Bahama Banker Scam – Real Review

Bahama Banker is a brand new binary options scam and I’ve been checking it out to learn more about it. This scam just launched and 100’s of people have already lost money with it. Can you really make money with it? The truth is no you can’t because it’s a complete scam, and below I will explain exactly why in my full review.

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Bahama Banker – Big Fat Scam

I’ve been looking into the Bahama Banker system and it’s clear to me that it’s a complete scam. Similar to other scams that launched recently like WikiTrader and My Profit Formula. You might be wondering why I’m calling this system out as a scam so let me explain how it works.

Their website claims that you can make a fortune and all you need to do is just follow a few simple steps and use their automated software and you’ll make money. But in reality the way it works is you will sign up and need to deposit $250 to get started and when you do that they get paid for referring you. At this stage their job is done and they’ve made money so they really don’t care about your success. You will get access to the “Bahama Banker” software however it won’t work as claimed because the whole backstory behind the software is a lie. When you start using the software it will actually just make random trades and after a couple of days you’ll be left with nothing in your account.

That’s how all binary options scams work. The website which in this case is the Bahama Banker website is just a fake sales pitch designed to get you to part with your money and make a deposit at the binary broker they recommend. The only reason they recommend this broker is because they are paying them money for referring new customers to them.

In case you’re wondering about the glowing reviews of Bahama Banker you should know that these positive reviews are actually fake. People will write positive reviews of these scam systems because they will recommend them as an affiliate and get paid when you sign up so naturally they will say that this system is amazing just so they can get you to sign up. There’s many fake reviews like this out there saying it’s amazing but you shouldn’t trust them as they are part of the scam.

Also there are a lot of fake testimonials too. The creator of the Bahama Banker website pays actors to give fake testimonials saying they have made money when in reality these people have been paid as little as $5 to give a testimonial. Don’t trust any of the testimonials you see for this system, as they are a lie.

Bahama Banker – Don’t Trust Brokers

Another reason you should avoid the Bahama Banker system is that they have partnered with binary options brokers that are scammers. Often the brokers are viewed as the neutral party when it comes to the binary scams however often they are the worst part of the scam. You can lose $250 when you sign up because the software will trade away your money to nothing however that is not the worst part because the brokers will try and take far more money.

I’ve done plenty of research on this system and many others and I found that binary options brokers have even been banned from operating in some countries, and very few brokers are now allowed to operate in the USA as the authorities have clamped down on their dodgy practices. One person lost over $500,000 to a binary options broker scam. This person literally lost his full life savings to a scam like this and it’s a real shame because he’s not the only one. The brokers behind systems like Bahama Banker will call you up and try and act like they have your best interests at heart but in reality they want you to lose money because if you lose money they make money.

The binary options brokers are not like regular stock or forex brokers. With stock and forex trading the brokers make money when you are successful trading, however with binary options they make money when you lose money.

My Conclusion For Bahama Banker

After taking a closer look at the Bahama Banker it’s clear to me that it’s another binary options scam. You need to avoid it unless you want to make money because unfortunately you won’t make a penny if you invest in this system. My advice is to completely ignore it and take a look at my no.1 recommendation below. It’s a system I’ve used to make 5-figures per month and out of the 100’s of systems I’ve tested this one is officially my “no.1 recommendation”.

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