Domainer Elite Pro – Scam or Legit?

Domainer Elite Pro is a new product from internet marketer Jamie Lewis but is it any good and can you really use it to make money? Or is Domainer Elite Pro just another scam system looking to steal your cash? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my full review and opinion on this page.

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Domainer Elite Pro – Overview

So what is the Domainer Elite Pro system all about? After taking a closer look it’s clear that this product teaches you how to make money flipping domains. This is the 2017 edition of the product as Jamie Lewis has launched this before with great success. He’s been in the internet marketing space for many years and during that time has launched a number of successful products. I remember back in 2010 time seeing Jamie Lewis all over the place online as he launched product after product and hit the leaderboards on other peoples launches. Back then I was a complete newbie and I probably even bought into some of his products.

Looking back at things, not all of Jamie’s products have been that great. Some have been borderline scams in my opinion however he seems to have turned things around with Domainer Elite Pro and created a product that can actually help people make money. I know that Jamie does kill it flipping domains because I actually came across one of his listings a couple of years ago which sold for a high 6-figure sum, so he’s not just selling some method here, but actually using the method himself which is nice to see. So many gurus out there just create products and systems in order to sell them and make money but never actually use them themselves.

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Is Domainer Elite Pro A Scam?

After checking it out, seeing some real reviews and actually understanding what the product is about I’m happy to say it’s not a scam. Running a blog like this I get to review a lot of products and systems and I am regularly exposing scams like Online Profits Breakthrough and Home Earning System so it’s not hard for me to know the good products from the bad. Domainer Elite Pro is not your typical make money scam, plus it’s always a bonus being listed on a network like JVZOO because generally the products there are pretty good, not the usual scams you see on other popular networks.

Is Jamie Lewis A Real Person?

These days it’s hard to know who is real and who’s fake. Believe it or not a lot of systems I review use actors on their sales pages. The whole backstory behind that person is fake and the real owners (scammers) hide away. Fortunately Jamie Lewis is not one of these people. He is actually a real person and he’s been in the internet marketing game for many years. While other people have come and gone, he has stayed around and by all accounts seems to have made a very healthy living for a long time now. That’s always a good thing to see, as you know he’s the real deal and not some scam artist who makes a few bucks then disappears.

Domainer Elite Pro – Negatives?

So you’re wondering if there are any negatives when it comes to the Domainer Elite Pro product? Yes, of course there are negatives. There’s always negatives with products and nothing is perfect believe me. After reviewing 100’s of products and systems even the best ones out there have there bad points, so what’s the negatives when it comes to this product?

After taking a closer look there are a few negatives. The main negative I see is that in order to make consistent income with Domainer Elite Pro you need to keep flipping domains for profit. One of the ways I personally make money is through residual income. That’s money you make once that rolls in each month. The best way to earn this kind of money is through being an affiliate for popular tools like hosting, auto-responders and website builders. The kind of things that people happily pay a monthly fee for and I get paid each month a commission on that monthly fee. With Domainer Elite Pro you won’t get this kind of income as you need to keep selling websites in order to make money.

Domainer Elite Pro – Positives?

So what are the positives about this product?

Well one of the negatives I listed above is the lack of residual income however this also has a positive side to it too. With Domainer Elite Pro from time to time you might have a big payday. I’ve seen it happen first hand myself selling some domains a few years back. I was able to make around $8k in a single day selling a domain. Despite a lack of residual income when you earn that amount in 1 transaction in kinda makes up for the lack of residual. But obviously selling domains at that price isn’t going to happen everyday so you have to bare that in mind.

Other positives are that the product isn’t a scam. It’s relatively low cost to get started and it can actually make you money if you follow through with it.

Domainer Elite Pro Conclusion

After taking a closer look at this product I’m happy to say it’s not a scam, and if you want to buy it go ahead and do so here.

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Domainer Elite Pro - Scam or Legit? 7

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