Patriot Funnel System – Scam or Legit?

Patriot Funnel System is a brand new system I just came across but is it actually any good, or is this just another scam? After taking a closer look I’m now able to share my full review and opinion, so keep reading below and get all the details and find out what I really think of the Patriot Funnel System!

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Patriot Funnel System – Overview

So after I took a closer look at the Patriot Funnel System it became extremely clear what this was all about. It’s basically a sales system that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. Mobe is a company created by Matt Lloyd which I reviewed a while back. Since then I’ve actually done many reviews on a number of systems that promote the Mobe opportunity such as WIFI Millionaire and Online Profits Breakthrough.

So what exactly is the Patriot Funnel System? Well the Patriot Funnel System isn’t really anything, the real “product” behind it is the Mobe business opportunity. The person who owns the Patriot Funnel System website is an affiliate for Mobe. And instead of promoting the corporate Mobe sales page which many other affiliates are also promoting this particular affiliate has decided to stand out by branding himself and creating the Patriot Funnel System.

It’s a pretty good looking website and it does brand the affiliate, and it also talks about Matt Lloyd.

What Do You Get With Patriot Funnel System?

When you actually get started and pay your $49 fee what do you actually get? Well you will become a member of the Mobe system. This will give you access to a bunch of training and you’ll be able to go through that training. It’s essentially a “21 step system” which is what they branded it as for so long. Mobe was started a few years ago, back in approximately 2011 I believe by Matt Lloyd. Matt realised that he could make a lot of money being an affiliate of high ticket opportunities instead of low ticket ones.

Instead of selling e-books for $50 he decided to go high ticket and start selling opportunities that could pay him huge commissions. Then he decided to start Mobe and it’s really grown from there. His company offers education/training on internet marketing and holds events around the world teaching marketing. You can attend different events based on your level on the business. In other words it depends what you have actually purchased.

Mobe operates a license style system when it comes to being an affiliate. When you actually own the products you can resell them for much higher commissions. At this moment in time I believe that if you resell the Mobe products you get around 50% commission and the other 50% is split between Matt Lloyd the founder and the business coaches he employs. The business coaches will help you move through the 21 steps of the Mobe system.

Is Mobe / Patriot Funnel System A Scam?

In my opinion it’s not a scam and the reason I say that is because I have a lot of experience in this industry and I know that Mobe is not your typical make money scam like others I have reviewed such as 700 Profit Club or Home Earning System. That being said there are many mixed reviews. Some people flat out call it a scam, and others sit on the fence. Like I say my opinion is that it’s not a scam, but I can totally understand why some people do think it’s a scam because it can cost a lot of money to join Mobe and if you don’t get the results that you want then you are going to be extremely disappointed and potentially in a lot of debt.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend It?

Like I mentioned already I have reviewed many systems like Patriot Funnel System which promote Mobe.

My opinion of Mobe is that it’s not a scam, however I don’t recommend it because I think there’s better options out there for making money and you can see exactly what I do recommend if you check out the link below.

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