$10k Every Day App Scam – Avoid This Scam!

10k Every Day App wins the prize 2017’s first binary options scam. It’s not exactly a great prize to have but it’s 100% true. 10k Every Day App has just launched on the 1st of January 2017 and I’m writing this post to warn you about it.

I am not recommending this scam software and I highly recommend you avoid it. Read my full review below but first…

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$10k Every Day App Scam - Avoid This Scam! 9

10k Every Day App – A Nasty Scam

I have to be honest here this system made me laugh a little. Let’s face it, it’s called the 10k Every Day App which is an absolutely ridiculous name. Do they really think people will believe they can make 10k a day for doing nothing? I hope not, if you do think you can make that kind of money without lifting a finger then maybe you deserve to get scammed (I’m kidding!).

When I came across it today I couldn’t help but laugh but the harsh reality is that it won’t be funny for people who actually lose money. I am hoping you’ve found my review before you invest any money into this because trust me if you do invest you will lose every penny you put into this nasty scam.

The people behind the 10k Every day App have been behind a number of other scams over the past few months. Another similar scam that launched just last week is the Tesler Software. This system is no different really to other binary scams that have launched. And the guy you see on the sales video is definitely NOT the real person behind this system.

$10k Every Day App Scam - Avoid This Scam! 10

The person in the sales video as you can see above is actually an actor. This is not the real person behind this system which is another huge red flag that it’s a scam. Obviously the biggest red flag is the name, the 10k Every Day App. I’m sorry but I just can’t get over the fact that it’s called that. To me that’s just a huge red flag that it’s a scam because personally I can’t see anyone believing that it’s a real system with a stupid name like that.

10k Every Day App – How Does It Work?

How does the 10k Every Day App actually work? Or I guess the question should be how DOESN’T it work? Basically it starts off with you watching their scam sales video. The whole goal of the sales video is to convince you that they have a genuine system that can help you make money. After watching the video if you follow the steps they lay out you’ll have to sign up to the binary options broker they recommend in order to access their software app.

Once you have signed up you’ll need to make a deposit. They will say how it’s only a deposit and you don’t need to worry because you can withdraw this money anytime you want however that’s another scam and a lie. Most people who deposit money into binary options systems like this never see it again, and I can guarantee if you invest in this particular system you will definitely never see your money again. This is when they get paid, they will tell you it’s just a deposit because that makes it seem like you can get the money back but trust me you can’t. When you deposit money they (the scammers) get paid. That’s why their sales video is full of hype, fake testimonials, actors and income claims. It’s all designed to convince you that their system is legit so that you deposit money.

After you’ve deposited you’ll be able to use their software however don’t be fooled, you certainly won’t make 10k Every Day. In fact you won’t make a penny. You’ll lose money until you have nothing left in your account. The software is designed to lose money and the only people who are making money are the scammers behind this system who get paid for referring you to the binary brokers and the brokers themselves. What a bunch of crooks they are!

Fake Testimonials For 10k Every Day App

Another thing I wanted to bring to your attention is the use of fake testimonials on their website.

$10k Every Day App Scam - Avoid This Scam! 11

Danny Joshua and Eric Spooner claim to be making $10k per day with the system. What a complete lie. These people are not real testers of this system. Chances are their photos have just been taken from social media and these guys might not even know that their faces are being used for this scam. Don’t trust these testimonials as they are 100% fake.

10k Every Day App – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the 10k Every Day App I’m happy to crown it the 1st scam of 2017. They should be really proud with that conclusion I’m sure. On a serious note you don’t want to go anywhere near this scam as it won’t help you make a penny. They claim you can make 10k a day but the truth is you’ll make nothing.

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$10k Every Day App Scam - Avoid This Scam! 9

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