3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017

If you’re looking for legitimate ways to make money online I’d like to share 3 ways to make money in 2017.

These 3 simple ways are tried, tested and proven.

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3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017 11

Method 1 – Lead Generation For Local Businesses

3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017 12There are literally millions of small businesses across the world. In the USA alone there are 28 million small businesses so this is really a huge market and something I am personally going to be getting involved with. The method is actually pretty simple so let me explain. You can break it down into 2 sub-methods which are:

  1. Ranking websites and sending leads to small businesses from Google
  2. Managing social media for small businesses and charging a fee

Both of these methods work very well and people are earning a lot of money from it. Method number 1 requires a bit more knowledge on building blogs and SEO (search engine optimisation) but method 2 which is social media is something most people do everyday with Facebook and other social profiles. Most small businesses know they could be using social media to grow their business but don’t even try to do it!

Method 2 – Consulting / Coaching Via Webinars

3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017 13Are you a consultant or coach, or do you have some kind of value to offer to other people? Thanks to the internet and webinars more consultants and coaches are earning big money. Think about this, you are a coach or consultant and it can be anything really no matter what industry you are in. Instead of attracting clients and meeting them 1 on 1 you instead invite people to a webinar. This is an online presentation where you can give a presentation online to as many people as you want. Let’s say using the internet you get 100 people onto your webinar which lasts for 1 hour and you close 20% into new clients. You just got 20 new clients for your business and you only spent 1 hour to do that. Pretty good right?

Now obviously not everyone can be a consultant or coach, you do need value to bring to the marketplace, but if you are already a consultant, or a coach, or have some kind of value to offer the world then you can do this and make good money with it.

Method 3 – Use Automated/Proven Systems

3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017 14Method 3 is really for people who don’t want to work with local small businesses and don’t necessarily have value to offer to the market in the way of consulting. Not everyone is going to want to do method 1 or 2 and method 3 is actually where I make the majority of my money which is 5-figures per month currently. With method 3 you utilise proven systems that other people have made. Fortunately thanks to the internet these systems tend to be “automated” too, or at least have a level of automation.

So how does this work? I will give you an example based on my own experience. I run a blog about making money which reviews products and exposes scams. Naturally people who visit my blog want to make money but the products they are looking at are often scams. After all you probably joined my list after reading a review of some scam right? So I knew that I needed to find a product / opportunity for people who visit my blog that could help them make money.

Now, I didn’t want to make a system or product myself. But I wanted to make sure that it was high quality and not a scam. So I did my research and found a proven system that I could offer to my subscribers. The product I offer is via a free training webinar which explains how you can make money with this proven system, and then you get a free training call.

If you decide to sign up, you get access to the proven system, fully replicated so that you can make money. This is probably the best way for a newbie to make money online because often a newbie won’t have value to bring to the marketplace, so it’s best that they use proven systems.


All 3 methods work, it’s up to you which one you really want to focus on.

I really like all 3 methods and I’ve seen people making a lot of money in all 3.

My personal favourite? It’s no.3 and that’s the method I use right now.

I hope you have enjoyed this free article, it’s 1 of the many bonuses of being a subscriber of No Bs Im Reviews 🙂

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3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2017 11