Scentsy Reviews – Good Opportunity or Scam?

So you’re looking for more information on Scentsy? Maybe you’re looking for more info on the products or perhaps someone has approached you about the business opportunity? I’m here to share my full review and give you all the details so you can make an informed decision before you sign up or buy the products.

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Scentsy – Overview

Today I’m continuing my trend of reviewing network marketing companies and looking at Scentsy. Lately I have been doing a lot of reviews and covering a number of direct sales & network marketing companies like Younique, Young Living and even Kyani. So what is Scentsy all about and can you trust them?

The company launched back in 2004. The founders are Orville and Heidi Thompson and they have their headquarters in Meridian USA. They employ over 1,000 people and to be honest the very fact that they have been in business over 12 years clearly shows me that they are a legitimate company. When I see a brand new company popup it’s always questionable as to whether they are legitimate but when you’ve been going for 12 years in this particular industry / niche (network marketing) it’s a good sign you’re legitimate as the scam companies usually get shut down within a few years of starting.

Scentsy – The Products

The main products on offer by Scentsy are warmers and wax. The warmer is plugged in with wax cubes inside and ones the wax melts it fills the room with a fragrance. Hence the name “Scentsy”. There are many different “scents” on offer with over 80 wax cubes to pick from. Scentsy also offers room sprays that are nice for making your rooms smell nice. There are over 90 different sprays available. Scentsy also offers soaps, sanitizers and laundry products.

From the research I’ve done people are very pleased with the products and say they smell lovely.

Scentsy – The Business Opportunity

The main reason for me giving a review of Scentsy is to actually share more details on their business opportunity since I know many people who are here reading this review will be wondering whether it’s a good fit for them and whether they can really make money with this opportunity. Like most network marketing companies they offer the ability for you to earn money from retail sales. You are able to buy the products at a discount and sell them on at their retail price and pocket the difference. You can also earn commissions by recruiting other reps who will sell on your team and you will earn commission on their sales. This is the real secret to making a lot of money in this kind of business.

In truth you’ll only make so much from your own personal retail sales. Let’s face it, it’s physically impossible for you to sell to 1,000’s of people so the best way to earn money is to actually recruit other reps who can sell in different areas and then you will earn commission on them. Unfortunately this is quite difficult to do simply because many people just aren’t that serious. Some will sign up and won’t even do anything. You should probably use the 80/20 rule when recruiting and even when selling which means 80% of your results are probably going to come from 20% of the people.

Is Scentsy A Scam?

Scentsy is definitely not a scam. As I briefly explained at the start of this review they have been in business for a long time. The network marketing industry is very scrutinised by the authorities and if they were a scam there is no way they could have remained in business for this long since they got started in 2004. They would have simply been shut down a long time ago and would not be still going today, that I am sure of.

Scentsy – My Conclusion & Recommendation

After taking a closer look at Scentsy I am confident that they are a legitimate company and you should be happy to buy their products as a customer. However if you’re looking at the business opportunity like many network marketing companies in order to be successful you need to recruit many other people and even then most will never do anything. It certainly won’t be “easy” to earn money, however you can make some extra money on the side if that’s what you are looking to do.

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