Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update]

The basic definition of travel websites is platforms that offer services such as travel reviews, tour tariffs or even better, an integration of both. There are several organizations currently set up to offer these services commonly known as Online Travel Agency (OTA).

One of the well known OTAs is Snap Travel. Snap travel operates on a global scale and its mission is to offer the lowest hotel and flight booking rates.

In this snaptravel review, we shall expound Snap travel as an entity, which will help anyone interested in its services understand what it is all about.

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Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 31

SnapTravel Review

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What is SnapTravel?

Snaptravel is an online travel agency owned by SnapCommerce Technologies, Inc. it is a travel website that uses AI technology to offer or match their clients with the best hotel deals, flight deals while saving them a ton of money through promotions.

We have reviewed other travel companies like that may be worth taking a look at.

Snaptravel Reviews

The AI used is a revolutionary message – driven commerce platform that matches the client’s budget parameters with great promotions. Subsequently, Snaptravel is able to extend discounts as high as 30 to 50% off on hotel and flight deals.

This might sound too good to be true but judging from previous Snaptravel reviews and acknowledgements from leading magazines it is safe to give the green light on the question “Is Snaptravel legit?”

AI is quite ubiquitous these days. There are even AI platforms like DALL·E 2 Ai and ChatGPT that generate art and content respectively. They are good examples of how much AI is capable of doing in its current form.

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Who founded Snaptravel?

As earlier mentioned, Snaptravel is part of the SnapCommerce Technologies, Inc. Snaptravel was founded in the year 2016 in Canada with the main office located in Toronto, Canada. The founders are Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi with both having remarkable backgrounds before joining hands to start and run the company.

Hussein Fazal, who is a software developer, holds the position of founder and CEO of Snaptravel.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 32

From the little information available we can see that he attended the University of Waterloo and studied BMath(Computer Science) from 2000 to 2005. Immediately afterwards he proceeded to work for Bell Canada as a Senior Software Developer from 2005 to 2008.

At that point he co-founded AdParlor which, before being attained by AdKnowledge in the year 2011, was one of the largest advertising technology companies on Facebook, bootstrapping up to $100M.

Finally, he joined Henry and they founded SnapCommerce with their flagship product being Snaptravel. Hussein is a board member and advisor and three other enterprises.

Henry Shi is a software engineer and co-founder plus COO and Snaptravel. He also attended the University of Waterloo and graduated with Distinction in BSC. Honors Bachelor in Computer Science and Honors Bachelor in Economics.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 33

He also has a Master’s of science in Computer Science, Machine Learning Specialization. After school, he proceeded to work different positions such as programmer, software developer, software engineer and more in companies like Bloomberg, Google and LendUp.

Henry was also the co-founder of uMentioned which is a platform offering an online community that allows the user to socialize and meet new friends and people that are located nearby with similar feelings, experiences and way of thinking.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 34

The two are the main founders of Snaptravel and have acquired a couple of recognizable investors as listed; Inovia Capital, Lion Capital, Telstra Ventures, Peter Kern (Expedia CEO), and Steph Curry (the NBA Superstar).

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What Services are Offered at Snaptravel?

We already have a general idea or direction on what Snaptravel entails and that it is an online travel agency offering incredible hotel and flight deals. Compared to other online travel agents, Snaptravel uses AI technology to get optimum matches for their clients.

Let us dive into the services they provide:

Car Rental

They make it easier to hire a car when you are travelling. The service extends to various major cities across the globe and in each city, they cover various locations.

You get to filter the results based on where you want to be and the duration you want car rental services.

Hotel booking

The primary goal of the company is to make travelling simple and magical. One way of attaining this is making the accommodation booking process easy and affordable.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 35

The task of going through different websites to look for the best possible deals on hotel rooms is quite tedious and time consuming and if you opt to hire a travel agent then it will cost you. Furthermore there is no assurance that you will be able to source all the possible options.

With Snaptravel, the idea is simplified to just a few steps. Once you have provided your details such as destination, budget, ideal arrival dates, the request room types and all, the AI and algorithms find you a variety of possible accommodation deals for your consideration.

Once you have picked your ideal choice on the snaptravel hotel deals offered, you can proceed to make a hotel room booking. The snaptravel website is user-friendly and the hotel rates are decent. Furthermore, you don’t need to download the app as the same service is accessible on Facebook, WhatsApp, and normal text message.

Flight Booking

Most trips require you to fly to your destination especially if you are obligated to cross international and/or national borders. This saves you the hustle of driving to and from plus it saves a lot of time.

Majority of airlines offer booking services on their websites but you will be required to skim through a couple of platforms offering the same service to check for the best possible offers.

Just like the hotel booking process, who is to say that you have thoroughly weighed your options and that you are aware of all the promotional deals ongoing?

This is where Snaptravel comes in. The website’s technology is able to screen through travel deals and present you with the best price as per your specifications; travel dates, flight class, whether it us a round trip and so on.

Once you have your choices you can pick the most suitable deal and place a firm booking. And just as the hotel bookings, this can be done on the Snaptravel website and an additional avenue of email systems.

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How does Snaptravel Work?

Snaptravel is a verified legit business with an easy-to-use interface. To better understand how it works, let’s go through the steps you go through accessing one of its services: hotel booking.

To begin with, we have booking hotels on the travel site. The first step, is to access the snaptravel website online as below.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 36

Second, on the search bar you input the location of the destination you are interested in, the dates you plan on staying and the number of guests to be expected and click on the search button.

Next, a pop up message will show on you screen directing you on how you want to be contacted regarding the best deals available; via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS and provide contact details.

Fourth step is receiving communication on your chosen avenue from Snaptravel giving you the three best deals available for your consideration.

Next step is to go through the three options and deciding on which one best suites you in terms of budget and requirements. Once the decision is made you can go ahead to place a booking.

It is advisable to check whether the booking service chosen is of a refundable room or a non refundable room to make sure you do not go through a hectic process is you wish to cancel the same booking.

Once you are done you can place the final booking. You can then receive the booking confirmation number and other needed details.

The next booking process is the flight booking procedure.

To begin with, flight booking and research is solely done on the snaptravel website therefore no communication selection will be involved.

On to the steps, first, you access the snaptravel flight search page online, as below.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 37

Second you choose whether you require a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city flight on the page just above the search bar.

Then, you proceed to enter the information require on the search bar; Departure airport, Return airport if required, destination airport, flight dates, passenger information, flight class etc and select the search button.

Snaptravel will then provide you with several flight options meeting your criteria. Next step is to go through the options to make a decision and the choice you will make.

Once you have settled on the best offer for you according to the price, time and airline you can proceed to the following step and select it. You will then be required to offer additional information on the passengers planning to board.

Finally, after completing that step you will provide your payment information. Immediately the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with the details.

Please note that after selecting your flight of choice you only have 20 minutes to confirm your booking.

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How much does Snaptravel Cost?

One of the upsides Snaptravel offers in the online travel agency industry, is that it is completely free.

Most travel websites and travel agents charge extra costs for their services but for Snaptravel, all you require to pay is the flight fee and hotel rates on the deals you have chosen.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 38

This is quite marketable and helps maintain the company’s market position. They have a VIP add-on program package that comes at an additional cost which is used to cover the various advanced features such as;

  • A free call on your behalf for early check-in and later check-out.
  • A better room.
  • 24/7 concierge service.
  • Free customer support.

The VIP package helps the company make money since the services are free. In addition to this, the company gets a commission from airlines and hotels for every booking made via the site. It is the same money making process as travel agents but with them the commission is earned from hotels and airlines rather than their (Snaptravel’s) clients.

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Snaptravel reviews

In this section we will be able to see what past clients have to say about their experiences with Snaptravel. We are able to see real life feedback from people who have actually used the company’s services.

There are both positive and negative reactions on Trustpilot.

Superb WhatsApp service to change tariff. Jason responded extremely quickly with everything required.

-Carole Smith

I’ve always used a different, well-known travel aggregator. We like to stay at a Hampton Inn by our kids but was disappointed in the pricing, so I Googled the hotel and SuperTravel was the only source with a very attractive price. We decided to try their service and it was just as good as the bigger sites! Very happy with the program

-Rand McCullough

Other than the fact that the page kept refreshing every time I would just about finish entering all my personal details, erasing all the information and forcing me to then re-enter all the information again. It was a very positive experience and the website is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate and understand. I will definitely consider utilizing your website again for future bookings especially because the pricing was right on point!!! 👌


I would have to admit I was a Bit skeptical at first because the rate was so good on my hotel booking. It was $70 cheaper than any other site. I booked the room and then I noticed all of the bad reviews so I was super nervous and thought maybe it was a scam. I called The company and talk to customer service they were super reassuring but I still felt uneasy and then moments later I got a text message saying that my room was confirmed so I called the hotel just to make sure and everything had gone through. I was completely shocked because the rate was so great and it was a real booking company. I will most definitely be using this site again.

-kortney stumpp

i have bought and paid for an airline ticket. nothing from them after this. nothing. it is a business class ticket.
no reference no, no ticket no
i keep my fingers crossed.


1 star, 1 word- AWFUL. I reserved 3 rooms. 2 were available when I checked in. The hotel moved me to another hotel and “refunded” my payment for 1 room. The Snaptravel charge still appeared on my credit card. When I disputed the charge, their response was the Terms and Conditions said no cancellations. I resubmitted the dispute because I had not cancelled the room. Snaptravel rep said it was already decided and would not reconsider. I asked to talk to a supervisor. I was told someone would call within 2-3 hours. No call by the next day, so I called back. I was told the request had never been submitted and that they would escalate the issue and a supervisor would call back within 1 hour but no later than 3 hours. It’s been 2 days- no call back. My credit card company looked into it and said they agreed with me, that their T&C’s do not cover my situation so they issued the refund. Stay away from Snaptravel (or whatever they call themselves now) there are too many good third parties out there there is no need to use them.


Worst Hotel Agency I’ve ever used. Basically I’ve spent the last 3 weeks confirming a hotel booking. Snaptravel says to wait til the last day but the hotel claims they are booked up, and by now if my name isn’t there, it prob won’t be Saturday when we show up. I’ve talked to at least 10 agents and a “supervisor”. They ALL give generic scripted answers and do not try to fix the problem outside the same answers. This is a non refundable room too. I’ll spend a year trying to get my money back from this crap company. Snaptravel needs a huge lawsuit against them. How this is legal, I don’t know.

-Jason Ethridge

This company literally stole our money.

We booked a stay at the Waldorf Hilton through them. A pipe burst in our room at 2am & the Hilton consequently refunded our money to SnapTravel & asked them to refund the money to us.

After chasing for 3/4 months, still nothing & SnapTravel claim that they can’t refund it as it’s been more than 30 days.

The hilton refunded our money to them within 3 weeks and chased them continually to send the refund back to us! They just ignored it and now state that because it’s been more than 30 days they will not send it back ‘even though I have documentation from the Hilton’ proving that they refunded the money & sent emails chasing them.

This is theft, they have our money, ignored requests to return it & now state that because it’s been 30 days, they will not return it. How can they get away with this!?

I’ve never been more appalled at a company.

-Jack Hammond

This is for a hotel booking I made on September 9, 2022, 920 PM for a September 10-13 stay. Apparently, Snaptravel never finalized a reservation with the hotel and never provided them with my details. Booking Confirmation Number: B_7071524 and the hotel confirmation number 9162221493585. I googled a hotel in Ft Lauderdale, Fl., and when the choices generated Snaptravel had the best price for where we wanted to stay (Silver Seas Beach Resort). We took a late flight and arrived at the hotel at 9:54 PM. The office door was locked and the lights were off. There was a note on the door to call for emergencies: 954-217-9490. The female who answered asked for my name. She then said that there was no record of any reservation with my name. I gave her the reservation number but she said they did not have any reservation for us. I even tried the booking number but that didn’t work either. Basically they did not have anything from Snaptravel (reservation or payment). Snapbtravel(Now Super Travel) emailed me some paperwork (which I can provide to you) but none of it had any way to get back in touch with them. I’m 75 years old and out $405.00 and want a refund.

-Terry Reale

From the reviews quoted above it is safe to say that Snaptravel doesn’t have the best rating on Trustpilot which is also evident from their 2 out 5 star rating on the same.

Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 39

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it refundable or non refundable?

Clearly this is one of the reasons that Snaptravel is having trouble with their clients regardless of the travel deals.

Snaptravel refund policy is mostly non existent because as an entity, it is not liable to any changes or complications encountered beyond their direct control. However, as mentioned earlier some booking sites have refunding policies and it is, therefore, important to check what you are dealing with before placing final bookings.

If the hotel or airlines have a refund policy, they will refund the amount themselves but if they don’t, you will have to incur the charges yourself.

How much does it cost?

As already mentioned, it is completely free! All the services they provide come at no cost by them. However you will be required to pay the hotels and airlines for the bookings made.

Pros of Snaptravel

The cost

One of the top advantages of Snaptravel is the fact that it offers its services for free.

Compared to other alternatives, who charge a fee for their products, this makes Snaptravel a better option for interested clients.

Low rates

Snaptravel’s amazing deals including discounted rates and discount flight tickets are what have made it so popular.

It comes as no surprise that one of their advantages is that they actually offer extremely cheaper rates compared to their competitors in the industry.

It is relatively easy to use

Judging from the detailed step by step processes detailed earlier, it is evident that the agency has an easy and user friendly system of going about things.

The procedure is not complicated taking examples such as the fact that you do not require to log in or sign up on the website to access the services.

It just requires you to share basic information and the AI will do the magic and give you the deals.

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Cons of Snaptravel

There are many negative reviews

Most of the reviews one comes across online on Snaptravel are negative even with the special deals.

The customers seem to have encountered different challenges from booking confirmation, accessing human customer service, notification on changes in the bookings and finally refunding of payments.

Unavailability of combined packages.

The fact that you can not access a combined service is a major setback. If you require a service where you can book a flight and accommodation together then Snaptravel are not your go-to travel agent.

Considering that the snaptravel hotels and flights booking procedures follow different avenues, it would be difficult to combine both under a single transaction with Snaptravel.

Is Snaptravel legit?

This is probably the top enquiry one needs to consider before engaging the company. It is also one of the hardest to answer.

For starters, yes, the company is a legit business. Owned, run and managed by legit people making significant impact on their different industries. One of the investors is Steph Curry and one of the board members is Joanne Bradford, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bolt.

I mean with such notable people tagged to your enterprise and acknowledgement by better business bureau definitely means you are a legit existing company.

Now, on the other hand, we have the reviews from people who have engaged them that are mostly negative. The business might be legit but you have to pay attention to whether they actually deliver quality services to the clients.


After expounding Snaptravel as thoroughly and extensively as we have, you have a better picture of how it works

On the question ‘Is Snaptravel legit?’ it is undisputable that the business is legit. Furthermore the extensive experience of the founders is a huge assurance that you are in safe hands when it comes to them knowing what they are working with. Also the company has been mentioned by reputable magazines such as Forbes.

One thing is for sure, the services come with a lot of risk and the intrigued parties are required to take a lot of thought at what they can potentially lose if things do not go as planned.

The Snaptravel team needs to put a bit more effort in resolving customer service questions which will definitely remedy the negative online reviews that they have been receiving.

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Snaptravel Reviews: Scam or Legit Site? [2023 Update] 31

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