Is Rob Booker’s Echo Trades Legit?

Echo Trades

Welcome to my review of Echo Trades. It is a new investment advisory service that was launched during a webinar that was hosted by Rob Booker featuring Jeffry Turnmire In this article, we dive into the webinar to examine the trading strategy behind the advisory service to give you an idea of what it involves. …

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Is The Profits of A Lifetime Summit Legit?

Profits of A Lifetime Summit

Welcome to my review of Charles Mizrahi’s Profits of A Lifetime Summit. The presentation has been getting a lot of attention because Charles claims to have found a secret way for you to earn a lifetime of returns equaling 500% or more in 5 years. In this article, I give you an overview of what …

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ID Coin Revolution – What Is The ID Coin Stock?

ID Coin

Wondering what the  is all about? I have been receiving promotional emails taking me to the ID Coin presentation which is a new technology that can provide huge profits for those who get in early. It certainly sounds good, but can we really trust this ID Coin or is this another gimmick? Keep reading as …

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Is George Gilder’s 5G Killer Stock Legit?

The 5G Killer

Welcome to my review of George Gilder’s presentation about The 5G Killer. In the presentation, he talks about a technology that he thinks will make 5G obsolete even before it reaches mass adoption and seal the fate of AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, and other big telecoms. In the meantime, it will make some stocks soar. …

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Is Michael Robinson’s “Digital Gold Rush” Legit?

Michael Robinson's Digital Gold Rush

Have you heard about Michael Robinson’s presentation about “The Digital Gold Rush of the 21st Century”? It is a pitch for a newsletter called The Nova-X Report but it also gives us an insight into Michael’s investment strategy that has to do with investing in cryptocurrencies.  If you would like to learn more about the …

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Is Joel Litman’s LOCK System Legit?

LOCK System

Altimetry has been promoting a presentation with the heading: “America’s Top ‘Stock Cop’ Warns: “Do This BEFORE You Get the Vaccine”” It has nothing to do with the side-effects of the vaccine although that’s what the heading implies. Instead, it concerns a series of investments Joel Litman thinks will either perform well or badly when …

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Is Chris DeHaemer’s “Spatial Computing” Pitch Legit?

Chris DeHaemer's Spatial Computing

Have you encountered Chris DeHaemer’s Spatial Computing presentation by Angel Publishing? The header reads: “99% of Investors Are Clueless About This Game-Changing Technology… The Other 1% Are About to Become Filthy Rich” suggesting that the discussion is centering on a new technology that they say may make you “I bought Apple in 1980” rich. In this …

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Is Teeka Tiwari’s Next Trillion Dollar Coin Event Legit?

Teeka Tiwari's Next Trillion Dollar Coin

The Palm Beach Research Group has been promoting Teeka Tiwari’s Next Trillion Dollar Coin. It is an event that is slated to happen at the end of the month during which Teeka Tiwari will talk about his “millionaire-making” crypto strategy. In this review, we examine the invitation to see what we can expect from Tiwari …

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