Cash With Matt Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Today I’m taking a closer look at Cash With Matt which is basically a system that promotes MOBE. I’ll get into what that is soon, but for now if you want the truth about Cash With Matt keep reading because I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal everything about it.

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Cash With Matt – Another Scam?

To be honest I’m undecided whether to call Cash With Matt a scam or not. On one hand I think yes it is a complete scam but on the other hand I think maybe it’s not. So why am I having these mixed views? Let me explain. Cash With Matt is basically a website that promotes MOBE. I did a review on MOBE here. It’s a high ticket opportunity. High ticket basically meaning it costs a lot of money, but it is a legitimate business opportunity, it’s not technically a scam. Whilst some people might argue that MOBE is a scam based on my experience in this industry I don’t believe it is, and there’s plenty of members having success.

On the flip side the reason I could call Cash With Matt a scam (even though it promotes a legitimate opportunity) is because of the way they are selling it. They make some pretty bold claims about the amount of income you can make, and that’s why despite offering a good product on the back-end I really question whether they are legitimate. Just because you promote a good product, if you lie to sell that product then surely that makes it unethical and a scam? That’s the reason I listed My Millionaire Mentor as a scam (they also promote MOBE) because despite promoting a legitimate opportunity and products they basically lie in order to sell them with ridiculous income claims.

cash with matt scam

The claim above on their website is that you can watch the short video that guarantees you a $500 payout. When it comes to the MOBE opportunity this claim of $500 guaranteed has been thrown around a lot. To be honest it’s been used so much that I think it’s lost all meaning. Is there really a $500 guarantee? The short answer is yes however the long answer basically shows you what a pile of BS that guarantee is. The $500 guarantee only exists if you follow through with all the MOBE training which includes buying their expensive up-sell products.

So basically if you don’t make money after following all their steps they will give you $500. That sounds great doesn’t it? Well actually (in my opinion) it’s a little stupid because if you get to that stage and don’t make money you will have already spent $1,000’s maybe even $10,000’s so who cares about a measly $500 bucks if you spent far more? They would basically be giving you a tiny portion of YOUR money back to you, so it’s BS.

I am not having a go at Matt Lloyd here who is the founder of MOBE. I honestly think he made this guarantee as a bonus however the people who make these sales systems like Cash With Matt in order to sell the MOBE opportunity have twisted the guarantee in order to get more people to sign up and in my opinion that’s really quite wrong. My Millionaire Mentor did exactly the same thing which is why I called them out as a scam system.

Does Cash With Matt Work?

Okay putting ethics and opinions aside if you sign up and follow all the steps can you actually make money with Cash With Matt? The answer is yes you can. You can definitely earn money if you follow all the steps. The training that Matt Lloyd lays out is pretty good but it’s also expensive too. I’m not going to hide the facts here. MOBE which is the opportunity behind Cash With Matt is a high ticket opportunity. That means it’s a business opportunity that involves selling high ticket products however in order to sell these products you must own them. The good thing is the products are genuine training events which is a plus, you’re not spending $1,000’s on an e-book, however it’s still a very large investment.

So if you are willing to invest a ton of money and follow all the steps can you make money? Yes you can, but like I have said it’s going to cost you and at the end of it there are no guarantees. Don’t get me wrong, there are no guarantees in business period, however you’re investing a lot of money here, and it’s being sold to you as a “guaranteed system” which is kinda BS.

Cash With Matt Conclusion

After taking a closer look at Cash With Matt I’m not going to be recommending it. I think the way they sell MOBE is unethical and the chances of you actually making money is pretty slim.

I also wouldn’t recommend MOBE to you. Despite it being a legitimate business opportunity I’m not personally a member and I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that I’m not personally using and/or have experience with.

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Cash With Matt Scam - Don't Trust It! 5


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