Forex Paradise – Another Scam?

Forex Paradise is a hyip (high yield investment program) that’s been going for about 3 years.

Don’t be fooled though. This system is NOT a real forex program! Keep reading to see why!

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A Hong Kong investment company? Yeah right! A ponzi scheme more like!

If you take a look at the Forex Paradise you’ll see they’ve had a total of $97 million paid into their fund, and so far members have withdrawn $80 million. Whether these figures are actually accurate I don’t know, however they could be! After all Forex Paradise has been around for a few years now.

If these figures are correct then it’s perfectly feasible that they would have paid out $80 million, because they have taken in $97 million of investments. These guys are advertising on HYIP websites which are known ponzi schemes. The very fact that they have been going for 3 years is amazing, as programs like this normally close within a few months.

You should proceed with extreme caution when investing in any HYIP including Forex Paradise. Because they could literally collapse at any time.

How hyip’s work…

High yield programs always state that they invest in forex, or oil or something else. The truth is they don’t invest in anything. They payout profits to members from other peoples investments which is called a ponzi scheme and it was made illegal many years ago!

My advice…

Avoid ponzi schemes like Forex Paradise!

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