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If you’re reading this page you’re probably interested to know who the person behind the website is, and whether you should listen to them.

My name is Mark and I’ve been working online since 2010.

About 6

In November 2016 I launched NoBSIMReviews.com with the goal of reviewing business opportunities.

I started to review various business opportunities and by January 2017 the blog was getting 1000’s of visitors a month.

In fact the first year of operating NoBSIMReviews the blog did over 500,000 visitors:

About 7

Through 2017 I reviewed a couple of 100 different products and systems and partnered with 1 that I believed would be the best for anyone looking to make money online as they provided legitimate training.

We are now approaching 2024 and the blog has developed into a team of writers.

In fact for the last couple of years I’ve handled the day to day operations of the website and overall direction whilst my editor David has done the heavy lifting researching new reviews, writing content and editing other writers work.

The focus now is still on reviewing companies but we cover a vast range of topics such finance gurus, stock investment newsletters, cryptocurrency, internet marketing, software tools, online gurus and even influencers and celebrity figures.

I’ve used the skills I have developed in blogging and SEO to branch out into other niches and lead generation businesses:

Meet Our Editor – David Fortune

David Fortune NoBSIMReviews EditorDavid Fortune has been the editor of NoBSIMReviews since September 2019.

Day to day he handles all the content management, writes his own articles and also edits other writers work to bring up to the standard that we require.

In his own words:

Content creation is my bread and butter but I am also a finance and economics enthusiast. I have a keen eye for identifying genuine opportunities in the vast landscape of online money-making programs and decoding the intriguing teasers found in financial newsletter presentations.

I am committed to providing unbiased, in-depth reviews that help individuals navigate online entrepreneurship and financial investments with confidence.

I empower people with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions in their pursuit of financial growth and security.

When David’s not working he has a keen interest in health, fitness and staying active. You’ll find him out on the trails on his Mountain Bike.

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On the other hand it’s easier than ever to be overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

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