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USI Tech Review

USI Tech reviews are everywhere online but the problem is most of them are biased. You see the people writing extremely positive reviews are most likely involved in the company as affiliates and simply want to refer you to sign up below them. The people writing negative reviews of USI Tech are probably affiliates of competitor companies like BitConnect and BitPetite so naturally they want to tell you it’s a scam and refer you into that.

Who can you believe when it comes to USI Tech? That’s where I can help you.

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USI Tech Review UPDATE: After being convinced by a friend of mine I have joined USI Tech and I am making money with it.

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What Is USI Tech All About?

Please note: The following review was put together BEFORE I joined USI Tech and my views have since changed. I am now recommending it as a vehicle for making money with cryptocurrency.

The team behind USI Tech, the ownership of the company and the overall mission of the company are lacking from its official website. Such critical information is very crucial for any serious company that wants to appear credible so this was not exactly a good start to be honest.

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The only real information that can be gathered regarding the company is the date it appeared on the web – which is around mid-2016. Other than that, the critical background information about the company is entirely lacking. Most companies that shy away from giving out their information are usually not trustworthy, unfortunately. It is not fair to disregard this company, however, as we are just commencing this USI Tech review. The key point is that a solid background is extremely crucial for any cryptocurrency / MLM company.

USI Tech Products

Moving on to the products on offer, this company does not have your typical products to talk about. Since the company’s mission seems to be to deliberately leave out details of their products on their website, there are no specifics available. The main product that is assured here is the affiliate membership which affiliates can be able to sell and the fact that guaranteed returns are made after you make an investment.

Regarding the affiliate membership, a signed up user is able to access a forex auto-trading system included in the platform. This platform apparently is based on the MT4 Trading Software which is popular for making the market analysis. USI-Tech asserts that signed up users can be able to earn up to 150% annually as a result of the medium and long-term strategies of the company however upon closer inspection this is actually the OLD USI Tech that dealt with forex trading, whereas now they have rebranded and moved onto cryptocurrency.

USI Tech Compensation

Affiliates get to enjoy both brokerage fees and recruitment commissions which are sent to them directly. A residual commission system also exists. To me this company looks like it’s most profitable to those that can recruit others. This is the same as other ones I have exposed as ponzi schemes like BitPetite.

Earning With USI Tech

By investing Bitcoin you can actually earn around 1% per day. This may seem like a small figure however in the world of investing it’s actually huge and is a cause for concern. It’s actually extremely unlikely that they can make trades in the cryptocurrency world and deliver 1% returns to all investors. When you consider the fact that the larger your cryptocurrency portfolio the harder it is to trade.

The biggest percentage gains are made trading smaller amounts, because it’s literally impossible to dump millions into a cryptocurrency coin because you will be responsible for the movement of that coin. As soon as you try and sell your position people will see that you are selling it and the price will drop so much you would never be able to get rid at the price you wanted. Perhaps this would work on trading Bitcoin alone because the volume is into the billions but regular cryptocurrencies no chance.

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USI Tech Attracts Naive Newbies

In my experience reviewing over 350 scams in the last year or so I have come across many opportunities and it seems that sometimes newbies get sucked into these opportunities and are so convinced that it’s legit that they often will not believe it’s a scam even when things start to go wrong.

This has happened with many ponzi schemes in the past before cryptocurrency but now it could potentially get even worse with cryptocurrency because it’s unregulated and untraceable. An investment of Bitcoin will be hard to trace, virtually impossible actually and there is really nothing stopping the USI Tech owners from simply running off with your money if they wanted to.

Of course I am not saying this will happen but just understand that it “could” happen.

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Is USI Tech A Scam?

Like I explained if the owners wanted to run off with your money they could quite easily. Bitcoin is untraceable and that makes investing in these kind of programs risky for sure. USI Tech operates similar to other companies, the biggest competitor is BitConnect which is naturally much bigger however EthConnect a brand new opportunity (running off Ethereum) will soon be growing fast too.

I tend to believe that opportunities like this that “guarantee” a set percentage return for investors like 1% a day are risky and most likely ponzi schemes because it’s incredibly hard to generate that kind of return legitimately. It’s far easier to run a ponzi scheme and generate income that way.

I can’t confirm that USI Tech is a scam, it’s impossible to do so, but it “could” be.

The best course of action is to be cautious. You can go ahead and invest and you could earn a lot of money doing so, but you need to be prepared to lose your entire investment also. It’s risky game investing in these kind of businesses so whilst my advice is to avoid it, if you do plan on investing just make sure that you don’t give USI Tech your whole life savings as that would be extremely foolish.

USI Tech Conclusion

USI-Tech offers its affiliates both an MLM opportunity as well as an opportunity to earn guaranteed % return on investment for doing nothing at all.

When I first wrote this review I was skeptical about USI Tech however I’ve now changed my opinion and I am recommending it.

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