Is The Altimeter by Joel Litman Legit? [Unbiased Review]


Welcome to my review of The Altimeter. The Altimeter is an investment research service that is based on a system that helps you identify stocks worth selling, keeping, or buying. If you would like to learn more about The Altimeter, you are at the right place. In this review, I take you through the investment …

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Are “A9 Gold Stocks” Legit? [Unbiased Review]

A9 Gold Stocks

Welcome to my review of A9 Gold Stocks.  This claims to be a little-known investment strategy that can allow you to make nine times better profits than buying gold coins, bullion, or ETF. This means – if you can make an average 1 dollar profit through gold investments, then you have the possibility to make …

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Is “The American Lithium Boom” Legit? [Dave Forest]

The American Lithium Boom

Welcome to my review of The American Lithium Boom. It is a new presentation by Dave Forest about what he refers to as the largest lithium discovery in America, along with a billion-dollar investment deal involving Tesla. Although not much information about the investment opportunity is in the presentation; from what he infers, it is …

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What Is Jeff Brown 6G Stock? [Forget About 5G Pitch]

Jeff Brown 6G

Looking for a review of the new Jeff Brown 6G pitch? I recently received an invitation to check out the presentation and right off the bat, he tells us to “forget about 5G.” It felt strange that he would say that considering nearly every other expert wants us to buy 5G stocks. I decided to …

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Is Jimmy Mengel’s “USA Cannabis” Stock Legit? [Review]

USA Cannabis

Welcome to my review a recent pitch made by Jimmy Mengel titled USA Cannabis. In it, among other things, he speculates that all fifty states will soon find it hard to not legalize cannabis in order to increase tax revenue during a period when they need it most. And with cannabis legalized, it will create …

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What Is “Endgame 2020” aka The Switch? [Review]

Endgame 2020 (The Switch)

Looking for a review of the Endgame 2020 (The Switch) presentation by Nick Giambruno? I recently got an invitation from Casey Research bringing my attention to the video, so I decided to take a closer look and see what Nick was going on about. In it, he claims that we are about to see a …

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Is The COVID-19 Investor’s Portfolio Legit? [Nexus-9 Network]

The COVID-19 Investor’s Portfolio

Welcome to my review of Michael Robinson’s . During the pandemic, if you have looking for an investment advisory service to help guide you through the volatility, you should consider Robinson’s Nexus-9 Network. But before we get to the newsletter, the COVID-19 Investor’s Portfolio presentation concerns a company that is expected to bring to market …

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“Tai Lopez Asset Based Income Masterplan” [Review]

Tai Lopez Asset Based Income Masterplan

Have you heard about Tai Lopez Asset Based Income Masterplan? Tai Lopez came up with his latest investment strategy to help you build a fortune even if you have little money to invest. If you eager to find out more about the investment strategy you have come to the right page. This is an unbiased …

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