What Is Ethereum? [How It Works Explained]

Ethereum is the type of network which is used in the blockchain and was launched in 2015.

Ethereum network has its cryptocurrency, Ether. Ether is the second most popular type of cryptocurrency. The first one is the Bitcoin. Ethereum is used to create worldwide usable applications.

Ethereum is a separate software platform. It implements the Smart Contracts & applications that are built through codes and work independently. It is a type of programming language which works on the blockchain.

Ethereum can be used to code, broadcast, business, and guarantee to restrict any type of third-party interference.

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What Is Ethereum Virtual Machine? 

Earlier the cryptocurrencies were created especially to execute the transfer of digital currency from one individual to another individual on the same network.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is an impressive, isolated basic bundle which is encapsulated within Ethereum nodes. The contract bytecode is completed by EVM.

Contracts are drafted in advanced languages and then they are organized with EVM bytecode. Ethereum Virtual Machine is completely a separate body from the whole of the network.

EVM is effective in various programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and several others.

Every command on the Ethereum network is completed by EVM quote which permits to execute the same command or instruction.

The system keeps the track of every command which is completed through EVM.

Ethereum offers us many advantages other than peer-to-peer transfers like smart contracts, file sharing economies, and a few more.

What Is An Ethereum Smart Contract?

Smart Contract is a type of computer code that eases the transfer of content, money, property, shares or anything that has worth.

On blockchain smart contract acts like an automated computer program that occurs when all the desired conditions meet.

Smart contracts are executed safely and securely without any chances of fraud or any other interference.

All types of blockchain do work on coding, but they offer limited functioning. However, through Ethereum any type of function can be created and operated easily.

Ethereum enables developers to create and broadcast new & distinctive applications.

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Difference between Ethereum & Bitcoin?

There are many differences between the Ethereum and Bitcoin. But some of the main and important differences between both the currencies are described as follows:


  1. Bitcoin is the type of cryptocurrency.
  2. It can be used only for peer to peer transfer.
  3. The average transaction processing time for bitcoin is 10 minutes.
  4. The percentage of already mined bitcoins is 65%.
  5. Its users are limited up to cryptocurrency users.


  1. Ethereum is a software platform, it is just not the digital currency, and instead, it is the complete technology.
  2. It can be used for many other purposes as well as asset transfer, app development.
  3. The average transaction processing time for Ethereum is 12 seconds.
  4. Only 50% of Ethereum is mined till now.
  5. Its use is not limited. Even the companies are using this technology.

Uses of Ethereum

Ethereum itself is a vast platform that has several uses. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It allows developers to create and broadcast independent, new, and separate applications.
  2. Ethereum does not allow any third party or any other entity to interfere in between.
  3. It is not controlled by any particular individual or the body.
  4. Ethereum has simplified the procedure.
  5. Ethereum network is quite huge, which offers the space and smoothness of working for 1000s of applications.
  6. Ethereum is used by many companies for developing different applications and to simplify the procedures.
  7. Any kind of service which comes with the association of any third party or is controlled centrally can be separated easily through Ethereum.
  8. Ethereum can also be used to create decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO).
  9. Ethereum also acts as a platform where other cryptocurrencies can be launched.
  10. Ethereum is the decentralized platform so any third party cannot make any amendments to any data.
  11. The application generated on the Ethereum platform can never go down and can’t be switched off.
  12. Restriction, suppression, or control of the application which are formed on this Ethereum network is not possible.
  13. As the platform itself is safeguarded by using Cryptography, so the application generated through the Ethereum platform is also secured from any fraud or hacking event.

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How to Gain the Access of Ethereum? 

There are a variety of browsers that allow people to access the applications which are created over the blockchain or through the Ethereum platform.

There are few most used browsers as well which you can use if you are a developer and want to develop any application or to run any application. These are:

  1. Mist Browser: The mist browser is one of the oldest browsers which is still in use to access the Ethereum network. This browser is quite easy to use. The mist browser also acts as Ether storing or trading wallets. It offers the worldwide portal through which the separate blockchain application can be made and used.
  2. MetaMask Browser: It is a type of browser extension which transforms Google chrome into the Ethereum browser. One can easily use this browser to access the Ethereum platform or network. Now MetaMask can be added as an extension to Firefox and Brave Browser as well.


Ethereum network is amending the way of using the internet.

Applications created and broadcasted through the Ethereum network are bringing a change on the internet.

It has made it easy to exchange or transfer information, money, asset, or any other valuable thing without the involvement of any third party.

It offers a fully altered and modified application platform. It has several exciting applications developed and more are expected through the same network.

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