Gold Binary Robot Review – Another Scam?

Welcome to my Gold Binary Robot review!

If you’re on this page you probably received an email from some spammer about the Gold Binary Robot and you’re wondering whether it’s legit? Well keep reading and I’ll share all the details in my full review!

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Gold Binary Robot is a SCAM!!

Yep I’m not holding back here. The Gold Binary Robot is a POS. That stands for piece of sh*t. Sorry for the language but there’s no other way I can describe it. This trading robot is a flat out SCAM and I’ll explain why.

I’ve reviewed 100’s of binary systems in the past few years. They have filled the make money online niche like a plague and seems like they are only here to stay. Frankly I’m amazed that they’re still going strong, but I guess newbies to the world of making money online still get suckered into them.

How does the scam work?

So you watch the sales video on the Gold Binary Robot sales page and you think great, this sounds amazing, time to sign up! The first thing you do is enter your email address, this means you’ll go onto their email list where you’ll be bombarded with spam emails getting you to sign up to their system (and many others too).

Once you enter your email you’ll be forwarded to another video and sign up page. This time when you sign up you’ll need to give out more information like your full name, email address and phone number. This signs you up to their “recommended binary options broker”. You need an account at a binary options broker in order to trade binary options. You’ll need to deposit at least $250 and when you do that you’ll be encouraged to deposit even more. As soon as you deposit that first $250 or more the creator of Gold Binary Robot gets paid! Yep, the broker goes and pays out a huge amount (sometimes 100% or more) to the creator of the system for referring you as a new customer to the binary broker.

Why do these guys get paid a referral commission?

It’s simple! It’s because the brokers know that you’re worth FAR MORE to them. You see they’ll call you and try and get you to deposit more money. Some people have deposited $1,000’s and even their life savings into these brokers. And this is just where the scam begins, what happens next will shock you…

The trading robot is designed to LOSE..

The Gold Binary Robot which is going to make you rich will start trading with your cash. But don’t get excited because within a few hours (or days at most) you’re cash will have been reduced to NOTHING! The thing is the binary brokers NEED you to lose. They paid out in some cases 100% of the money you deposited so they need to make sure you lose, otherwise they are out of pocket. These guys operate like casinos so if you start winning trades they are out of pocket! That’s why they make sure that the trading robots like Gold Binary Robot lose, otherwise they would lose!

My advice… AVOID this system!

It will only leave you disappointed and out of pocket.

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