Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews]

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Travelling has been made easy and cheap with the rise of online travelling agencies and hotel booking service. One of them is Traveluro but there have been speculations about its legitimacy as their prices seem too good to be true.

In this review, we are going to take a deeper look at Traveluro, how it works and what prices they have to offer. We will also look at some of the frequently asked questions and answer them so that you can make an informed decision on travelling with Traveluro.

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Traveluro Review

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What is Traveluro?

Traveluro is an online travel agency that offers a variety of travel options at affordable pricing. You can make all of your travel arrangements in one location, including hotel room, transportation and recreational activities. It is a bit like Snaptravel and which are also services that attend to travelers.

TraveluroTraveluro eliminates the need to spend several hours searching the internet for the best deal. Everything is on one website, making it simple to compare prices and choose the ideal trip for you.

They promise smooth planning with their secure and easy to follow booking system and they also ensure that there are no surprise fees and no hidden costs. They strive to provide the best price quality service since Traveluro customer service operates 24 hours, 7 days a week in over six languages and counting. Its headquaters are in the Asian-Pacific region.

The question is, do they deliver on the deals they offer? Or will booking with Traveluro leave you stranded and frustrated?

Who is behind Traveluro?

There is not much information you can get on Traveluro when you look them up and their website does not have an about page. Furthermore, the agency has not been mentioned in the press.

On further research, we found that Holisto LTD, an Israeli company that was established in 2015 and has 370 employees globally, is the company that owns Traveluro.

Holisto Ltd

Holisto is a technologically advanced online travel booking platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze hotel rates and plans across a variety of inventory sources, including online travel agencies, global distribution systems, wholesalers and hotel operators to offer customers more reasonably priced and customized bookings.

The little information available about Traveluro makes it hard to trust them with information such as your credit card details and travel destination.

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How does Traveluro work?

Using Traveluro is quite simple since it works in a similar way as other booking services such as Snaptravel and

Once you have visited their website, simply choose what you are looking for; between hotels, car rentals, activities and transfers from airports to your desired destination.

For hotel rooms, the website will display a list of accessible hotel reservations once you enter your vacation dates and destination, the number of travelers and whether you need one room, two rooms, or more. The same can be done with flights, car rentals and recreational activities.

Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews] 6

For the transfers, you will reveal what airport you wish to be picked from, the destination, time, number of people, any luggage you have and whether or not it is a round trip.

Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews] 7

After that, you can shop around for the cheapest price and book a reservation. Simply create an account, click “Book Now” when you see a trip you’re interested in, then follow the on-screen instructions to reserve a spot on the website.

After providing your contact information and payment information, your booking details and request will be received and processed.

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How are the Traveluro prices?

Compared to most of its rivals, Traveluro provides cheaper rates and better hotel deals. Moreover, they offer special rates and discounted hotel rooms exclusively to their registered members. To gain access to these deals, you must have a Traveluro account.

Payments to Traveluro can be done through paypal, visa, debit or master card. Booking via credit card is advised so that you can disrupt any charges with your credit card company in case something goes wrong.

Despite the supposed great deals, there have been complaints that customers were asked to pay extra money once they arrived at the hotel. Does this mean that Traveluro deals are too good to be true?

How to join Traveluro

To create a Traveluro account, all you have to do is go to the Traveluro website and click ‘Log In’ on the top right corner of the page. Once you do that, choose the option of signing up.

Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews] 8

You will be prompted to enter your full names, email address and a password for your new account. After agreeing to their terms and services, you will be verified as member and have access to all the great deals available.

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Traveluro reviews

Our research found that Traveluro has a 2.2 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with 68% of the reviews being negative reviews. It has also received a low rating on site jabber and other sites which is quite alarming.

Angry consumers have even suggested that some of the more positive ratings might be fake reviews, although with over 5,000 reviews, there could be some genuinely positive ones. The absence of 2- and 3-star ratings, however, can be attributed to the fact that those who often write reviews express strongly held opinions.

Here is what some people have to say after their experience with Traveluro:

If I could give them less stars I would, I had booked hotel and the voucher stated “$100 in taxes and fees due at check-in.” The hotel wanted to charge me $272 and I have an obvious issue with this and would not have booked if this was known upfront. I sent them confirmation of the voucher but they are holding a position that the website stated otherwise despite my reservation showing $100 due at check-in. I am getting templated responses and will just spread the message that this company is ambiguous and untrustworthy going forward. Absolutely scam


I sent a request for a Best Price Guarantee via the online chat option and then followed up today to be told that I am not eligible because I did not reach out within 24 hrs. The reality however is that I called traveluro customer service initially through the contact phone number within 1 hour of initially booking and have not heard anything back. The customer service rep I spoke to was friendly but I’m frustrated that I’m being told something that the company offers is not valid for me.. I would like some assistance resolving this before the rates climb and the price match is in-effective.

Update: I was able to re send a link to the representative via contact us at traveluro. com and have been informed I will be updated once reviewed. Submitting for record keeping purpose


I just booked using Traveluro about 1 week ago and then got worried reading many of the reviews. I am American and traveling to Spain. I independently called both hotels yesterday and they indeed have both my bookings flawlessly in their relative systems and I obtained the confirmation numbers.

I will add that I also made a change to my initial reservation via Traveluro. I could see that charge pending on my credit card. When I canceled it, I received the credit within 1 day (which in my experience is unheard of …. like almost makes me feel like they don’t have enough check and balances, lol).

So far, besides the fact that one of the hotel vouchers didn’t reflect the actual hotel’s confirmation#, all seems to be well. Traveling 1/27/23!

Nate Covell

I did a huge mistake by booking through this company, they show the lowest price but had worst experience, I was charged double at the Double Tree Time Square West Hotel because the hotel informed me they haven’t received the payment from Traveluro. I had to be hours on the phone on my vacation and at the end they didn’t refund anything, they said the hotel had to but the hotel took time to refund and did not refund everything just partially, having an excuse of extra taxes which I already paid all taxes through Traveluro when booked. Booking. com is the best option folks, would never experience other companies. Hotels. com is the worst too so read reviews before booking!

-Olosea Siriteanu

Traveluro is legit. I saved money and had no issues.

I am writing this review as a real person who actually booked through Traveluro. I found a deal for an all-inclusive hotel in Jamaica through Traveluro. The site was recommended by Trivago. Didn’t even occur to me to question if it was legit as I assumed anything from Trivago is good. I booked the hotel and then didn’t think about it again until 2 days before my trip.

As I was preparing for the trip, I couldn’t find details for the booking so had to do some digging. Thought it was weird I didn’t get a trip reminder the week of. So I started to look for reviews on Traveluro – and that is when I started to panic. The reviews are awful. It didn’t help that when I logged into the Traveluro site, it indicated that I had no reservations. Right around the same timeframe, I received a vague text saying my hotel booking has been confirmed and payment received. It listed confirmation number as 0. This all seemed fishy. So I called the hotel in Jamaica directly.

The resort confirmed they had my hotel reservation and I was all set. When we got to Jamaica, we had zero issues with check-in at the resort. The check-in agent did ask who we booked through – when I told her Traveluro, she looked up our reservation and said it actually was some other travel agent. She told us that it is very common for booking companies go through different travel agencies to make reservations so it will often be different than who you think you booked through.

Anyway, moral of the story is that Traveluro is legit. If you are worried, just make sure you have called hotel directly to confirm – but give it a few days to make sure they have processed your reservation since Traveluro actually books through another vendor.

This company advertises very low rates. Everything seems automated. Email confirmation, automatic text message reminders. On the day of Christmas, I received a voicemail and an email saying that they had overbooked for a hotel and that they would have to cancel.

Both their phone numbers (646) 844-8798 and the “VIP Support Line” (646) 975-9390 just put the call on hold forever and played a pre-recorded background music. I held for 15 minutes, on both lines, before giving up on trying to get to a real person to help me. I would not book through them again. There is no recourse if your supposed reservation falls through. Beware.


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Why is BOOKING WITH traveluro cheaper than other agencies?

Traveluro offers discounted rates on hotel bookings and flights and a “Best Price Guarantee” that promises to refund the difference in price if you find the same hotel room or flight elsewhere for less money.

This is much like Splitty travel, which is also owned by Holisto Ltd. This is because they are both part of a larger company that is able to offer discounts on travel arrangements.

A large number of low cost travel sites pass on a portion of their commission from the airlines and hotels to the customer in the form of lower costs. Additionally, Holisto LTD is able to negotiate greater prices due to its size.

What is Traveluro’s reputation?

Traveluro has a bad reputation due to the many negative reviews that it has received. There have been some complaints that customers were asked to pay once again when they got to the hotel and that they were not able to reach the company’s customer service, which is supposed to be available for 24 hours.

Those who could contacted a customer service agent were not given any solutions. This can be quite frustrating thus explaining the negative reviews.

Does Traveluro charge any extra fees?

Traveluro charges no extra fees for using their booking services and they claim that there are no hidden charges while you make the bookings.

However, there is the slight possibility that your booking details were not processed or sent to the hotel thus leading to you being charged once more when you get to your desired destination.

What are the alternatives to Traveluro?

There are various alternatives to Traveluro with the increase in online travelling agencies. The important ones to note are:

  • Snaptravel- They are especially known for their discounted hotel rooms and you can often discover deals that are up to 60% off the going rate. Check the T&Cs before clicking the “book now” button because these bargains are frequently non-refundable hotel rooms and have a small selection because they are so drastically reduced on the website.
  • They offer a wide variety of hotel rooms, apartments and vacation rentals around the world. The majority of the hotels listed on their website allow free cancellation up to particular dates, allowing you to change your plans and cancel after making a reservation if necessary. Even if they are occasionally offered at the same price, you may have to pay a little more for such a deal.
  • Agoda- Although they currently offer hotels all around the world, this hotel and vacation booking service originally focused on accommodations in Asia. One feature that sets Agoda apart is its “Coupons & Deals” page, where you may find exclusive deals and price breaks on your upcoming hotel reservation.

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Pros of Traveluro

Great deals

Traveluro offers the best deals on the market and has a policy that promises to refund the difference in price if you find the same hotel room or flight elsewhere for less money.

Easy to use

Traveluro’s website is quite simple to use thus making your booking experience smooth and stress free.

Cons of Traveluro

No ‘about us’ section

Traveluro has no ‘about us’ section on their site, which is quite alarming since all reputable agencies take the time to inform their customers about who they are and what they do.

Bad reputation

Most of the customer reviews on Traveluro claim that it is a scam as they report having to pay more than the initial price offered and their money was not refunded even after contacting customer service.

No cancellations available

Traveluro does allow you to cancel or modify your reservation after it’s been made. This can be very disadvantageous in the case of emergencies or wrongful bookings.

Their only available refund policy is if you find a cheaper price than what you paid on Traveluro. Otherwise, if you encounter any inconveniences you may end up losing both your money and the booking.

Conclusion: Is it legit?

Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews] 9

Our firsthand research suggests Traveluro is a legitimate online travel agency that is owned by Holisto Ltd. However, it is known for its negative experiences while using it because the likelihood that your reservation will go smoothly is really low.

The service needs to improve as too many people have experienced some form of problem with their booking requests and reservations for it to be a coincidence or a simple error.

Nevertheless, some users who were successful in making a hotel reservation through this website reported having a good time. They appear to be the exception.

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Traveluro: Legit or Scam Site? [2023 Reviews] 10

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