Mario Nawfal Net Worth, Background & IBC Group 2023

Mario Nawfal, an Australian entrepreneur residing and operating in the UAE, has dabbled in diverse business ventures, but it is in the realm of blockchain technology where he has truly excelled.

Unlike typical crypto enthusiasts who engage in risky trades based on hype, Mario possesses an intimate understanding of cryptocurrencies and invests based on technological merits.

As a highly regarded entrepreneur, angel investor, and speaker, Mario Nawfal has earned acclaim for his significant contributions to the business and crypto industries. His impressive track record of successful ventures and sharp business acumen have solidified his status as one of the most respected figures in the field and in this piece, we will dissect his net worth and business journey.

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Mario Nawfal Net Worth

Mario Nawfal’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $130 million, a testament to his entrepreneurial prowess, successful investments, and significant contributions to the crypto industry.

Over a decade in business, the Australian entrepreneur has amassed substantial wealth. $130 million is a rough approximation as he is said to be worth at least $100 million (the exact figure remains undisclosed).

While his companies are valued even higher, Mario is not their sole beneficiary, and his net worth does not quite reach the rumored $1 billion.

A relentless innovator, it is reported Nawfal continues to explore new business opportunities and skillfully transform his endeavors into profitable ventures. Given his track record, there’s every reason to believe that his net worth will only grow in the future.

Who is Mario Nawfal?

Mario Nawfal is a prominent Australian entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker, and businessman, renowned for founding successful ventures such as Foothie, HX, and Optimum Appliances.

Mario Nawfal Net Worth & Business 2023

On top of that, he has served as the co-founder and CEO of NFT Technologies since 2020.

Mario rose to prominence for hosting some of the largest X Spaces on the platform. His popularity has soared in recent times thanks to his public association with Elon Musk.

Musk has participated in Nawfal’s discussion groups on X and has endorsed them numerous times. For example, Musk shared one of Nawfal’s tweets about the Russian mercenary rebellion, praising Nawfal’s coverage of the situation.

“Best coverage of the situation I’ve seen so far is from Mario,” Musk tweeted.

The attention from Musk helped Nawfal attract a large audience to his X Spaces. His shows have been attended by thousands of people, including many high-profile figures in the crypto and Web3 space.

Nawfal’s association with Musk has also drawn some criticism. Some people have accused him of being a “puppet” of Musk and of promoting Musk’s agenda. Nawfal has denied these accusations, saying that he is simply a fan of Musk and that he is not beholden to him in any way.

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Mario Nawfal’s Biography

Early Life

Born on May 8, 1994, in Dubai, Mario’s parents moved to Australia when he was just six years old, granting him Australian nationality.

However, to respect his family’s privacy, he has not disclosed specific details about his parents’ names and professions. Similarly, information about Mario’s siblings remains undisclosed.

Physical Attributes

In terms of physical attributes, Mario Nawfal stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) and weighs approximately 73 kg (161 lbs).


Mario completed high school in his hometown and pursued a degree in Banking and Finance at Monash University.


On a personal level, Nawfal discovered solace in the enchanting dance of Bachata following a substantial financial loss caused by a deceitful senior manager in one of his firms back in late 2018.

Mario Nawfal Bachata Instagram Account

Since then, he has immersed himself in the world of Bachata. Mario began attending festivals and gained acclaim as a prominent figure in the dance community. Mario’s account documenting his dance routines has thousands of followers.

Speaking Events

Nawfal’s profound expertise and industry knowledge have made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and talk shows worldwide.

Mario Nawfal at a TedX speaking event

He generously shares his insights and tips on building successful businesses from the ground up. Notably, he is a featured speaker at most major crypto events, including TedX, Davos, and the UN General Assembly, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the crypto space.

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Mario Nawfal’s Business Journey

Mario founded the Athena Group of Companies in 2012. It comprises his business interests cutting across industries:

Mario founded the Athena Group of Companies in 2012


Mario’s entrepreneurial journey began with modest resources, a mere $300 in his bank account.

His innovative marketing tactics, efficient logistical systems, and collaboration with a global team of contractors propelled Froothie, a renowned kitchen appliance and wellness brand, to unprecedented success.

Surpassing $1 million in its first year and achieving over $10 million in revenue by the second year, Froothie’s accomplishments were a demonstration of Nawfal’s drive, which has served him well in his career.

Optimum Appliances

In 2013, Mario founded Optimum Appliances to meet the rising demand for high-end kitchen appliances just like Cutco Knives.

Optimum Appliances gained global brand status, further cementing his reputation as a visionary entrepreneur.

Prestige Home Appliances

Continuing his ventures, Mario ventured into diverse niches, including personal mobility, fitness, and e-cigarettes, launching brands like HX, Vie, FX, Prestige Home Appliances, and more. These initiatives solidified his position as a serial entrepreneur.


In 2016, Mario established GoGlobal, a business scaling incubator, as the foundation of the expanding conglomerate known as the Athena Group of Companies.

Utilizing the infrastructure and connections developed throughout his journey, Mario successfully fostered the growth of various businesses under the Athena Group’s umbrella.

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Mario Nawfal Cryptocurrencies

Mario Nawfal is a trailblazer in the blockchain and crypto industry, renowned as the founder of IBC Group, a groundbreaking company established in 2017.

In a short span, IBC Group now boasts an extensive network of experts across 40 countries, offering invaluable consulting services in the rapidly growing blockchain and crypto space.

Mario Nawfal Cryptocurrencies

Leveraging his success in the blockchain realm, Mario also launched IBI Ventures, a venture capital fund, and IBA, a blockchain accounting firm.

Additionally, he is a partner and owns equity in International Blockchain Legal (IBL), a prominent blockchain law firm.

Through these ventures, Mario Nawfal has left an indelible mark on the blockchain ecosystem, providing essential services and spearheading innovation in the industry.


In 2021, he played a significant role in co-founding NFTtechnologies, a company dedicated to promoting brands through NFTs, and he has acquired numerous NFT collections himself.

It is listed on the NEO Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is known for providing retail investors access to the metaverse and NFTs.

These ventures, among others, reportedly made him a lot of money given the craze surrounding NFTs at the time.

Other Investments

Mario’s wealth remains relatively unaffected by market fluctuations, with pumps and dumps having only a marginal impact of around 10% on his net worth. While he may not explicitly state his cryptocurrency purchases, it becomes apparent through his close association with the Bitcoin community.

It is speculated that Mario began acquiring BTC when its value was below $3,000, and currently, his crypto portfolio is estimated to contain 100 bitcoins. As an advocate of fundamental investments, he focuses on acquiring top coins in the crypto market.

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The Roundtable Show

Nawfal’s impact goes beyond his business endeavors. He launched The Roundtable Show, which swiftly gained acclaim as the largest online event in the crypto sphere, drawing over 50,000 live listeners per episode.

The Roundtable Show

It has since morphed into a platform for debates and general conversations. The show’s description reads “The Roundtable has become the heart of Citizen Journalism: A place where censor-free balanced debates take place daily, covering the world’s most polarizing and important topics.

The show features guests from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of its most notable guests are Elon Musk, Hunter Biden, Rudy Giuliani, Marc Andreessen, Mick Mulvaney, Bill Ackman, and Mark Cuban, just to mention a few.

The Roundtable Show past guests

It is quite popular and now has more than two million weekly listeners.

The show, streamed on X (Twitter) Spaces, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live, highlights Nawfal’s profound knowledge and perspectives. It was previously hosted at Clubhouse but was halted, leading to Mario’s community publicly going up in arms. They wanted to urge Mario’s reinstatement but that didn’t happen.

The Roundtable Show has a weekly X Space. The show features a panel of guests who discuss the latest trends, news, and events. The show is also known for its debates and discussions on controversial topics in the news.

You can listen to the Roundtable Show by Mario on X Spaces every Sunday at 10 am Pacific Time. You can also find the show on the Luminary podcast platform.

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