam binary brokers).

Cash Improve Testimonials – All Fake

After taking a closer look at the testimonials on the Cash Improve website I noticed that literally all of them are fake. And nearly all of them come from the website Fiverr.com which is a marketplace where people can sell jobs for $5. The people saying they made a fortune are most likely broke because they have to sell fake testimonials on a website for $5. Who in their right mind would do that? Clearly these people are desperate for money and will do anything to get it. Kind of sounds a little like the binary scammers right?

cash improve scam software

Conclusion : Avoid The Cash Improve Scam

I’m obviously not going to be recommending this scam software to you. After all their website is full of lies and I know for a fact you won’t make any money with this.

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The Inside Trader Software Scam – Don’t Believe It!

The Inside Trader is spreading like wildfire and I’m sharing all the details on this binary options scam right here. If you want a genuine review of The Insider Trader keep reading because I’m going to give one of few real reviews and share all the details with you.

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The Inside Trader – Fake Website

You might be looking at The Inside Trader and thinking that it looks like a great system but don’t be fooled. The truth is it’s a nasty scam created by professional scammers. Scams like this are the exact reason I started No BS IM Reviews because I want to warn others about how dangerous these scams can be and stop you from losing money. The truth is the Inside Trader website is fake and it’s no different to other scams I have reviewed recently like the Tesler Software and Penny Millionaire. These websites only exist so that the scammers behind them can earn money by referring you to binary options brokers. The whole backstory behind their software, the testimonials and endorsements are all fake.

The Inside Trader websites makes some extremely bold claims like how you can make $180k this month. That’s a pretty ambitious goal for anyone. Even top professional traders might struggle to earn that much money so how on earth is a complete newbie with no experience going to earn that much money? The truth is you are not going to make that much money. Nobody who signs up to this scam system is going to make that much, in fact nobody is going to make a penny.

The scam website is full of bold claims and fake testimonials that exist to convince you that their system is real. The truth is it’s a complete scam, and if you follow through and sign up you will lose every penny you put into this.

How Does The Inside Trader Scam Work?

This binary options scam is no different to others. There’s nothing really unique about it, but I’ll explain how the scam works so that you know how to avoid this and also future binary scams. It starts with you visiting their website. You’ll probably hear about the system via an email or an advert somewhere online and you’ll click on the link, or banner ad and end up on their website. You’ll watch the video and maybe you’ll be convinced to give their system a try. You’ll need to fill in a couple of forms and they will automatically register you to their “recommended” binary options broker. This broker is not really recommended it’s just this is the broker they have partnered with to scam you.

Once you have entered your details you’ll be redirected to the The Inside Trader software page. This is the actual software that will make the trades for you. You’ll be told here that you need to make a deposit in order to fund your trading account and that you can’t make any money with The Inside Trader software until you fund the account. The minimum is $250 however they will encourage you to deposit more than that with because they’ll give you bigger bonuses. The only reason they want you to deposit more is because it will make them more money. They don’t care about you earning money, and making a bigger deposit won’t make you anymore it will only mean you lose more money.

After you have funded the account you can start using The Inside Trader software. Really you don’t need to do anything because it will trade automatically for you however it won’t make you the $180k that you were promised. This terrible software won’t make you a penny because it’s designed to lose. It might take a few hours, or a couple of days but sooner or later you’ll notice that you don’t have any money left because the software traded it away automatically by making a series of terrible/random trades.

The Inside Trader – Real Truth

The real truth when it comes to The Inside Trader is that the scammers behind the website get paid a referral commission when they sign you up to the broker. So they make their website as convincing as possible by using fake testimonials, income claims and endorsements to convince you they are legit. Once you sign up they get paid and they don’t care about your success. This is when the binary broker takes over the scam. These guys will try and extract as much money from you as possible, they will pretend that they are “experts” and they will call you up and sell to you over the phone. Don’t be fooled though, these people DO NOT care about you. They just want to extract as much money from you as possible. When you win trading binary options the broker loses money. When you lose money, the broker makes money. It’s no different to gambling.

All of these testimonials are fake, do not believe them.

Conclusion – Don’t Trust The Inside Trader

This system is a complete scam and if you sign up it won’t make you a penny. You’ll only end up losing money and wish you never started in the first place.

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BO Millionaire Scam System – Don’t Trust It!

BO Millionaire aka the Binary Options Millionaire system is a nasty scam and I’m here to bring you the real truth about this system.

I just came across their website and I knew I had to put together this review to warn you about the BO Millionaire system before you lose money to it. You can see my full review on this page where I expose this scam for what it really is. But first things first before I get started…

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BO Millionaire – What A Scam

For the rest of this review I will be referring to this system as the BO Millionaire. The system is also known as the Binary Options Millionaire system but BO Millionaire is obviously easier to type out since it’s smaller so let’s run with that. Okay so what’s the BO Millionaire all about? It’s a binary options system and it’s a complete scam. The website is literally full of lies and if you get sucked into it you could lose potentially $1,000’s. I have been doing a number of reviews lately on binary systems and the majority of them come from the same group of people.

In the last week alone I’ve reviewed the likes of Tesler Software and Nasdaq Inside Trader and to be honest it makes me laugh that these systems are still going strong. I guess people are still getting sucked into the thought of making easy money but the truth is you’ll never make money with binary options, you need a real system with proven results but it’s not always easy to distinguish which systems are genuine and which are a fraud like this one.

bo millionaire scam

Let’s look at the real details here. I’ll be straight with you, I have reviewed so many of these binary options systems that I can literally tell within a few seconds of seeing a website whether it’s a scam or not and sometimes my reviews might assume that you know that too, but I know I have readers who have varying experience levels with scams like BO Millionaire. Some people reading this will have never been scammed by a binary system whereas others (maybe you?) have already fallen victim.

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Why Is BO Millionaire A Scam?

The scam starts off with you visiting their website and learning about what they have to offer. What you might not know is that literally all the people on the website are fake. The testimonials are all fake and the guy on their website is a stock photo. This is not the real person behind the system. Also the income claims of making over $300k a month are completely fake too. Literally everything you see on their website is a lie.

The truth is these guys get paid to refer you to binary options brokers. So if you follow through and “Create your free account” you will be forwarded to another page where you have to sign up to their “recommended” binary options broker. The only reason this broker is recommended is because they are paying these guys a commission to sign you up to them. If you follow through and sign up you’ll be prompted to deposit $250 or more in order to start making money. These guys tell you that it’s just a deposit and you can withdraw it anytime but that is pure BS. Anyone who has tried binary options before knows how difficult it is to withdraw deposited money. However this isn’t even the worst part about the scam, once you actually sign up and activate their “Bo Millionaire” software chances are you’ll lose all your money before you even have a chance to withdraw it!

I am being 100% serious here. Once the software activates it will start trading for you on autopilot and will literally trade away your money until you have nothing left. You’ll see your account balance getting smaller and smaller and you won’t have any control over it. The truth is by the time you’ve made your initial deposit to fund your account it’s already too late and you can say bye bye to that money forever as it’s gone. If you’ve already invested money into BO Millionaire then I’m sorry my friend but it’s long gone!

BO Millionaire Fake Endorsements & Testimonials

Like I mentioned already the testimonials on their website are completely fake and also another thing that’s fake is their endorsements. They have listed endorsements from some major brands online and these are completely fake. The reason they stick these logos of big companies on their website is because it’s been proven that it builds trust and means you are more likely to invest and it’s fine to do that if they are real endorsements however they are not. The BO Millionaire endorsements are all fake, as these brands would never endorse binary options.

Conclusion = BO Millionaire Is A Scam

Obviously I am not going to be recommending the BO Millionaire system. This has all the signs of a scam and the people behind this system have been behind many other scams in the last few years. I highly recommend you DO NOT spend anymore time looking at this system as it won’t make you a penny.

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