Easy Click Profits – Scam or Legit?

Easy Click Profits is a new system that I’ve recently stumbled across so is it actually any good and can it really help you? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing all the information. Is this just another scam? Keep reading and I’ll share everything.

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Easy Click Profits – Overview

So after taking a closer look at Easy Click Profits it was obvious that this system is another website that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. There are a lot of these kind of websites around, such as Online Profits Breakthrough and of course WiFi Millionaire which is an official Mobe sales presentation. Of course you are probably wondering what in the world is this Mobe business I am talking about? Don’t worry because I will explain all of that below.

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As you can see in the screenshot above there are a bunch of people with big checks. These are people who have made money from the Mobe business. The good news is that these are all real people and they have actually made money. A lot of people who you see in these kind of sales videos are actors, but in the case of Easy Click Profits all of these people are real and I actually recognise a few of them.

I won’t say any names but one is a big blogger who’s email list I am subscribed to, and this particular person has made 7-figures using Mobe. So let’s get into it, what exactly is Mobe?

Easy Click Profits – What Is Mobe?

Mobe is a company started by Matt Lloyd. He’s an Aussie entrepreneur who’s made 10’s of millions from his company over the past few years. He started Mobe a few years back and attracted many affiliates. The company itself is a “digital marketing” company. But in simple terms it’s a business opportunity. You sign up because you want to know how to make money and they will teach you how to become an affiliate of theirs and make money promoting their products.

The products on offer are expensive though and if you want to actually earn commissions on them you’ll need to own them yourself. It will set you back potentially 5-figures if you buy all the products which you’ll want to if you want to actually have the ability to make a lot of money. What exactly are these products? They are events held around the world teaching you internet marketing. At each event they bring in experts to teach you how to drive traffic, convert sales, get leads and ultimately make money. I haven’t personally attended an event since I’m not involved in the company but this is essentially what happens at the events from what I’ve seen and heard.

Is Easy Click Profits A Scam?

That’s a tricky question to answer. I don’t really think that all the marketing tactics used by the Easy Click Profits website are ethical however I also wouldn’t say that Mobe is a scam. After all I have reviewed and exposed many scams in the past few months (and years) and I know what to look for. In my opinion a scam is something that promises you a lot of money and doesn’t deliver. For example a product saying you can make 5-figures per month that actually sells you an outdated method that won’t make you a penny.

With this system you can make money. There are many affiliates out there for Mobe who are making a lot of money. That being said, the majority of people who are making a lot of money with this company are experienced marketers who would be making a lot of money with anything that they promoted. So it’s not exactly an “honest” representation of success, because in reality you should look at the newbies who join and see the success rate there. Also there are some super unethical marketers who promote systems like My Millionaire Mentor which flat out lie in order to sell you into Mobe.

It’s still a hard one to judge though since some people join and never take any action at all. So they probably could have been successful if they actually put in the work. My opinion is that the company is not a scam however I don’t personally recommend it because I think there’s better options out there for making money (see below).

Easy Click Profits Conclusion

I won’t be recommending Easy Click Profits/Mobe as I don’t believe you will make the money they claim, I’m not an affiliate of theirs and finally I believe there’s a better option for you to make money. In fact if you go ahead and check out my recommendation below you can see my “no.1 recommendation” which has helped me make as much as $38,000 in a single month.

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Easy Click Profits - Scam or Legit? 7

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