Generation Hero by Chris Hawk Jones [Review]

Generation Hero is something brand new coming from Chris “Hawk” Jones and it looks super exciting!

Today I thought I’d share some information on Generation Hero by Chris Jones because I literally just watched his 2-hour webinar where he talks about this new project that he has coming and what it’s all about so I want to share my thoughts on it all because I have been involved with other ventures Chris Jones has been a part of in the past.

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Generation Hero by Chris Hawk Jones [Review] 5

What Is Generation Hero by Chris Jones?

It’s really quite exciting because Chris Jones has been behind some really awesome projects before however for the past 2 years he actually left the whole online business/internet marketing industry to work on other things. But after realising what his true passion was which is to help people, he’s back with a new company he’s calling Generation Hero and to be honest I’m really looking forward to seeing what this turns into and where it goes.

Will I personally get involved with it? I might do to be honest and I’ll explain why that is. You see about 3 years ago I was involved in a company called iPAS2 which was connected to a business opportunity called Empower Network. I’d followed Chris Jones for years and seen the success he had created so I jumped into a business opportunity called Empower Network and joined directly with Chris Jones who also had a business partner at the time.

Chris was the top earner in the company and decided to create his own marketing system called iPAS. This then evolved into iPAS2 and it was a great system and I made a lot of money. I dare say I probably made Chris Jones are a fair amount of money too since I was the top earner in the company for about 6 months. Then unfortunately what happened is the company iPAS2 was connected to changed their compensation plan and then decided they wanted to buy iPAS2.

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As Chris Jones explains in his Generation Hero webinar, he sold iPAS2 around 2 years ago and after that Empower basically fell apart due to poor leadership as Chris stepped away from the company and the rest is history. Now that was bad news, however the good news was that Chris Jones created an awesome system and I personally made a lot of money from it so I have great confidence that when Chris released Generation Hero it’ll be another great company and opportunity.

Generation Hero Full Review

Obviously I can’t give you a proper review of Generation Hero right now because it’s not launched and it’s still in it’s infancy. Right now I don’t have any of the details however I wanted to put this page up as I know a lot of people are going to be looking for a review when it does launch, and since this is one of the most popular blogs when it comes to reviewing new systems I thought I better stay ahead of the curve!

As soon as I hear more information about Generation Hero and what Chris Jones has going on, I will be updating this page giving you my full Generation Hero review. Will I be recommending it? Who knows, right now I literally don’t have enough details but I’m confident that it definitely won’t be a scam, and Chris will produce something with Generation Hero that can really help you to earn an income online.

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Generation Hero by Chris Hawk Jones [Review] 5

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