Profits Unlimited – Scam or Legit? [Full Review]

Looking for a review of Profits Unlimited?

Wondering whether Profits Unlimited membership and newsletter is really legitimate or another investment scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my honest review of Profits Unlimited.

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Profits Unlimited Review

Profits Unlimited is a financial newsletter / membership by Paul Mampilly published by Banyan Hill Publishing. In the past few days I have been taking a closer look at it and also have shared reviews of Paul and also another offering from Banyan Hill known as Freedom Checks. Profits Unlimited is the newsletter Paul publishes which shares key stocks to invest in as well as a strategy for investing with limited risk.

Who Is Paul Mampilly?

paul mampilly profits unlimitedBefore we talk about the Profits Unlimited newsletter it’s important we mention the man sharing the recommendations which is Paul Mampilly. I’m not going to give a complete review / background on Paul since I already did that in this review of Paul Mampilly however I’ll give you some key point so you can learn more about the man behind Profits Unlimited.

Paul worked on Wall Street for over 20 years and worked with some extremely well known companies. These include the likes of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Swiss investment banks. He has been responsible for handling literally billions worth of investment and has seen extremely positive returns during his time on Wall Street.

A few years ago Paul decided it was time to retire from Wall Street and spend more time with his family.

It was at this stage he decided to take on a roll writing for Banyan Hill Publishing who share investment content & advice. It’s here that he launched the Profits Unlimited newsletter in 2016 which has gained over 80,000 subscribers and many successful stock picks.

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How Does Profits Unlimited Work?

Profits Unlimited is a paid newsletter / membership. That means that you pay for it on a monthly basis and in return you receive information that Paul sends out in regular newsletter emails. These emails share all the information you need and have a number of stock picks. Each month Paul picks the stocks he recommends you buy and has specific strategies and projections for each stock that he recommends.

I was able to find out that Paul recommends stop losses of 8-12% on every trade. If you are new to the term “stop loss” it basically means exactly what it says. A “stop loss” is a pre-defined price that your trade will automatically close and prevent you from losing any more money. With a stop loss of 8-12% you have a tight range for losing and as far as investing goes losing that amount per stock trade is relatively small considering the up-side potential of some of the Profits Unlimited stock picks.

Profits Unlimited Membership

How much does the membership / subscription to Profits Unlimited actually cost?

At the time of writing this it will cost you $47 to access the digital version of Profits Unlimited, there is also an up-sell know as the deluxe subscription which is $129. This will allow you to have print and digital versions of the newsletter.

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It should be noted that the newsletter has a 365 day refund policy which seems pretty comprehensive to me. It states that if for any reason you decide the newsletter isn’t for you then you can contact their customer service team and get a full refund.

I feel it’s worth mentioning that obviously this doesn’t include the investments you make into the stock picks as they could never offer guarantees / refunds for any losses when it comes to making investments in the stocks picked.

Is Profits Unlimited A Scam?

Profits Unlimited is NOT a scam.

When I first heard about the Profits Unlimited newsletter I was a little skeptical however after researching more about Paul Mampilly I am confident it’s not a scam. I actually mentioned in my article on Paul Mampilly that I don’t believe he is a fraudster as some people have claimed and that his newsletter looks like it has performed extremely well.

Profits Unlimited Performance

So you are probably wondering what the kind of results are that Paul has achieved with his Profits Unlimited newsletter?

I was taking a closer look and some of his picks have performed extremely well in fact.

His Profits Unlimited newsletter was launched in 2016 and his top recommendations have seen gains of 56%, 64%, 73% and even as high as 235%. If you had invested money into every single pick of Paul’s you would still have outperformed the market.

Does Profits Unlimited lose money?

It should be noted that obviously not every single stock that is recommended inside of the Profits Unlimited membership makes money. But this is literally impossible and I would much prefer to be involved with a newsletter that is honest about losses than one that claims 100% success rate because that is never realistic.

On average the winners in Profits Unlimited are far bigger than the losers. Five of the recommended stocks in the Profits Unlimited subscription have made lost money and been stopped out for an 11% loss. But if you had invested in every stock recommended since the release of the newsletter you would still have made a considerable profit.

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Profits Unlimited Alternatives?

At the time of writing this there are some alternatives out there but not ones I have personally covered.

One of the hot newsletters right now is the Freedom Checks newsletter offered by Banyan Hill Publishing also.

I will update this section of the review should any other Profits Unlimited newsletter competitors come about.




Profits Unlimited Conclusion

Do I recommend Profits Unlimited?

After taking a closer look I am giving this a neutral rating for the simple fact that I am not a member of the newsletter.

I have reviewed Profits Unlimited and Paul Mampilly and I do not believe it’s a scam. The results that the newsletter has achieved look realistic to me and there are many positive reviews out there from people who have invested and been extremely happy with their returns.

That being said I won’t recommend this to you since I am not a member of the newsletter and I won’t recommend something I am not actively using/part of.

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