Retired Millionaire Scam – Don’t Buy It!

Retired Millionaire is a scam and I’ve put this review together to expose this system. If you sign up you will not make a penny, so instead keep reading for my full Retired Millionaire review which exposes the real truth.

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Retired Millionaire – Overview

So the Retired Millionaire is actually an old scam that’s just made a come back. It’s been remade into a video version and it’s ready to scam you out of your money. There’s a trend lately because binary options is dying so the scammers that moved away from business opportunity scams to binary options have started to come back, and they are creating new scam systems like the Retired Millionaire. By the way, there are plenty of good systems out there as you’ll see if you check out my recommendation but unfortunately there are a lot of unethical marketers who just want to make a quick buck.

So the first reason I knew that this system was a scam apart from the ridiculous name “Retired Millionaire” was when I watched the sales video and noticed this guy who I have taken a screen shot of above. This person has appeared on countless scam websites, literally 100’s over the past few years. In fact I literally just did a new review of a system called Earn 3k Today and this guy appears on that video claiming to have made $1,000’s.

In this particular video he is claiming to have made $70,000 his first month which is highly unlikely. If he was making $70,000 per month then why is he selling fake testimonials on the website fiverr for literally $5 a piece. This guy is a fraud and he is not telling the truth. He is hired by all the scammers along with others to give fake testimonials.

How Does The Retired Millionaire Scam Work?

So the scam will start with you probably getting an email about how you can make a fortune with the Retired Millionaire system. This is the quickest way for the scammers to spread the word about their scam. They have affiliates promote it to their email lists and this helps the scam to spread quickly and also helps the unethical affiliates make money as well as the owner of the Retired Millionaire website.

If you decide to sign up after watching the video you are actually forwarded onto a system called the EZ Money Team. I covered this particular system a few months back and can 100% tell you it’s another scam of course. The EZ Money Team literally offers no value and once again is pushed extremely hard to you. But despite the crazy claims you won’t be making any money. Once you sign up and pay your fee you will be put through a series of up-sell videos. They will try and extract as much money from you as possible. When you finally complete this, you’ll have access to the EZ Money Team training. Basically a bunch of completely crap training that won’t help you at all when it comes to making money.

The real truth is the Retired Millionaire is just the name of the website but the real scam system behind the website is the EZ Money Team. Obviously I am not recommending it and you should avoid it unless you want to lose money.

Conclusion – Avoid Retired Millionaire

It took me literally 20 seconds or less to know that the Retired Millionaire was a complete scam. After landing on their website and seeing the fake testimonials from actors that I have seen countless times in other scam systems videos it was clear that this was not a product you want to waste your time on.

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