Cryogenic Blood – Is Michael Robinson’s Discovery Legit?

Looking for a review of Cryogenic Blood from Michael Robinson?

Wondering what exactly Cryogenic Blood is and how you can profit from this new discovery?

I was wondering those things too so decided to do my research into exactly what Cryogenic Blood is.

Keep reading below as I’m sharing all the details on this new opportunity and how to profit from it.

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Cryogenic Blood - Is Michael Robinson's Discovery Legit? 1

Cryogenic Blood Review

Here is what I’ll cover in this review:

What Is Cryogenic Blood?

This presentation by Michael Robinson introduces us to “Cryogenic Blood,” a new, miracle cure that heals some of the most serious health conditions we know of. It is expected to save over 2 million lives. 

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cryogenic blood headline

Michael describes it as a healing formula that grants “superhuman” healing abilities to cancer patients, soldiers, and infants. FDA is expected to make it the standard cure for life-threatening conditions like cancer very soon. 

Cryogenic Blood is a result of a 70-year research initiative bringing together top scientists from the best universities and drawing from a $290 billion budget. 

As an investor, the real news (not to demean the huge win for humanity) is that a small $6 company holds the FDA-approved patent to this revolutionary “Cryogenic blood” cure. 

Michael expects the company’s shares to soar because:

  • The cryogenic blood cure is expected to be in all hospitals in the country. Even France and Germany have made huge orders for the miracle cure. With 20 facilities set to be built, the cure will be mass-produced to meet the demand. 
  • The cure has been approved by the FDA. It has been given the “Breakthrough Device Designation” to fast-track its roll-out. 
  • The company’s corporate team is blockbuster. The chief scientific officer was a lead consultant to the FDA advisory panel and the chief medical officer was a CMO for the American Red Cross. 

Based on how other medical discoveries have changed the companies associated with them in the past, Michael expects the $64 million-firm to shoot by more than 10,000%. 

Who Is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson is the head of venture capital research at Money Morning and the chief technology strategist at Money Map Press.

35 years of Silicon Valley exposure make him the ideal man to find the best insights and investment opportunities in tech. 

His book titled Overdrawn: Bailout of American Savings predicted the financial crisis.

He was at one point nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his writing and reporting.

He is a regular panelist on Fox Business and CNBC, where he talks about the latest trends investors should care about in the tech industry. 

How To Benefit From Cryogenic Blood Discovery

Everything you need to know to invest in the small company that owns the Cryogenic Blood patent is in a dossier called The $6 Company Riding the Cryogenic Blood Revolution. 

To receive your copy of the report for free, you have to join Nova-X Report – a newsletter that allows you to get in on the most lucrative ground-floor opportunities in the technology industry. You will be entitled to the following benefits: 

  • Deal briefing: Every month, Michael introduces you to a company that is about to dominate an emerging industry. 
  • Nova-X Progress Dossiers: Michael regularly monitors his recommendations and discusses new developments that may affect them. 
  • Trade Alert: When you ought to close a position and collect your profits, you will receive a trade alert email with full analysis and the instructions you need to follow to execute the trade. 
  • Text messages: When you receive a deal briefing, progress dossier, or trade alert, you will receive a text message. 
  • Video updates: Michael sends out a report when he interviews a CEO of a company he is monitoring or sees an urgent update concerning the model portfolio.
  • NovaX HQ: You will be granted access to the encrypted website. 

Bonus Reports

    • The $12.3 Billion Medical Tech Play That Could Make You Millions. This report is about a company that processes transactions for over 170 health insurance companies. With projected revenues of 12.3 billion dollars per year, you can see why Michael is excited. 
  • The Silicon Valley Firm at the Center of the $55 Billion Automation Revolution. Automation in hospitals is expected to become a $55 billion industry by 2020. One firm is going to exploit this new wave of money by installing the infrastructure needed for automation. Learn all about it in this report.
  • Profiting from “Secret” Military Spending. Michael claims to know where a majority of the budget for classified operations is spent. He has identified a company that makes communication and surveillance equipment and gives details about it in this report.

Is Cryogenic Blood A Scam?

“Cryogenic Blood” is not a scam.

Michael is one of the best technology financial analysts.

His record of delivering 44 triple- and double- winners in two years puts him in the esteemed territory.

Therefore, I think he is a credible source of investment advice when it comes to the latest tech trends.

In addition to that, the FDA has approved the program and given it the Breakthrough Device Designation. 

This cryogenic blood program may not end up living up to expectations, but only because nothing is guaranteed in investment. 


  • If the Cryogenic Blood discovery pans out as Michael has projected, you will realize life-changing gains. 
  • Trading at $6 per share, you won’t need big capital investment to assume a decent position. 


  • Michael is only accepting 477 new subscribers to his investment newsletter.

Cryogenic Blood Verdict

Having spent more than 35 years working in Silicon Valley, Michael Robinson is one of the best trend-spotters of the tech industry.

His insider status enables him to know about new exciting products long before other analysts know they exist.

The “Cryogenic Blood” recommendation is one of many investment opportunities you will be notified about when you join Michael’s newsletter, the Nova-X Report.

If what Michael predicts about this medical breakthrough unfolds, you wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of history.  

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Cryogenic Blood - Is Michael Robinson's Discovery Legit? 1

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