CFD Society Scam – Don’t Trust BS Scam!

CFD Society is a scam and I’ve put together this full review to share the real truth and expose the CFD Society system for what it really is. Don’t bother investing, spend a few minutes to read my review and get the truth about this scam system before you lose money.

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CFD Society Scam - Don't Trust BS Scam! 9

CFD Society – Another BS Scam

CFD Society is yet another BS binary scam. I’ve reviewed many of these on this blog and exposed well over 100 scams. Just recently I’ve exposed scams like Nuvo Finance and WiFi Millionaire which are 2 bogus systems. CFD Society is simply out to steal your money and in this post I’ll share the real truth about it, from the fake actors and backstory to the real truth behind what happens when you sign up.

CFD Society Scam - Don't Trust BS Scam! 10

After taking a closer look at the CFD Society website I can see they’ve taken a slightly different approach than most of these BS scams. For example, most scams like this talk about how you can earn millions and all you need to do is click a button. With this particular scam they are saying you can earn $60k a year. I think the reason they have done this is to appear more legitimate. If the money is smaller like $60k a year it seems more realistic and achievable than making millions, so my guess is that they have done this to trick people into thinking it’s legit. The real truth is you won’t make this money, you won’t make anywhere near that, in fact you won’t make a penny if you sign up with CFD Society.

How Does CFD Society Scam Work?

The scam claims you can earn easy money. You’ll most likely hear about this scam through some kind of online advert or an email. Often these scams tend to spread through email. What happens is you are shown an advert which claims to be able to help you make $60k a year with this system. You visit their website and watch the video where they say that their CFD Society system can help you earn money and all you need to do is follow the simple steps, and you will make this money.

After you go through the steps you’ll be told that you need to sign up to their recommended binary options broker. Of course, in order to make this money you need to invest money so that their system has money to trade with. This seems logical because it is true that when it comes to trading binary options you do need to invest money. It’s true of any style of trading whether it’s binary, traditional forex or stock market trading. But the reality is this is where you get scammed. They ask you to deposit at least $250 and when you do this, they get paid a commission for referring you to the binary broker. You’ll end up accessing their “system” for trading after you make a deposit, but within a couple of days you will have lost all your money. The truth is the CFD Society is a scam and won’t work, it’s all lies.

The scam won’t even stop with you losing that $250 investment you made. The binary brokers have sales teams that will call you up and try to sell you on investing more money. These people are crooks but they can be very convincing and will try and take as much money as you let them. They have been known to take peoples life savings, and convince you to deposit even more money into CFD Society.

CFD Society – Fake People

Another thing I noticed which is common with binary scams like this was the fake characters on their website. For example the person who claims you can make all this money is the creator of the system Chris Chase. I’m not sure why they have used this name, my guess is that you will think he’s from “Chase Bank” or something, but trust me, this is full on BS and all lies. This guy has NOT appeared on any of those big news websites like Forbes and Bloomberg, all the claims of his history are complete BS.

CFD Society Scam - Don't Trust BS Scam! 11

So Chris Chase claims that he’s managing over $80 million in clients money and that he’s giving you the opportunity to earn over $60k a year, but there’s a catch because there’s only 100 spots available. What a complete load of BS. I’m going to wrap this review up soon because it’s so obvious that this is a scam that to be quite honest I don’t want to waste anymore of my time writing this review exposing this joke of a scam.

The fact is the creators of this system have been behind many other scams just like CFD Society in the past, and this will no doubt not be their last. They will likely push this scam out far and wide for a few months, and then move onto their next scam system.

CFD Society – Conclusion

This system won’t make you a penny and I highly recommend that you avoid it.

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CFD Society Scam - Don't Trust BS Scam! 9

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