What Is The Dark Web? [Definition and Explanation]

The dark web is an element of the online network which does not have any record or its traces on search engines.

The dark web is the digital hub of criminal activities. This web entertains illegitimate, adulterous, and unlicensed sites, information or options.

You can purchase guns, drugs, poached authorization details, stolen credit card numbers, the software’s that can help you in getting access to anyone else’s computer or in hacking.

The fact about the dark web is that it does not only have the illegitimate content, but they also have some legitimate content as well.

This article will go in-depth at the various uses for the dark web.

Please note; this article is in no way an endorsement for using it, in fact we hope to educate and warn you against using the dark web.

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What Is On The Dark Web?

The dark web is a huge collection of anonymous information, users, and dealers. Dark is a massive platform that has a variety of content on it. As I mentioned earlier as well not everything on the dark web is illegal or illegitimate. It manages to provide inoffensive content and offensive content on the same platform.

Regardless of the fact, the dark web is well renowned for its illegal content. The content, information or the services which you can easily encounter over the dark web are broadly divided into 3 categories. These are:

  1. Source of illegal services: The services which you can get from the dark web are dangerous and unethical. You can hire murderers, child pornography, human trafficking, and much more.
  2. Prohibited Stuff: Dark web is the platform from where illegal drugs can be easily marketed.
  3. Abducted data: On the dark web you can explore the flock of robbed information. It could be anything, credit card details, bank details, log-in credentials for online banking, or other social platforms.

Is Dark Web Safe?

Yes, it is true that the dark web also entertains some part of the legitimate content, but most of the platform is covered with the unauthorized content.

To say whether the dark web is safe or not, it depends on the type of content you are exploring it.

However, I would suggest you to examine a few things, these are:

  1. Mistrustful Links: If you have any doubt or confusion regarding any link. I would suggest just do not click on it, or do not download any sought of file from here. It might be possible that you encounter any unauthorized content.
  2. Breaking the Law: Even if the dark web is illegal, you need to behave and use the content available on it in a legal manner. If you do something wrong or illegal on it, you can be summoned for it.
  3. Law enforcement: Always keep this in your mind that the dark web is the hub of anonymous people and information. Under the same mask, law enforcement officials also perform their duty to catch the criminals red-handed.
  4. Criminal Element: There are certain websites or parts of the Dark web which are operated by the criminals. Beware, even you are buying products from them, they can easily steal your details or information as well.

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Commerce on Dark Web

Commerce sites on the dark web operate in the same manner as any other e-commerce websites do.

The transaction on the dark web is made through bitcoin cryptocurrency. The use of bitcoins helps the buyer and seller to make the transactions easily and without even disclosing each other’s identity.

The growth factor of the dark web is bitcoin, and the growth factor of bitcoin is the dark web.

Is The Dark Web Illegal?

The short answer to this is not everything on the dark web is illegal, or not the complete dark web is illegal.

It depends on the user what content on the dark web you explore.

Including the illegal or offensive content on the dark web, the platform also entertains legal companies and their services on the dark web.

The social platform of the dark web can also be used to give free speech on any topic.

Even it has the most advanced knowledgeable content as well which you cannot find on any other web browsers or search engines.

It also helps you in acquiring the most advanced tips to maintain your privacy or anonymous nature.

Dark Web Tools & Services

According to the different research reports, it was determined that the dark web uses certain tools and services that can steal your data and can attempt for network breaching.

Here is the list of services and tools which you can encounter:

  1. Remote access, keyloggers, and exploits.
  2. Espionage.
  3. Malware, distributed denial of services, and botnets.
  4. Credentials.
  5. Phishing.
  6. Refunds.
  7. Customer data.
  8. Operational data.
  9. Support services.
  10. Trade secrets.

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How Does Dark Web Work?

The dark web is one of the major online platforms for illegitimate products and services.

Like any other e-commerce website, dark web commerce is also operated. It has all the features, like cart, description, reviews, and ratings.

A huge number of users are attracted to the dark web just because of its one feature that is anonymity.

Either it is while doing business, or interviewing responsible citizens.

Sadly it also attracts criminal minds like drug dealers, pornography peddlers, and human or organ trafficking groups.

Is Browsing The Dark Web Dangerous?

There are several things and people available on the dark web, which you might not be wanting to explore or encounter. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Hackers: It is a possibility that you encounter a hacker in the face of a dealer. Even you can hire hackers from the dark web who can help you with legitimate hacking. Just make sure that you do not land yourself in some unwanted problem or condition.
  2. Viruses: Few websites on the dark web can also infect your devices. Ensure before you download or run any file or website respectively that you trust them.
  3. Webcam Hijacking: Any website, service provider, or dealer from the dark web can try to get access to your device or computer with the help of a remote administration tool. This could be dangerous for you, as they can easily watch everything through your webcam. To prevent this, you must cover your webcam whenever you are not using it.

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