Paul Mampilly – Is He A Scam or Legit? [Honest Review]

Wondering whether Paul Mampilly is a scam artist or fraudster?

You’ve come to the right place because I’m sharing my honest opinion and review of Paul Mampilly and giving you all the details.

Before I start…

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Paul Mampilly – Overview

Paul Mampilly is a hot name right now with many people wondering who he is.

It’s no surprise that people want to know whether Paul Mampilly is legitimate, or just another fraudster. After all we live in a world full of scam artists.

It’s often hard to know who the good guys are from the bad.

Many reviews I have done lately expose scams and scam artists while others actually shed light on positive people and projects.

For example Tai Lopez is an “online guru” who gets a lot of negative attention for things like his Bitcoin Crypto Academy but he’s actually legitimate. I actually heard about Paul Mampilly whilst doing some investigational work looking into Banyan Hill Publishing to see whether they were legitimate after hearing about something called Freedom Checks and now here I am sharing more information on Paul Mampilly.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampillyPaul has made quite the name for himself after releasing a video about Profits Unlimited.

Profits Unlimited shares information on how to capitalize on IOT (Internet of Things) trend which he has dubbed the next “Industrial Revolution”. He has claimed that people investing can stand to make gains upwards of 8,000% by the year 2020.

These kind of gains are certainly incredible and when bold claims are made there are always skeptics.

Many “scam alerts” targeting Paul Mampilly and his Profits Unlimited newsletter have surfaced and to be honest most have conflicting or incorrect information. Many of these exist purely to siphon traffic off into other business opportunities and are often biased.

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Is Paul Mampilly A Scam?

Instead of giving you yet another biased review, I wanted to share some honest information on Paul and his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

After doing some digging I was able to find out that Paul is certainly a real person and not a scam artist it seems (good news!).

He’s even been featured by the likes of and other large investment publications.

Paul worked on Wall Street for over 2 decades. He emigrated from India and started in 1991 at Bankers Trust. After working his way up he went on to manage multi-millionaire dollar accounts at Bankers Trust Private Bank, Deutsche Bank and ING. In total Paul has been responsible for looking after 100’s of millions worth of investments.

In 2006 Paul joined Kinetics Asset Management and soon after joining he was able to increase their assets to $25 billion. He has also managed money for other large players in the industry such as private Swiss Banks and RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland).

That is certainly a pretty impressive CV…

But why is Paul now appearing in videos and why does he have a paid investment newsletter?

It’s quite simple actually. Paul decided he wanted a change.

After spending 2 decades on Wall Street it was time to mix things up and get away from the long hours.

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Paul decided he needed to spend more time with family and retired at the age of 42 and now writes for Banyan Hill Publishing who I mentioned earlier in this article.

Banyan Hill Publishing is a subsidiary of Agora Inc who are the largest underground research network in the world. They generate 100’s of millions a year and Banyan Hill alone generates sales in excess of $80 million. Some extremely impressive figures to say the least.

It was Agora Inc and Banyan Hill Publishing that attracted Paul Mampilly as he knew he would be working with a company that was clearly very successful. And since joining in 2016 he has attracted over 90,000 readers to his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Paul’s newsletter is certainly very popular and each month he sends regular emails giving tips for his subscribers. Each month he shares new investment opportunities including stocks that he recommends readers buy. There is also a podcast that he emails too.

Is Paul Mampilly A Scam?

After doing some digging into Paul and learning more about him, his connections to Banyan Hill Publishing and Agora I have no reason to believe that he is a scammer. It’s easy to point the finger at people online and call them a fraud but ultimately people are skeptical and also people have ulterior motives when it comes to “exposing” people like Paul such as:

  • Pushing you into another business opportunity
  • Competitors bad mouthing him from another business

I am always skeptical when I come across negative reviews of seemingly genuine people. But upon closer inspection that person is normally part of a competitor organisation or in some instances is simply a naive person or perhaps someone who has lost money in an investment and is now skeptical of all investments or people offering investment advice.

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Paul Mampilly Newsletter Results

I thought it would be important to mention some of the results that Paul has been able to achieve for his readers.

After launching his Profits Unlimited newsletter 15 months ago where he shares investment advice including stocks to buy the success of some of these stocks has been profound. For example his recommendations have seen gains of 56%, 64% and even 73%. His biggest gainer has seen a whopping 235%. You simply can’t ignore these kind of returns and it’s nice to see that for once an investment newsletter is actually delivering solid profits.

But what about the failing stocks?

Yes Paul does have stocks that don’t perform as planned.

To be honest I see this as a good thing because anyone who claims they have 100% winning ratio is most definitely lying.

At the time of writing this the most accurate details I was able to find stated that Five of Paul’s recommendations were stopped out for a loss of 11%. However looking at the bigger picture if you had invested in all of Paul’s recommendations, your portfolio would be worth considerably more than what you started with. The only time you would have lost money is if you only invested in just 1 of his picks that lost money, whereas it is always better to diversify your portfolio into multiple stocks and not put your eggs in just 1 basket.

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Does Paul have specific strategies for investing?

Paul has certain strategies he recommends his readers use, some of these are:

  • Long term investments
  • 8-12% stop loss on each trade

What this basically means is that Paul is placing tight stop losses on these trades so that if they do not move as he predicts the losses will be small. Paul makes no claims that investing is risk free though and if you are going to take part you should understand the risk and know that your money could be lost if you do not have good money management such as the 8-12% stop losses which are super important.

Paul Mampilly Conclusion

What’s my verdict on Paul Mampilly?

After taking a closer look at Paul Mampilly I certainly do not think he is a scam artist.

It’s no surprise people have their negative views because anyone who shares any kind of advice whether free or paid for on the subject of investing and making money always seems to be branded a fraud.

His newsletter Profits Unlimited will of course cost money but the price is relatively small for the information you will gain.

That being said, I’m giving this a neutral rating since I am not an active member of the newsletter and will never recommend something to you that I am not a part of.

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