Is Paydirt 2020 Summit Legit? [Paydirt Profit Cycle]

Paydirt 2020 Summit

Looking for a review of Gerardo Del Real’s recently released presentation titled Paydirt 2020 Summit? I’ve been receiving promotions for the webinar for a while so I decided to take a closer look when he and Nick Hodge eventually released it. I’ve researched it to find out more and put together an honest review sharing …

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Is Jeff Brown Illumina Second Wave Legit? [Tech Melt Pitch]

Jeff Browns Tech Melt

Welcome to my review of Jeff Brown’s presentation that is titled “Tech Melt” or “The Second Wave” (depending on whether you watch the video or open the transcript). Jeff recently sat with Chris Hurt to talk about market trends, a 5,900% biotech boom, and his number one stock pick to capitalize on it. He audaciously …

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“Trump’s 5G Lockdown” pitch by Louis Navellier Legit?

"Trump's 5G Lockdown" pitch by Louis Navellier Legit? 8

Welcome to my review of Louis Navellier’s presentation titled Trump’s 5G Lockdown. Since 5G has been the subject of many investment gurus’ presentations, it comes as no surprise that Louis Navellier has joined the fray (although not for the first time). In this pitch, he talks about how President Trump is working to secure super-fast …

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Is Don Yocham’s Cannabis Inner Circle Legit?

Cannabis Inner Circle

Welcome to my review of Cannabis Inner Circle. In his presentation, Don Yocham teases what he thinks is one of the most valuable substances in the world; an extract that he says costs $2.1 million an ounce He doesn’t mince his words when he says that the extract is so potent and powerful, it will revolutionize the …

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Is “Lunchtime Trades” by Graham Summers Legit?

Is "Lunchtime Trades" by Graham Summers Legit? 13

Have you heard about Graham Summers and his Lunchtime Trades concept but have no idea what to make of it? Well, Graham introduces us to a trading strategy that is based on a stock market anomaly that he exploits regularly to make money in a few hours. He claims that the anomaly affords you a …

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Is Robert Williams “Trillion Dollar DNA” Pitch Legit?

Trillion Dollar DNA

Looking for a review of Robert William’s presentation concerning Trillion Dollar DNA? I’ve been receiving promotions for the presentation for a while so I decided to take a closer look. I’ve researched it to find out more and put together an honest review. Keep reading below to get all the info. Before I start… If …

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Is Michael Robinson’s Breakthrough “Super Vaccine” Legit?

Breakthrough Super Vaccine

I recently stumbled upon a presentation with the heading “One Billion Doses of Breakthrough “Super Vaccine” Slated for Production!” In the presentation, former Fox News anchor Suzanne Sena and Michael Robinson talk about a coronavirus “super vaccine” that will revolutionize the healthcare sector. He believes that one company that will produce it will be a …

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What Is “The Next Stock of the Decade” by David Fessler?

The Next Stock of the Decade

Welcome to my review of David Fessler’s presentation titled The Next Stock of the Decade. Fessler claims that every decade has one company that defines it; a stock that presents investors with the largest economic opportunity. Therefore, in the presentation he describes what he feels will be the most important stock of the next ten …

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Is “Crypto 66” by Nick Hodge Legit?

Crypto 66

Welcome to my review of Nick Hodge’s new presentation titled Crypto 66.  Nick recently released this pitch to alert us about an investment opportunity that he says you need to act on act quickly or you may miss out.  This investment opportunity can turn $10,000 into $230,000 and also gives you the opportunity to own …

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