Big Profit System – Scam or Legit?

The Big Profit System is a new business opportunity that’s recently launched and today I’ve been taking a closer look to learn more and find out whether it’s really worth your time. If you’re looking for an honest review keep reading because that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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Big Profit System - Scam or Legit? 7

Big Profit System – Overview

I heard about the Big Profit System via an email from another marketer. This particular marketer has been a top earner in many different programs so I thought I’d take a look to see what it was and how it works. After taking a closer look it was obvious that this was a high ticket program for making money online. I’ve seen a number of these programs over the years and even been involved in a few.

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Some examples of high ticket programs that have become very popular in recent years are 45 Minute Paydays and Mobe. These are a couple of quick examples I can think of. The way these kind of programs work is you need to buy the products which are high priced in order to be able to resell them. These kind of programs have been criticised in the past for being pyramid schemes. I can completely see why people think this and some programs have even been shut down.

The difference really comes from the products. Are they real products that people actually want to buy or are people only buying them to earn commissions? If people are buying them for the training to really learn about online marketing for example then that’s fine however if people are only buying them so they can resell them then that is where you have a problem, but I’m certainly no expert on the law, that’s just my opinion from having a few years experience in this industry.

What Do You Get With Big Profit System?

When you sign up to the Big Profit System you should be under no illusion that you are joining a business opportunity. You are going to be making money here by re-selling their system. Yes there are products inside that teach you about marketing in general, like all companies of this kind, but let’s be real this is essentially a MLM style company. You are signing up and you will be taught how to make money as an affiliate by promoting their business opportunity.

Personally I’ve got nothing wrong with this approach. I’ve done it myself successfully but I know some people grumble because they want to see real tangible products and services being offered. As far as I can see you are simply being offered a marketing system and some training products teaching you about traffic generation.

Big Profit System – Compensation Plan

How exactly do you earn money from this? I was doing some digging to learn more about the compensation plan and as expected you earn money for recruiting other people who buy the products. The earnings you can make depend entirely on the products that you own.

For example there are various membership levels ranging from $500 to $10,000. If you only come in at the $500 level you cannot earn on the $10,000 sales. So if you recruit a member who comes in and joins at the $10,000 level that commission you would have earned will be passed up to your sponsor (assuming your sponsor is qualified). If your sponsor is not qualified it will be passed up to the next qualified person.

This is how all of these kind of businesses work and the truth is you need to be qualified at the higher levels in order to make good money because ultimately the majority of your earnings will come from the higher priced products. I was involved in an opportunity a few years ago and for the first few months I was not qualified at the higher levels and ended up passing up sales to my sponsor, it was a very painful experience and one that I would never experience again as I would always be fully qualified to earn on all sales.

That being said it’s difficult if you really don’t have the money to get all in and don’t have access to finance to make it happen. In this case you would struggle to make money.

Big Profit System – My Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the Big Profit System I won’t be recommending it. Firstly I don’t plan on becoming an affiliate and I don’t really recommend programs unless I’m personally involved with them. Secondly to me this feels like another high ticket opportunity that’s just looking to make money for their affiliates. I’ve gone down that route in the past and made money but now I prefer to focus on opportunities that really serve the customer first with a great experience so for those reasons I won’t be recommending Big Profit System.

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Big Profit System - Scam or Legit? 7

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