Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Yet Another Scam?

Looking for a review of Dubai Lifestyle App?

You’re in the right place! No doubt you received an email about the Dubai Lifestyle App and now you’re searching Google for a real review of this new system. First I’ll congratulate you on finding this page, most reviews are nothing but a sales pitch but on this page I’m sharing the real truth!

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Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM!

Bold statement right? But 100% true!

This new app is nothing but a binary options scam.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of systems like this over the past few years and they are all scams.

The guys behind this system just want you to sign up and deposit $250 or more. When you make that deposit they get paid! The binary options broker pays them a referral commissions when you sign up and deposit. That’s why the sales video is so hyped up. It’s to convince you to part with your hard earned cash and deposit money.

Every single binary options system out there like Dubai Lifestyle App is the same. The guys behind them are NOT traders they are marketers. They have affiliate deals with the binary options brokers so that they get paid lucrative commissions for signing up new members to the brokers.

The Software Is Designed To Lose…

Get this… the Dubai Lifestyle App (the trading software) it’s actually designed to LOSE money.

You see binary options brokers don’t make a dime unless you lose money. If you really made the money these guys claim you can make then you’d bankrupt the binary options brokers. They need you to lose. They operate like casinos, imagine if everyone in a casino won, the casino would go bust! The same is true for binary brokers. These guys need you to lose, so they work with the creators of Dubai Lifestyle App to make sure the trading robot LOSES your cash. If you deposit that $250 or more, within a few hours (or days at most) you’ll be left with a big fat ZERO in your account.

Dubai Lifestyle App – Scam Brokers

Losing $250 is not nice for anyone however this is just where the scam starts out and you could easily lose far more. Some people have lost their life savings in binary options scams just like this one. It starts with you losing $250 however once you’ve lost that money the binary brokers will call you up and try and convince you to deposit more. These people are pros when it comes to selling over the phone and they will make extremely bold statements and claims. They will literally “guarantee” that you make money but it’s complete lies and all they want to do is scam you out of your money. There are reports of people losing 5-figures and even 6-figures in binary scams like Dubai Lifestyle App because the brokers can be extremely convincing. Also they have been known to use extremely scamming tactics like getting you to agree to certain terms & conditions without making you fully aware of what you are agreeing to. For example upon doing my research I came across a story about one person who over the phone agreed to deposit $250 but then the broker ended up taking $5,000 out of their account. It’s scam tactics like this that have actually had many brokers banned from operating inside of the USA and it’s just a matter of time until other countries catch on and ban them too.

My advice… AVOID Dubai Lifestyle App

Don’t waste your hard earned cash. Save your money and if you still want to make money online learn how to build a real online business.

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