HFT Finance App Scam – Fake Software!

HFT Finance is a brand new system that launched and I’ve been looking into it to find out the truth. After taking a closer look it’s clear to me that the HTF Finance App is a fake software that will not help you make any money. In fact it will result in you losing money so make sure you avoid it. You can read my full review down below.

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HFT Finance App Review

So a new software for trading binary options called HFT Finance just came across my desk. Whilst other people have reviewed this system I noticed how they were saying it was amazing. I also noticed that the people writing these reviews have also recommended a number of systems which I have exposed as scams already! After taking a closer look at HFT Finance I have no doubt that it’s a complete scam. Their software sucks and will not help you make any money and their website is full of lies.

They actually claim that they can help you make $15,000 per month with their app. I am serious when I say that nobody is making $15k per month trading binary options with some automated software. The only people earning this kind of money online with binary options are the scammers behind these systems and they don’t make their money trading they make it from ripping people off like you who are looking to make money.

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HFT Finance – Fake Testimonials & Actors

So obviously I am not going to recommend this. But let’s look into some of the real facts as to why this system is such a complete waste of your time. So first off we have their income claims which are clearly made up. They claim you can make a “guaranteed $15,000 per month”. Well let me tell you nobody can “guarantee” that kind of income and even the most legitimate systems out there would never make such claims. Income guarantees like that are a huge red flag and clearly show that this system is trying to deceive people. Look a bit further and you’ll see that their website was only recently registered and all the people on their website and in their sales videos are actors. The person who is on the sales video talking about HFT Finance and claiming to be the CEO is not even a real person, and their company is NOT a real company.

The real people behind this system have been behind a number of other scams which I have already reviewed. These people are professional scam artists. They earn a living from ripping people off with their systems. They operate a real scam business and pump out these scam websites each month. They will create a new scam website, promote it to make some money for say a couple of weeks, and then they will shut the website down and create a new one.

Unfortunately many people fall for these scams multiple times. People sign up to one scam and then a new one hits their inbox and they think that maybe they can recover the losses from the first system by using this new shiny system! Unfortunately the scammers know this which is why they are constantly bringing out new systems. You shouldn’t trust HFT Finance or any other scam software like this!

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How Does HFT Finance Scam Work?

In case you are wondering the specifics here it starts off with you hearing about their system maybe through an email or an online banner ad. You’ll visit their website and watch their sales video which will try and convince you that their system is the real deal. Then you’ll proceed through the steps and be asked to sign up and make a deposit at the binary options broker they recommend and you’ll need to fund your account. The minimum starting deposit is $250 and they will try and get you to deposit far more. Once you have done your deposit you’ll be able to use the HFT Finance app (the software) and this is when you will lose your money because it will trade away your money to nothing. Within a few hours or days of using their system you’ll log in and find that your balance is zero or close enough to that! The truth is their software is designed to lose money and they will steal your money. It’s really that simple which is why you should avoid HFT Finance app.

Conclusion – HFT Finance = Scam

I am not recommending this scam software known as HFT Finance app. You won’t make a penny from it and it will only leave you wishing that you never got started.

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HFT Finance App Scam - Fake Software! 7

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