BitGarden Review – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a BitGarden review? Today I’m sharing my honest opinion and review when it comes to BitGarden.

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BitGarden Review - Scam or Legit? 5

BitGarden Overview

BitGarden is a well-known high-yield investment program (HYIP) that claims to reward investors who deposit Bitcoin into their system with abnormal profits of between seven percent and twelve percent, daily return on investment (RIO).

What is BitGarden?

BitGarden is a company that is registered in the United Kingdom, with Companies House registration under an individual named “Sergio Hodson” who is the director. It is important I point out that there is no information available about Sergio Hodson outside of this environment. All web searches for this person have proven fruitless sending a message that whoever is behind the company registration used a fake name.

Similarly, the physical address that is given by Companies House registration for BitGarden links to a very lonely street in one of London’s suburb that is populated with industrial warehouses.

There is no a clear indicator to give a sing about the existence of official offices in such a location, and there’s no place available in public listing where BitGarden headquarters are, except in its registration. This simply means that BitGarden address provided is also likely to be fake.

BitGarden Products

As an HYIP, this company promises that it will take its investors Bitcoin investment and grow it through dark and gloom, mostly with unspecified means. There is no explanation of how an investor’s Bitcoin will be multiplied after you have made an investment.

BitGarden have three membership tiers. The first one is where investing up to 50 Bitcoin locks in a seven percent daily ROI, the second one is investing more than fifty but less than three hundred and fifty provides a nine percent ROI and lastly investing more than three hundred and fifty unlocks for you a twelve percent ROI. There is no time limit that is mentioned on these investments.

BitGarden Other Opportunities

Apart from offering an investor wildly abnormal ROI, the company also has an affiliate earning opportunity. BitGarden affiliate program is a bit straightforward and quite simple. Earning through recruitment efforts will provide affiliates with five percent commissions on their direct recruits investments made, two percent commissions on the second – level recruits and one percent on third – level recruits.

BitGarden Verdict

BitGarden is one of the best examples of fake and blatant HYIP scam I have ever come across. From the above discussion, it is obvious that the company’s entire setup is doomed to failure. Whilst it’s different to other scams I have exposed like the millionaire methods scam it’s still basically a scam that won’t help you. That’s why I prefer to recommend opportunities like AWOL Academy that can really help you.

First, I have stated the fact that “Sergio Hodson” doesn’t exist as well as the fact that the address that is associated with this individual is fake as well. The bottom line is that there is no way such a legitimate and genuine business enterprise would be operating in such a manner. Real business enterprises of any caliber have real people who are involved in running them and they are located at real addresses.

Secondly, I have pointed out that the company purports to provide a seven percent to twelve percent daily ROI without a clear indication of how it accomplishes this investment miracle. Does it play the cryptocurrency exchanges with the invested funds? Or it buys banks of supercomputers to mine extra Bitcoin in the blink of an eye? What does it do? Who have the information, the company doesn’t explain.

Finally, if BitGarden has the ability to turn massive investment profits to its investors, I don’t see the need for affiliate recruitment at all. Why should the company push to entice investors to recruit family members and friends? What I can tell you about BitGarden Company is clear and simple: there is no investment opportunity with it. BitGarden stockpiles all of the investment it gets and it doesn’t do a thing with them at all. The company takes a portion of the funds it has collected from all of its investors and pays investors when they demand their earnings.

That is the reason it is pushing for recruitment, to keep its coffers filled so that it can be able to pay anyone who wants a portion of their funds.

Be patient and the inevitable with eventually happen, the amount coming from recruitment will get to a point where it will not be enough to pay for withdrawals. The moment an investor will need to withdrawal more money than the system can bear, it will collapse, and the anonymous and nameless admins will abscond with all the money in the BitGarden system. Anyone who will have invested with the program will never see their money again.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth I mention that with BitGarden, this result is a matter of when not a matter of if. This company will definitely collapse within a few months or weeks and anyone who has invested in it will never get their money back. Make sure to avoid this company.

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BitGarden Review - Scam or Legit? 5

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