Copy Buffett Scam – Don’t Believe The Fake Reviews!

If you’re reading this page you probably want to learn more about the Copy Buffett software! While other fake review websites will praise it and tell you how amazing it is, I’m here to tell you the truth about this scam!

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copy buffett software scam

Copy Buffett – How Does The Scam Work

Copy Buffett isn’t the first scam of it’s kind. In fact it’s very similar to other scams like Quantum Code and Private Profits Club which I recently reviewed. The scam starts with you watching the video an signing up to use their “free software”. But it’s not free because you need to make a deposit of at least $250 to start using it. Of course you are told that it’s “only a deposit” and you can withdraw this anytime you wish but that’s never the case. Once you sign up and deposit money their software app will start auto-trading for you and usually within a few hours (or a few days at most) you’re account balance will be zero. The software will have traded your money away to nothing and you’re left out of pocket!

Copy Buffett – The Reviews Are Fake

If you do a search on Google for reviews of this software app you’ll come across plenty that tell you how amazing it is. Unfortunately these are just scam reviews. They are written by affiliates of the system who make money by recommending it to you. If you sign up and make a deposit they will get paid a commission! So they’ll write fake reviews telling you how amazing Copy Buffett is just to get you to part with your cash and make a deposit.

Since we’re on the topic of fake reviews let me mention the fake actors and testimonials. The people who you see in the sales video speaking about the money they have made are actors. These are not real testers of the system they are simply paid to give a fake testimonial.

Warren Buffett Would Never Give His Name To This…

When I first heard about Copy Buffett I knew it was a complete scam without even looking at it. When I found out that it was a binary options system that just confirmed my thoughts even more. Warren Buffett would never give his name to an industry that is known for scamming people (binary options). He’s one of the richest men in the world and highly respected and has absolutely nothing to do with binary options so why would he let these guys use his name. The truth is he wouldn’t! They have gone behind his back and are operating illegally.

My Conclusion – Avoid This BS System

Copy Buffett is a scam. If you deposit money you will lose it. I highly recommend you avoid it because the truth is it won’t make you a penny. The only people making money from this are the owners, the affiliates promoting it and the binary brokers. My advice is to avoid binary options completely and learn how to build a real online income through legitimate systems.

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