Digital Altitude Reviews – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Digital Altitude review! I’ve been a member of Digital Altitude for around 3 months and I’ve decided to do this review to share my experience so far! My review will be honest and share the good and the bad, so if you’re looking for a genuine review keep reading below and get all the info.

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Digital Altitude Reviews - Scam or Legit? 3

What is Digital Altitude?

It’s a digital marketing training system that first teaches you about operating an online business and how you actually make money, and then allows you to also make money by being an affiliate and promoting the products. Digital Altitude provides all members with their own dedicated coach who will work with them 1 to 1 and help you go from wherever you are (even if that’s a complete newbie) to having the knowledge of an expert, armed with everything you need to make money!


What are the Digital Altitude products?

Rather than go into all the specific products on offer I’ll give you a summary of what the products are. The lower cost products are a series of training videos that walk you through the dynamics of operating an online business and making money. They are essentially the stepping stones to running an online business. The more expensive products in the line up are actually live events! So when you purchase products known as Ascend, Peak and Apex you will get live, hands on training at one of the Digital Altitude events. You’ll also get a number of benefits such as increased commissions for being an affiliate.

The goal of Digital Altitude…

Unlike other businesses they don’t want to throw you in at the deep end and expect you to make money. You are assigned a coach when you join, and it’s your job to check in with the coach (they will also check in with you) to make sure you are following the steps. It’s really a simple business, just follow the steps, connect with your coach and do as they say. All the coaches in Digital Altitude are proven 6 & 7 figure online marketers so they know exactly what you need to do to actually be successful.

Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

Many people have been wondering whether it’s a scam and I’m here to tell you it’s not. People are always going to make arguments that a system is a scam, to be honest it doesn’t matter what credentials someone has, when it comes to teaching about making money people automatically think scam. If Bill Gates brought out a program teaching you how he has made his billions I guarantee that people would call it a scam, even though he’s a proven success.

No Digital Altitude (DA) is not a scam. In my opinion a scam is something like Millionaire Bizpro or Steal My System (2 scams I recently reviewed) which literally offer zero value in exchange for money.

The bad things about Digital Altitude…

So far I haven’t experienced any bad things personally. I have heard a few people having issues contacting their coaches, but other than that it’s all good! And in my opinion the good things far outweigh the bad things! I guess if I had to find something “bad” it would be that the products can get expensive, however the coaches have solutions for financing higher priced products and you don’t actually need to start at the top, work your way up!

The good things about Digital Altitude…

Where do I start? There are so many good things! Firstly you can get started for just $1 which is a tiny amount. The only reason they have this $1 fee is to make sure only serious people can get involved, because let’s face it, nobody is getting rich from $1 and they have this fee to keep the tyre kickers out! Another great thing is that you get your own 6/7-figure coach assigned to you when you join. I have been involved in businesses in the past where coaches were assigned, but to be honest the coaches in that business were not experts, they were just sales people. However the coaches with Digital Altitude are real experts who can help you! You are literally getting access to an EXPERT for just $1! Obviously there are other products on offer for more than $1 but you can get full access to see inside the members area, connect with your coach and start your training for $1.

So Mark, does it really work? Did you make money?

Yes! Of course I did! I wouldn’t be giving such a positive review if I didn’t make money.

In fact in the past 30 days I’ve pulled over $10,000 with Digital Altitude 🙂


And my total team sales just past $120,000! This means that other people I have introduced to Digital Altitude are also making money!

Check out the proof in this image:


Pretty impressive right? I think you’ll agree that having team members (some of which are complete newbies) come in and generate $120,000 is impressive. And I’ve never actually experienced anything like this in any other business that I’ve been involved with.

Also for me to make over $10,000 in the last 30 days with Digital Altitude is clear proof that it’s working for me. Plus I’ve only been working this business part time as I’ve been committed to other projects but now I’m ready to scale this to multiple 5-figures and beyond! Some other members I know have been able to make over $100,000 in a single month with this business.

My conclusion… Digital Altitude works.

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Alternatives to Digital Altitude?

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