Cash Improve Scam – Don’t Trust Fake Actors!

Cash Improve is this weeks latest scam to launch and it’s already gaining a lot of speed. I’m here to give you my full review of Cash Improve and warn you from investing in this scam. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that this is a scam website and won’t help you make a penny. The claims of income are all fake, and their website is full of actors pretending that they made money with Cash Improve. Don’t trust the BS they are telling you, read the full review below.

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Cash Improve Scam – Truth Exposed

The Cash Improve scam is so obvious to someone who has experience with scams. They haven’t even gone to great lengths to try and make their website look legitimate to the trained eye. They are clearly preying on newbies coming online who want to make money who perhaps haven’t been unfortunate enough “yet” to get scammed. The very first thing I noticed when checking out the Cash Improve website was the actor who appears in the video. The man telling you how he made so much money he was able to buy a penthouse apartment which by the way is quite clearly fake as it’s so obvious this was filmed on a green screen.

This is the guy I’m talking about:

Cash Improve Scam - Don't Trust Fake Actors! 8

This guy is NOT a real person who used the Cash Improve system and I’ll prove it to you. Take a look at the image below that I took a screenshot of. It’s this very person who appears in the video for Cash Improve saying he made a fortune yet he is selling “realistic testimonials”. This guy has appeared on so many other scam websites too, so he clearly is not making any money and is simply working with the scammers.

cash improve fake tesitmonials

In my opinion that should be enough to prove to you that Cash Improve is a complete scam that you need to avoid. The truth is it’s no different to other scams that have launched recently in the binary options niche like Tesler Software and Penny Millionaire. Non of these websites provide any value and won’t help anyone to make money. They all operate using the same kind of scam the only difference is they have a different website, and backstory but it’s all fake.

How Does The Cash Improve Scam Work?

Maybe the question should really be “how DOESN’T the Cash Improve scam work?” but let me explain. You’ll normally hear about the scam via an email. The people behind the Cash Improve scam work with other scammers. It’s kind of like an “inner circle” I guess you could call it where one person launches a new scam website one week, and the next week its someone else. Each of them help one another to spread the word about the scam and they usually do it via email. So you’ll receive a spammy looking email in your inbox telling you about this new amazing system and how much money you can make. Quite often these kind of emails land in your junk because a lot of the time these people don’t even have permission to contact you .

After you read the email and decide to click the link you’ll end up on the Cash Improve website where you can watch the video. Let’s say you are convinced that their system is legit so you decide to follow their instructions and you sign up. You’ll have to watch another couple of videos and then you’ll be able to fill in a form which automatically registers your account and creates you an account at the binary options broker they recommend. The broker they recommend is the broker they have partnered with to bring you the scam. You’ll then be redirected to the Cash Improve software and be prompted to make a deposit in order to fund your account. At this stage they’ll tell you some BS about how this is “only a deposit” and you can “withdraw it anytime you want” but don’t be fooled as this is another lie. Once you make your deposit of $250 or more you can start using their software.

It’s at this stage according to their website you should be able to sit back and watch the money roll in right? Wrong, this is where you can say bye bye to the money you deposited because their software will not, in fact it’s designed NOT to work. It will make random trades until you’re money is reduced to nothing. Where did the money go you might wonder? The money has gone straight into the pockets of the scammers (both the Cash Improve website owners and the scam binary brokers).

Cash Improve Testimonials – All Fake

After taking a closer look at the testimonials on the Cash Improve website I noticed that literally all of them are fake. And nearly all of them come from the website which is a marketplace where people can sell jobs for $5. The people saying they made a fortune are most likely broke because they have to sell fake testimonials on a website for $5. Who in their right mind would do that? Clearly these people are desperate for money and will do anything to get it. Kind of sounds a little like the binary scammers right?

cash improve scam software

Conclusion : Avoid The Cash Improve Scam

I’m obviously not going to be recommending this scam software to you. After all their website is full of lies and I know for a fact you won’t make any money with this.

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Cash Improve Scam - Don't Trust Fake Actors! 9

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