Ambit Energy Review – Scam or Legit?

Today I’m back with another review and this time it’s Ambit Energy!

There’s been a lot of buzz in the marketplace over Ambit Energy so I’ve put together this review to share my honest opinion. If you’re looking for more information about it then you are in the right place and you should read my full review before making a decision on whether you want to join or not.

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Ambit Energy – Overview

Ambit Energy was launched back in 2006 from Chris Chambles and Jere Thompson and has grown into a company with millions in revenues. In fact in 2010 they became a Fortune 500 company with revenues of over $300 million and in 2016 their revenues have passed $1 billion. Pretty impressive stats for sure, so what is the company all about? As the name suggests it’s energy and the whole concept behind the company is providing better energy prices in the USA!

Personally I like the idea of the company. For once it’s a multi-level marketing company that has a real product that people are interested in. It’s very clever in my opinion!

Ambit Energy – The Products

The product here is pretty obvious. It’s energy which is something we all need. Ambit Energy provides gas and electricity to 14 states in the USA and their whole goal is to save people money. So really the product is a great idea because everyone wants to save money on their energy bills yet big corporations simply want to make more and more profits each year and seem to care very little about their customers. The big companies act this way because they have a monopoly but when companies like Ambit Energy come along and mix things up this is only a good thing for consumers.

The Compensation Plan For Ambit Energy

Rather than do a lot of research into their compensation plan I’ve been able to locate a video which details it.

Please note that I do not endorse this video, it’s accuracy or it’s message. It will probably be biased however it will share more information if that’s what you are looking for.

I recommend you finish reading this article and then come back to this video if you want to learn more:

Ambit Energy – Conclusion & Recommendation

After taking a closer look at the company it’s very clear that it is NOT a scam. If you were wondering whether it was then please don’t because it’s obvious based on all the research and facts that they are a legitimate company. Let’s face it, they’ve made over a billion in the marketplace and they operate in an industry that is clearly legitimate, no grey areas for sure! You’re selling energy here, not diet pills or drinks so it’s all good.

Another plus point about them is that you are selling energy which is something literally everyone needs and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bills? We are all wasting money on big corporations and making executives at these companies rich, when we could save money by signing up with Ambit Energy.

On the flip side as a business opportunity I don’t recommend them.

The reason I don’t recommend them as a business opportunity is because I feel there are better ways of making money online. And I think it’s difficult for someone to really hit the kind of ranks that are needed to make a lot of money with this company.

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